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2013-05-17 05:07 20003464 Anonymous (625610_10151437929728192_1732082430_n.jpg 720x960 75kB)
this is why i lift

2 min later 20003500 Anonymous
I am so, so sorry. I just want you to know that you are an inspiration to all of us, not many people have the courage to face real life after such traumatic brain damage and yet here you are. I'm so proud.

2 min later 20003505 Anonymous
>>20003464 her face is busted

2 min later 20003513 Anonymous
>>20003464 >eyes too close together >disgusting mark under right hand >sunny day but is staying indoors >mushroom cloud on head, her head lice are having a war 2/10 would not bang

3 min later 20003520 Anonymous
>>20003464 Lift for yourself fool. That's a hot bitch, don't get me wrong. But she won't last forever.

3 min later 20003533 Anonymous (1713_10151442189578192_1518462061_n.jpg 720x960 69kB)

4 min later 20003536 Anonymous
>>20003464 wouldberry/10

4 min later 20003537 Anonymous
ur mum is beautiful, good luck on your lifting goals of 2013

4 min later 20003540 Anonymous
Ew is that Claire? The fuck happened?

4 min later 20003556 Anonymous (65443.jpg 720x960 70kB)

5 min later 20003563 Anonymous
>>20003556 Yikes!!

5 min later 20003565 Anonymous (5443333.jpg 720x960 106kB)

6 min later 20003576 Anonymous
>>20003565 Well there's a twist, OP is will smith

6 min later 20003578 Anonymous
>>20003565 niggerlover/10

6 min later 20003579 Anonymous (537316_10151442186453192_1254729152_n.jpg 720x960 95kB)

6 min later 20003580 Anonymous
>>20003565 You lift for black guys and white girls?

6 min later 20003591 Anonymous
>>20003556 She kind of looks like she's sucking in her gut. If she's not, nice body. Face is average.

7 min later 20003597 Anonymous (987.jpg 720x960 102kB)

8 min later 20003620 Anonymous (1368760050388.jpg 720x646 121kB)
>>20003464 Fix'd

9 min later 20003630 Anonymous
>>20003620 >dem hips >dem tits

10 min later 20003640 Anonymous (33214.jpg 600x550 32kB)
her arse

11 min later 20003658 Anonymous
>>20003640 woodberry even if the darkness has been in there

12 min later 20003674 sage
>>20003640 This changes things

12 min later 20003679 Anonymous
>>20003556 I would definitely berry. Stupid fucking /fit/ with their retarded, unrealistic online expectations.

12 min later 20003687 Anonymous
>>20003640 would berry.

12 min later 20003699 Anonymous (1366177044146.jpg 214x235 6kB)

13 min later 20003701 Anonymous
>>20003580 He's just like us.

14 min later 20003722 Anonymous (wbb.jpg 720x960 97kB)
anyone want her fb?

14 min later 20003724 Anonymous
she could lose a few lbs. not that i have any kind of shot anyway.

15 min later 20003738 Anonymous
>>20003464 thats cool bro. why doesnt she lift for you? shes going to be fat as fuck when she gets older.

15 min later 20003750 Anonymous (1353679157077.jpg 860x1538 492kB)
This is why I lift.

16 min later 20003771 Anonymous (625436_10151435367738192_104252982_n.jpg 960x720 136kB)

17 min later 20003773 Anonymous
>>20003513 forgot pointy elbows.

17 min later 20003780 Anonymous
>>20003722 Sure. I've seen these pics posted before. >>20000000

17 min later 20003787 Anonymous
Fuck lifting for girls. I lift cause when the shit hits the fan I want to be able to move a motherfucking car. http://www.y outube.co m/watch?v=DDnDYFMZCf8&feature=youtu be_gdata_player

18 min later 20003794 Anonymous
>>20003750 Oh shit she's hot, any more? How'd you guys meet?

18 min later 20003804 Anonymous (Screenshot_2013-05-07-00-12-34-1.png 720x956 679kB)
To get my ex back...

18 min later 20003806 Anonymous
>>20003750 Lifting for your waifu is the most romantic thing a man can do. One should always work toward improving himself for the affection of one's waifu

19 min later 20003812 Anonymous (1367014147135.jpg 1000x1000 545kB)
>>20003794 I met her when I was watching anime.

19 min later 20003815 Anonymous
>>20003464 her body carries her 8/10 would smash it then bang it

19 min later 20003825 Anonymous (73463_4462847008982_524601565_n.jpg 720x960 54kB)

20 min later 20003841 Anonymous
>>20003806 Would you believe me if I told that's the real reason I lift?

21 min later 20003860 Anonymous (WouldNot.jpg 720x960 205kB)

21 min later 20003869 Anonymous
>>20003804 Bro. Being deadly serious now, do not lift to get your ex back. Do it for yourself, she'll come back to you but you have to remember she's been dicked by other guys now

21 min later 20003874 Anonymous (Wallet waifu.png 436x628 475kB)
>>20003806 >806 > >>20003750 >One should always work toward improving himself for the affection of one's waifu Fucking agreed man. She's the light of my life.

21 min later 20003875 Anonymous
>>20003841 of course I would. While I don't have a waifu ( Actually I might, I think about her all the time ) . I can understand a man working toward an ideal. Even if its unattainable.

21 min later 20003876 Anonymous (21765_10151217516963468_1956597734_n.jpg 720x960 76kB)

22 min later 20003894 Anonymous
>>20003565 Is that oprah?

