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2013-05-17 04:53 20003216 Anonymous (220px-Coca-Cola_24_Can_Pack.jpg 220x271 24kB)
As a child had this everyday. Try to cut habbit. I can't /fit/. Literally, I got a week without it and then I start to get shakes. Water taste shit.

0 min later 20003228 Anonymous
I went two months without soda. The first one I drank tasted like complete shit. I can't understand why people drink those every day.

1 min later 20003247 Anonymous
Just squeeze some lemon into your water

1 min later 20003249 Albfag
>>20003216 Caffeine withdrawals maybe? Just man your shit up.

2 min later 20003254 Woody
Try orange juice, milk, apple juice, tea, Gatorade or something else. You don't have to drink a gallon of water a day

2 min later 20003262 Anonymous
Start with transitioning to diet coke. Then, caffeine-free diet coke.

3 min later 20003269 Anonymous
>>20003254 I'm a big fan of pineapple juice

3 min later 20003275 Anonymous
>>20003216 >water taste shit Stop drinking public water then. Drink bottled water, it tastes much more bleach-free than that nasty tap water.

4 min later 20003290 Anonymous (soda risks.png 820x1221 677kB)
Soda is complete shit for you. If you want that much sugar in you then just buy a package of sugar and spoon feed it to yourself

6 min later 20003335 Anonymous
>>20003216 Drink coke zero, or any kind of zero calorie diet soda. If you can handle the taste it's not too bad for you, just make sure you drink plenty of water too. Also you don't need to quit caffeine as well, it'll just make it harder to stop drinking coke if you avoid it

9 min later 20003386 Anonymous
>>20003335 Coke Zero is legit. So is that low-cal Dr. Pepper.

9 min later 20003405 Anonymous
I haven't had a can of pop in nearly two years. Every couple months I'll try it and it's constantly just tasted worse. As far as cutting it, I would suggest weening yourself off of it. Set yourself a limit of only one a day for a week, then one every other day, then try to drop that shit. That's only to ease your body off it chemically if you're addicted... if you can just cut it, do. I work in a grocery store (part time, student job) and whenever I see people buying large quantities, it disgusts me. It's essentially chemicals plus water plus sugar, and I think that's the main reason I cut it out (also cals and shit I guess). Currently working on cutting cream/sugar out of my coffee and tea.

10 min later 20003416 Anonymous
>>20003254 Juices and (sweetened) tea both have about as much sugar as sodas and aren't that much better for you anyway. I hate the taste of water, tap and bottled, but when I cut I force myself to drink water. Normally I have a can of soda a day and drink other stuff like cranberry juice, so I knock out a ton of calories that way. Also if you drink a lot of soda I might try and drink coffee or at least do something so I'm not cutting out all caffeine suddenly.

12 min later 20003440 Anonymous
I don't see how someone can make it if they refuse to drink water. I drink 2 liters a day in water without any exercise. Add a liter or more if I hit the treadmill.

13 min later 20003463 Anonymous
>>20003405 Oh I forgot. I read a fact the other day that if it wasn't for aseculfame (i don't know, something like that) the drink would be way too sweet, and your body wouldn't be able to handle the sugar. Soda companies know the sugar is the reason you keep addicted, so they simply cancel the excessive amount out with a chemical, so you can handle it and stay addicted.

14 min later 20003479 Anonymous
>Water taste shit. lmfao, OP is NOT going to ever make it.

14 min later 20003482 Anonymous (48041.jpg 400x400 65kB)

15 min later 20003503 Anonymous
kill yourself you weak pussy-ass bitch

16 min later 20003508 Anonymous (1362380745003.jpg 400x400 47kB)
>Water taste shit how can anyone hate on water?

16 min later 20003509 Anonymous
>>20003463 >acesulfame potassium it's an artificial sweetener. maybe you should work on your reading

17 min later 20003526 Anonymous
>>20003508 Fatties can

17 min later 20003538 Centipede
Used to drink them every day for the first 17ish years of my life brah. You can quit brah, if you really get shakes than just ween yourself off them slowly. But yeah man, you gotta get off that shit man, now I never drink soda, doesn't even taste that good, not worth the rotten teeth and empty carbs

17 min later 20003539 Anonymous
>>20003216 You're a fucking pathetic human being, OP. Just don't buy it, it's not hard. Drink your water you bitch its what the human body functions on.

