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2013-05-17 04:48 20003130 Anonymous (EZ_Curl_Bar.jpg 400x219 5kB)
why is it when i use this bar i get a sharp pain from my wrist to my bicep

1 min later 20003158 Anonymous
I dunno. But if it hurts in a bad way - don't do it. I don't do wrist curls or upright rows because they don't feel right. To hell with unnecessary injury

2 min later 20003178 Anonymous
also my wrists hurt on rests but not when doing my set

2 min later 20003182 Anonymous
Same thing happens to me - I just use the straight bar. If you Google "EZ Bar Elbow Pain" or "EZ Bar Wrist Pain" you'll see you're not alone.

3 min later 20003190 Anonymous
>>20003130 Try changing hand position.

3 min later 20003196 Anonymous
Not sure why these things exist. Straight bar is superior.

9 min later 20003307 Anonymous
>>20003130 It depends on your specific biology OP, some people are better with the beta bar, some with straight. I started out on beta but found it gave me wrist pain, switched to straight and no more pain. Solid rule for the gym: if it hurts, stop doing it, even goes for squats and deadlifts. That said I'm talking about sharp, shooting pain, not just muscle soreness. Be a sick cunt, but be a SMART sick cunt.

12 min later 20003344 Anonymous
>>20003130 wide or close grip? wide grip gives me a lot of wrist pain, but close grip is perfect for me. like others said, it seems like everyone is different with whether the like straight bar, ez wide, ez close, dbs, etc. just see what works best for you

13 min later 20003374 Anonymous
>>20003196 even if you don't like them for curls, EZ bar is the go-to for skullcrushers imo

14 min later 20003383 Anonymous
>>20003196 Why, because Rippetoe told you this?

18 min later 20003456 Anonymous
>>20003130 i had the same problem OP, your grip is probably to close and you're holding it wrong. I fixed my grip and i never felt the pain again

19 min later 20003483 Anonymous
>>20003182 >>20003130 Not sure why would you would given the whole design is to help your wrists, it also effects your gains, you get better results doing curls with a straight bar because your wrists are in a more tense position

20 min later 20003504 Anonymous
how much does that bar weigh?

25 min later 20003585 Anonymous
>>20003483 >It's designed to be better for most people, so it must be better for everyone. How's the iPhone going for you?

27 min later 20003626 Anonymous
>>20003585 Pretty good. Keep re installing puzzles and dragons so i can get a good first egg, just got RUA2 and some sick car game where I drive an Evoque.

29 min later 20003648 Anonymous
>>20003504 25 lbs normally

34 min later 20003755 Anonymous
>>20003504 25lbs

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