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2013-05-17 04:59 20003314 KALOKAGATHIA (making that dress work.jpg 500x667 74kB)
Would you /fit/?

1 min later 20003332 Anonymous
>>20003314 what a dumb fucking question.

1 min later 20003342 Anonymous
>>20003314 fuuuck pls lose 35lbs and will marry

1 min later 20003345 Anonymous (1368026852831.jpg 780x585 79kB)
yup, sher theng bruh

1 min later 20003347 Anonymous
The weakness of everyone on this board is a good looking chubby. You should know this.

2 min later 20003360 Anonymous
i would berry my dick....

9 min later 20003486 Anonymous
>>20003314 wouldberry/10

10 min later 20003496 Anonymous
>>20003314 How big is her dick?

11 min later 20003514 Anonymous
>>20003496 Bigger than yours >#rekt

12 min later 20003541 Anonymous
>>20003514 Then I would.

13 min later 20003564 Anonymous
>>20003314 dayum gurl

14 min later 20003573 Anonymous
>>20003360 >face/10 only cute part on her, needs to lose some weight. >would still slay

15 min later 20003601 Anonymous
You could find a new part of her to fuck every day.

16 min later 20003617 Anonymous (duckface.png 692x424 404kB)
Wobbledy wobble, wo-wo-wobble, wobbin'

17 min later 20003629 Anonymous

18 min later 20003638 Anonymous (1368604141218.jpg 610x416 51kB)

19 min later 20003649 Anonymous
When it comes to chubbies I can't make a decision based on one good clothed pic. If she always looked that good I would so hard her mom and dad would feel it.

20 min later 20003672 Walt Kowalski
Fuckin' A

20 min later 20003676 Anonymous
>>20003649 stfu you would and you know it

21 min later 20003703 Anonymous (1368733102376.jpg 640x960 40kB)
>>20003649 >dad wut

21 min later 20003707 Anonymous
No. Her room is dirty and disorganized as fuck. The wires on her TV are all tangled. You can definitely tell alot about a person by how they treat their environment.

22 min later 20003729 Anonymous
>>20003314 As long as she'll bear my children. wouldconcubine/10

23 min later 20003733 Anonymous (2010-05-03-captainplanet1.jpg 300x485 49kB)
>>20003707 elfferi and

23 min later 20003742 Anonymous
>>20003314 10/10 srs

23 min later 20003745 Anonymous (1340701357517s.jpg 214x250 11kB)

24 min later 20003752 Anonymous (HandsomeLuke.jpg 2000x1333 2082kB)
If you fuck like lightning, you're gonna get crushed by the thunder thighs

24 min later 20003754 Anonymous

24 min later 20003759 Anonymous
>>20003314 is it a trap? if so, yes. if not, only if drunk probably.

24 min later 20003761 Anonymous
>>20003676 I said as much, although she could be smuggling a keg in that dress.

24 min later 20003767 Anonymous
>>20003752 Damn, that is in someways deep #anonknowledge

25 min later 20003777 Anonymous
Gonna need more.

26 min later 20003799 Anonymous
>>20003767 fuck off with your hashtags you goddamn queer.

28 min later 20003846 Anonymous
>>20003314 9/10 on thickness scale would smash it then bang it

29 min later 20003854 Anonymous
>>20003799 #niggasstillhating #Imlikeohwell Follow me on instagram and snap chat at @ifuckedyourbitch

29 min later 20003872 Anonymous (1342818366778.jpg 360x545 51kB)
Would I?

30 min later 20003881 Canadian Gunner (yung-humma.jpg 757x562 25kB)
>>20003846 >tfw you'll never smang it

31 min later 20003915 Anonymous (BigSpoon.jpg 500x335 22kB)
>>20003314 Only if we could cuddle afterwards and she was the big spoon I would feel nice and safe in there, sleep like a fucking baby

33 min later 20003943 Anonymous
>>20003881 one of the reasons why i want to make it is to be able to throw around a thick girl like a ragdoll putting her in all kind of positions

34 min later 20003976 Anonymous
>>20003854 lel

36 min later 20004001 Anonymous
>>20003915 that actually sounds a-fucking-mazing. can i join your fantasy, and be in the middle?

37 min later 20004023 Anonymous (gruel.jpg 780x1200 432kB)

37 min later 20004031 Canadian Gunner
>>20003915 >>20003943 Dat motivation We're all gonna make it, then duke thick mixed bitches

39 min later 20004061 Anonymous (1336431290384.jpg 150x200 32kB)
>>20004001 Only if your Arvie, then we could make an oreo, you two with the darker skin on the outside, me the white cream in the middle

44 min later 20004123 Anonymous (fuuuuuckkkkkkkk.gif 340x190 2555kB)
Would fuck her till dat dress is all white. nomsayin niggah?

