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2013-05-17 05:18 20003646 Anonymous (image.jpg 517x535 121kB)
Hey fit brahz. This is me after only 8 months of training. I'm almost 21 yo, by the time I'm 22 I'll be Zyzz shredded kunt. Status. You guys can call me Myzz the shredder. I'll eventually be your new god.

1 min later 20003686 Anonymous
You're gonna make it brah, but you're not gonna make IT.

1 min later 20003689 Anonymous
wheres the after picture?

2 min later 20003694 Anonymous
>>20003646 yeah fuckin doubt it. still though, mirin because you look better than me unfortunately.

2 min later 20003700 Anonymous
Not with those pec insertions you won't be.

2 min later 20003704 Anonymous (zyzz2.jpg 610x610 71kB)
So in a year you think you can go from that to Zyzz...no sure if trolling actually

3 min later 20003713 Anonymous (image.jpg 500x450 43kB)

3 min later 20003725 Anonymous
>Stupid hat >Man bracelets >Small bathroom. > Tongue out during picture >Having the phone/camera in the shot >Dirty mirror 2/10, would not mire. Nice muscles though.

3 min later 20003727 Anonymous
>>20003689 Lol

4 min later 20003735 ed
I'm almost 18 and my body looks better

6 min later 20003778 MyzztheShredder (image.jpg 485x513 93kB)
You guys have 2 choices. Either love me or hate me as your future god. Either way you'l mire the fuck out of me.

8 min later 20003816 Anonymous
>>20003778 Sure thing there, Bert.

8 min later 20003819 Anonymous (depp.jpg 459x556 32kB)
Dude even if you go on gear you won't have a Zyzz type physique you do realize that right...just please admit you're trolling so I can leave this thread.

10 min later 20003868 Anonymous
>>20003778 Hello new god. I would like to borrow your tank top. I will not be long. It will come back crusty. The whole thing will be crusty. That is because I will masturbate and ejaculate onto it repeatedly while watching traps fuck eachother. Not weird or anything, I just like the colour.

11 min later 20003893 Anonymous
>>20003778 I wanna cum in your disgusting hook nose.

12 min later 20003895 MyzztheShredder (image.jpg 509x544 91kB)
Ohhhh and just in case you brahs were wondering. Albanian MASTERRACE.

13 min later 20003923 Anonymous
>>20003895 I like your facial hair, it makes it look like you are excellent at dick sucking. Could you make a video for us of you masturbating, then smearing your cum over your mouth and facial hair? That would be great. Thanks.

13 min later 20003933 Anonymous
>>20003923 This board gets more gay by the second, holy shit.

14 min later 20003935 MyzztheShredder
>>20003868 >aesthetic brahs >masterbation

14 min later 20003956 Anonymous
>>20003646 You have small, womanly hands. I am imagining them, right now, being used to jerk off a rabbit. I am so hard.

16 min later 20003985 MyzztheShredder (image.jpg 568x567 157kB)
Listen. At first Zyzz the current God was hated on here as well. That's all part of the road to Godhood. I understand. Deep down inside you know I talk facts. Your new god by August 2014 unless Zyzz rises.

16 min later 20003986 Anonymous
>>20003646 You look like a supreme douche, pass. >btw I'm a grill

17 min later 20004007 MyzztheShredder
>>20003986 >implying your panties aren't wet with thoughts of you feeling my shredded body. Lel. Lel.

17 min later 20004011 Anonymous
>>20003933 He wants to be /fit/'s god. I only see him as being /fit/'s homo god. He looks like an excellent homosexual - really knows how to take and give the dick.

17 min later 20004014 Centipede
>>20003985 The fact that you are assuming you will become fit's god, means you will never become fit's god.

19 min later 20004036 Anonymous
>>20004007 My penis is rock hard at the thought. >>20003985 Please post more pictures, I am saving them to my men of /fit/ fap folder, under a subfolder called "the gay god". If you have pictures of you pitching a tent or anything, those would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

20 min later 20004047 MyzztheShredder (image.jpg 517x533 88kB)
>>20004014 That's just the thing tiger. I'm NOT assuming. I'm telling you how it will be. In exactly 15 months I will be fits god. I'll be at least 240 at <7% bf.