23 min later 20003909 Anonymous
>>20003464 A 6/10 with poor fashion sense?

23 min later 20003921 Anonymous (391681_3949812383437_2035511737_n.jpg 720x960 70kB)

24 min later 20003927 Anonymous (1353605433429.jpg 465x700 211kB)
>>20003874 My fellow waifubro. Nothing beats imagining her squeezing your biceps after a workout.

24 min later 20003928 Anonymous
>>20003804 >Lifting to win back a half breed YOU DUN GOOFED

24 min later 20003929 Anonymous
>>20003874 >>20003812 >>20003794 >>20003750 >>20003806 >>20003875 What the fuck is a waifu? some gay cartoon shit?

24 min later 20003937 Anonymous
>>20003929 Normal fag, please go.

25 min later 20003941 Anonymous
>>20003921 Seriously would not bang just cause of her face

25 min later 20003963 Anonymous
>>20003929 Don't ask. Just leave now.

25 min later 20003965 Anonymous
>>20003927 My favourite part about getting home from my work out is so I can cuddle with body pillow her and pretend she's mirin my quads. >>20003929 A waifu is true love.

26 min later 20003979 Anonymous (1368743981370.gif 249x256 881kB)
this is why i lift

26 min later 20003982 Anonymous (65432.jpg 600x451 34kB)
she may have an average arse but its good enough for me

27 min later 20003987 Anonymous
>>20003929 You're too normal. Go spend some time in /a/.

27 min later 20003998 Anonymous
I've got some bad news bro, this girl is most definitely going to be a future land whale. She's at a nice bf % now purely by luck. Once she starts drinking and partying, your little 6/10 is gonna balloon up and never return.

27 min later 20004002 Anonymous
>>20003929 if http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/waifu is right, then you guys are some weird motherfuckers and should do something about it

28 min later 20004013 Anonymous
>>20003987 >>20003937 This is why I love /fit/. Deep down, we're all still the lonely hikkis we started out as, but now we're as beautiful and strong.on the outside as we are on the in side.

29 min later 20004021 Anonymous (NotSafe.jpg 720x960 167kB)

29 min later 20004022 Anonymous
>>20004002 It's hard to explain a waifu itself, let alone what we do to earn her/his affections. It's best you just go.

29 min later 20004025 Anonymous
>>20003929 What are you doing on 4chan?

30 min later 20004040 Anonymous
>>20004013 >but now we're as beautiful and strong.on the outside as we are on the in side So not very? That sounds about right.

30 min later 20004044 Anonymous
>>20004013 >implying I've ever even seen anime weeb pls

30 min later 20004048 Anonymous
>>20003876 Holy jail bait

31 min later 20004049 Anonymous
>>20004025 it's probably the funniest site on the internet, doesn't mean we all know about this weird japan cartoon shit bro

31 min later 20004054 Anonymous
>>20003928 Lol.. shes full bred. >>20003869 Yeah I lift for prs as well.. I maxed orm 275 on bench... ive plateaud a while but still.... and my dl is stalled at 315.. once I bulk again I wanna see it reach 405

31 min later 20004055 Anonymous
>>20004002 How dare you be so normal near me.

31 min later 20004060 Anonymous (190114_4478178471371_2092095625_n.jpg 720x960 148kB)

31 min later 20004067 Anonymous
>>20004044 >>20004025

32 min later 20004077 Anonymous
>lifting for girls >ugly girls for that matter Pathetic

33 min later 20004087 Anonymous
>>20004067 >4chan is the same now as how it started I found this fucking site through /b/ like everyone else. Not really anime related.

33 min later 20004088 Anonymous
>>20003987 I just don't see the appeal of it, it's really stupid to me and nobody should watch cartoons after they reach around 14

33 min later 20004100 Anonymous
>>20004088 You had me going there for a second.

34 min later 20004113 Anonymous (SKREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.jpg 632x463 141kB)
This is why I lift.

35 min later 20004119 Anonymous (1358553387043.jpg 808x848 127kB)

35 min later 20004124 Anonymous
shes your sister

36 min later 20004128 Anonymous (AsianManSmilesInShower.jpg 233x375 27kB)
>>20004013 This post made me feel all warm and shit on the inside

36 min later 20004131 Anonymous
>>20004100 what? cartoons are for childeren, and having a "waifu" about a cartoon character shows you're mentally ill

37 min later 20004137 Anonymous
>>20004113 I love Skaven too.

37 min later 20004146 Anonymous
>>20004113 I lol'd, good one

37 min later 20004148 Anonymous (Absolutely disgusting.jpg 600x450 126kB)
>>20003812 >posting your lewd pictures of your own waifu online

38 min later 20004150 Anonymous (I+GIVE+YOU+MY+POWER.+If+you+fucking+Virgins+love_695910_4589727.jpg 600x2692 242kB)
>>20004128 We're all gonna make it, brah.

38 min later 20004153 Anonymous
>>20004128 But we were never all that beautiful on the inside. I still like the hikki thing though. This board truly has a culture like no place else.

38 min later 20004162 Anonymous (avgn2.jpg 597x470 116kB)
>>20004148 >have lewd pictures of my own waifu on my pc >very tempted to delete them >Can't because they're part of the original series of images that were made of her

39 min later 20004166 Anonymous (cring.jpg 300x300 14kB)
>>20004153 I like to think that I'm beautiful on the inside

39 min later 20004167 Anonymous (1319468738jW10lX3.gif 360x376 1645kB)
this is why I

39 min later 20004169 Anonymous (1362897771807.jpg 500x667 44kB)
This is why I lift.

