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2013-05-17 04:44 20003058 Anonymous (20130515_231245_LLS.jpg 3264x2448 1982kB)
Current body thread. Too many get threads

8 min later 20003195 Anonymous
>>20003058 yum.

11 min later 20003259 Anonymous (image.jpg 716x960 172kB)

17 min later 20003373 Anonymous (image.jpg 480x640 69kB)
>>20003259 Lol Op you look like shit ngl

28 min later 20003557 Anonymous
>>20003259 I think you look awesome.

30 min later 20003599 Anonymous
>>20003058 dinosaur arms OP

38 min later 20003739 Anonymous
>>20003259 put on a few pounds/kilograms of muscle, drop your bf a few %, and you'll be godtier ottermode

59 min later 20004127 Anonymous

1 hours later 20004160 Anonymous
>>20003373 lol and you can talk? >>20003259 >>20003058 Keep it up guys, proper diet/exercise and you're gonna make it if you stick with it

1 hours later 20004176 Anonymous
>>20003058 Odd pose, but nice body

1 hours later 20004242 Anonymous (yep3.png 591x686 640kB)
because fuck

1 hours later 20004385 Anonymous (51513 back.jpg 720x1280 219kB)
About 3 months in. 5'9" or 5'10" and ~162lbs

1 hours later 20004425 Anonymous
>>20004242 strong lighting

1 hours later 20004461 Anonymous (image.jpg 1095x1088 426kB)
Why not.. Bw:150lbs Ht: 5'10

1 hours later 20004504 Anonymous
>>20004461 I'm trying to make it ;_;

1 hours later 20004511 Anonymous
>>20004242 Incredible 10/10

1 hours later 20004521 Anonymous
>>20004461 thank you, t-rex

1 hours later 20004528 Anonymous (image.jpg 462x296 34kB)

1 hours later 20004660 Anonymous

1 hours later 20004668 Anonymous (IMG_20130516_210748.jpg 1530x1147 331kB)

1 hours later 20004707 Anonymous (50413 162.jpg 1840x1790 235kB)
>>20004385 Anyone think I might be able to make it someday? This was from a couple weeks ago- I shaved the happy trail and my chest is finally starting to grow.

1 hours later 20004752 Anonymous (Comparison 3.jpg 604x569 85kB)

1 hours later 20004790 Anonymous (image.jpg 1362x1382 341kB)

1 hours later 20004815 Anonymous
>>20003259 >>20003373 >>20004242 >>20004762 >>20004790 yummmmmmmm

1 hours later 20004840 Anonymous
>>20004815 >mandatory current body thread homo

1 hours later 20004859 Anonymous
>20004840 >tfw didn't get mired by the cbt homo.

1 hours later 20004863 Anonymous (1.png 640x480 435kB)
What mode am I?

1 hours later 20004869 Anonymous
>>20004863 Skeleton

1 hours later 20004876 Anonymous
>>20004863 edging out of DYEL, give it a few more months if you eat enough and you'll look like you lift a little.

1 hours later 20004907 Anonymous (Photo0286.jpg 1600x1200 470kB)
what mode am i?

1 hours later 20004938 Anonymous
>>20004907 skinnyfat

1 hours later 20004946 Anonymous
>>20004707 Looks like someone wiped their ass under your bellybutton.

1 hours later 20004948 Anonymous
>>20004790 How about me?

1 hours later 20004951 Anonymous
>>20004528 >>20004707 Figured I might as well find out what mode I'm in too.

1 hours later 20004952 Anonymous
>>20004907 soft as fuck mode

1 hours later 20004957 Anonymous
>>20004938 i better start lifting i guess

1 hours later 20004958 Anonymous
>>20004907 thank god you put your hand there otherwise i would have seen the bottom half of your penis

1 hours later 20004960 Anonymous
>>20004946 It's a happy trail that I shaved + a scar I can't do anything about. Sorry.

1 hours later 20004970 Anonymous (IMG_20130516_210414.jpg 2560x1920 1638kB)
What mode am I? >>20004668

1 hours later 20004979 Anonymous (ME24.jpg 550x724 270kB)
This is from April. >mfw bitches love my 1231234141 freckles

1 hours later 20004980 Anonymous (ap carry.jpg 717x960 167kB)
here 6'4'' 21 yo 205

1 hours later 20004983 Anonymous
>>20004960 You shaved it to look like that on purpose?

1 hours later 20004988 Anonymous
>>20004958 you meant bottom 3/4 >>20004952 in what way soft?