18 min later 20003545 Anonymous
>>20003509 this was like two weeks ago and I wasn't focused on memorizing, didn't study it just found it interesting. thanks for the suggestion though

18 min later 20003555 Anonymous
Thanks for making me realize I haven't drank soda in months. That shit is disgusting to me now.

19 min later 20003574 Anonymous (ophelmut.png 258x196 23kB)
>>20003216 i've had three over the past seven months. make an effort OP

20 min later 20003594 Anonymous
It's called tapering. If alcoholics can do it, so can you.

21 min later 20003603 Anonymous
>Drink at LEAST one can of soda a day as a kid >Parents buy cans in packs of 20 >6 liters of diet soda a day for my mom and sister >Decide to stop drinking soda >Don't drink soda alright

26 min later 20003693 Anonymous
>>20003216 I broke my addiction to soda with green tea for the caffeine and mio for the sweet I slowly added less and less to my water till I no longer wanted sweet

27 min later 20003711 Anonymous
I don't understand, how the hell can anybody hate water. Fucking water! OP, best way to fix your problem? Stop being a pussy - complaining about god damn water - stop buying coke or any sugary drinks for that matter, and just chug bottles of water every day. Just STOP. Exercise a speck of willpower for once and quit that sugary rubbish.

33 min later 20003824 Anonymous
>>20003216 I used to drink a minimum of a case a day of Dr Pepper. A MINIMUM. IIf I was hungover, easy 2 case day (sundays were BAD in terms of consumption). I tapered down over about 6 months to half that. I don't drink coffee or tea, never have. At that point quit cold. Had headaches, felt tired, shakes sometimes...but that went away afetr about 3 weeks...haven't had a soda or any caffiene since. And for the record, I drank that much for probably 10-11 years before stopping. If you really want to quit - quit. It may not be easy, but you can do it...

33 min later 20003838 Anonymous
OP needs to just nutt up or shut up.

34 min later 20003862 Anonymous
>>20003216 ur a fucking pussy..man up what the actual fuck is wrong with you?

35 min later 20003890 Anonymous
>>20003228 Yeah this man. Also, since I started eating healthier, whenever I eat lots or eat garbage food, I get diarrhea. It's really noticeable with soda. I get mad shits.

39 min later 20003957 Anonymous
>>20003824 can i see your teeth please, genuinely interested.

40 min later 20003994 Anonymous

44 min later 20004041 Anonymous
I drank coke a lot through my youth and "stopped" a year or so ago. It's my only real crutch. I only drink water now, but I sometimes crave a coke when I'm out.

47 min later 20004099 Anonymous
I love having great tasting tap water. Slurp dat shit up like nothing else.

3 hours later 20006926 Anonymous
how can people drink this shit. it's too sweet. nauseating.

3 hours later 20006946 Anonymous
Get a reverse osmosis water filter if you can afford it. The water is delicious.

3 hours later 20006973 Anonymous
>>20006926 yes i'm sure you feel sick at the faintest whiff of coca cola you elite specimen

3 hours later 20007015 Anonymous
>>20003824 Holy shit, soda is expensive too

3 hours later 20007030 Anonymous
>>20003216 Once you cut the habit you will notice how bad this shit is for you After not drinking sodas I had one and it gave me a massive headache, fucked up shit I still don't like water though

3 hours later 20007032 Anonymous
>>20003216 Don't know if it's because I've been eating well, but for the past week I couldn't even drink a whole soda, this is after having one everyday Though I did drink a Coke right now

3 hours later 20007061 Anonymous
you have to do it gradually, and use natural juices, i drink grape juice nowadays.

3 hours later 20007079 Anonymous
So glad I hate soft drinks. The only one I can tolerate is orange crush but I would rather drink water... Fruit juice on the other hand, holy fucking nomnom.