40 min later 20004179 Anonymous
>>20004131 Waifus are just as real as 3D women. When you love a 3D woman, you're just in love with an idealized version of her, not the real thing. How is that any different than a waifu?

40 min later 20004190 Anonymous (1326812347246.png 241x241 49kB)
>>20004166 I think you are too, bro. You just gotta show the world, and not your monitor.

40 min later 20004193 Anonymous

41 min later 20004205 Anonymous
>>20004166 Don't feel down, bro. Making is just as much about improving your personality as it is your looks.

41 min later 20004212 Anonymous
>>20004193 I honestly wish I knew.

41 min later 20004213 Anonymous
>>20004179 because it can't talk to you, it can't touch you, it isn't alive, it has no brain and doesn't even move unless you move it. It's a fucking drawring bro

42 min later 20004220 Anonymous
>>20003464 >>>/soc/16024200

42 min later 20004225 Anonymous
>>20004213 >I can't into tulpas Hahahaha oh jeez, how do you normals even function in the real world?

43 min later 20004238 Anonymous (1367774759559.jpg 820x1100 181kB)
>>20004148 Physical attraction is a natural part of a loving relationship.

43 min later 20004248 Anonymous
>>20004190 go away you ntr'ing faggot

43 min later 20004251 Anonymous
>>20004213 >what is a tulpa

44 min later 20004259 Anonymous (1326812796094.png 241x241 51kB)
>>20004248 Bro, if you're angry about something, talk to me.

44 min later 20004261 Anonymous
listen i started on /b/ like rest of you a couple of years ago but goddamn this whole waifu shit has got to stop if you're being serious. holy fuck we're almost /sp/ level now.

45 min later 20004285 Anonymous
>>20004225 >>20004251 what the fuck is a tulpa

45 min later 20004291 Anonymous (NO FUN ALLOWED.jpg 488x516 91kB)

45 min later 20004294 Anonymous
>>20004261 Its not any worse than dumping images of real women.

45 min later 20004297 Anonymous (1297308300804.png 210x229 6kB)
>>20004285 True love.

46 min later 20004312 Anonymous (1355539530570.jpg 453x604 49kB)
This is why I lift One day I will be the cat

47 min later 20004323 Anonymous
>>20003929 Rico pls go

47 min later 20004329 Anonymous
>>20004294 Oh, it is but personally I still find it amusing.

48 min later 20004339 Anonymous
>>20004297 >>20004251 >>20004238 >>20004225 >>20004179 >>20003874 >>20003812 >>20003750 Is the whole of /fit/ like this? are you all mentally ill? I feel like it's been a lie the whole time and you're all just wannabe japanese amerifats who fap to cartoon girls..

48 min later 20004350 Anonymous
>>20004312 >One day my dick will be where the cat is ftfy betafag

48 min later 20004353 Anonymous
>>20004261 Fucking this

48 min later 20004354 Anonymous
>>20004294 no it's completely different. i may find a real woman attractive, but don't create a fake personality for her and save every image of her i come across i don't give her a fake life. i don't make fake facebook profiles for her. i don't pretend we're married. i don't pretend she thinks i'm so tsundre~ it's completely different you all have fucking problems go to a fucking gym.

49 min later 20004374 Anonymous
>>20004339 I started lifting because I felt my waifu deserved a man she could mire. All of my self improvement in life is done because of my waifu.

50 min later 20004382 Anonymous
>>20004285 Some Tibetan meditation bullshit that borders on schizophrenia. Basically you concentrate on an imaginary being, let it "evolve" in your head (cuz apparently it can change form or personality) until it becomes its own entity forming opinions on its own, and communicates back with you.

50 min later 20004392 Anonymous
>>20004339 How long have you been here, sport? If this is all a surprise to you, then you are either new or blind.

51 min later 20004419 Anonymous
>>20004339 i am fucking with you man. i thought everyone was just pretending to have waifus and shit, like we were pretending to be super weird. i mean, i started on /b/, but i never ventured on to boards like /a/

51 min later 20004421 Anonymous
>>20003464 b-but she's not even that attractive anon

51 min later 20004426 Anonymous
Normalfags plz go I bet your miscers go back

51 min later 20004432 Anonymous
She has a really nice figure and an ok face would impregnate

52 min later 20004443 Anonymous
>>20004382 that is schizophrenia >>20004392 for 1 year on /fit/ and on 4chan like 5 years, no idea everyone in america is this fucking obsessed with stupid japanese cartoon girls, what the fuck is the world coming to

52 min later 20004444 Anonymous
>>20004432 Nice standards, bro.

52 min later 20004452 Anonymous
one of the more butterfaced bitches i've seen in a long time.

52 min later 20004454 Anonymous
>>20004350 Not I want my head to be where the cats is Get rekt fagget

53 min later 20004480 Anonymous
>>20004169 for what? Fake tits? >cheap implants >2013 really?

54 min later 20004496 Anonymous (faggot.png 363x357 97kB)
>>20004259 ur 1 cheeky cunt m8 i sweer 2 god i wil smak u rite in the gobber

54 min later 20004498 Anonymous
>>20004480 you didn't even notice those hips and legs what

57 min later 20004565 Anonymous
>>20004443 Except it's self-inflicted.

