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2013-05-17 05:03 20003392 Anonymous (1367277248226.jpg 559x556 36kB)
HEALTH THREAD. Does anyone else have hypertension? My blood pressure is always high, even though I weigh 173lbs at 5'11, and 19 years old. Help me, /fit/. I can't get it down, I'm even on blood pressure medication

2 min later 20003424 Anonymous
Try cutting carbs? For every gram of glycogen you store, you're storing something like 4-5 grams of water. If your hypertension is caused by excess fluid retention, this could help, along with cutting down sodium, and increasing potassium.

2 min later 20003428 Anonymous
I bet you don't do cardio. Seriously, in track season I run 120/60. Off season I run 130/90. Which isn't awful, but it's a lot higher.

3 min later 20003445 Anonymous
>>20003392 how high was it when they first tested you and how high is it now? mine was at 180/160 or some fucked up shit like that lol.

3 min later 20003457 Anonymous
Might sound a bit out there, but try acupuncture. I'm twenty-five with about your stats, OP, and it keeps mine down enough that I don't need meds so long as I'm getting visits in. If nothing else, it calms you the hell down and makes you feel good.

5 min later 20003481 Anonymous
>>20003392 Cardio, eat foods that have lots of HDLs, and avoid eating foods that have lots of LDLs. There you go.

5 min later 20003490 Anonymous
>>20003424 Thanks, I've been thinking of starting Keto >>20003428 I run once a week. I guess I'll increase >>20003445 It used to be 170/100, and It's on average 140/80, I just checked it and it was 151/80

6 min later 20003507 Anonymous
>>20003392 Oh, fuck! I have the opposite. Blood pressure is perfect but almost low. I started taking iron again because i was having light faint spells and headaches regularly. I usually take iron but never reupped once my stash ran low.

8 min later 20003535 Anonymous
>>20003490 yeah, just do what was suggested itt and you will get there over time.

10 min later 20003577 Anonymous
>>20003507 there is a supscription option on amazon, i use it so i don't forget about my vitamin d. go ahead and make a few descartes jokes now, wud b laff.

14 min later 20003637 Anonymous
I don't want to derail OP's thread, so before I post my health related shit, is this a health general?

18 min later 20003718 Anonymous
>>20003490 Then you need to change your habits into more healthy ones and your doctor should prescribe a combination of antihypertensive meds on a smaller dose.

21 min later 20003788 Anonymous
>>20003637 OP here, feel free. >>20003718 Thanks. I was originally obese, which I thought caused the hypertension, but it hasn't changed after diet and weight loss.

22 min later 20003800 Anonymous
173 at 5'11'' is fat as fatass and its no wonder your blood pressure is high

26 min later 20003897 Anonymous (1367132080947.png 300x300 2kB)
>>20003800 ...;_;

31 min later 20003983 Anonymous
Same boat as you OP. Although it was 8years ago. Lost weight. Ate healthy. I saw a marginal decline. Even after two years and increasing cardio. Doctor retires. New doc reviews my case. Says I've done a good job. Puts me on a treadmill for five minutes. Tells my aerobic capacity is shot. Tell him I'm running three times a week. Tells me to do aerobic conditioning only for two months. Heart rate 180-age stuff. My numbers plummet faster than thr Columbia shuttle

33 min later 20004028 Anonymous
>>20003788 Alright, thanks OP. I have no friends and just need to get this off my chest So I went to a geneticist on yesterday to test for "Marfan's Syndrome" because I'm tall, weak and prone to injury. So I went in thinking that there's no way in hell I'd have it, Marfan people have facial deformities, I don't. So the doctor tells me that I have basically every skeletal manifestation of this illness (You need to score a 7 on a checklist, I got a 10), but I don't officially have the syndrome because I have no confirmed family history of it. So I'm not allowed to lift weights, run or any of that shit. It's important for people with my issues to build muscle, but there's only three exercises I can do that won't destroy my joints or kill me: Elliptical machine, which my legs are too long to use without it being uncomfortable, bicycling, which could still kill my knees, and swimming. I haven't been told what type of swimming, but I assume casual lap swimming. If I were to continue lifting, I'd likely be wheelchair bound by the time I'm thirty. Also, if I ever decide to have children, half of them will inherit this bullshit. I'm not putting anyone through this, so no kids for me if I ever want any. Another part of this illness is the fact that your eyes are absolutely fucked, I have severe nearsightedness. I happened to have an optometrist appointment the day after that, today, at which point I find out that I have some sort of "hypotrophia" which is why I have difficulty reading. I now need surgery. I'm fucking eighteen and have had as many surgeries as someone in their thirties. I've also been told that due to my condition, there is an increased chance of failure, so if it doesn't work I'm basically fucked! It takes me half an hour to read a page of text and I get a headache from it. My reading skills are above average, it's just my fucking eyes. I feel completely inferior, almost tainted

