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2013-04-19 01:32 19310941 Anonymous (IMAG0008.jpg 604x453 43kB)
Taargus thread. What happened to taargus? also requesting more pics

1 min later 19310949 Anonymous
>>19310941 >>>/b/

2 min later 19310957 Anonymous
>>19310949 >2013 >doesn't know taargus is /fit/ fucking newfags I swear, it's all zyzz's fault for bringing you faggots here

2 min later 19310963 Anonymous
taargus looks like a gay fag

5 min later 19310987 Anonymous
>>19310941 this one of them tranny thing people?

9 min later 19311036 Anonymous
>>19310987 No,she's a real girl. ;)

10 min later 19311042 Anonymous
>>19311036 Am gonna need photografic evidence.

12 min later 19311056 Anonymous
didnt she end up having nudes? they all do in the end

12 min later 19311058 Anonymous
Is this a girl or no? It's kind of cute but I'm still not sure of it's sex. Seems like a woman but it seems to be some kind of 5 o'clock shadow on it's upper lip. Also the facial features seem kind of masculine. Enlighten me.

13 min later 19311061 Anonymous (7LJ3zoM.gif 620x349 1940kB)
>>19311042 Well,maybe /fit/ can provide more pics. That's the point of the thread.

13 min later 19311067 Anonymous
On 4chan, when you can't immidiately tell someone's female, they're probably a trap.

14 min later 19311071 Anonymous (1366133452345.jpg 768x768 199kB)
>>19311058 Does the sex matter if it appears kind of cute to you? ;)

15 min later 19311078 Anonymous
>>19311071 Of course. I value vagina more than feminine facial features although I want my gf to have both. lel

19 min later 19311101 Anonymous
>>19311078 tfw no /fit/ gf

22 min later 19311141 Anonymous
>>19311078 Sure but on this case I just wanna see nudes

32 min later 19311236 Anonymous
>>19310941 >taargus thread >2013 OP has seen /fit/s glory days... when scooby was mocked and not treated like an authority on anything but "let's add some protein powder to it"

44 min later 19311321 Anonymous (1337277802581.gif 300x159 527kB)
>>19311236 I can tell you're a cool dood too

52 min later 19311389 Anonymous (1289746578863.jpg 478x468 25kB)
>>19311321 Right back at you.

1 hours later 19311682 Anonymous (1291066193153.jpg 955x751 85kB)
shameless selfbump

1 hours later 19311701 Anonymous
>>19311236 time goldens memories stupid fag. it's new current time and we rule the /fit/ now haha

1 hours later 19311757 Anonymous
Remember when it was bearmode or nothing? Now it's aesthetics and ottermode, you just need a 6 pack to impress /fit/ these days.

1 hours later 19311783 Anonymous (1366051143256.png 408x320 232kB)
>>19311701 shut up dick neck.

1 hours later 19311794 Anonymous
>>19311236 >Scooby said shit ;_;

1 hours later 19311797 Anonymous (1274204985768.jpg 1200x900 289kB)

1 hours later 19311807 Anonymous
>>19311757 Remember when 7/10 threads were about creatine?

1 hours later 19311829 Anonymous (1270501971798.jpg 709x591 49kB)

1 hours later 19311837 Anonymous
>>19311807 Son I am disappoint was everywhere and the general consensus on tiny was that he was an orphan chimp with questionable sexuality.

1 hours later 19311875 Anonymous
>>19311783 i actually fucked your mother, father, your pets, your mom's coffee maker, the laundry, your foods, your fathers car and everything. served? yeah.

1 hours later 19311896 Anonymous (1363273147050.gif 350x272 1476kB)
>>19311837 tiny is one of the weirdest memes I have every seen in my few years on 4chan. the mocking of him has such a strang nostalgic value, he pops up in tons of filenames and stuff, yet he wasn't on /fit/ for a long time from what I heard and he didn't add much when he was actually here.

1 hours later 19311949 Anonymous
>>19311757 zyzz

1 hours later 19311989 Anonymous
>everyone getting excited over Tinys Q&A >jojan duking it out with Zyzz >u mad penis >scooby said shit >Zeez camshows, everyone ejaculating in unison when Alkie offered him 10k, his dad telling him to turn down the music at 1AM >zeez formspring and getting excited when a new video popped out >squirrel jokes >Tinys depressed posts, his ex, dead parents and chimp cartoons, pls be in london >when we had the old alpha&beta threads without it being gay >when there were no facial aesthetics threads and other faggy shit and everyone acting like on leddit while ironically circlejerking over how 4chan is so much better when the two have become indistinguishable

1 hours later 19312032 Anonymous
>tfw remembering MarineFag I hope she's already ;~;

1 hours later 19312052 Anonymous (1239174715563.jpg 600x450 60kB)
>>19312032 alright* even fuck, this creatine is ruining my spelling

2 hours later 19312079 Anonymous
to those looking for nudes, sorry, they don't exist. she was like 15 at the time of this picture i think, so don't bother.

