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2013-05-17 04:45 20003065 Anonymous FAT BURN (nigger.gif 192x250 907kB)
Yo /fit/ I have absolutely nothing to do this summer going into college. Right now i sit in at 5'10 290 lbs. I played football in highschool so i have more muscle tone than most fat people, I just need to burn this fat. looking to get around 260 or 250 as soon as possible. Please give me any information or workout routines that will help me!

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3 min later 20003129 Anonymous
Jesus christ you are retarded. Read the fucking sticky.

4 min later 20003142 Anonymous
Read the sticky fatboy

5 min later 20003165 Anonymous
>>20003065 its very simple brah eat less a lot less eat 1500 cals per day

7 min later 20003192 Anonymous
>>20003065 get at least 4 proetins

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