3 hours later 20007125 Anonymous
how could anyone here be drinking soda? what an excellent way to lose your gains. just be satisfied with water. fucking faggots.

3 hours later 20007143 Anonymous
>2013 >Not flavoring your water with calorie free syrups

4 hours later 20007331 Anonymous
>>20003254 Gatorade is full of HFCS so it is just as bad as soda.

4 hours later 20007547 Anonymous
>>20003463 You're probably thinking of phosphoric acid. They need its intense sourness to cut the sweetness. Acesulfame potassium is the GOAT artificial sweetener, though.

4 hours later 20007586 Anonymous
>>20003508 To be fair, people in some areas have disgusting tap water. For example, I go to a university out in the boonies and the water tastes like shit, it's full of agricultural runoff. That said, it's not an excuse to stop drinking water. They can drink bottles or buy a filter. That's what I do. I spend maybe three dollars a week on water at the most by buying gallon jugs.

4 hours later 20007623 Anonymous
>>20003824 I have a friend who goes through at least two liters of Dr. Pepper every day. He's always complaining about feeling ill, stomach pain, bad teeth, etc. So glad I never had an addiction like that.

4 hours later 20007665 Anonymous
>>20007079 >holy fucking nomnom

4 hours later 20007700 Anonymous
>>20007665 Is that guy high?

5 hours later 20008153 Anonymous
I have been without regular soda intake for about 3 years now. I drink 6 liters of water every day and it tastes great. Cola and other sodas however taste like the utter shit they are.. the overwhelming sweetness feels wrong. Soda was the single biggest culprit in making me fat and quitting it was as benefical to me as was quitting smoking. That shit is liquid candy and should be treated as such.

5 hours later 20008174 Anonymous (nosoda.png 455x432 232kB)
Summer here we come!

5 hours later 20008205 Anonymous (crystal_lemonade.png 800x800 747kB)
>Water taste shit. I know that feel, when I was used to drink soda only as well. I've heard for american this is the best alternative.

5 hours later 20008214 Anonymous
How can you hate the taste of WATER?

5 hours later 20008226 Anonymous
>>20003216 diet soda dumbasss

5 hours later 20008234 Anonymous
>>20008214 Imagine eating chocolate cake every day and then having a plain rice cookie.

5 hours later 20008260 Anonymous
>>20008234 But still. Water doesn't taste like anything

5 hours later 20008308 Anonymous
I know that feel. Last winter (winter 2012) I would drink 9-15 liters of Coke every fucking week. You will not be able to change until you realize that YOU really want to change. If you really take this seriously and realize it's all for the better, there will be no problem.

5 hours later 20008330 Anonymous
>>20008226 All the bad chemicals in soda plus more bad chemicals. Genius.

5 hours later 20008334 Anonymous
>>20008330 what are these bad chemicals

5 hours later 20008349 Anonymous
> americans

5 hours later 20008355 Anonymous
>>20008334 artificial sugars.

5 hours later 20008356 Anonymous
>>20007079 >holy fucking nomnom. u wot

5 hours later 20008407 Anonymous
I currently drink 1-2 cans a week if that. I stopped drinking coke and just started drinking water, it's actually made me realize how disgusting and bad for you coke is.

5 hours later 20008412 Anonymous
>>20008355 how are they bad

5 hours later 20008423 Anonymous
>>20008334 Phosphoric acid, aspartame, sodium benzoate. Acid rots your teeth and leaches calcium from your bones. Aspartame and sodium benzoate are carcinogenic. Also there's the plastics that make the bottles or line the inside of the can. Those are also terrible for you and you swill them down with the rest of the bad shit in soda. Stop drinking it.

5 hours later 20008428 Anonymous
Move to Coke Zero, then to water.

5 hours later 20008456 Anonymous
What makes coke zero different from diet coke?

5 hours later 20008458 Anonymous
>>20008428 Coke Zero is the god-tier weaning soda.

5 hours later 20008467 Anonymous
>>20008456 It tastes more like Coke. Diet Coke is bland and tasteless. It's like drinking soapy water. Coke Zero tastes more like it's flavored with sugar.

