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2013-05-17 04:36 20002930 Anonymous (1355560899555.jpg 313x286 24kB)
what if... i eat almost double but train twice a day?

1 min later 20002959 Anonymous
>>20002930 Good luck with that Fido.

2 min later 20002976 Anonymous
what if i up the temperature to 700 degrees Fahrenheit but cook it for only 5 minutes?

3 min later 20002989 Anonymous
>>20002976 2hot4me

3 min later 20002996 Anonymous
>>20002976 HOLY SHIT

4 min later 20003002 Anonymous
What if I take 8 Tylenol instead?

5 min later 20003015 Anonymous
Because more is better, right?

5 min later 20003019 Anonymous
>>20002976 you're a genius wow why didnt humans think of this b4

6 min later 20003032 Anonymous (552309_10151269700785681_1116093820_n.jpg 480x640 36kB)
>>20002976 What would happen? srs

6 min later 20003037 Anonymous
What if i take 4 preotinz instead of 3?

7 min later 20003045 Anonymous
>>20002930 your body can still only take so much. Why not do 5GOMAD and train five times a day?

7 min later 20003050 Anonymous
what if i stays up for 1 month straight but i sleeps for 2 months

9 min later 20003080 Anonymous
>>20003032 It would cook quicker, but not twice as quick, and less evenly. The heat won't transfer through the food much faster and the outside would burn.

11 min later 20003106 Anonymous
Guys if I workout in a few extra sweaters and pants over my shorts, will I burn extra calories and fat from the heat and sweating?

11 min later 20003111 Anonymous
what if OP sucked 2 dick... oh wait

13 min later 20003137 Anonymous
what if i only lift one day a month but I lift for 24 hours that day

13 min later 20003143 Anonymous
>>20003032 >not understanding the analogy

13 min later 20003151 Anonymous
>>20003106 You serious? You would burn some calories form being hotter but overall you would probable burn less cause the heat would hinder your workout more so than the extra spent calories. You would burn more calories by turning down your thermostat while just walking around. I suggest you try to make yourself comfortable as possible while working out though for best results.

19 min later 20003255 Anonymous
>>20003151 >the joke >your head

22 min later 20003305 Anonymous
If dubs eat almost triple but train 3 times a day

28 min later 20003412 Anonymous
if i consume 14k calories today can i not eat for a whole week?

51 min later 20003836 Anonymous
>>20003037 then your gonna have a bad time

1 hours later 20004092 Anonymous
>>20002930 Does your workout burn your daily requirement of calories?

3 hours later 20006806 Anonymous

4 hours later 20006917 Anonymous (1349670635825.gif 350x249 2730kB)
>>20002930 >>20002930 >>20002930 >>20002930 srs guise say you eat a good 5-6k cals a day, bu do two full workouts. one in the morning and one in the evening. prety much reduce the day to 12 hours, yet still having at least 42 hours to recover a specific muscle group you think there is going to be a lot of fat gain?

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