1 hours later 20004536 Anonymous
>>20004123 >sex w/ clothes on r u 12?

1 hours later 20004558 Anonymous
>>20004031 /watch?v=ME7Aqs5-BXY we're all gonna make it brah :')

1 hours later 20004696 Anonymous
She looks like a nigger lvoer. In fact, I'm pretty sure I can smell it through the computer that she's had black dicks in her holes. Fucking disgusting.

1 hours later 20004764 Anonymous (thewaterisfine.jpg 600x393 29kB)
I'd destroy her every single day

1 hours later 20004883 Anonymous
>>20003314 She looks great, but remember that the dress is holding some undesirable flab back. When it's off she won't keep that figure.

1 hours later 20004898 Anonymous
>>20003314 yes, bigger girls are so much better than skinny/fit girls

1 hours later 20004936 Anonymous (12627127347.gif 300x175 573kB)
>>20004696 I'd imagine you'd be an expert at identifying the odor of big black cock since you've had so many of them in your face.

1 hours later 20005028 Anonymous (image.jpg 413x310 24kB)
>>20003881 >my sides

1 hours later 20005064 Anonymous
For the shitty op this thread is going places

1 hours later 20005072 Anonymous
>>20004898 Fatty detected

1 hours later 20005159 Anonymous
>>20003943 See. This guy gets it.

1 hours later 20005178 Anonymous
No shit I would

1 hours later 20005225 sage (1360163686791.jpg 361x577 35kB)
>>20003314 Yes, op. Also, this<

1 hours later 20005257 Anonymous

1 hours later 20005339 Anonymous (A1AXWG.jpg 450x290 33kB)
>>20005225 FUCKING A'

1 hours later 20005360 sage (tumblr_m9mz4dKOGY1rdqrn5o1_1280.jpg 960x960 245kB)
>>20005257 Yepp Another Ghetto but good

1 hours later 20005380 Anonymous (1317027743468.jpg 575x1024 336kB)
>>20005225 Seriously, is it our primal urges kicking in when seeing a girl with a body like that? it is so arousing but I cant even explain to myself why >pic also related

1 hours later 20005406 Anonymous
>>20005380 I say primal urges in regard to the whole 'wide hips for popping out kids' theory.

1 hours later 20005417 Anonymous
>>20005406 What's there not to get? wide hips means fertility fertility means offspring offspring means survival

1 hours later 20005419 Anonymous (1365777100799.jpg 500x673 57kB)
>>20005380 those tan lines and the way the bottom staps are high up is my fetish >also these hips

1 hours later 20005431 Anonymous
>>20005419 dat gap

1 hours later 20005432 Anonymous
>>20005380 >Seriously, is it our primal urges kicking in when seeing a girl with a body like that? Yes. >dem birthing hips >dem progeny-feeding titties >dat will-survive-the-harsh-winter fat reserve

1 hours later 20005437 sage (Serena-Williams.jpg 620x1025 81kB)
>>20005380 >>20005360 People try to talk shit when I say I think Serena Williams is fucking amazing. But fuck those cunts, they just mad they couldnt handle it. Seriously, google image her name.. One of the hopes through lifting is that I'll handle a girl like that when I come across her..

1 hours later 20005440 Anonymous
>>20005419 >>20005419 Oh my god

1 hours later 20005443 Anonymous
>>20005419 I refuse to believe that's not a shoop...

1 hours later 20005448 sage
>>20005432 Dat ass I want to smash the fuck out of

1 hours later 20005451 Anonymous
>>20005443 It is >feelsbadman

1 hours later 20005453 Anonymous
>>20005419 g o d d a m n

1 hours later 20005458 Anonymous (1366839433306.jpg 1500x961 157kB)

1 hours later 20005463 Anonymous
>>20005417 I know this, I just find it interesting that I get such a unique attraction to girls with that body type it makes so much sense, yet its still confusing.

2 hours later 20005478 Anonymous (dgdf.jpg 905x669 60kB)
>>20005419 you mean the highcut brazilian bikinis? you should check out the "panicats" especially barbara rossi

2 hours later 20005484 Anonymous
>>20005419 I want to eat her poop

2 hours later 20005485 Anonymous
I would berry my dick so far inside her ass who ever could pull it out would be crowned king arthur.

2 hours later 20005499 Anonymous
>>20005458 >piper fawn and melissa hnnng. dont care for the other 2

2 hours later 20005512 Anonymous
Good to see a straight men thread on /fit/ for once.

2 hours later 20005515 Anonymous (1362360715998.jpg 585x856 102kB)
>"Want to colsplay with me, anon?"