36 min later 20004070 Anonymous
120/60 here almost perfect sorry about your blood pressure OP

38 min later 20004111 Anonymous
>>20003392 I have orthostatic hypertension. Basically if I sit for a long time and then stand up I get really fucking light headed for a few seconds as my blood pressure tries to fix itself.

40 min later 20004125 Anonymous
>>20004111 I thought that was normal perhaps i should see a physician

44 min later 20004191 Anonymous
>>20004111 Holy shit, I think I have that.

45 min later 20004203 Anonymous
>>20004028 That sucks man. Genes are extremely shitty. I have Type 1 Diabetes. Don't let it keep you from living, new medical things come out all the time.

46 min later 20004221 Anonymous
>>20004111 I have that shit sucks sometimes. It doesn't even happen all the time so I think It's over with and then I get up and my vision blacks out and I wake up on the floor

47 min later 20004241 Anonymous
>>20004203 It just blows my mind that one gene can fuck you over or help you out so much On the bright side, my geneticist and optometrist are knowledgeable of my condition, most doctors need to look it up online

50 min later 20004311 Anonymous
>>20004111 i think you mean hypotension buddy

54 min later 20004371 Anonymous
>>20004241 >Type 1 Diabetes I was curious if you use insulin or not, and if not, what kind of restrictions do you impose, dietary or exercise.

54 min later 20004388 Anonymous
>>20004371 >>20004203 wrong quote

56 min later 20004440 Fox
>>20003490 >It used to be 170/100, and It's on average 140/80, I just checked it and it was 151/80 Jesus, that is high for your age. Are you by chance of african decent? Africans are known to have higher blood pressure and have hart problems more often. Take fish oil, it works wonders. Do cardio. No joke - cardio changes your blood pressure immediately. You'll see a difference the very same day after you cool down. Eat less fat and salt (if you eat a higher than normal amount already).

56 min later 20004449 Anonymous
>ketogenic diet >lower blood pressure pick both

57 min later 20004468 Anonymous
>>20004203 do you use your injected insulin to bulk? slin + test = bigg

57 min later 20004476 Anonymous
>>20004371 Yep, 100% insulin dependent. 30 units of Lantus in the morning, with shots of Novolog throughout the day for meals. At one point, I was able to survive with nothing, but my condition progressed and now I'm back on Insulin. When I was off it, I was on a strict low carb diet. I usually exercise everyday, even a little.

58 min later 20004497 Anonymous
>>20004371 Hey, not that guy you replied to but I have type 1 'beetus as well. I use insulin daily, I restrict my daily carb intake because it's much, much easier to control the blood glucose. The doctors told me years ago 'you can eat as much sugar as you want and eat whatever, as long as you use enough insulin!' it's pretty fucking retarded; this is like telling a fireman that he can put as much oil in the fire as he wants, as long as he has sufficient water to put it out if you'd ask me

59 min later 20004517 Anonymous
>>20004440 Nope, white. Thanks, I'll probably up my cardio >>20004468 Haven't tried it. I'm pretty paranoid >>20004497 I know that feel. People have said that to me

1 hours later 20004525 Anonymous
>>20004468 >>20004476 type 1 diabetes here, how do I go about using my insulin to bulk? Or is this impossible when you have diabetes?

1 hours later 20004559 Anonymous
>>20004468 >abusing slin >ever enjoy gorilla mode >>20004476 >>20004497 Thanks for answering, despite large amounts of advertising about diabetes, I was never really sure what changes it caused in daily life' >>20004525 under no circumstances is this a good idea

1 hours later 20004571 Anonymous (2006europa208.jpg 750x500 51kB)
>>20004559 forgot image

1 hours later 20004704 Anonymous
>>20004571 holy fuck

1 hours later 20004900 Anonymous
>>20004525 ah, look up some guides on how to use it. Basically don't just do it without planning, you could kill yourself. The basic idea is you take excess insulin accompanied by carbs and protein, and you stack it with testosterone, and work super hard at the gym and you will grow really big.

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