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2013-04-18 05:06 19278485 Anonymous Daily Reminder (HP[1].jpg 468x714 86kB)
The average height for a female is 5'4, and the upper bound of what is considered to be the 'average range' for female height is at 5'7. The average high heel is 3 inches. This would make a 5'7 woman 5'10. Women among all cultures universally state desire for a man at least ~4 inches taller than they are. 4 inches above 5'10 is 6'2. If you are not at least 6'2, you will never be able to attract the majority of females, and therefore, you will never be an alpha male. Kill yourself.

3 min later 19278556 Anonymous
I love the look in his eyes, in that moment it doesn't matter that he was in one of the biggest movie sequels of our times, the only thing that matters is that he is a manlet looking for a way to suicide.

4 min later 19278571 Anonymous
Have you ever tried wearing 3-inch heels? I have 3-inch stiletto heels, and I am barely mobile in them. They're only good if you're doing a lot of sitting, and you're always shorter if you're sitting down.

4 min later 19278584 Anonymous
You fucking assume that you will be looking at a small(<20%) set of women then you go on to conclude that you have proven this for the majority of women. At least try to think.

5 min later 19278594 Anonymous
6'3 reporting in. High five.

5 min later 19278595 Bald (sixthtime.jpg 410x410 125kB)
>Height thread >Sixth time today >Probably more than that

5 min later 19278598 Anonymous

6 min later 19278615 Anonymous
>>19278485 good thing many girls do not wear high heels

7 min later 19278627 Anonymous
>>19278598 More like math student shaking in rage LE TALLFAG IS MAD xD

7 min later 19278641 Anonymous
>6'4 Height doesn't matter. I don't get any extra pussy for being tall, its all about facial genetics. Your burden is much lighter than it seems, my manlet friends.

8 min later 19278661 Anonymous
im 5 fucking 11 oh well...

9 min later 19278666 Anonymous
>>19278627 Lol kill yourself manlet. I would if I was as short as you.

10 min later 19278683 Anonymous
>>19278641 >Undercover manlet detected. You're not tall. Get over it manlet. Quit kidding yourself.

10 min later 19278698 Anonymous
>>19278641 im 5'11 get mired for facial aesthetics 15 times a day >tfw no sex in 7 months

12 min later 19278727 Anonymous
>5'8 >happy with my body >fuck bitches

12 min later 19278730 Anonymous
>>19278666 I would probably kill myself as well if I couldn't think properly. sorry bro. being mean to strangers is one thing but being confident in faulty arguments is idiotic.

13 min later 19278743 Anonymous
>>19278698 >>19278661 >>19278641 i'm 5' 8'' and have been having sex with the same person for the last year. feels like an average relationship and is just fine.

13 min later 19278746 Anonymous
>>19278683 6'4 skyscraper >>19278698 maybe your game isn't very good. Got a bro with 9/10 facials and hes like 5'8, slays the hottest girls at our uni.

13 min later 19278759 Anonymous
>>19278746 post a pic of him so I can compare mysel and make myslef feel somewhat better

15 min later 19278786 Anonymous
>>19278485 >taller than one std.dev from mean is majority Do you even statistics?

15 min later 19278793 Sage
>>19278759 nah dude I don't wanna do that, feels kinda creepy.

18 min later 19278846 Anonymous
>>19278485 That is some horrible makeup she is wearing. Also >>19278786 ^this

18 min later 19278851 Anonymous
>>19278485 >Women among all cultures universally state desire for a man at least ~4 inches taller than they are. >but they actually want a man 8 inches taller than they are >science. 5'11 "just right" master race

18 min later 19278861 Anonymous
>>19278485 What's it like being such an insecure faggot?

20 min later 19278895 Anonymous
we need a janitor this shit is ridiculous

21 min later 19278903 Anonymous
>"oh anon has such a great personality and he's so cute! Oh he's not 4 inches taller than me when I wear slut slippers? Nevermind" Seriously, I'm not even a Manlet but these threads get old. Like you're going to get all the chicks because you're tall. If anything I sometimes wish I was SHORTER, being taller than everyone else often makes me feel awkward and lanky.

22 min later 19278933 Anonymous
that dress looks retarded theres tits hanging out, then there is katie with just her nips pinched down and taped under a tiny bit of fabric

24 min later 19278977 Anonymous
Thats assuming the male has no shoes on

24 min later 19278982 Anonymous
These threads need to be created every 10 minutes on every fucking board. God dam I fucking hate short people.

