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2013-05-17 04:52 20003191 Anonymous (Navy.png 258x200 106kB)
Anyone military or prior enlisted here? How do you stay in shape in the field?

0 min later 20003208 Anonymous
>>20003191 lift what you got, im sure you have water jugs and ammo cans

2 min later 20003233 Anonymous
By fucking your fellow soldiers in the anus

2 min later 20003234 Anonymous
DL the fat terriost OHP the skinny ones Squat the fat wives until they blow you

12 min later 20003413 Anonymous
We don't we get in shape in the field.. For your average infanteer, the field absolutely kills you in terms of physical shape. Too much strain on your lower back and knees recks em' pretty permanently, shitty nutrition and sleep deprivation kills your gainz. After my dismounted qualification course (13 weeks) the dudes that were left (all the girls had dropped out) had lost 30 pounds on average and I was in full blown Auschwitz

33 min later 20003807 Anonymous
Pretty much using what you can. Rucksack push ups, squats, lunges, pull ups, etc. Well, and running, too. There is a reason most guys who have been out there for awhile all look like twigs

34 min later 20003813 Anonymous
As long as you don't have a combat job it's fairly easy. chairforcereportingin

40 min later 20003959 Anonymous
>>20003191 lots of dipping tobacco to stay cut

57 min later 20004216 Anonymous
pog here. I go to the gym.

59 min later 20004274 Anonymous
I want to go to Ranger school but I'm scurred of losing all my gains :(

1 hours later 20004318 Anonymous
In an Engineer with the Navy... I basically finish my shit in 4 hours and have the rest of the day to lift/ do whatever the fuck I want.

1 hours later 20004352 Anonymous
>>20003813 >forever chairforce >chairforce nursefag reporting in

1 hours later 20004456 Anonymous
>>20004318 >the navy

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