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2013-05-17 04:39 20002981 Anonymous (jung da yeong before after2.jpg 862x632 195kB)
http://herweightlossdiary.blogspot. dk/2012/05/weight-loss-success-stor ies-jung-da.html 46yo korean loses weight from diet and exercise. leddit does not disappoint: >Plastic surgeons can't fake an entire hot body. A nose, fake boobs, facelift - basically details are what they can affect. The bone structure that gives her a nice hip/waist ratio, fit abs, etc are the result of great genes. >result of great genes >Even "obese," she looks really attractive. >I came here to say the same thing; she had a natural Mulan look to her. Not many women can pull of red lipstick, but she does it very nicely with pale skin and dark hair. >I was having a hard time deciding which one I am more attracted to. I finally picked the before... >Exactly. She is naturally beautiful and not really overweight...just curvy(?) Regardless she is a looker from the start.

3 min later 20003033 Anonymous
>>20002981 I don't get it. Just an article detailing how someone got healthy. There's no negative comments.

6 min later 20003078 Anonymous
>>20002981 By lebbit standards that's rather impressive, I'm surprised there's no comments about anorexia, patriarchy or beauty standards

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