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2013-05-17 04:46 20003085 Anonymous (image.jpg 560x420 20kB)
Hey /fit/ looking to get a six pack I'm thin but got no definition any advice?

1 min later 20003105 Anonymous

1 min later 20003115 Anonymous
just tone m80

2 min later 20003136 Anonymous
>>20003085 don't be a faggot do like freeman and deadlift

4 min later 20003172 Anonymous (IMAG0023.jpg 3264x1952 618kB)
>>20003085 This, plus eating right. >pic related

5 min later 20003186 Anonymous (tumblr_l571tyzMdU1qc30fq[1].jpg 449x248 33kB)
1000 stomach crunches every day

8 min later 20003223 Anonymous
>>20003105 don't listen to him SQUATZ N OATZ MOTHERFUCKER!

9 min later 20003244 Anonymous
Cardio, nutrition, and ab workouts. You'll see progress after a month.

13 min later 20003316 Anonymous
>>20003186 >doing cable rows at gym rightt next to a mirror >moving around to get in position >see myself in mirror >tfw arms starting to look like that

14 min later 20003334 Anonymous
>>20003085 GOMAD+SS

15 min later 20003358 Anonymous
Skinnyfat thin or hungry skeleton thin?

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