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2013-05-17 05:16 20003619 Anonymous (Conversis-UK-Translation-Agency-Eye-Contact[1].jpg 228x228 6kB)
Aspie here, how long enough should an eye contact be to initiate a conversation with a random female?

1 min later 20003645 Anonymous
>>20003619 At least 40 seconds is the general rule.

2 min later 20003657 Anonymous
at least 20minutes. make sure you don't blink or smile. smiling just makes you look like a white knight beta faggot. the angrier you look the better

3 min later 20003661 Anonymous
It really depends on the girl. It's usually best just to stare at them until they talk to you.

4 min later 20003709 Anonymous
Today while waiting for the bus a female made aye contact with me for about 3 seconds, I panicked and smiled, she smiled back. The end.

5 min later 20003728 Anonymous
>>20003619 Depends on how they react when they see you wink at them. Dead serious.

7 min later 20003749 Anonymous
Why don't you try it out? You're a scientist right?

7 min later 20003765 Anonymous (1367372678684.gif 193x135 1469kB)
Give her the ol bertstare for 60 secs > pic related

8 min later 20003774 Anonymous
the second you make eye contact walk up to her and say 'caught ya mirin' lol no but really if you approach a woman as sooon as you make eye contact it demonstrates your confidence. go for it you have nothing to lose. or stay beta

8 min later 20003775 Anonymous
it's better to get close and breathe right on her eyeballs she will camed gallons of milk a day

8 min later 20003781 Anonymous
as long as u don't blink its about 3 minutes, if you blink you have to start over, good luck brah ur gonna make it

9 min later 20003791 Anonymous
who knows it's intuitive idk what the optimal window for striking is, but it should be quick

9 min later 20003798 Anonymous
i don't make eye contact.

10 min later 20003828 Anonymous
when you see that she is interested in her look mate good luck and we all gonna make it

11 min later 20003842 Anonymous
i keep my eyes at my feet so this doesn't happen.. plebs

13 min later 20003879 Anonymous
just look at them in the eye with a non weird/creepy smile. If they fail to maintain eye contact it means they have assumed the beta role of the conversation. Congratulations you are alpha

13 min later 20003888 Anonymous
>>20003619 Just keep looking at her, if anything shes the one who should be looking away, and when your not facing her dont always look at her while shes talking

14 min later 20003896 Anonymous
> tfw you avoid looking at others so that they dont think you might like them every.fucking.time

14 min later 20003912 Anonymous (feel.png 571x480 42kB)

15 min later 20003916 Centipede
>>20003657 This is stupid, if you don't smile and look angry you'll come off as a creep. You'll also come off as a creep smiling too much, just find a nice in balance smile when necessary.

16 min later 20003938 Anonymous
Not OP, but where do you look when you're ~30 feet away from someone and you're going to pass them on a sidewalk? I think I'm staring straight ahead too much and it's freaking people out and making them try to see what I'm looking at. Are you supposed to look at the person or something?

16 min later 20003949 Anonymous
>>20003619 I don't fucking know I just look em in the eyes, nod my head, and are like "sup" and it usually works for me.

16 min later 20003955 Anonymous
As soon as you make eye contact, make a faint smile (no ear to ear grinning creepiness). If she smiles at all, then it is time to talk to her. If she smiles and looks down, she may be shy, but you've still got a good shot. If she immediately looks away, keep calm and carry on.

17 min later 20003973 Anonymous
assert your alpha dominance by saying ''what the fuck are you looking at'' bitches love it man im telling you

18 min later 20003995 Anonymous
>>20003619 Girls look each other in the eyes when they talk. Its natural. They expect you to look in their eyes.

20 min later 20004027 Anonymous
reading this thread has finally let me understand that /fit/ is full of trolls and that every argument i've had on here about diet/fitness has been with a troll who was just trolling and it's impossible to get any useful information from /fit/ ever, even if its because you have to sort real advice from the trolls who try really hard to pass troll advice off as real. t-thanks /fit/

21 min later 20004038 Anonymous
>>20004027 you're welcome, now get out.

23 min later 20004064 Anonymous
>>20004027 no shit, you didn't pick that up the fist time you ever heard of GOMAD? this place isn't for advice, its a circle jerk to show off current body and make fun of fat people

24 min later 20004081 Anonymous
>>20003888 nice trips and I don't understand the last part

24 min later 20004090 Anonymous
>>20004064 GOMAD is a real thing, but only for skeletons.