20 min later 20004052 Anonymous
>>20004007 >2013 >compensating this much for your small penis

20 min later 20004057 Anonymous

21 min later 20004063 Anonymous
>>20003646 With an attitude like that, you won't make it past demi-god. Also, your back is extremely underdeveloped and I'd put money on your legs being the same. Now fuck off back to instagram, faggot.

21 min later 20004072 Anonymous
>>20003985 There is also a somewhat degrading video of you to be made, where you are slowly ramming half of a baseball bat into your asshole, that is on the road to Godhood. Whenever you get a chance works for us. Deep down inside I know you can take a baseball bat, deep down inside you.

21 min later 20004075 Anonymous
what kind of a fucking name is myzz the shredder...

23 min later 20004096 Anonymous
>>20004047 Have you ever measured the amount of semen that can be taken on your massive fivehead? Please give us an number in deciliters.

24 min later 20004116 Anonymous (lolol.gif 230x175 2038kB)
>>20004096 >deciliters

26 min later 20004144 Anonymous
What's your fave penis length?

29 min later 20004173 Anonymous
>>20004075 It's an acronym for "Massive Young peniZZ". It's what he like to take all over his shredded abs.

29 min later 20004189 MyzztheShredder (image.jpg 1600x1504 276kB)
It's okay. With time you'l love me and accept me as your new god. ATM keep mirinnnnnn

32 min later 20004230 Anonymous
I wanna see new god's cock >N-no homo

32 min later 20004233 Anonymous
>>20004189 how cute of you to write your gay name on your pic with paint

32 min later 20004236 Anonymous
No legs?

33 min later 20004252 MyzztheShredder (image.jpg 396x576 67kB)
>post pics of myself and you all become homos

33 min later 20004257 Anonymous
Not sure if troll or just retarded. Sage either way.

33 min later 20004258 Anonymous
>>20004189 You have an excellent hair part. Do you use the semen of men and horses to keep it that way? I hope so. I'm currently jerking off to that thought. We love and accept you, no matter what sexuality you are, as long as you are gay and want to please /fit/'s gay population with nudie pictures of yourself. Now, post more cock.

34 min later 20004266 Anonymous
>>20003895 >Albanian >Not a dirt race

35 min later 20004302 Anonymous
>>20004252 if your hair was longer and curlier and not slicked back with your inferior Albanian natural oils, you might be able to pull off a Kitt Harrington kinda look.

35 min later 20004309 Anonymous
>>20004252 >become homos I don't think you understand where you are. /fit/ is like, /hm/ with steroids. I also like your receding hairline. It's distinguished in a NAMBLA kind of way. What is the youngest boy you would fuck?

35 min later 20004310 Anonymous
>>20004189 >ATM hey guise he likes ass to mouth!

37 min later 20004330 MyzztheShredder (image.jpg 582x580 103kB)
>>20004302 Pussy isn't even shredded. We have nothing in common.

38 min later 20004359 Anonymous
>>20003704 perfectly doable if he cycles.

38 min later 20004364 Anonymous (zyzz3.jpg 540x720 40kB)
>claims to be shredded > body fat of over 15% lel

39 min later 20004379 Anonymous
>>20003646 I'd rather bow to Jeff than your candy-ass.

39 min later 20004393 Anonymous
HOW ABOUT SOME QUADS BRO? inb4 chicken legs

40 min later 20004404 Anonymous
>>20004330 Those are excellent bukakke goggles. How many men have you had jizz on your face and goggles just like that? I hope the number is very high. That would be super.

42 min later 20004455 Anonymous
>>20003704 Too big imo, looks dumb. Honestly I'd rather look like >>20003646 but a bit bigger.

42 min later 20004460 MyzztheShredder (image.jpg 342x535 52kB)
>>20004379 Jess pls go. Face it fit. In 15 months you will be bowing down to your new god. EMBRACE IT.

43 min later 20004485 MyzztheShredder
>>20004460 Jeff* silly auto correct

43 min later 20004487 Anonymous
How tall are you Myss?

44 min later 20004502 Anonymous
>>20004455 you'd rather look like fit's new gay god than Zyzz...wtf why?

44 min later 20004503 Anonymous
>>20004460 We already have embraced it. You are the gay god of /fit/, all bend over before you and you bend over for all of /fit/. We both pitch and catch for you.