57 min later 20004575 Anonymous (sample_dfe66f8d3f711fa8b429b0a25d029d0d.jpg 850x1108 345kB)
I lift to serve my waifu/mistress.

58 min later 20004589 Anonymous
a perfect 2/10

1 hours later 20004654 Anonymous
>>20004131 I swear that people try to act cool by consciously being ignorant. Like I remember this one kid who acted like he didn't know anything about pokemon in front of this other kid, despite me clearly seeing him playing pokemon before.

1 hours later 20004686 Anonymous
>>20004654 Faggots gonna fag and care about what other people think. It's best to love your waifu and not not give a shit about their small minds.

1 hours later 20004690 Anonymous
>>20004339 Let's think about it logically for a second: in this day and age, what purpose is there really to lift weights? Cardiovascular exercise can improve longevity and any necessary strength can be acquired through bodyweight exercises. Why do we lift weights? Because we're fucked in the head. How many of us actually NEED to be able to deadlift over 400 lbs? How many of us actually need abs? They serve no functional purpose. You could argue that the propagation of the species is an evolutionary imperative and that steely 6 pack will snag you whatever woman you want, but it's not true. People without 6 packs have reproduced before. A lot of them have. We do this because there's something tugging at the back of our heads. There's something we want. We don't know what it is, and we don't know how to get it, but it's there, and lifting brings us closer. This is a board that actively celebrates people who have starved themselves, gorged themselves on unpleasant food, and actively destroyed themselves several times a week to create superfluous connective tissue that, as time goes on, is becoming less and less fashionable and more indicative of a defect in psychic stability. This site is founded on lost people thrashing about, trying to satisfy deep spiritual conflict, and you never fucking noticed? Get the fuck out of here.

1 hours later 20004710 Anonymous
>>20004498 >non-squatting legs >non-squatting ass >non-fit girl are you fucking serious?

1 hours later 20004716 Anonymous
shes fat as fuck

1 hours later 20004745 Anonymous help need waifu (hello_yes_this_is_mister_feel.jpg 500x409 72kB)
I've haven't chosen a waifu yet any suggestions?

1 hours later 20004759 Anonymous
>>20003804 *To get back at my ex by refusing to sex her after my final form is achieved. I just fixed that for you

1 hours later 20004777 Anonymous
>>20004745 You just gotta feel it brah. It's like love at first sight.

1 hours later 20004783 Anonymous
>>20004745 >Implying it works that way When you meet the girl you love, everything just clicks, and you'll know that you're destined to have the best day every when ever it is with her.

1 hours later 20004785 Anonymous (1 out of 10.jpg 300x300 26kB)
>>20004690 >starve themselves >unpleasant food >spiritual conflict Just came over from /a/, huh?

1 hours later 20004804 Anonymous
>>20004745 You'll know it when you meet her.

1 hours later 20004825 Anonymous
>>20003464 shes beautiful op

1 hours later 20004828 Anonymous
>>20003921 NO.

1 hours later 20004858 Anonymous
>>20004119 >Angie Verona >Not being 10/10 you fucked up

1 hours later 20004860 Anonymous
>>20004690 >that autism calm down bro you're on the internet, and more than that, you're a board with more normal internet people

1 hours later 20004868 Anonymous
>>20004710 i like long legs mang

1 hours later 20004875 Anonymous
>>20004690 jesus christ stop making excuses and just lift you faggot

1 hours later 20004906 Anonymous

1 hours later 20005089 Anonymous
>>20003750 I lift for Chihaya.

1 hours later 20005215 Anonymous
As you grow older most women look like piglets with make-up. Think of tomorrow and lift for yourself.

1 hours later 20005261 Anonymous
you don't need to lift to get girls. you just need to get your bf down to 10% (girls hate hate fat) and maybe do a few pull ups per day.

1 hours later 20005286 Anonymous
>>20005261 If you want girls you just have to run faster than them.

1 hours later 20005288 Anonymous (1366764738324.jpg 640x960 35kB)
>>20003929 I googled waifu had a good laugh afterwards.

1 hours later 20005289 Anonymous
>>20003464 >narrow hips do not want she looks like the kind of women that blow up past 23yo

1 hours later 20005299 Anonymous (overhanddoublereversecablesquats.gif 248x320 1047kB)
I lift because for those few hours in the gym, nothing else matters. No school, no work, not girls or drama or stress or anything. Just me and my PRs and my plates.It's like meditation, but you get swole as fuck from it.

1 hours later 20005330 Anonymous
>>20003556 *vomiting intensifies*

1 hours later 20005341 Anonymous
>>20005299 I know that feel bro. The only time I don't want to die is when I'm killing PRs.

1 hours later 20005357 Anonymous
>>20003982 I hate is so much when I fuck a bitch face down ass up and she isn't arching her back. Looks like I'm fucking Quasimodo.

1 hours later 20005386 Anonymous
>>20003825 Think I went to high school with the one on right. You fromWaterloo?

1 hours later 20005407 Anonymous
>>20005357 or the family dog

1 hours later 20005424 Anonymous (1340068457278.jpg 500x374 29kB)
This is why I lift.

1 hours later 20005425 Anonymous
I fucking sob like a little bitch after I lift heavy man, I dont know why, it's like lifting sets me off an emotional rollercoster

1 hours later 20005430 Anonymous
>>20005407 >having a dog

1 hours later 20005442 Anonymous
>>20005430 >Not having a self cleaning fleshlight that is a reason for cardio.