25 min later 20004103 Anonymous
>>20004064 how new are you rhetorical question >pretty goddamn new

28 min later 20004139 Anonymous
>>20004081 if your body isnt facing her dont always keep your neck turned towards her, or if youre walking next to her its bad if she feels all youre attention ids on her all the time, but when it is it has to be with intent so when youre facing her make strong eye contact and shell be the one lookin away

29 min later 20004147 Anonymous
>>20003938 this is what phones are for. it is 2013, when two humans are approaching each other from a distance they look at their phones and look up briefly as they pass to make sure they don't run into one another or anything else

30 min later 20004161 Anonymous
>>20004103 how new am I? what a retarded fukin question is that bro? ''how new'' do u listen to yourself bro? do u even read back what you just wrote and make sur it makes sense bro? and by bro I mean never my bro, fukin phaggot

30 min later 20004170 Anonymous
>>20004139 So if I'm looking at a friend and a grill comes up behind me and talks to me. I should continue looking at my friend at not glance at her? I understand the walking part though. I just can't imagine talking to someone without having eye contact

31 min later 20004188 Anonymous
>>20004161 >make sur >sur oh boy bak2middleskool

33 min later 20004229 Anonymous
>>20004188 what da fuk is 'sur' are u alright m80

34 min later 20004244 Anonymous (1362329092187.jpg 933x610 115kB)
>>20003619 5-6 seconds

34 min later 20004247 Anonymous
>>20004147 only truthful reply. >>20004170 you're over-thinking it. do whatever you want. honestly, throw all social 'norms' out, if you try to follow all of them you'll end up so beta and autistic trying to mimic everybody else who just tries to mimic everybody else. people will respect you for being authentic. if they don't, they probably don't matter anyway.

36 min later 20004277 Anonymous
>>20004229 how aboot youh r3ad bak wut YOUH jus sayd

37 min later 20004292 Anonymous
>>20004247 No I'm genuinely curious. I have no problem gettin da booty. I just want to know what you mean

40 min later 20004356 Anonymous
>>20003619 2/10 you don't time how long you look at peoples eyes, fucking idiot.

42 min later 20004396 Anonymous
>go to bar one night with bros >make eye contact with chick across the pool table (long way) >she comes over to me I forget what happened after that.

42 min later 20004399 Anonymous
>>20004244 is that pic legit?

42 min later 20004401 Anonymous
the moment you catch a girl looking at you, you have to make your move. if you're across the room, stride over while making eye contact, but do not smile (only betas smile when there's nothing to smile about) simply keep a neutral look on your face. eye contact maintained the whole way until you are 6 inches in front of her. breathe deeply and heavily, as this indicates your arousal to her, and she will have no choice but to react. do not speak until she bends over and accepts your member and seed. until you follow these steps, you are simply a lesser man relying on trickery and beta tactics.

42 min later 20004418 Anonymous
>>20004292 I don't always make eye contact, but when I do, I gaze deeply into her eyes until she feels me eyefucking her soul.

43 min later 20004439 Anonymous
>>20004399 Yes.

43 min later 20004450 Anonymous
>>20004277 lol cant even spell proply fag hahaa

45 min later 20004477 Anonymous
>>20004401 You are a complete idiot. Seriously, do you think you are funny misleading people like this? Everyone knows It's 7 inches fuckhat

45 min later 20004483 Anonymous
>>20003619 If she isnt on her knees and swallowing your knob after you stare at her she's probably not interested. This hasnt happened to me yet >TFW no gf

45 min later 20004491 Anonymous
>>20004450 >hahaa >haa >aa >a > Lel, you must be trollin

46 min later 20004507 Anonymous
>>20004477 s-sorry man, i just want all the women to myself. i'm glad an honest individual such as yourself is willing to point out the single flaw in my advice.