25 min later 19279001 Anonymous
>>19278485 but anonkins, she is getting dicked down by a 5'7" guy and you've never even been within ten feet of someone as hot as her

26 min later 19279007 Anonymous
5'11 I feel like the world was build for someone of my dimensions. Everything just works. That being said, I'm praying that I grow another inch or two in the next few years (currently 18)

26 min later 19279010 Anonymous
>>19278851 women can never be trusted. I would say 6-8 inches is a good range. I'm 6'1" only girls I've gone out with have been shorter than 5'7". coincidence?

27 min later 19279033 Anonymous
>>19278485 dem tits right at eye level

27 min later 19279055 Anonymous (nofucks.png 186x222 94kB)
>>19278485 >mfw

28 min later 19279076 Anonymous
my girlfriend is 5'1 and I'm 5'11. You guys can have some of my extra height if you like

30 min later 19279108 Anonymous
>>19279076 Hey! So is mine!

31 min later 19279123 Anonymous
>>19279007 5'11" here too. Feels average. Feels good. I've never wanted to be taller.

31 min later 19279125 Anonymous
> Women among all cultures universally state desire for a man at least ~4 inches taller than they are. >that feel when 6"2 and have oneitis for 5"11 girl

32 min later 19279154 Anonymous
I'm 6'4 and I've never had a girlfriend so suck on that.

32 min later 19279160 Anonymous
5'5'' here nofucks.exe have hot gf shredded and ripped due to super fast gains people respect me good facial aesthetics carry myself as if i was 6'5'' life is great

32 min later 19279161 Anonymous
Fuck man, you know there are too many height threads when you're 6'0 and wishing you were taller. I'm out. Before I go actually, what's better, being handsome or tall?

33 min later 19279171 Anonymous
>>19279033 and never being able to have them

33 min later 19279173 Anonymous
>>19279161 being decisive

33 min later 19279183 Anonymous
>>19279123 5'11 here too still considered tall by most girls those that are taller are used to being tall and don't care I also suspect them of being men

34 min later 19279191 sage
>>19279161 considering the type of troll thread this is, take a wild guess brah.

35 min later 19279209 Anonymous (1311015555398.jpg 475x475 19kB)
>Every thread calls for ideal height being 6'2 >tfw 6'2, white, attractive, fit

35 min later 19279217 Anonymous (based_lu.jpg 850x637 103kB)
manlets will always be seen as overcompensating for their height. pic related Why do they even try? they should just get over it and kill themselves captcha: lesonpo peasant

37 min later 19279245 sage
>>19279217 did you miss the part where your pic related is chinese?or are you a, "hurr master bamboozler"

41 min later 19279322 Anonymous (25c3e11c6b0842997fb9cbb48a5c762d.jpg 357x432 129kB)
>The average height for a female is 5'4, and the upper bound of what is considered to be the 'average range' for female height is at 5'7.

43 min later 19279375 Anonymous
>>19279245 nope its related >implying he didnt win the gold to compensate for the fact that hes only 5'8" forever compensating

44 min later 19279388 Anonymous
I'm 6'1, my girlfriend is 5'11. Only 2 inch difference there.

44 min later 19279406 Anonymous
>>19278485 Holes in your argument to consider. A smaller girl will likely go for a smaller guy Not all women wear high heels Not all women prefer ~4 inches >implying I want to attract the majority of females and not just 1 YOU Kill yourself.

45 min later 19279420 Anonymous
>>19278584 >not getting the jist or >ignoring the jist manlet confirmed

46 min later 19279434 Anonymous (1362785550406.png 319x188 98kB)
>6'2" >still can't get gf Hm.

49 min later 19279494 Anonymous
>>19279434 1.85m isn't all that tall imho

52 min later 19279553 Anonymous
>>19278485 actually thats pretty good reasoning. but then 5'1 would be lower bound, +3 is 5'4. +4 is 5'8. which is DEF manlet status. so really what OP is saying is 6'2 is optimal but really 5'8-6'2 can find happiness. i feel like 5'1 is pretty rare though... >6'0 and a bit >can take up to 5'5 for perfect match >bitches get at me

53 min later 19279578 Anonymous (1335330947625.jpg 451x389 19kB)
>>19279406 underage and/or manlet detected

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