1 hours later 20005457 Anonymous (1346295524977.gif 240x180 842kB)

1 hours later 20005460 Anonymous (serially.jpg 500x635 59kB)

1 hours later 20005465 Anonymous
>>20003825 her face is just too ugly... sorry.

1 hours later 20005466 Anonymous (1361788318469.jpg 480x600 89kB)

1 hours later 20005471 Anonymous
>>20005442 >not curling the you computer screen to produce whey

1 hours later 20005472 Anonymous
>>20004868 >so you like skeleton legs?

1 hours later 20005479 Anonymous
>>20004858 Angie is one of the most overrated teens ever.

1 hours later 20005492 Anonymous
>>20004021 >possible Redwood >NotSafe sides I hardly knew you

1 hours later 20005498 Anonymous (taje.jpg 1020x1020 253kB)
Liked a girl in middle school, she was hbb oneitis Oneitis got fat, aesthetics shattered. I don't do it to "get her", I do it because god damn, I don't want to be unhealthy and in the shade of my former glory. Get better with time

1 hours later 20005514 Anonymous (USAPL Medal.jpg 300x199 19kB)
this is why i lift, and no one else.

1 hours later 20005520 Anonymous
>>20004169 >lifting for them bolted on tits >shiggydiggy

1 hours later 20005522 Anonymous (192374.jpg 513x433 29kB)
This is why I lift.

1 hours later 20005536 Anonymous
>>20005286 >cardio

1 hours later 20005537 Anonymous (I_want_to_be_him.gif 320x240 52kB)
actually this is why I lift, I want to be the doom guy, no joke

1 hours later 20005549 Anonymous
>>20005536 For the purpose of practicing your grappling skills. Sacrifices need to be made.

1 hours later 20005555 Anonymous (Nicolas-Cage-9234498-1-402[1].jpg 402x402 46kB)

1 hours later 20005565 Anonymous (ryan_gosling_.jpg 395x594 32kB)
>>20003464 >this is why i lift... This is whu I lift. True facts.

1 hours later 20005581 Anonymous (natalya1.jpg 594x437 142kB)
This is why I lift.

2 hours later 20005612 Anonymous
>>20005514 I'm lifting for the Olympic gold. Come at me.

2 hours later 20006000 Anonymous
>>20005522 total qt

2 hours later 20006123 Anonymous (cute 40.jpg 399x448 28kB)
to protect the qt's

3 hours later 20006859 Anonymous
On the first day. God wished to create a perfect woman. He gave her Long silky smooth legs. And it was good On the second day. God gave her a tight thin waist. And it was good On the third day. He gave her the most fantastic breasts in existence On the fourth day. He realized that a perfect woman would never exist. Then he made the face. It was not good

3 hours later 20006876 Anonymous
>>20003505 what face

3 hours later 20007025 Anonymous (jockstraps-in-locker-room.jpg 600x976 170kB)
this is why i lift no homo

3 hours later 20007233 Anonymous (wut.gif 390x293 3121kB)
>>20004150 Hahahaha wtf

3 hours later 20007253 Anonymous
>>20007025 get some taste. Nothing worse than a disgusting faggot with the worst taste in men. Low standards, fat fuck or Auschwitz detected. and stop saying no homo. Did you just discover /fit/ you fuckign child. lol no homo bro!!! am i one of u lel no homo!!1 fuck off you faggot.

4 hours later 20007583 Anonymous
>>20005537 You should drop by the Doom /vr/ threads, if you don't already. There is, if course, some faggots/drama, but overall it's pretty excellent. Lot of high-tier mod authors, good players, retro servers, discussion, whole bit. Also an open invite to any returning nostalgiafag or interested newfag that hasn't experienced the glory of the Shores of Hell. Nothing beats getting out of the shower after a workout and blasting some pixelated demons to shit with MIDI-metal in the background.

4 hours later 20007797 Anonymous (IMG_20130101_091744.jpg 1920x2560 1342kB)
This is why I lift. Cause I never want to look like that again

4 hours later 20007838 Anonymous
>>20007797 Are you a polar bear or is she a surprisingly proportionate midget

4 hours later 20007870 Anonymous
>>20007797 You didn't look that bad bro Congrats on getting aesthetic though

4 hours later 20007876 Anonymous
>>20007797 I think you were a cute old lady, man.

4 hours later 20007946 Anonymous
>>20007838 I'm 6'2" and she's tiny so both I guess? >>20007870 Prob around 135kg in that photo. Cause of height I carry it well but yeah fatty. Cheers though bro I'm getting there. >>20007876 lel

4 hours later 20007950 Anonymous (friendzoned.png 546x474 363kB)
She said she would like me that way, if I wasn't short and skinny. Main motivation to work out

4 hours later 20007961 Anonymous
>>20006123 would wife

4 hours later 20007965 Anonymous
>>20007950 >Dat giant nose. Get /fit/, fuck her in the ass, cum on her face, and then date a woman worth dating.

4 hours later 20008065 Anonymous (fat_cunt_i_would_punt.jpg 640x480 89kB)
this is why i lift

4 hours later 20008089 Anonymous
>>20008065 To be able to move her out of the way and get to a prettier girl?