45 min later 20004550 Anonymous
>>20004460 All I see is, "we came". It's a perfect shirt for the gay god of /fit/. We all cummin.

46 min later 20004567 MyzztheShredder (image.jpg 502x583 111kB)
>gay >me Lel Don't be too rude to your new god brahz

47 min later 20004579 Anonymous (arm.jpg 2048x1536 555kB)
>>20004460 chicken legs. I called it. Better start squatting if you want an ounce of respect from me.

47 min later 20004585 Anonymous
>>20004460 you actually look like a raging homosexual. You know what...i support this notion. Myzz is the new gaygod.

48 min later 20004595 Anonymous
>>20004502 Because Zyzz looks fucking ridiculous imo. This may come as a shock but different people have different goals, not everyone wants to look like the roided out cokehead.

48 min later 20004598 Anonymous
>>20004460 "We came, we raved, we loved" Fuck you and your Swedish House mafia man.

49 min later 20004624 Anonymous (1316675544476.gif 222x183 353kB)
is this the new goodlookingmisc? >pls go

49 min later 20004633 Anonymous (dem_buffalowings.jpg 146x181 10kB)
>>20004460 Skeleton plz go

49 min later 20004634 Centipede
You're not even aesthetic brah

49 min later 20004636 Anonymous
>>20004567 Haha, I guess with legs like those we can call you the new twink god of fit ;) don't be to much of a fairy about it, we'll still let you put it in, or maybe just give you the reach around! :D

50 min later 20004645 MyzztheShredder (image.jpg 391x567 89kB)
>>20004579 My legs are fucking better than yours. I squat more than you fag Respect your new god. Or leave fit forever.

51 min later 20004659 Anonymous
>>20004633 embarrassing.

51 min later 20004665 Anonymous
>>20004633 >not enough tent pitching >no cock sandwich >little to no noticeable arousal Come on, don't you want to turn us all on?

51 min later 20004675 Anonymous
>>20004595 so you'd rather look like a faggot?

52 min later 20004679 Anonymous

52 min later 20004681 Anonymous
>>20004645 haha not with legs like those you don't. I bet you don't even front squat over 300lbs.

52 min later 20004687 Anonymous
dont feed the troll

52 min later 20004688 Anonymous
>>20004645 We all love you new gay god of /fit/, but we want to see the... you know, authority stick.

52 min later 20004691 Anonymous
>>20004675 >your goals are different than mine you must want to look gay >i worship the guy who died in a gay thai bathhouse Whatever you say, brah.

53 min later 20004699 Anonymous
>>20004645 Nice fanny pack faggot. You keep your tampons in there?

54 min later 20004717 Anonymous
>>20003778 i can't stop laughing at the retarded face the guy pulled what a fucking retard

54 min later 20004720 Anonymous

54 min later 20004728 MyzztheShredder (image.jpg 308x506 72kB)
So many ignant fags here. Instead of hating on me you can be asking me about my diet and training. Who knows maybe in 8 months you can look somewhat as good as I do.

54 min later 20004733 Anonymous
>>20004699 He keeps a pack of tiny vibrators for his gay partyboi friends so he can stick them in their butts in public and make them cum and shit themselves pretty much anywhere. It's so hot, get over it.

55 min later 20004742 Anonymous (1367156194442.jpg 419x604 36kB)
go away please, we might catch your stupid

55 min later 20004746 Anonymous

55 min later 20004747 Anonymous
>>20004728 >implying I want 15% bodyfat and chicken legs

56 min later 20004765 Anonymous
>>20004747 >2013 >not wanting to look this gay

56 min later 20004774 MyzztheShredder
>>20004699 Listen. Every god needs to carry their shit during festivals. Zyzz had his euro man purse or whatever. And I have mine. Pls go.

56 min later 20004775 Anonymous
>>20004733 Confirmed homosexual pleb

57 min later 20004794 Anonymous (1368762689999.jpg 396x576 33kB)

57 min later 20004795 Anonymous
>>20003778 >that face you look inbred bro sorry

57 min later 20004802 MyzztheShredder
>>20004681 Top fucking lel I squat that easily.

58 min later 20004816 MyzztheShredder
>>20004774 It's also full of tiny vibrators for my gay friends.