2 hours later 19312082 Anonymous
>>19312032 who was marinefag

2 hours later 19312098 Anonymous
>>19312082 a tripfag suffering from fibromyalgia. she was alright in my book,real bro. >>19312079 not even asking for nudes, just pics in general.

2 hours later 19312110 Anonymous (58d839d56014d29e3c8c677fb14bc7dd.png 800x800 276kB)

2 hours later 19312122 Anonymous
>>19312098 >a tripfag suffering from fibromyalgia. Got any pics?

2 hours later 19312134 Anonymous
>>19312122 not really,no. there were pics as far as I remember but she wasn't a real hottie.

2 hours later 19312136 Anonymous
/fit/ - Health & Fitness Get the fuck out you faggot, who cares if some cunt you're stalking is fit, that doesn't make it health and fitness related. This board has gone to shit within the space of a few months, congratulations you cancerous faggots.

2 hours later 19312152 Anonymous (1269821048021.jpg 350x607 97kB)
>>19312136 b-but muh /fit/ culture. I was here before you you fucking newfag

2 hours later 19312163 Anonymous
>>19312134 meh

2 hours later 19312170 Anonymous
>>19312152 oh god dat nostalgia

2 hours later 19312173 Anonymous
>>19312152 >calling people newfag sure are trying too hard to act like you have been here a while. also reported, eat a dick faggot. If you truly have been here for a long time you would get sick of shit posters and not shitpost your self

2 hours later 19312174 Anonymous
>>19310941 this thread has my interest

2 hours later 19312197 Anonymous (1285888469559.jpg 640x480 52kB)
>>19312173 You would know,since "shitposting" is only a buzzword that's been perpetuated since last summer.

2 hours later 19312206 Anonymous
>>19312173 >If you truly have been here for a long time you would get sick of shit posters and not shitpost your self Not the guy, but I've been here since early 09 and my main purpose on /fit/ since 2011 is to piss of people like you.

2 hours later 19312262 Anonymous
>>19312173 Spotted for newfriend, also theirs nothing wrong with a bit of nostalgia to the glory days since it is relevant to what was on /fit/ so you really wasted your time reporting this and just made yourself out to be a flaming homo.

2 hours later 19312288 Anonymous (1290208334937.jpg 1084x208 42kB)

2 hours later 19312335 Anonymous
>>19312262 This. Early 2010. Newfags will never understand.

2 hours later 19312344 Anonymous
>>19312262 I think these people who do nothing but complain about threads not matching the category "health and fitness" are fucking douchebags. It takes a really tedious person to purposefully seek out threads he/she doesn't like and then bitch about reporting them.

2 hours later 19312404 Anonymous
>>19312288 lol

2 hours later 19312412 Anonymous (1307891618472.jpg 372x525 39kB)
You will never forget your first truecrypt ass.

3 hours later 19312816 Anonymous (Taargus (3).jpg 640x480 78kB)

3 hours later 19312827 Anonymous (Taargus (2).jpg 640x480 75kB)

3 hours later 19312839 Anonymous (Taargus2.jpg 640x480 75kB)

3 hours later 19312849 Anonymous (Taargus1.jpg 397x469 40kB)

3 hours later 19312855 Anonymous (Taargus.jpg 640x480 59kB)

3 hours later 19312870 Anonymous (1341594392268.png 845x464 589kB)
>>19312816 >>19312827 >>19312839 >>19312849 >>19312855 bless you

3 hours later 19313268 Anonymous (1307490081445.png 624x352 213kB)
>>19310941 dem feet

4 hours later 19314280 Anonymous
>>19312839 Dat arm hair

4 hours later 19314760 Anonymous (ASS.jpg 816x612 46kB)
>>19312412 never

5 hours later 19314990 Anonymous (1285783207427.jpg 293x269 13kB)

5 hours later 19315075 Anonymous
>>19313268 this

5 hours later 19315212 Anonymous (1366246142131.jpg 528x455 31kB)
>>19310941 As a refined trap lover for many many years I can tell from afar if a person is a woman or a trap and that, my friends, is a trap. A very good one. But a trap nonetheless.

5 hours later 19315316 Anonymous (1365437612944.jpg 243x247 34kB)
>>19315212 but a lot of girls have a little stache going and in this case it looks to be just the shadow off the upper lip because the laptop is in front of her.

5 hours later 19315353 Anonymous
>>19311896 >he didn't add much when he was actually here. but we could all relate to him because he was a sad piece of shit

5 hours later 19315387 Anonymous
>>19315353 Tiny actually motivated a lot of people and helped people with their programs and diets. He was /fit/'s own zyzz but people were too busy making fun of him instead of appreciating his presence. The depression made him take roids. Same goes for quad. RIP quad and tiny ;_;

8 hours later 19318276 Anonymous
>>19312849 That perspective is fucking with me, how tall was she?

8 hours later 19318464 Anonymous (tumblr_lx5lewP2oQ1qgcd7ao1_500.jpg 500x504 68kB)
>>19318276 Taller than you.

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