4 hours later 20008166 tfw no blah gf (fat_bitch.jpg 960x1280 278kB)
>>20008089 nah mang i think i might actually be in love with this bitch. she's all fucked up and she's a prostitute, while there's me the complete polar opposite (prim and proper, boring af). i want her. she literally completes me

4 hours later 20008176 Anonymous (20130514_122225_LLS.jpg 3264x2448 2090kB)
This is why i lift

4 hours later 20008191 Anonymous (1368614724676.jpg 1920x1200 1127kB)
>>20003464 Nice piece of ass but that haircut ruins her ... Pic related - that is a reaction for which i lift ;)

4 hours later 20008198 Anonymous (1359351177660.gif 212x200 319kB)
>>20008166 Hey look everyone, it's Captain Save-a-hoe! In love with a whore, what a fucking retard

4 hours later 20008236 Anonymous (1368717805160.jpg 453x604 55kB)
>>20008198 I prefer honest whore than an lying nun/ cold bitch

4 hours later 20008241 Anonymous (Panda.png 456x319 338kB)
>>20008176 That's a HOT BITCH >hahahahahahahahaha

4 hours later 20008244 Anonymous (1368268026091.jpg 3264x2448 2411kB)
this is why i lift

4 hours later 20008254 Anonymous
>>20008244 She was cute in the thumbnail, but Alfalfa isn't my thing.

5 hours later 20008270 Anonymous
This is why I lift.

5 hours later 20008310 Anonymous
>>20008244 Her ears bother the fuck out of me

5 hours later 20008317 Anonymous
>>20003597 only in first world countries would girls this chubby be considered "hot" in central/eastern europe these girls wouldn't even be allowed in clubs unless their bf was loaded

5 hours later 20008326 Anonymous
>>20003565 dat fucking gyno

5 hours later 20008328 Anonymous
>>20005299 Th-this...this can't be real

5 hours later 20008331 Anonymous (20130406114052.jpg 800x656 289kB)
>2013 >lifting for her >not lifting with her I seriously hope you guys don't do this.

5 hours later 20008344 Anonymous (13100330646513907702.jpg 486x648 58kB)
This is why I lift things up and put them down.

5 hours later 20008363 Anonymous
>>20008344 If you just want a cookie I can help you out with that m8.

5 hours later 20008372 Anonymous
>>20008244 >I had a gf a while ago >She looked just like the girl in the picture >Same smile, same hair, same ears but a bit smaller >The ears were the best part in her >Two years and 1 day ago >We are walking home after watching Hercules, the Disney movie, with her family >Taking the long way back home through a beach, because it's a warm, beautiful night >Guy ambushes us, waving a knife in our faces, yelling to hand over our wallets and phones >Feeling like Hercules; I wanted to defend my girl's honor and refused to give up our belongings >He threatened to stab me >I didn't think he would do it >Suddenly he stabs me 3 times >Fall on the ground >See girlfriend go berserk on him >Vision gets blurry >Black out >Wake up >Blood everywhere >See my girlfriend lying on the ground >She's barely conscious >Crawl to her and see she has multiple knife wounds and is bleeding badly >Tell her it's going to be okay >Trying to find my phone but can't find it >The mugger took both of our phones >Try to explain to her that I have to go get help >She's just staring into my eyes, not saying anything >I see a tear rolling down her eye >I tell her it's going to be okay, again >Try to stand up, get dizzy, fall on the ground >Start crawling on the ground to the nearest road to find help >Got about 15 meters away from her and blacked out again >Woke up in a bed, in a hospital >Survived >She didn't. While watching the movie at her parents she whispered into my ear that me she loves me. I was planning to stop near a beach on our way back home and tell her that I love her while watching the sun paint the sky red. I never got the chance. Some days I think I'm getting past her. I think I'm going to get over it. I think I'm going to recover. Then there are days like this. Fuck you for posting this picture. I'm sorry I couldn't get help. I'm sorry I wasn't stronger. I'm sorry I let you down. I'm so sorry. This is why I lift. >I love you

5 hours later 20008384 Anonymous (88677894.jpg 960x1280 92kB)
>>20008317 Thats bullshit son . Polfag here - They are completely average even by eastern Europe standarts, little chubby and with those idiotic huge glasses but they are pretty nice.

5 hours later 20008396 Anonymous (1352552554348.jpg 787x1137 234kB)

5 hours later 20008403 Anonymous
>>20008384 I am also a fucking polak, we have lots of fat women here...

5 hours later 20008416 Anonymous
>>20008372 >go outside >die There's your problem.

5 hours later 20008418 Anonymous
>>20008372 ._.

5 hours later 20008443 Anonymous (muh dik.jpg 478x585 83kB)
I lift to make up for this

5 hours later 20008449 Anonymous
>>20008403 Yes we do, but also a stunning number of hot chicks.

5 hours later 20008450 Anonymous
>>20008372 and it was all your fault

5 hours later 20008453 snow
>>20008443 haha what the fuck

5 hours later 20008463 Anonymous
>>20008443 >kill me

5 hours later 20008464 Anonymous
>>20008372 how does it feel he penetrated her deeper than you ever will? and It was all your fault?

5 hours later 20008483 Anonymous
>>20008443 what the fuck my sieds

5 hours later 20008496 Anonymous
>>20008372 lel

5 hours later 20008512 Anonymous
>>20008317 Do you imply central europe are the same poor fucks are eastern europe? Do you imply we don't have chubby whales all over the place? If you want girls that don't look like Donald Duck, try any asian country where girls get taught to get reach high standarts.

