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2013-03-08 10:29 18274706 Anonymous (1297904990975.jpg 687x1024 68kB)
Im meeting a chick i met online tonight after work. She is pretty desperate and already thinks im gorgeous thanks to based zyzz. How do i into sex on first date. Any bros got tips or advice?

3 min later 18274734 Anonymous
strangle her and make her touch herself. if she isn't in to it... run away

4 min later 18274740 Anonymous

4 min later 18274741 Anonymous
Please respond

5 min later 18274748 Anonymous (1357275193046.png 250x250 57kB)

8 min later 18274769 Anonymous
Kiss her on the lips, if she's cool with it, touch her ass, if she's cool with it, touch her tits, if she's cool with it, touch her pussy, if she's cool with it, eat her pussy, if she's cool with it, sex her in the vagina and if she's cool with it, stick it in her pooper.

9 min later 18274772 Anonymous (1299104256423.jpg 251x239 37kB)

17 min later 18274839 Anonymous (Teddy_Bear.jpg 648x365 73kB)
Why bother? Fuck, I'd love to end the post right there. Why not just try to nurture a bothered mind? My brain is all fucked up right now from supplements. Just try to love her. Our gains are not for women.

22 min later 18274872 Anonymous
>>18274748 Still too manface, but I like what you're doing.

22 min later 18274874 Anonymous
>>18274769 /thread

33 min later 18274931 Anonymous
>>18274769 This sounds like a high school thought process. What happened to the wine and dine portion? Apparently I'm too 20th century for you guys. I'd enjoy a little conversation first. I tremor at the thought when I consider what people are going to be like in the next few decades. It's like we've gone back to our most primitive origins.

34 min later 18274945 Anonymous
why has she got penis?

35 min later 18274955 Anonymous
>>18274945 happens

35 min later 18274957 Anonymous (1359724557385.jpg 244x220 37kB)
>>18274931 Old fag here. I feel the same. Young ones act like baboons to me.

37 min later 18274973 Anonymous
>>18274957 So you've spent time with baboons have you?

38 min later 18274984 Anonymous
>>18274957 It's too true. The sense of instant gratification has become too strong and people have no sense of pretense or proper etiquette. I'm only 24 but I'm educated. This has got to stop. As was predicted the morons are overpopulating the intelligent.

39 min later 18274987 Anonymous
>>18274973 I watch documentaries on TV. Anyway I take it back. They are bonobos, not baboons. Baboons are too refined.

1 hours later 18275451 Anonymous
>>18274931 >implying you got laid in highschool >implying that's not how sex works >implying you're not asking the internet for sex advices >implying you're not going offer her the old lickaroo

1 hours later 18275477 Anonymous
>>18274931 This. Just fucking don't be an aspie, take her out for a decent dinner/drinks. Carry on a conversation like a civilized human being. Develop mutual interest. Go on a few more dates and maybe she'll be a qt3.14 gf instead of a bag of meat for one night

1 hours later 18275481 Anonymous
>>18274984 >i'm only 14 but i'm really mature >everyone my age acts like baboons

1 hours later 18275515 Anonymous
>>18275477 Confirmed for beta as fuck

1 hours later 18275528 Anonymous
>>18275515 Confirmed for baboon.

1 hours later 18275531 Anonymous
>>18274931 Bitches already make most of us work really hard for their oh so heavenly pussy as they like to think. They can't have everything, how about they wine and dine me for my dick, oh wait, they can choose to fuck 100 men a night whereas most men ( excluding alpha-zyzz ) only can have sex with 1 occasionally if they try hard.

1 hours later 18275561 Anonymous
>>18275531 get a load of this virgin

1 hours later 18275568 Anonymous
>>18275561 Get a load of this baboon

1 hours later 18275572 Anonymous
>>18275561 >proving my point.

1 hours later 18275654 Anonymous
>>18275561 im a virgin and i fuck bitches all the time u mad?

1 hours later 18275669 Anonymous
>>18274706 That girl in the picture is a man. Are you meeting a trap OP?

2 hours later 18275728 Anonymous
>>18275669 I messaged girl in pic on OKCupid. No reply. Seems female enough to me.

2 hours later 18275894 Anonymous (3f391c_3497065.jpg 800x578 161kB)
Gen Y women don't require conversation, dinner, and compliments. They want you to go to the club with them and look hot with her. The amazing thing about these women is that on average they are more educated than women of the 70s 80s and 90s. Have more disposible income, have a greater access to educational materials, have greater access to transport. Yet still hands down the most vacant generally. Gen Y men are not much better, clubbing is a way of life, getting pissed beyond measure on a friday night is still what its all about. Even the educated ones are pretty bad, they think Nietzsche is a good philosopher and that sociology is a science. Now this is all ok, if they grew out of it. Problem is 26 year old manlets are still clubbing, getting pissed, and the educated ones never moved passed Nietzsche. This culture is a neuronal tarpit.

3 hours later 18276844 Anonymous
>>18275894 What's wrong with Nietzsche?

3 hours later 18276913 Anonymous
>>18275894 Yea why the Nietzsche hate? He's extremely enjoyable.

3 hours later 18276942 Anonymous
>>18275894 Sociology is a science you asshole. Not something you should base your life around, but it's the study of human behavior. I love the way you act so intellectually superior to people by spewing your opinions and looking down on people who think otherwise. You're probably sitting in your drinking a glass of boxed wine wearing a fucking fedora. Go fuck yourself.

