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2013-05-17 04:39 20002983 Anonymous (tumblr_maz5doF9U11qd2yqko1_250.gif 250x141 334kB)
Dear fit, Its been 2 weeks since i started weight lifting. My goal is to reduce the fat percentage in me, gain more strength and a bit of muscle and generally healthier lifestyle. Lately i've notice that i've been way more hungrier and i hava increase energy i think. So i got a few question 1: Is it normal to be this hungry? I dont really want to eat more since i think i calculated my food right. Anyway to combat this crazy hunger? 2. After workout i will always get this muscle sore. Tho it feels good like i can 'feel' the result it would be good to either not get sore or reduce it real quick. Any tips on this? I dont really want to tone down my workout. Any advice is appreciated thanks

3 min later 20003034 Anonymous
>>20002983 1) bump up the protein intake - makes you feel a little less hungry. Otherwise, suck it up. 2) You get less sore as you go on, but the first few months hurt. Also, you should stretch shit out afterwards.

18 min later 20003291 Anonymous
>>20003034 I felt crazy hungry 3 hours after eating. Guess just gotta hold on till next meal time lol. Yeah i do stretch or warm down afterwards. Sometimes it work and i dont feel any sore next day. Other times i can barely stretch cause it feels tight so i do it slowly. If i get less sore does it mean i should add more weight until it feels sore again?

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