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2013-05-17 05:01 20003357 Anonymous (Feb 12 179lbs.png 500x483 618kB)
Hey /fit/, I've started my fitness journey as a skinnyfat, unfortunately. Pic is me about 3 months ago, at 179lbs of mostly flab. I've been on a clean bulk while doing SL 5x5 plus a little isolation work (biceps, triceps, lat pulldown). I'm up to 193 as of this morning, 6'3" and 17 y/o. I know pics don't look like I've put on much muscle because of poor lighting, plus I've obv. still got a fair bit of fat on me, but I can feel I've put on some muscle for sure. Just wanted some opinions, ought I go on with my bulk, or do a bit of a cut? My lifts have been stalling a little bit as of late, namely bench and OHP. I use MyFitnessPal to keep track of food, get 1g/lb protein or close to it, at eat around 35-3600 cals/day on average. Basically, what to improve? Or just keep doing what I'm doing? I'm just getting a little discouraged at no aesthetics, what with the hunk of fat around my midsection

2 min later 20003404 Anonymous (May 16 193.2lbs.png 890x583 1422kB)
Pic is me as of today, at 193

3 min later 20003421 Anonymous
keep bulking, I made the mistake of trying to cut too early. waste of time, still look like ass. be patient with it, enjoy the journey, maybe ya make it

4 min later 20003436 Anonymous
>>20003404 If that fat is bothering you I'd cut a bit. It would bother me.

6 min later 20003468 Anonymous
Don't bulk if you're skinnyfat Get lean first

7 min later 20003491 Anonymous
>>20003404 >Those hips Oh god

8 min later 20003506 Anonymous

11 min later 20003562 Anonymous
>>20003468 cut and lift or eat at maintinence and lift?

12 min later 20003575 Anonymous
>>20003468 this /thread

14 min later 20003612 Anonymous
>>20003468 Should one who's went from fucking fat to skinnyfat continue cutting while lifting, or eat at maintenance?

15 min later 20003635 Anonymous
>>20003612 Continue lifting and eat at maintenance. I'm no expert though, just logic here

17 min later 20003673 Anonymous
>>20003357 I'm a skinny fat too. I'm not "bulking" really, but I am eating more than I used too (2300 calories a day). I believe I am gaining muscle while losing fat...but I could be wrong.

20 min later 20003732 Traps
>>20003575 lol this is bullshit advice. Get big mother fucker

22 min later 20003764 Anonymous
Fellow skinnyfat here What are you lifts at? Dont try to cut. You will only set yourself back. Trust me I tried it.

24 min later 20003802 Anonymous
Try to eat maintenance and you'll inevitably under eat and lose fat.

26 min later 20003850 OP
Ahh, contradictory as ever, /fit/. Cut, eat at maintenance, and bulk. All 3 have been presented... >>20003764 5x5 Bench is at 1 plate, maybe just over. I've been doing DB bench the last 2 weeks to switch it up, as BB bench was starting to stall before 5x5 Squat - 215 1x5 Deadlift - 270 5x5 OHP - Maybe 105? Again, started to stall, have been doing DB shoulder press for last 2 weeks

27 min later 20003880 OP
>>20003491 I know, fatass muffin top. Sux, that's why I made this thread

29 min later 20003910 Anonymous
>>20003880 This should help. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1qc 92-2Qwg

33 min later 20003993 Anonymous (1360019585148.png 935x375 134kB)
pic related

35 min later 20004029 Anonymous (2up4avp.jpg 960x960 139kB)
>>20003993 Yeah, OP Didn't eat at maintenance after his cut, so his insulin levels just went to shit as he switched back to bulking.. To fix this eat at maintenance and lift for the first YEAR to fix your shitty metabolism.

38 min later 20004071 Anonymous
>>20003404 man you are ugly

47 min later 20004201 Anonymous
I know this is going to rustle hella jimmies but unless you're a true skeleton or whale lord there's no reason to not eat at maintenance and train your hardest for the first three months. Once you get a program down pat and get a feel for what you're doing then play with your caloric intake. Sorry to say OP but you dun fucked up. You probably got 10% (at most) more gains than you would have otherwise by bulking being that you came from being a complete DYEL.

49 min later 20004249 OP
>>20004029 I never cut in the first place. I've only been seriously lifting for 3 months or so total. So, basically what I figure is count this summer as a write off. Yeah, I'll have a less than attractive body still, but whatever, screw it. Keep lifting with a clean bulk until next March-ish, then cut until summer, probably switch to a hypertrophy routine by then. Sound acceptable? Any thread I've been in, including this one, make it sound like there's no real conclusive answer as to what to do when skinnyfat, so, here's my best guess.

52 min later 20004305 Anonymous
>>20004249 just keep lifting. Fuck the first year. If you see no gains then you're not genetically worthy.

1 hours later 20004486 Anonymous
>>20004249 That's fucking dumb, just keep lifting.

1 hours later 20004512 Anonymous
>>20004249 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ggb zzOZlaY

1 hours later 20004844 OP
>>20003910 >>20004512 Makes sense, that's basically what I was thinking anyways. It's going to suck going through the next however many months staring at this fat in the mirror, but whatever. Like the 2nd video said, it's a long-term situation, need to build a base for the future I suppose. So, clean bulk

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