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2013-05-17 04:52 20003201 Anonymous (GjuBuKKU.jpg 480x360 28kB)
hey /fit/, is this gyno???????????? why the fuck do my nipples look so weird?

1 min later 20003230 Anonymous
>>20003201 they look fine

2 min later 20003239 Anonymous
Can you feel a hard lump behind the nipple? If so, it's probably gyno.

2 min later 20003253 Anonymous
>>20003201 that's gonna be big time gyno on here bro

3 min later 20003265 Anonymous
>>20003239 There isn't a hard lump but it's really soft - even when the pec is flexed

5 min later 20003289 Anonymous
it might be really mild. it doesn't look bad at all bro and I doubt anyone would ever say shit

7 min later 20003326 Anonymous
If dubs you got gyno

7 min later 20003343 Anonymous
>>20003265 yer growing tits

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