1 hours later 20004992 Anonymous
>>20004980 You seem to have jaundice.

1 hours later 20004997 Anonymous
>>20004983 The picture is from before I shaved it. There's a patch of scar underneath from a nickel allergy.

1 hours later 20005001 Anonymous (image.jpg 1111x1472 263kB)
5 months into lifting. I'm trying to battle my no-chest, and birthing hips.

1 hours later 20005010 Anonymous
>>20004980 Are you leaning to your left? Otherwise you look like one side is more defined than the other. Pretty good ottermode going for your height though.

1 hours later 20005012 Anonymous
>>20004992 liver failure? or the yellowing of my skin

1 hours later 20005030 Anonymous
>>20004997 That's just weird. Still, get rid of that shit and make sure it stays gone. Looks ridiculous. You're in shit shape btw.

1 hours later 20005031 Anonymous
>>20005001 looks like you are fucking old

1 hours later 20005032 Anonymous (sk.jpg 1379x697 103kB)
5'8" - 151-153lbs any criiiitiques?

1 hours later 20005041 Anonymous
>>20005012 One causes the other.

1 hours later 20005044 Anonymous
>>20005001 And here's from the side. I'm 18, and about 6'1.

1 hours later 20005057 Anonymous (image.jpg 1477x1481 355kB)
>>20005044 Forgot pic, fuck me.

1 hours later 20005059 Anonymous
>>20005030 Because I can easily get rid of a scar I've had for ~10 years. And I've been lifting for 3 months, let's see where you're at.

1 hours later 20005065 Anonymous (5-12-13.jpg 2448x3264 1270kB)
5'9" 140 lbs 3.5 months in

1 hours later 20005075 Anonymous
>>20005031 Nope, 18. I've just got shit genetics.

1 hours later 20005087 Anonymous
>>20005032 Work on chest. Looking good otherwise. And hope that you aren't done growing, height-wise.

1 hours later 20005091 Anonymous
>>20005059 >And I've been lifting for 3 months So don't bother posting your shit body. What's the point?

1 hours later 20005099 Anonymous
>>20005065 Nice otter. You look like you have good genetics

1 hours later 20005104 Anonymous
>>20005057 >>20005057 i like ;) >>20005065 >>20005032 >>20004979 also nice

1 hours later 20005106 Anonymous

1 hours later 20005117 Anonymous
>>20005091 To get critique and see where I'm at. So far you've supplied that you think my bellybutton scar looks weird- cool. More shitposting. Also I'd love to see where you're at, considering you're shit-talking in a current-body thread.

1 hours later 20005125 Anonymous (243745_563248470269_527788_o.jpg 1504x1788 617kB)
Posted a current body thread just a little while ago, but no one stroked my ego and I am desperate for internet attention. Here ya go /fit/. Also, top left is one I found from last july.

1 hours later 20005141 Anonymous
>>20005125 Nice man, how long have you been lifting?

1 hours later 20005142 Anonymous
>>20005075 oh didnt look at the pic well. god damn son you are white as fuck. also why the hell do you shave your junk? im >>20004907

1 hours later 20005157 Anonymous
>>20005087 Thanks I'm 21, so, more likely than not I'm done growing. I've heard you don't stop growing until 25 though, so hopefully I make it to at least 6'4"

1 hours later 20005163 Anonymous
>>20005117 Just ignore him man...

1 hours later 20005167 Anonymous
>>20005117 Stating a fact and shit talking are two very different things. You look awful. This is a fact. You can get mad about it if you wish, but it remains a fact. Suffice to say I look a whole lot better than you. My progress, however, is irrelevant. Even if I was 300 pounds the point remains: you look like shit and there's no point in posting after three whole months of lifting. Stay mad or learn.

1 hours later 20005168 Anonymous
>>20005141 Been training in olympic weightlifting since Feb 2012. Did crossfit for a year or so before that. So just a little over a year ;)

1 hours later 20005169 Anonymous (FRONT_RELAXED 042913.jpg 808x1078 223kB)
>>20004707 Upperbody looks mostly good, but you need some chest mass for better aesthetics. >>20004762 just put on some fucking underwear ffs. I hate when you faggots do this. >>20004242 looks like you have some bf% to shave off, otherwise good I am 6'1 170 lbs. Goal is 190 at similar or lower bf%

1 hours later 20005182 Anonymous (image.jpg 3264x2448 1231kB)

1 hours later 20005200 Anonymous
>>20005168 >crossfit Oh boy

1 hours later 20005201 Anonymous
>>20005163 Ehh he isn't really bothering me. Just wish someone would actually give me legitimate critique on here instead of being like "eww bellybutton". Cool. >>20005167 You must look great considering you still haven't posted your body. I sense insecurity. >>20005169 And thanks man, I'm working on chest- it was stubborn at first but it's finally starting to grow a bit.