3 hours later 18276987 Anonymous
>>18275894 >Gen Y women Sorry not interested in late 30yos bro

3 hours later 18277021 Anonymous
>>18275894 >Problem is 26 year old manlets are still clubbing, getting pissed, and the educated ones never moved passed Nietzsche. What's wrong with that? It's not like everyone can be enlightened by their intelligence and not some phony god blessings.

3 hours later 18277026 Anonymous (fitsuckingtinyinvisibledick.jpg 225x225 8kB)
ITT: bonobos

4 hours later 18277045 Anonymous
>>18276844 >>18276913 >QQ muh nietzsches Not the guy, but what he meant probably is that saying "nothing in life really matters" isn't as profound as you think. >>18276942 >Sociology is a science you asshole. Going by strict definition, yeah...

4 hours later 18277058 Anonymous
>>18277045 Going by strict definition would mean you are a pile of sticks.

4 hours later 18277071 Anonymous (ba dum tish.jpg 398x343 18kB)
>>18277058 >Going by strict definition would mean you are a pile of sticks.

4 hours later 18277082 Anonymous
>>18274957 >Implying women haven't changed since you started dating I'm 29, and a lot of shit has changed even since I was 18

4 hours later 18277133 Anonymous (1327000917529.jpg 400x600 31kB)
>>18277058 >pile of sticks

4 hours later 18277137 Anonymous
>>18274706 She's gonna look 5 years older and 50 pounds heavier than her pic. Don't stress it

4 hours later 18277162 Anonymous (pinkman.jpg 515x515 20kB)
>>18274931 why the FUCK would you spend that kind of money on wine and such? delusional granda confirmed

4 hours later 18277163 Anonymous (Casumad.jpg 400x298 20kB)
>>18277137 >tfw I look good in internet mugshots due to strong traps and shoulders but I'm actually a fat cunt with a 34" waist

4 hours later 18277185 Anonymous
>>18275894 >pissed oh you're that guy with the woman ranking tiers the other day right?

4 hours later 18277201 Anonymous (planet of the rustlejimmies.jpg 500x639 37kB)
You're all rustlin my bonobos baboon crunch

4 hours later 18277218 Anonymous
>>18274931 Feminazi detected. >I'd enjoy a little conversation first >implying women are capable of having an interesting conversation

4 hours later 18277223 Anonymous
>>18274931 >>18274957 If OP was trying to date her, sure. As is though he just wants to fuck.

4 hours later 18277239 Anonymous (1359573167177.png 633x803 197kB)
>>18277218 this "blahblahblah hair blahblahblah this bitch blahblahblah" fuck it's so hard

4 hours later 18277257 Anonymous
>>18277058 aww babby mad that I called out his precious sociology. Get a real degree, woman.

4 hours later 18277264 Anonymous
>>18277239 >>18277218 smalltalk sucks 30 dicks. throw them off by having real conversations or asking random questions. you might come off as a sperglord a bit but it won't be boring if you don't give a fuck. I hate it too bros..

4 hours later 18277289 Anonymous
>>18275894 >confirmed for just having read Beyond Good and Evil in his college philosophy class It's still undecided whether or not Nietzsche was just being a self-parodying asshole. He was right in his criticisms of philosophy in general, it's just a bunch of idiots trying to point out the obvious with as many words as possible. >fedoraalone.jpg

4 hours later 18277293 Anonymoose
>>18277163 >Implying you know what women find attractive in internet photos. Yeah, stay delusional faggot.

4 hours later 18277317 Anonymous
>>18277264 I'll open with shit I want to know like name and music shit. Then after that I don't care and just throw in "craziest thing you've done in the last 3 years?"

4 hours later 18277324 Anonymous
>>18274706 she's probably a nasty fat chink. you're going to be banging one of your buddy's' mom

4 hours later 18277329 Anonymous
>>18277289 So Nietzsche was pretty much a pretentious "Lolol I troll u" irl version? And he never amounted to much in his life except that? Sad man..

4 hours later 18277360 Anonymous
>>18277293 Plenty of women on the internet have paid for me to visit them both in the UK and the States just by speaking to me, seeing my mannerisms and assuming I'm in good shape by my traps and shoulders I have nothing to prove to you.

4 hours later 18277401 Anonymoose
>>18277360 >Claims to have women paying for his time >Won't prove it Ok bro, we all believe you.

4 hours later 18277484 Anonymous
>>18275894 bla bla bla. I rarely go to clubs. When I want to fuck I sit down in the talking area of my uni's library. Wait till a minimum 7/10 says hi, chat her up, get her number and ask her to come over to watch a movie/play chess/something silly and then I have sex. Call it 8/10 face, 9/10 body, campus accommodation privilege but you don't need to live the curlbro's lifestyle to fuck bitches.

4 hours later 18277501 Anonymous
>>18277289 I find it kinda hard to believe that one of the first guys who realized that their subjectivity(in Kantian terms) was being stolen by the Modernity and the consequences of Hegel's philosophy, and the way to grow was to get back your subjetivity and exercise it on the moral area was a "self-parodying asshole". But well, i'm only a (somewhat famous)legal philosopher, believe whatever you want.

4 hours later 18277508 Anonymoose
>>18277484 Yup, confirmed for truth.

4 hours later 18277629 Anonymous
>>18277484 post pics of body or gtfo nigger

4 hours later 18277637 Anonymous (32.jpg 390x310 31kB)
>>18277501 >But well, i'm only a (somewhat famous)legal philosopher

4 hours later 18277657 Anonymous
>>18277484 why don't you just say "come over and fuck" cut out the middleman

4 hours later 18277675 Anonymous (13624262527541.jpg 1024x683 131kB)
>>18274706 trap thread?

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