58 min later 20004817 Anonymous
>>20004802 post quad pic and/or squatting video please.

1 hours later 20004835 MyzztheShredder
>>20004817 I'd post a video of me squatting 300lbs onto a dick repeatedly and cumming at the end of my set, but youtube deletes it too quickly.

1 hours later 20004847 Anonymous (trolled.jpg 184x184 11kB)
Abandon thread. Confirmed chicken legged troll. Sage for everyone's benefit.

1 hours later 20004854 MyzztheShredder
>>20004746 I've had 3 at once in the past, but it isn't easy.

1 hours later 20004862 Anonymous
>>20004835 I actually respect you a bit more for how dedicated you are to this thread. Train hard man, and seriously take care of this chicken leg issue.

1 hours later 20004865 MyzztheShredder (image.jpg 309x562 71kB)
>>20004817 Mire away homo.

1 hours later 20004870 MyzztheShredder
>>20004794 Haha, I thought that was real for a second. I never know who's going to be around taking pictures after I'm done having public homosex with my gay friends.

1 hours later 20004905 MyzztheShredder
>>20004862 Hey, sometimes a guy just dreams of becoming the gay god of /fit/. This is my way. Embrace me and get hard while doing so. You know you want to.

1 hours later 20004923 Anonymous (trolled1.jpg 464x464 36kB)
Where is the janitor to clean up this mess?

1 hours later 20004924 MyzztheShredder (image.jpg 377x536 100kB)
There is only one MyzztheShredder and I am it. I am the future god of fit. Period. Period. Mire away brahs.

1 hours later 20004932 mycheeseshredded (typical fit roid douche.jpg 500x581 56kB)
You myron faggots? i-i-m the next zyzz, just 5 inches shorter. you can call me typicalfaggot. i am the reason why people hate people who lift. you can also call me "the tool", because I get shit done.

1 hours later 20004956 Anonymous
>>20004924 Look at this fat fuck. Come back when you're below 20% body fat, and don't look literally retarded.

1 hours later 20004973 MyzztheShredder (image.jpg 440x346 45kB)
You brahz are too funny tho. Calling me gay. My gf pic related is hotter than all of yours. Oh wait I forgot.. Top lel you fags are no gf fags

1 hours later 20004989 Anonymous
Start roids if you want ANY chance of looking anything like zyzz

1 hours later 20004990 MyzztheShredder
>>20004973 >ps "she" is a trap ;)

1 hours later 20004995 Anonymous
>>20004973 does she know that you are a homosexual?

1 hours later 20005000 MyzztheShredder
>>20004924 You should all also imagine cumming on my belly in this pic.

1 hours later 20005006 Anonymous
>>20004973 it's either your cousin or a trap

1 hours later 20005007 Sleep Science Guy
You're not taking enough tren to look remotely like zyzz.

1 hours later 20005020 MyzztheShredder
>>20005006 Already confirmed: a trap. We're also in an open relationship, so if anybody from /fit/ wants to nail my asshole, that's perfectly fine.

1 hours later 20005029 Anonymous
>>20004973 i literally banged a random club bitch two weekends ago that was hotter than your gf

1 hours later 20005038 MyzztheShredder
>>20004995 Yes, "she" is also a homosexual.

1 hours later 20005048 MyzztheShredder
>>20005029 But did she have a dick? Because my gf has a dick.

1 hours later 20005061 MyzztheShredder
>>20004989 >>20005007 But I just want to look like a paler, gayer, fatter zyzz.

1 hours later 20005084 Anonymous
>>20004973 Your girlfriend looks jewy as fuck. Also, super ugly. How does she feel about settling for a fat guy?

1 hours later 20005088 MyzztheShredder (image.jpg 312x550 88kB)
Face it kiddos. I bang 10s while you guys fap to trap porn online. But don't worry I'm here for you all as your future god. I accept that you guys are haters who will never accomplish what I have in my life. Lifting wise. Aesthetic wise. Girls wise. Professionally. Etc etc. just keep mirin. Like the current god said we will all make it. I'll continue that prophecy. I'll embrace it as you will me as your god one day.

1 hours later 20005110 Anonymous
>>20005088 Cool story bro

1 hours later 20005112 Anonymous
Changing your fucking names to his gay name just encourages this TERRIBLE troll...surely he can't think he's aesthetic. He's fat and his gf is most likely a jew trap.

