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2013-05-17 04:44 20003062 Anonymous (Screenshot_2013-05-16-21-41-59.png 720x1280 201kB)
alright /fit/, how do i talk to females?

2 min later 20003100 Anonymous
>>20003062 eat my wood. pls rspond. cmon beb. hello? sorry. k. yo beb wan sum fuk? >alpha

4 min later 20003133 Anonymous
>>20003062 >"No" Fuckin' told

6 min later 20003183 Anonymous
>>20003062 >punchline before response

7 min later 20003198 Anonymous (Screenshot_2013-05-16-21-51-39.png 720x1280 250kB)
god damnit

10 min later 20003243 Anonymous

10 min later 20003251 Anonymous
lol those lines only work if you look good brah. it's a lot harder to pick up girls online when you're average looking.

11 min later 20003266 Anonymous
>>20003062 First off, stop worrying about whether you say something wrong or not and just be yourself. Second, it might help to remember that women are human beings too so there is no reason to be intimidated by them. Thirdy, to talk about? Anything and everything. If you want to turn her on then use subtlety to your advantage and turn her sentences against her. For women its all psychological. They thrive on emotion. So don't just go and say "hey babe u want sum fuk?" because even if you look like Zyzz that won't end well. Instead, just learn to build sexual tension. Practice makes perfect. Fourthly and finally. Talking to females is no secret, just do it. The more you do it, the better you get at it, and before you know it, you'll be like John Duan himself.

12 min later 20003271 Anonymous
>>20003198 Engage double to triple negatives mode to test her intellect. >Eyo bby do u not want to not fuck? >eyo bby you don't want to not fuck right? You're welcome op.

13 min later 20003301 outlaw cest - r.i.p. /sp/
>ey yo girl wen u gonna let me clap dem chimps girls love this line

13 min later 20003304 Anonymous
>>20003198 this kind of shit only works if you know she likes you or you're clearly more attractive than her. either way there are better ways to do this

13 min later 20003306 Anonymous (1364705729298.png 393x391 221kB)
>this whole conversation

18 min later 20003395 Anonymous
>>20003301 I think you mean clamp dem chimps. Now we're spicing shit up.

19 min later 20003408 Anonymous (Screenshot_2013-05-16-22-03-19.png 720x1280 264kB)
progress with another

21 min later 20003443 Anonymous
>>20003408 She's... Black. What the fuck are you doing?

22 min later 20003469 Anonymous
>>20003443 y-yeah bro, you can't date outside your race you you.... RACE TRAITOR

23 min later 20003488 Anonymous
>>20003469 Sure you can just sometimes it's not a good idea to shoot yourself in the leg.

24 min later 20003495 Anonymous
>>20003408 Saved by MUH TALL

25 min later 20003518 Anonymous
>>20003443 Srsly

26 min later 20003528 Anonymous
>>20003469 A very small percentage of black women are attractive, but granted those that are attractive are fucking 11/10. Sadly, this one you're talking to is not attractive, and likely AIDS infested.

27 min later 20003551 Anonymous
>>20003528 More like NO percentage.

27 min later 20003552 Anonymous
>>20003408 Would it kill you to smile? If that's your profile pic, it looks like you're trying to back out a massive log of shit. Try smiling in photos, it makes you more attractive.

28 min later 20003567 Anonymous (Screenshot_2013-05-16-22-12-02.png 720x1280 498kB)
pic for those interested

28 min later 20003572 Anonymous
>>20003408 Ask if you can clap her chimps

29 min later 20003586 Anonymous
>>20003567 You know it doesn't count if the girl is ugly, right?

29 min later 20003587 Anonymous
>>20003469 grow the fuck up. youre a fucking loser if you only date a girl from your nationality. ive been inside 7+ different kinds.

30 min later 20003602 Anonymous
>>20003567 she looks like a fun gal in before you sperg out with spaghetti

30 min later 20003610 Anonymous
>>20003567 KILL IT!!!!! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!

30 min later 20003611 Anonymous
>>20003587 I'm sexually attracted to women of pretty much all races but only romantically interested in white girls what's my problem?

31 min later 20003622 Anonymous
>>20003567 "Pardon my intrusion, oh heavenly blessed beauty, but would it be possible to 'clap them chimps?' To clarify, I'm asking if I can make a slapping noise against your buttocks during intercourse, not if I can slap your cousin Leeroy!"

32 min later 20003634 Anonymous
>>20003587 >ive been inside 7+ different kinds. well aren't you just a badass

32 min later 20003642 Anonymous
>>20003611 You have your head on straight in a mad world. That's your problem.

33 min later 20003644 Anonymous
>>20003408 She would have stopped responding if OP said less than 6'0.

34 min later 20003662 Anonymous
>>20003611 no problem. just need to grow up a bit. maybe go out of your small ass village where you live in the middle of butt fuck no where. it would be healthy for you >>20003634 being this jelly

34 min later 20003664 Anonymous
>>20003587 My god, such sexual conquest! I think I'm starting to sprout a chubby. Can I stick my finger in your ass?

34 min later 20003684 Anonymous
>>20003634 >>20003587 Has any one tried to fuck a something from every ethnicity? I've got four so far. [spoiler]Masturbation counts for this, right?

39 min later 20003768 Anonymous sage
>>20003443 >>20003488 ITT: >lel i h8 da niggrs bcuz aids && they r apes Stay gold, ponyboy.

42 min later 20003833 Anonymous
>>20003662 Haha no one on here gives a flying shit how many nationalities you say you have "fucked" without proof. Pics or gtfo. Look, i can do the same thing you can I had sex with 14 different nationalities.

43 min later 20003847 Anonymous
>>20003768 Keep crying over others' preferences, you dickless progressive.

46 min later 20003919 Anonymous (Screenshot_2013-05-16-22-29-48.png 720x1280 322kB)
this almost feels too easy. am i going to get beat and raped if i meet her?

48 min later 20003969 Anonymous
>>20003847 >what you like is bad, because niggers >keep crying over other's preferences You actually do have to be slow to miss the inconsistency there.

1 hours later 20004156 Anonymous
>>20003919 jungle fever...?

1 hours later 20004231 Anonymous
>>20003919 >>20003567 jelly brah - where did you find whoopi goldberg?

1 hours later 20004263 Anonymous
>>20004231 this funny fucker right here

1 hours later 20004348 Anonymous
>>20003969 Crying too hard over MUH INJUSTICE to see the irony here, I see. Hint: expressing distaste and getting majorly butthurt are two different things.

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