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2013-05-17 05:00 20003338 Anonymous (1367196251814.jpg 960x719 218kB)
/fit i need your bulking cutting recipies, im going to be off the interwebs soon so i need some help.

1 min later 20003372 Anonymous
>>20003338 eat what you eat anways, but more. only drink milk. use lots of peanut butter and oil on everything.

2 min later 20003396 Anonymous
>>20003372 also cutting

5 min later 20003431 Anonymous
>>20003396 eat what you eat anyways, but less. avoid calorie dense stuff, eat shit that satiates for a long time (casein, oats etc). only drink water, lots of it. no oil and no fucking peanut butter ffs.

7 min later 20003470 Anonymous
>>20003372 Pretty much this. Previous hungry skeleton here, I've gained 25 lbs. In a little over 2 months. Of course, the vast majority of it is fat, but being that I was Auschwitz before I started, this is still a good thing. What I did: Breakfast jumpstart: 6 eggs, 1 bowl of oats, some fruit 32oz. milk Rest of the day: As much of everything as possible. Only drink milk and lots of it. Lots of chicken, peanut butter, tuna /w mayo, wheat bread, cheese, extra butter/oil on everything I cooked, pasta, rice, beef, nuts between big meals. If you even feel the slightest bit hungry you are already failing. The first few weeks are tough, but keep at it. As your stomach expands in the first couple of weeks it gets much easier. As far as cutting goes, don't.

10 min later 20003522 Anonymous
>>20003338 >86g brown rice (or whatever 2 servings of brown rice is on your box) >Can of chicken from Sam's Club, or equivalent >1tbsp Peanutbutter PERFECT 40/40/20 (carbs/protein/fat) ratio. Somewhere around 700 cals. Clean foods, and keeps you full forever.

10 min later 20003529 Anonymous
guise i mean like the picture fit recipies. i wont have a laptop ill print them out and have them on my wall

13 min later 20003588 Anonymous
>>20003529 lol

25 min later 20003797 Anonymous
>>20003529 jesus christ

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