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2013-05-17 04:34 20002886 Anonymous (Brotein.jpg 472x290 33kB)
Sup /fit/, What is the best protein powder? I'm looking for just straight protein, no other stuff. Thanks

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1 min later 20002920 Anonymous
go to a bulk store and get a few pounds of unflavored and mark it as flour, brb 5lbs of whey ends up being like 5 bucks

2 min later 20002935 Anonymous
Body Fortress Arsenic Pro Formula XXX Massive Muscle Gainer Tech Cobra Edition It's the ONly thing /fit/ uses.

2 min later 20002946 Anonymous
just fucking eat eggs chicken fish and egg whites.

3 min later 20002947 Anonymous
Personally I prefer ON WHEY™

4 min later 20002969 Anonymous
Garden of Life RAW Protein or Living Harvest Vanilla Spice Hemp Protein

9 min later 20003051 Anonymous
thanx buds

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11 min later 20003081 Anonymous
elite XT

12 min later 20003092 Anonymous
>>20002935 /r/ing if this actually fucking works

13 min later 20003112 Anonymous
>>20003092 lel

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>>20003322 fucking this alser derbz

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