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2013-05-17 04:57 20003274 Anonymous (579995_10151361553258111_788674873_n.jpg 944x898 109kB)
this is what the other kids who you graduated high school with are doing with their lives

0 min later 20003293 Anonymous (feels-thread.gif 360x240 374kB)
>>20003274 >tfw community college

1 min later 20003302 Anonymous
add 5 years to that picture and everyone will be overweight, and there will be baby carriages scattered throughout the room

2 min later 20003315 Anonymous
Those poor souls.

3 min later 20003348 Anonymous
>>20003274 Son, Daughter, 2 Sons, Daughter, Son, Son, Raped and killed. I'm over here walking around shredded as fuck.

4 min later 20003350 Anonymous
>>20003274 >tfw went to 4 different schools in my last 2 years of HS >now in second year of college, and I have literally not a single person who isn't my mother or sister who I can talk to >not even a "hey what's up" >just turned 21 >really starting to get to me how behind I am in terms of social development >tfw just want one bro to talk about Stephen King with, get drunk, and chase women with

4 min later 20003366 Anonymous
>>20003348 lolwut

5 min later 20003375 Anonymous
>>20003348 Wat? I look at this and i'm like - wat

8 min later 20003442 Anonymous
>>20003350 I-if you're okay with have a /fat/ friend I-I'd be your bro.

9 min later 20003451 Anonymous
>>20003274 If dubs op is the phaggot without his shirt

9 min later 20003455 Anonymous
>>20003274 >Basing your interpretation of other people's lives on the pictures on their Facebook. Protip: nobody puts the boring shit on Facebook. Everybodies life is just as shit as yours, you just get to see the concentrated awesomeness from like 50/100/500 different people. Seriously if you've hiked a mountain and put the pictures on Facebook you're probably doing better than 90% of the people in your feed.

10 min later 20003462 Anonymous
>>20003350 >tfw homeschooled >tfw joined church youthgroup and was social outcast barely accepted out of obligation. > worst most awkward poor kid in group of preppy christian HS kids. >No real friends, pastor sympathy friends me >join cult because only people who were cool to me were in it >move to vegas because cult didn't like all my questions and sent me to a distant branch. >End up flipping out, dating friends ex, moving to another state to live with her and finally winding up home with no one again. >Become friends with the losers from old youthgroup. Yeah, my social skills are pretty crippled.

10 min later 20003465 Anonymous
>>20003350 join a club or two, preferably something involving team sports. teams always drink together.

10 min later 20003472 Anonymous
Nothing? >tfw making $80k/year coming out of college >tfw everyone I disliked in high school is still in same shitty town working shitty jobs and has shitty kids and will accomplish nothing in life I didn't talk to anyone in high school or a lot of college but life's okay anyway.

12 min later 20003497 Anonymous
>>20003462 shit like this makes me happy for all the kids that are forced to attain a regular school in my country. for realz, children are too easily indoctrinated and can't defend themselves against it.

12 min later 20003502 Anonymous
>>20003274 Is this supposed evoke depression or schadenfreude?

15 min later 20003571 Anonymous
>>20003350 I watched a sweet documentary on Stephen King the other night pretty cool story, what a piece of shit father he had

16 min later 20003584 Anonymous
>>20003472 I'm about to graduate with my degree in Women's Studies and then I'll be rolling in the cash.

18 min later 20003608 Anonymous
>>20003442 no, rather no friends than a fat one. sorry mate

19 min later 20003624 Anonymous (image.jpg 3264x2448 2133kB)
You'd think I had a coolish life based on my fb pics I guess But I'm depressed as fuark

20 min later 20003633 Anonymous
>>20003571 Best way to get back at a run-away dad: get famous and rich as fuck to spite that motherfucker.

20 min later 20003641 Anonymous
>>20003472 What did you study to make $80k out of college, if you don't mind me asking?

20 min later 20003643 Anonymous
>>20003472 Making that money, growing old and bitter hating everyone will be a great accomplishment. Capital=life apparently.

20 min later 20003647 Anonymous
>>20003608 Imposter >>20003442 I would carress your fat folds and let you know everything is going to be alright my buttercup

21 min later 20003652 Anonymous
>>20003624 that image hurt my neck. see you in court, fucker

21 min later 20003663 Anonymous
>>20003633 more like fuck his wife

21 min later 20003665 Anonymous
>>20003624 Not sure if rank 1 grandmaster ruse or actually pathetic retard

22 min later 20003683 Anonymous
>>20003663 pls go. There are children here.

22 min later 20003688 Anonymous
>>20003274 what the fuck is going on with the shirtless dudes head/hair is that a hat on a bald head or is it weird ass hair? im confused.

22 min later 20003695 Anonymous
>>20003350 >Get a /fit/bro >Later find out he also is a /pol/tard shit

23 min later 20003706 Anonymous
>>20003274 The guy with the white shirt has the most incredible babyface ever, it's awesome.

24 min later 20003730 Anonymous
>>20003641 Computer science (from a top 20 school) >>20003643 I'm going to pay off my loans then quit and live in a cabin in the woods, or something along those lines

29 min later 20003822 Anonymous
>>20003730 >live in a cabin in the woods Stop stealing my retirement plan. I've always wanted to live in the middle of nowhere with the nearest town like an hour away. I'd grow a big bushy beard and get lots of muscle from cutting down trees. I'd also get a husky who would be my best and most loyalest and only bro. One day, a young girl would come to my cabin because she saw this wounded soul in the town from time to time and she became obsessed. We would make passionate love each and every night as I told her my tragic life story, and she would become more and more in love with me with each passing day. It's nice to dream...