2 hours later 20005530 Anonymous
>>20005515 >>20005478 >>20005458 Wasn't this thread for slightly chubbers hot ass childbear hips small waisted women? Wtf is this

2 hours later 20005539 Anonymous
>>20005499 >melisa Mah nigga.

2 hours later 20005542 Anonymous (1360736690702.jpg 468x703 105kB)
>>20005530 k

2 hours later 20005544 Anonymous
>>20005458 Which body type is preferable fit? The 2nd girl or the 4th? The 4th with those big hips or the 2nd with much less pronounced ones?

2 hours later 20005548 Anonymous
>>20005515 No, stop having bulimia and hang out in the sun a bit more.

2 hours later 20005553 Anonymous (1361299248791.jpg 620x440 43kB)

2 hours later 20005556 Anonymous
>>20005544 4 with 3's head + brunette.

2 hours later 20005574 Dr. Feels
>>20005544 Obviously the 3rd I don't want to make a manlet baby with all the short girls

2 hours later 20005582 Anonymous
>>20005574 but the anus on her face dude... the 4th it's

2 hours later 20005588 Anonymous (1360735392404.jpg 1200x800 509kB)

2 hours later 20005594 Anonymous (serena-williams-5.jpg 550x693 75kB)
>>20005542 >>20005542 Holy shit bra, thats amazin!

2 hours later 20005600 KALOKAGATHIA
>>20005574 >>20005458 LOOK AT THE 4TH GIRL WAIST TO HIP RATIO

2 hours later 20005616 Anonymous (1362589902897.gif 266x199 440kB)

2 hours later 20005627 Anonymous (bundeh.jpg 237x354 13kB)
>>20005556 >4 with 3's head + brunette Now you're talking!

2 hours later 20005643 Anonymous
>>20005588 >hey anon, wanna come lay down?

2 hours later 20005710 Anonymous (1366654929459.gif 320x201 1640kB)
>>20005380 Oh my god

2 hours later 20005746 Anonymous
>>20003314 First & Only LandWhale i'd consider.....hit & quit of course

2 hours later 20005805 Anonymous
>>20005710 Hahahahah dat gif, perfect use bra

2 hours later 20005991 Anonymous (1364811377207.gif 264x324 2092kB)
>>20003314 contributin' cus i want more

2 hours later 20006029 Anonymous
>>20005991 >squatting with heels

2 hours later 20006079 Anonymous
>>20005991 who is this?

2 hours later 20006165 Anonymous
>>20005710 too funny, too appropriate.

2 hours later 20006177 Anonymous
>>20006079 Austin Taylor

4 hours later 20007830 Anonymous
>>20005530 if you look at videos of these women, they look a lot better.

6 hours later 20008938 Anonymous (1368725864841.jpg 477x640 129kB)
>>20003314 Is this a contenst for "The most stupid question of 2013" ??

6 hours later 20009047 Anonymous
i'd kill for a slightly chubby qt 3.14 girl. fuck skinny twig girls.

6 hours later 20009067 Anonymous
would, but then feel ashamed

6 hours later 20009128 Anonymous (tumblr_mangfgWjii1rvcputo1_500.jpg 450x600 203kB)
Would you smash it?

6 hours later 20009144 Anonymous
>>20003752 Fuck that movie was depressing

6 hours later 20009163 Anonymous (1352919495174.jpg 480x640 217kB)
>>20009144 It's out?

6 hours later 20009174 Anonymous
>>20009128 Yes

6 hours later 20009233 Anonymous
>>20009163 I just shared it from the internet Stand by for Eva Mendes braless nippin through some tight shirt, brah

7 hours later 20009627 Anonymous
>>20005458 >>20009128 is there a name for "clothes being eaten by pussy" fetish

7 hours later 20009649 Anonymous (tumblr_lkuf0hl2Ow1qi0nzko1_500.jpg 480x640 38kB)
>>20009128 shopped

7 hours later 20009744 Anonymous (1357052344421.gif 320x240 63kB)
What's these body types called? (for fapping purposes, sorry /fit/) They are not chubby, they are more like thick or something.

7 hours later 20009823 Anonymous
>>20009744 Thick/curvy But be warned. 75% of them don't look nearly as good without clothes on.

7 hours later 20009850 Anonymous
>>20003314 I would every day many times a day.

7 hours later 20009882 Anonymous
>>20009823 Yep proper thick are hard to come by i.e. Gianna Michaels

7 hours later 20009911 Anonymous
>>20008938 she is so disgusting

7 hours later 20009981 Anonymous
>>20005458 these women have been responsible for oceans worth of semen being dumped

7 hours later 20009989 Anonymous
>>20005499 the one on the far right has GOAT tits. Melissa takes teh cake for all around hotness

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