5 hours later 20008529 Anonymous
>>20008416 >>20008429 >>20008450 >>20008464 >>20008496 Sure is /b/ in here.

5 hours later 20008551 Anonymous
>>20008529 Even retards know to just hand over your stuff. What ever you have is not worth your life, or that of a girl you love.

5 hours later 20008561 Anonymous
>>20008443 Dude.. I feel so sorry for you

5 hours later 20008570 Anonymous
>>20008529 Lik dis if you cry evry tyme

5 hours later 20008589 stuff and things
>>20004060 >How close together her eyes are

5 hours later 20008606 Anonymous (1356077402987.jpg 317x800 58kB)
>>20008372 I'm gonna go extra hard tomorrow for you bro, for you

5 hours later 20008645 Anonymous
>>20008443 what's it like to have a battering ram as a dick

5 hours later 20008654 Anonymous
>>20008244 post the rest of her pictures. pls...

5 hours later 20008681 Anonymous (wendys girl.jpg 852x473 99kB)
This is why I lift

5 hours later 20008684 Anonymous
>>20008443 Hahaha! I'm a manlet but at least my dick doesn't look like that

5 hours later 20008699 Anonymous
>>20008681 >dat huge nose and ugly face nope.

5 hours later 20008714 Anonymous
>>20008699 >Not wanting to drink her poopy ass sweat?

5 hours later 20008749 Anonymous
>>20008372 He was right handed right? >Hands up. >Right hand goes to right wrist left hand goes to target's elbow. >Push back like pushing a lever up. >This pushes the knife into target's chest. I feel bad for you brother but next time come with a killer instinct. O kill them with a copy of 'killer instinct'.

5 hours later 20008780 Anonymous (134952325379.jpg 770x1038 170kB)
>>20008464 This is why i /fit/

5 hours later 20008788 Anonymous (1286780518884.gif 200x199 695kB)
>>20008443 What in god's name?

5 hours later 20008801 Anonymous
>>20003982 bunch of haters in here pretending they wouldn't have sex with this lass (were she single OP) if given the opportunity. good stuff op

5 hours later 20008812 Anonymous
>>20008801 >Implying you have to find a girl attractive to get your dick wet.

5 hours later 20008818 Anonymous
>>20008372 shit, mayne.

5 hours later 20008821 Anonymous (my sides2.jpg 511x511 62kB)
>>20008443 my god.

5 hours later 20008824 I have a tablet
I lift for health and readiness. brb, cardio.

5 hours later 20008840 Anonymous
>>20008372 IDKTF But i know you'll get through it, i'll hit a new PR tomorrow using this as motivation. Thanks for the story bro

5 hours later 20008855 Anonymous (1364986280628.jpg 656x765 137kB)

6 hours later 20008920 Anonymous
>>20008372 >walking back with her family >mugger approaches >family vapourizes Nice effort, but next time put some into the small details, vivid memories like that that traumatize you don't have huge holes in the story.

6 hours later 20008932 Anonymous
>>20008443 Whole new meaning to the term "mushroom tip".

6 hours later 20008989 Anonymous
>>20008920 Sounds like he was watching the film with her family round their house then was walking back with her to his house.

6 hours later 20009111 Anonymous
>>20008372 I shall use this as my motivation to lift today. Cheer up mate, we are all gonna make it. >>20008920 >being this retarded

6 hours later 20009229 Anonymous
>>20005299 That looks fun.

7 hours later 20009738 Anonymous
>>20008855 wat >>20008372 feeler of feels

7 hours later 20009761 Anonymous (black queen.jpg 341x341 37kB)
>>20003513 >her head lice are having a war where do you guys come up with this stuff?

7 hours later 20009859 Anonymous (1366349775781.jpg 628x588 263kB)
This is why I lift :3

7 hours later 20009864 Anonymous (awyeahgoku.gif 320x240 1640kB)
>>20003921 >>20003921 wouldgrabpigtailswhiledoggystylin/1 0

7 hours later 20009910 Anonymous
>>20005299 thats good form mayn

7 hours later 20009994 Anonymous (300portadadvd1.jpg 423x600 43kB)
This i why i started to lift. Also no gf.

7 hours later 20009997 Anonymous (et8bl01h9w9a.jpg 563x750 211kB)
what's with all the ugly bitches itt? This isn't why I lift, just helps and improves the quality of the thread.

7 hours later 20010008 Anonymous
>>20009997 That girl has the body of a young body with breasts, nty

7 hours later 20010030 Anonymous
>>20010008 confirmed for shit pushing faggot.

7 hours later 20010037 Anonymous
>>20003464 ew

7 hours later 20010041 Anonymous
>>20010030 What? She has no hips and legs narrower than my 80yo grandmother. I'd wager a great deal she has no behind either.

7 hours later 20010052 Anonymous
>>20010041 >see girl >thinks of little boys and his grandmother >not gay

7 hours later 20010054 Anonymous
this chick looks like claire abbott's ugly sister

7 hours later 20010067 Anonymous
>>20010052 >thinks girl who looks like combination of small boy and grandmother is hot >not gay

7 hours later 20010075 Anonymous (1361354441824.jpg 380x380 75kB)
>>20003556 >>20003565 >>20003722 nigger please tell me your not serious

7 hours later 20010097 Anonymous
>>20010067 >sees girl >thinks of little boys >not gay pls. You think of little boys and you're calling other people gay? wow

7 hours later 20010101 Anonymous
>>20009997 sheeeiittt MOAR

7 hours later 20010159 Anonymous (20130222_195336.jpg 2048x1536 1081kB)

7 hours later 20010175 Anonymous
>>20010159 no. just no.