5 hours later 20008468 Anonymous
>>20003290 Holy fucking Christ I know soda is bad for you but this picture is just bullshit

5 hours later 20008469 Anonymous
>>20008423 phosphoric acid is in regular coke aspartame is deemed safe by the american cancer society there is not enough benzoate in diet coke to be considered harmful

5 hours later 20008473 Anonymous
>>20008412 Basically Aspartame turns into Formaldehyde in your body, and that isn't good.

5 hours later 20008482 Anonymous
>>20008428 Coca-Cola shill detected.

5 hours later 20008488 Anonymous
>>20008423 >aspartame is carcinogenic >citation needed

5 hours later 20008490 Anonymous
>>20008469 >implying getting deemed safe by a government lobby means jack shit

5 hours later 20008498 Anonymous
>>20008468 Denial is a sign of addiction.

5 hours later 20008505 Anonymous
>>20008482 Pepsi drinking shit taste having moron detected.

5 hours later 20008513 Anonymous
>>20008505 What can I say? I grew up drinking Pepsi.

5 hours later 20008516 Anonymous
>>20008490 >implying the countless peer reviewed studies proving aspartame harmless mean jack shit hippy pls go

5 hours later 20008527 Anonymous
The only soft drinks I like are Lilt and Sprite, and I drink a bottle of those literally twice a year. Can't believe you people make such a big deal over this shit. I drink water, tea, coffee, milk, and fruit juices.

5 hours later 20008538 Anonymous
>>20008498 Not understanding that correlation ≠ causation is a sign of being an idiot

5 hours later 20008562 Anonymous
Drink filtered water, dont drink from the tap unless its filtered. It helps if you have a fridge that dispenses water since that shit has a filter as well. Also you dont need to outright quit soda, just gradually cutback. Have maybe 1 can a meal then 1 a day at most, treat it as a treat and dont drink it like you would water. Really water is superior in every way, it actually hydrates you, tastes pretty fucking good and its relatively low cost compared to soda, also no shit fucking after taste unless you drink tap water.

5 hours later 20008569 Anonymous
>>20008473 >being this stupid http://whatdoesthesciencesay.wordpr ess.com/2010/06/13/aspartame-and-fo rmaldehyde/

5 hours later 20008583 Anonymous
>>20008516 >Aspartame, which is known as NutraSweet, does all sort of bad stuff to the point it's almost as if you‟ve seen nothing convincing, you aren't really looking that hard. The number one source of complaints to the USFDA Food Safety Hotline comes from NutraSweet. If you look at the history of how NutraSweet or aspartame was even approved in the US, it was twice rejected by the USFDA's own scientists as being unsafe for human consumption because it turns into formaldehyde as well as a couple other toxic substances including wood alcohol. The way it got approved is that the head of the company that manufactures this stuff, G. D. Searle, moved over to a management position in the FDA. He vetoed the scientists' disapproval, forced it into production, then left the FDA a couple years later. You might have heard of this guy, his name is Rumsfeld. I'm not joking. This is not rumor and conspiracy. This is well-documented fact. You can find it pretty much if you Google any of those names and NutraSweet, G. D. Searle. Since then, the manufacturers of NutraSweet have sold it off to some other company, but Searle is the one who took it to market. TL,DR: Aspartame is toxic and people should have gone to jail for selling it.

5 hours later 20008587 Anonymous
>>20008538 You're really reaching, man.

5 hours later 20008592 Anonymous
>>20008562 Drinking from the tap builds character

5 hours later 20008601 Anonymous
>>20008538 >deleting your post >reposting the same post >still getting implication wrong And I'm the idiot?

5 hours later 20008607 Anonymous
>>20008583 see >>20008569 Also it's a known fact that formaldehyde is found in fruit juice too, so, well, fruit is just as bad.

5 hours later 20008612 Anonymous
>>20003216 Drink coke zero then you cunt.

5 hours later 20008615 Anonymous
>>20008607 Because fruit juice is good for you and all.

5 hours later 20008619 Anonymous
>>20008607 What shit-tier country do you live in that allows formaldehyde in your fruit juice?