1 hours later 20005115 Anonymous
>>20005088 you look like a homosexual

1 hours later 20005123 Anonymous
>>20005088 didnt you win the heisman last year you manlet?

1 hours later 20005137 MyzztheShredder
>>20005088 Oops, forgot, also embrace my penis, and I meant "I bang traps that are 10s while you guys fap to trap porn online". Full homo. Let's all get it on some time. We're all going to make it into my asshole

1 hours later 20005144 MyzztheShredder
>>20005115 I am a homosexual. Let's be gay together!

1 hours later 20005150 Anonymous
>>20005088 LEL how tall are you?

1 hours later 20005165 Anonymous
>short, >17% body fat, no legs. >fit's new god. worst troll in a while

1 hours later 20005170 MyzztheShredder
>>20005150 5'6", but people don't really notice because I'm shredded and I talk really loudly so they don't notice how far away my voice is.

1 hours later 20005213 MyzztheShredder (image.jpg 415x552 57kB)
I'm 6'1" masterrace. God status height.

1 hours later 20005242 Anonymous
>>20005213 >GF confirmed for trap.

1 hours later 20005314 Anonymous
>>20003735 Bragging, and not posting a pic, sure thing fatty.

1 hours later 20005359 MyzztheShredder (image.jpg 344x545 61kB)
Mirin traps brahs?

1 hours later 20005369 Anonymous
>>20005242 This.

1 hours later 20005403 Anonymous
>>20005213 you're 5'10 at most. Zyzz was 6'1

1 hours later 20005405 Anonymous
>>20003778 sure

1 hours later 20005408 Dr. Feels
>>20005242 >implying that's a problem I'd still hit it

1 hours later 20005411 Anonymous
>>20003778 I cant fuckign stop laughing at your face

1 hours later 20005414 Anonymous
your woman is more masculine looking than you

1 hours later 20005428 Anonymous
>>20005408 yeah but you're homo

1 hours later 20005475 MyzztheShredder (image.jpg 1604x2000 273kB)
Haters gonna hate brahhhh Just as long as you mire deep down inside I will be a good god to you all.

1 hours later 20005489 Anonymous
>>20004728 nice arms...too bad you're a fat faggot.

1 hours later 20005527 Anonymous
>>20003725 thread should have ended here.

1 hours later 20005562 Anonymous
you guys do realize it's just some random guy and he's probably just spamming photos from one of his facebook friends, right?

1 hours later 20005576 Anonymous
21? yet looks 4 years older than me and im 25 sweet jesus you will age terribly

1 hours later 20005589 Anonymous
>>20005475 wtf is with this resolution gaygod?

1 hours later 20005592 Dr. Feels
>>20005428 Insecure beta detected

1 hours later 20005597 Anonymous
>>20004728 lol @ !5% or more BF. pls go

1 hours later 20005598 Anonymous
>>20005359 your forhead is bigger

1 hours later 20005611 Anonymous
>>20004460 and not a single leg was trained that day

1 hours later 20005631 Anonymous
>>20005562 literally my first thought upon seeing this troll thread...but his face and shit make me think he's the kinda guy that would actually do this shit

1 hours later 20005639 Anonymous
>>20005611 dubs for truth. op how big is your gf's penis?

1 hours later 20005651 Anonymous
>>20005592 I'm insecure because I'm not a faggot like you.. lel

1 hours later 20005716 Dr. Feels (image.jpg 418x720 63kB)
>>20005651 Don't tell me you wouldn't

2 hours later 20005755 MyzztheShredder (image.jpg 496x586 87kB)
Mire facial aesthetics.

2 hours later 20005881 Anonymous
Hahaha, I know this fuck, went to East York Collegiate Institute, name's Miri Hysi, look him up

2 hours later 20005941 Anonymous (youngones_1_396x222.jpg 396x222 41kB)
>>20005755 It's like a weird mix of Rick and Viv from 'The Young Ones', right and left in the pic respectively

2 hours later 20005992 Anonymous
>>20005755 looks like heath ledgers gay lover

2 hours later 20006008 Anonymous
>>20005716 what are you gay bro? [spoiler]Ofcourse id smash that with the rage of 1000 suns[/spoiler]

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