7 hours later 20010225 Anonymous
>>20010097 Seems like you're getting a little defensive son

8 hours later 20010369 Anonymous
>>20010159 iopq you don't even lift. Get out.

8 hours later 20010402 Anonymous (up.jpg 720x976 172kB)
This is why I've started lifting

8 hours later 20010427 Anonymous
>>20010402 who is she. looks like a qt, got any more

8 hours later 20010447 Anonymous
>>20008443 is this actually your dick? Have you ever had sex and how did it go?

8 hours later 20010486 Anonymous
>>20010402 >naked week 2013 Oh the things I'm imagining...

8 hours later 20010510 Anonymous
>>20005357 this guys knows whats up

8 hours later 20010544 Anonymous
>>20003464 Brits pls go

8 hours later 20010565 Anonymous (2007-Suzuki-RM250a.jpg 499x324 23kB)
This is why I lift.

8 hours later 20010588 Anonymous (Double biceps.jpg 604x603 55kB)
This is why I lift

8 hours later 20010592 Anonymous (935011_10201001731954544_1543313185_n.jpg 640x960 55kB)
Well this proves it. /fit/ is full of ugly fags. Pic related, my ex.

8 hours later 20010624 Anonymous
repost thread

8 hours later 20010646 Anonymous
>>20010592 she has no tits thogh and probably no ass

8 hours later 20010660 Anonymous
>>20010592 that chicks name isnt joanne is it?

8 hours later 20010662 Anonymous
>>20008443 hahahahhaa no way thats fucked up merrn

8 hours later 20010666 Anonymous
>>20004060 That's from the first floor of HM Martinique in Magaluf, it was a few doors down from me. Ha, I fucked your reason to lift m8.

8 hours later 20010687 Anonymous (fingertip-handstand-212x300.jpg 212x300 15kB)
This is why I workout.

8 hours later 20010745 Anonymous (388917_2661570067532_1347750744_n.jpg 960x644 100kB)
>>20010646 Can't find ass pic but definitely has an incredible ass, and legs. >>20010660 Lol no.

8 hours later 20010763 zyzz (1368706489359.jpg 448x604 43kB)
this is why i lift

8 hours later 20010777 Anonymous (1368435734968.jpg 641x1016 317kB)
this is why I lift

8 hours later 20010796 Anonymous
>>20010592 >Painted on eyebrows >Makeup >No shoulders Get on my /fit/ perception of attractiveness.

8 hours later 20010810 Anonymous (sauce.jpg 641x351 52kB)
>>20008443 DUDE! You must be popular with the ladies! >some old dude in the Philippines has like 100 kids and bastards >the women in his life confessed that his dick is like a mushroom >thats why they love him that and he is funny as fuck and he is famous, that does not hurt

8 hours later 20010814 sage sage
>>20005472 fucking homo cunt. sage

8 hours later 20010828 Anonymous
>>20010745 dude I banged a chick that looked so close to that its scary

8 hours later 20010846 Anonymous
>>20010828 Pics?

8 hours later 20010853 Anonymous
>>20009859 hell yeah

8 hours later 20010854 Anonymous (1355867631124.jpg 500x357 24kB)
>>20010828 >you are now talking to the person who had sex with your girlfriend

8 hours later 20010877 Anonymous
>>20010828 lol no way brah, she's got a wedding to attend later in the year close enough to me and I'm going to voilate the living fuck out of her again for a few more days Aint none of you anons fucking that up

8 hours later 20010881 Anonymous
>>20010877 meant for >>20010846

8 hours later 20010889 Anonymous
i lift for my girlfriend and for myself,is that ok /fit/ ?

8 hours later 20010898 Anonymous
>>20010889 no

8 hours later 20010899 Anonymous
>>20007583 >Nothing beats getting out of the shower after a workout and blasting some pixelated demons to shit with MIDI-metal in the background. best vidya of all time MY NIGGAH

8 hours later 20010903 zyzz
>>20010889 >is being beta+ ok /fit/?

8 hours later 20010908 Anonymous
>>20007950 how do you plan on becoming taller?

8 hours later 20010931 Anonymous
>>20008372 nice copypasta m8

9 hours later 20011134 Anonymous (380464_207597355989720_148324298583693_461528_968858303_n.jpg 720x538 63kB)
Obviously you all lift for the wrong reasons this is must be reason have lifted in today and you.

9 hours later 20011148 Anonymous
>>20011134 to get hugged by zyzz?

9 hours later 20011166 Anonymous
>>20008372 I hope this is not pasta

9 hours later 20011290 Anonymous
>>20008443 LOL, do you measure your girth as the circumference of the tip or the stem?

9 hours later 20011352 Anonymous
>>20011134 first time I've seen that pic without a feel face on it, I always though he was hugging a guy

9 hours later 20011414 Anonymous
>>20011352 same

9 hours later 20011417 Anonymous
>>20008372 Fuck man, the feels

9 hours later 20011447 Anonymous
>>20008372 gooby pls no

11 hours later 20012865 Anonymous
shes fat as fuck

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