5 hours later 20008649 Anonymous
>>20008615 This thread gives accolades to it

5 hours later 20008656 Anonymous
>>20008615 At least its main components weren't synthesized in a laboratory.

5 hours later 20008662 Anonymous
>>20008467 Pretty much doesn't taste like ass, unlike Diet Coke. Tastes just like Coke without the coating-your-teeth-with-sugar mouthfeel. I slurp on that shit a day at work.

5 hours later 20008666 Anonymous
>>20008619 he's full of shit. it's a scare tactic.. allegedly aspartame metabolizes into formaldehyde or something like that, but it hasn't been proven.

5 hours later 20008669 Anonymous
>>20008649 >/fit/20003216, as published the new england journal of medicine 2013 >>20008656 Sure thing.

5 hours later 20008682 Anonymous
>>20008666 Yes it has.

5 hours later 20008687 Anonymous
>>20008619 Formaldehyde occurs naturally in quite high concentrations in fruit. Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners are fine, there are just too many chemophobic retards these days that think that just because something is "natural" it makes it incredibly safe and healthy

5 hours later 20008691 Anonymous
> not just being able to simply say "ehh perhaps I shouldn't drink six litres of pepsi today" > pretending to get headaches and sickness just because you didn't down eighteen cans for breakfast > being this american none of you soda-drinking plebs deserve to make it.

5 hours later 20008707 Anonymous
>>20008619 Formaldehyde is found naturally in most living things bruh

6 hours later 20008816 Anonymous
>>20008691 no, you're 100% right. >2012 >not drinking water as your main source of hydration ameribros, maybe just as a country we shouldn't funnel soda down our gullets by the gallon..

7 hours later 20009785 Anonymous
>>20008816 Soda is cheaper than water here if you buy it in bulk

7 hours later 20009816 Dgrayed (1367813932527.jpg 603x667 75kB)
>>20008691 I used to be like this but after drinking just water for a month or so. Its become so natural that drinking any kind of other drink seems weird. Also I now enjoy the taste of water.

7 hours later 20009834 Anonymous
I drink only carbonated water. Any problem with this? I can get it as cheap as non-carbonated.

7 hours later 20009844 Anonymous
>>20009785 wow.

7 hours later 20009873 Anonymous
I only drink water and milk. Last time I bought some cola, it was to remove some paint.

7 hours later 20009894 Anonymous
>>20009785 Lol what? How does this even make sense?

7 hours later 20009895 Anonymous
Oh man! Used to love this shit, still drink diet cola

7 hours later 20009900 Anonymous
>>20009894 subsidies

7 hours later 20009904 Anonymous
the gas only contributes to further dehydratio, as burping etc, will bring water with it, its the same priniple as to why soda is ineffective for rehydration

7 hours later 20009945 Anonymous (okay.gif 412x229 1844kB)
>>20003275 >mfw i live in based hippie granolaville and our tap water is leaner than bottled water >the analytical chem class does water quality testing every quarter.

7 hours later 20009991 Anonymous
>>20009894 Water is heavier than soda. Costs more to ship.

7 hours later 20010064 Anonymous
>>20003275 This, I can't stand treated water. I find myself drinking so significantly less than I should if I don't buy bottled water.

8 hours later 20010105 Anonymous (images.jpg 240x159 4kB)
>mfw havent sipped anything other than water/green tea for 91 days now

8 hours later 20010162 Anonymous
>>20008153 6 liters? WTFF what the actual fuck

8 hours later 20010734 Anonymous
>>20010162 >2013 >Not drinking 6 litres >Implying you work out

9 hours later 20011132 I iz a fatass
>>20003440 So much this. If you can't make that minimal change, you're not going to make it. Add lemon and/or lime juice to water, no sugar, until you can drink water without doctoring it up. Both add vitamin C and no calories to speak of.

9 hours later 20011232 Anonymous
>Water taste shit. I'm sorry, but you are a fucking faggot. Go drink your soda and stop whining about it if you're too much of a pussy to make such a simple lifestyle change. Fucking first world problems. You sicken me. I fucked your sister.

9 hours later 20011258 Anonymous (1357609246745.jpg 400x500 25kB)
>water taste shit

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