30 min later 20003837 Anonymous (mami crying.jpg 240x200 68kB)
>>20003274 >>20003293

31 min later 20003855 Anonymous
>>20003688 hat

36 min later 20003975 Anonymous
>>20003822 It's either that or buy a house boat and troll for horny old women in Florida.

39 min later 20004032 Anonymous
>>20003822 Alright Justin Vernon

42 min later 20004065 Anonymous
>>20003730 >CS degree >not doing contracting work and being able to work while traveling to anywhere in the world with an internet connection shiggy

51 min later 20004209 Anonymous
>>20004065 Currently working on a BS in Comp Sci. I fucking feel that.

58 min later 20004332 Anonymous
>be on basketball team in high-school >be manlet (5'11) >drop out of basketball team because I'm a white manlet >don't hang out with team and lose some friends >best friend idolizes Sid from English Skins and becomes a douchebag >other best friend fails his exams and is forced to re-do a year >kicked off graphic design course because I fell out with the teacher >take tourism (lol easy grade) with 5 other friends in the class >all 4 drop out to go to college >best friend fails exams again and drops out >now I'm all alone in this school >talk to a few people but they all think I'm weird >go home every break and play vidya with people online >turn up for classes then head straight back home again >develop shitty social skills >unaware of social culture past sleepovers (from when you were like 10) >never been out for a drink with friends >become social recluse >years go by >go into University >put on top floor with female German exchange student >she thinks I'm weird and eat crap (couldn't cook at this point, hungry skeleton eating junk) >flatmates all like me but I'm not the one they go to for advice, first choice hang-outs >move in with 5 people in the 2nd year >fall back into sleeping all day, vidya/internet all night >friends hardly see me >we all fall out with paki flatmate >only go on nights out with other 4 flatmates >socially awkward and everyone thinks I'm mute when I first meet them >no interesting stories (as exampled here) >nothing to say to them so I just listen >don't add anything to the conversation >one of my flatmates fails his year and drops out of all the same classes we're in >nobody left in my course I talk to >anxious to start conversations because I have nothing to say >literally only have 4 friends in my flatmates >flatmates friends come round to smoke weed >I get invited now and again because they know I smoke >haven't been invited the past few times >wasn't invited to the night out on Monday >scared my only friends are beginning to dislike me

1 hours later 20004698 Anonymous
>>20004332 What the fuck? >No lifting >No eating improvements >No mental health improvements Nigger you dun goofed

1 hours later 20004761 Anonymous
>>20003663 whoa buddy lets not get carried away. that's gross

1 hours later 20004771 Anonymous
>>20004698 Well I started lifting and taught myself how to cook over the 3 years but my social life is still shitty. How can you get over the entirety of high-school being a loner and suddenly become popular? What does one do to have more stories to tell when my life was nothing in high-school? How do I stop this feeling that every time I do something I'm going to be criticized for it and become hated?

1 hours later 20004841 Anonymous
>>20004771 Just talk faggot. Doesn't need to be about your past

1 hours later 20004855 Anonymous
>>20003302 This. It's already habbeding, and I graduated last year. >good christian girl got pregnant >two of my friends who went off to college got fatter, one used to be hungry skeleton Those were just a few, and they were the ones I talked to.

1 hours later 20004909 Anonymous (jew.jpg 20x21 1kB)
>>20003462 >tfw you have to choose between indoctrination in public schools or an aspie home schooled kid

1 hours later 20004926 Anonymous
>>20004841 About fucking what? No girl seems to like soccer, wu tang clan, UFC, lifting, vidya or basketball. Fuck I don't even have any knowledge on anything the women at my University like. If I've got no past, present or future to talk about what the fuck do I say?

1 hours later 20004955 Anonymous (706.jpg 526x572 45kB)
>>20004926 partying drinking niggers

1 hours later 20004999 Anonymous
I'll work my butt off instead, get a job, get ripped, earn good money for the rest of my life and party in ibiza and trance festivals, fuck the most beautiful women, make friends all over the world while they get married, have children and live depressing lives.

1 hours later 20005021 Anonymous
>>20004926 About fucking life man. Anything. Just engage in the conversation and add your opinion. Ask if anyone has seen a certainmovie you want to see or how was their day at University. You're severely overcomplicating things.

1 hours later 20005037 Anonymous (1360802731882.png 3256x1154 501kB)
>>20004926 Do you go to the Gym? So many bros there. Do you have any life whatsoever outside of Uni? a job? a hobby? A pet? No? Then go running everyday, go hiking, join an archery/shooting/dancing/cars/baske tball club. Go get a motorbike license. Rob a Bank. Go backpacking and fall in love. Join a charity and move to Africa. Go Blow up a building. Move across the country. Volunteer at any place whatsoever and always smile. Get the FUCK off of 4chan/videogames/the couch and out of your comfort zone. Go live life, and stories will follow. You are not living life, you are waiting for something to come to you.

1 hours later 20005066 Anonymous
>>20003350 wood hang with you and talk SK,drink and chase women.

1 hours later 20005101 Anonymous
tfw you lose your ability to make people laugh after primary school

1 hours later 20005105 Anonymous
>>20003274 >implying anyone in that picture is out of high school

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