1 hours later 20005207 Anonymous
>>20005169 Your torso looks really long

1 hours later 20005209 Anonymous (Photo on 2013-05-15 at 00.22.jpg 483x454 68kB)
just ate a whole bag of bits and bites ;_;

1 hours later 20005227 Anonymous
>>20005169 You look really disproportionated

1 hours later 20005229 Anonymous
>>20005169 never seen a naked man before anon? is it getting you excited?

1 hours later 20005255 Anonymous
>>20005157 Shoot, dont get ur hopes up. I stopped growing at 18, only 5'10", king of manlets.

2 hours later 20005277 Anonymous
>>20005168 Which drugs did you use?

2 hours later 20005304 Anonymous
>>20005200 eh, I turned out okay. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ep5h TNQ2Xzs didn't get hurt and it turned me onto weightlifting. Also taught me what to look for in a coach and how to recognize good strength and conditioning programming among all the shitty stuff out there.

2 hours later 20005306 Anonymous (OpPose.png 302x637 175kB)
Strong lighting + op's pose becausewhythefucknot

2 hours later 20005325 Anonymous
>>20005304 >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ep5 hTNQ2Xzs >throwing your weights around like a mongoloid I get that its part of the process or whatever but god I hope you don't do this shit in public gym spaces

2 hours later 20005350 Anonymous
>>20005201 So you have chosen not to learn anything. Unsurprising. Please flood fit with pictures of your shit body on a daily basis. You know, for "critique." The same critique that makes you so mad.

2 hours later 20005351 Anonymous
>>20005304 Arent you that guy that works in a circus?

2 hours later 20005364 Anonymous
>>20005277 I seriously just train, eat, and sleep a lot. Started out 3 times a week, then 6, then 10, then 15, and now I train 22 times a week. I will probably use testosterone eventually, but not just yet. >>20005325 wtf are you talking about? You're supposed to drop them. Do you work out at planet fitness or something? >>20005351 Yeah, that's me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9Pj OFS9arw

2 hours later 20005383 Anonymous
>>20004790 Mode me please

2 hours later 20005398 Anonymous
>>20005350 I've only gotten one legitimate comment so far. The rest has been your shitposting. I'm not angry, but I am anxious to see what you've got man. Post it, I'll be more than happy to see.

2 hours later 20005399 Anonymous
>>20005306 >becausewhythefucknot because it looks like you have hernias on your sides

2 hours later 20005402 Anonymous
>>20005383 Skinny fat on its way to ottermode

2 hours later 20005467 Anonymous
>>20004907 mode me maybe?

2 hours later 20005546 Anonymous (image.jpg 1200x1200 226kB)

2 hours later 20005564 Anonymous
>>20005057 <forgot pic, fuck me <fuck me Yes please!

2 hours later 20005570 Anonymous
>>20004461 Strong thick core... But get a bigger fucking chest

2 hours later 20005618 Anonymous
>>20005546 So hardcore

2 hours later 20005619 Anonymous
>>20005546 Arent you a bit too young to be here?

2 hours later 20005691 Anonymous
>>20003259 God teir otter mode

2 hours later 20005696 Anonymous
>>20005398 >critique me >you are in terrible shape, everything needs work, even your noob gains after 3 months are lacking >YOUR JUST SHITPOSTING Ah, summer.

2 hours later 20005715 Anonymous
>>20005696 >saying he lacks gains without seeing previous body Talk about summer posting.

2 hours later 20005741 Anonymous
>>20004948 Lighter athletic.

2 hours later 20005957 Anonymous
>>20005696 >avoid posting pic at all costs! >i know what to do! I'll call him a summerfag!

2 hours later 20006088 Anonymous
>>20005957 this.

3 hours later 20006163 Anonymous
>>20003259 Best body in this thread Skinny as fuck but pretty muscular Mirin the waist shoulder ratio bro

3 hours later 20006365 Anonymous
>>20005546 Still living with mom huh?

3 hours later 20006415 Anonymous (jH2VcIH.jpg 960x541 109kB)

4 hours later 20007510 Anonymous

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