46 min later 20004513 Anonymous
>>20004064 Hey fuck you, I come here for the feel threads

47 min later 20004530 Anonymous
>>20004507 np bud

47 min later 20004531 Anonymous
>>20004491 u must think ur so cool coz u no how to green write no one is impressed comuter nerd

48 min later 20004569 Anonymous
>>20004531 HAA WAT A N3W FAG IT'S A MEE-MEE ARROW >#dumbass I can only do it because I am anonymoose and l33t hax0r n00b

50 min later 20004601 Anonymous
>>20004399 yeah, pretty well established pic

51 min later 20004635 Anonymous
>>20004569 like I said, no one cares about ur hacking shit get a real life bro

54 min later 20004676 Anonymous
>>20004635 don't make me hax you. I can do it. >Don't test me, I am your worst fear >I am your nightmare >I am the demon under your bed when you are afraid >I will drain your soul of any joy or happiness >I feed on you >Scum

56 min later 20004735 Anonymous
>>20004676 like im reely scared bro, come hax me in real life and see what happens and not online

57 min later 20004753 Anonymous
>>20004735 pleb

1 hours later 20004808 Anonymous
>>20004753 ur the pled, fuckin bitch internet keybord warrior

1 hours later 20004832 Anonymous (Buttaid.jpg 500x375 93kB)

1 hours later 20004864 Anonymous
am i the only one who thinks these two are 1 person >>20004808 >>20004753 i think this happens more than i initially thought

1 hours later 20004914 Anonymous
>>20004864 we get a lot more teenagers on here than you think.

1 hours later 20004933 Anonymous
>>20004914 I think you ghey

1 hours later 20004959 MyzztheShredder
>>20004027 Haha, I'm pretty sure I convinced a guy who was getting protein farts before he went to his girlfriend's place to try eating a couple bags of sugar free diabetic candy before going over because that would "take care of the smell". I can only imagine the horrible diarrhea he got from eating them.

1 hours later 20004976 Anonymous
>>20003619 5 seconds faggot.

1 hours later 20005045 Anonymous
>>20003657 This. If she tries to look away tell her "You fucking look at me" and if she tries to move away tell her "Don't you fucking move." Girls are really attracted to assertive, confident guys.

1 hours later 20005079 Anonymous
>random female lol good luck. not recommended unless it's a place specifically to meet strangers (e.g., nightclub).

1 hours later 20005083 Anonymous
>>20005045 Also, start grinding on her. Rough Girls love it rough No music? don't matter, hum a Skrillex song

1 hours later 20005102 Anonymous
i usually just look at them dead in the eyes with a serious face and pretend like im chewing gum for atleast 45 seconds before i approach. if i blink i have to start from the beginning.

1 hours later 20005250 Anonymous
>>20003916 >Not realizing it's a troll

1 hours later 20005385 Anonymous
If her pupils become dilated stare at her for as long as you want. If they don't you'll need to look for another girl

1 hours later 20005429 Anonymous
If she catches you masturbating, look her dead in the eyes and finish. If you break contact at anytime, she's going to think you're beta

1 hours later 20005572 Anonymous
Does anyone else quickly look away when someone is looking at your eyes and you notice them doing it? I make eye contact and then quickly glance away, I don't even consciously do it. Shit is awkward as fuck.

1 hours later 20005660 Anonymous
>>20004027 Nice troll m8

1 hours later 20005705 Anonymous
>>20004244 >mfw troll where nobody can see shit in #5

2 hours later 20005731 Anonymous
>tfw no eye contact because ugly

2 hours later 20005915 Anonymous
>tfw smile at girl >she smile and looks down spaghetti falls out of them coz my aesthetics bro

2 hours later 20005973 Anonymous
>>20005083 >don't matter, hum a Skrillex song lel

2 hours later 20006018 Anonymous
>>20003916 >tripfag >can't spot obvious trolling what the fuck has this place become?

2 hours later 20006113 Anonymous
>>20004399 top fucking lel

2 hours later 20006124 Anonymous
>>20005572 yup. the life of an aspie. too afraid to hold eye contact with anyone. Though occasionally i will catch someone mirin' and when i look they quickly look away.

2 hours later 20006197 Anonymous
>>20000000 Don't mind me, i missed it, just want to see what it was.

2 hours later 20006213 Anonymous
>>20006197 Dangit. Did anyone see it?

2 hours later 20006225 Anonymous (1368262085312.jpg 984x628 144kB)
>>20003775 i lost it

2 hours later 20006252 Anonymous
>>20006213 zyzz saying "squats n oatz"

2 hours later 20006315 Anonymous
>>20005083 Like this? http://youtu.be/55TLc058i5U?t=6m55s

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