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2012-12-25 07:19 16581685 Anonymous (Magic-Flight-Launch-Box2[1].jpg 600x450 91kB)
What is /fit/'s fit-related gift to themselves this year? Mine is pic related. Now I can get all the benefits of certain herbs, without the health-related drawbacks of combustion.

8 min later 16581801 Anonymous
Got myself a fucking chrome bar. Shiny as fuark.

10 min later 16581826 Anonymous
Got myself a new cum slut. Had to be done.

11 min later 16581832 Anonymous
>>16581826 >related cos its my only source of cardio.

12 min later 16581847 Anonymous
I bought myself the pax

12 min later 16581860 Jesus
>>16581685 >/fit/ related >benefits (I'm assuming you don't have cancer or glaucoma) Typical delusional stoner

13 min later 16581864 Anonymous (TLmZnT1LqM6xVb5.jpg 644x483 54kB)
>>16581685 >not buying this for the same price

13 min later 16581867 Anonymous
Tumbler from Starbucks Fuck yeah

15 min later 16581884 Anonymous
>>16581864 who dat got a link?

15 min later 16581886 Anonymous
>>16581860 Benefits as in getting high. Because he enjoys it. Fit-related because he is minimizing harm done to his lungs. You're a fucking idiot.

15 min later 16581890 Anonymous
>>16581860 I have pretty bad asthma, pot helps opens my airways very well. Haven't needed my pump in the past week since using this. It also gets me pretty darn high. >>16581864 What model is that/where from? Got my Launch Box for $110, wanted something portable, and this was recommended above everything else portable up to ~$300. I'll get a proper vape station at some point though.

18 min later 16581913 Anonymous
>>16581685 My gf got me a medicine ball and a weighted vest. Her family kinda dropped the ball and got me mostly clothes. Last two years, they got me something workout related. Not mad. Very thankful. They're a great family, just was surprised this time. Either way, awesome christmas. Opened gifts early if you can't tell.

19 min later 16581929 Anonymous
>>16581847 I saw OP's post and thought "Damn, I need a pax" But it's good for babby's first vape and it'll last you a long time.

19 min later 16581932 Anonymous
>>16581864 >remote >that arsehole friend that fucks with the settings while you're mid-pull

23 min later 16581981 Anonymous (1208725305509[1].png 436x908 512kB)
>>16581913 >weighted vest >pic related But nah, sounds awesome bro. Good haul. I don't really see my family anymore, but my girlfriend bought me a nice wallet, and I found a sealed pack of smokes that I sold to a friend for 100% profit. Not much fitness related.

25 min later 16582003 Anonymous
>>16581884 >>16581890 Just reverse image searched. V-Tower Extreme.

26 min later 16582018 Anonymous
>>16582003 Looks good, but it's nearly double the price of the Launch Box, so dunno what he was saying. Still something to consider

35 min later 16582122 Anonymous
>>16581685 >mfw uni cops confiscated yours damn i miss that fucker. though the highs were different than say, a bong, and much shorter lived (though that may be because I vaped errday) save your abv and make edibles, srs i made tea with soy milk because fat content

35 min later 16582135 Anonymous
Bought myself a tonne of plates for my dumbells at home. Don't use them for my main workout, but it's good to have a good alternative if there's any reason I can't make it to the gym. Before now, they were only 10kg each. Now they're max 45kg each.

37 min later 16582153 Anonymous
>>16582122 That's bad luck bro. Was it a Launch Box too? With edibles, do you still need to cook it the same way as normal bud, or is it different? Haven't seen anything explaining it yet.

38 min later 16582172 Anonymous
>>16582153 yeah. nope, not really. i mean, i heated the milk and put the abv in. apparently you can just make gel caps too

42 min later 16582225 Anonymous
>>16582172 So, pretty much just raw then? Had another look around, someone posted somewhere about how the vaped weed had already completed the decarb process (I assume that's the glucose membrane surrounding the THC and other active compounds breaking down) so no cooking was required. Sounds good. I should have a couple of grams to try out later tonight.

44 min later 16582247 Anonymous
>>16582225 have fun from a jelly anon. take it easy, it's tough to guage the effectiveness of em. might take a few tries to calibrate. defs start low.

46 min later 16582268 Anonymous
>>16581685 yet, the possibility of alzheimers by smoking out of aluminum or maybe metal in general. anyways, glass is and always will be the best and most efficient median for consumption specially when u vaporize from it. i got mine for like 110$ bucks and get the best highs ive ever had in my life. theyre clean and pure and more enjoyable than smoking. its as pure as it gets cause its glass on glass and its like breathing in air, unless u pack it too tight .. u might cough from the vape density. google VAPOLUTION 2.0 its pretty simple device which means less to break and will last a long time. also, its made in the USA and easy to fix:)

47 min later 16582282 Anonymous
>>16581864 Awesome vaporizer. Got myself one for xmas and it was a good decision. Never going to go back to smoking ever again.

48 min later 16582294 Anonymous
>>16582268 it's a stainless steel screen

50 min later 16582313 Anonymous
>>16582294 oh .. still not as pure as vaporizing from glass.

51 min later 16582323 Anonymous
>>16582313 so...a crack pipe would be perfect?

53 min later 16582353 Anonymous
>>16582323 Or a lightbulb for maximum class. I doubt that having a median such as stainless steel will do anyone any bad. Probably a lot less than simply living in an urban area.

55 min later 16582375 Anonymous
>>16582313 if you can control the temperature at an ideal vaporization point for crack. if you had a bowl you could possible vaporize instead of cooking it.

57 min later 16582392 Anonymous
>>16582353 but lightbulbs have all sorts of shit chemicals in em

58 min later 16582406 Anonymous
>>16582353 I personally prefer inhaling the purest vapor, why pollute it with metal. The taste alone would not be worth it.

58 min later 16582414 Anonymous
>>16582406 there is no taste but okay.

59 min later 16582418 Anonymous
>>16582392 yes and >>16582353 Yes, although not recommended due to interior bulb residue.

59 min later 16582419 Anonymous
>>16582406 do you also cook exclusively with glass pans n shit i mean you could bake a lot like that but you can only get so far

1 hours later 16582448 Anonymous
>>16582419 Bitch, all I eat is glass. vegetables and shit have been contaminated my metal tools when harvested.

1 hours later 16582450 Anonymous
>>16582414 What if you decide to smoke n turn the dial all the way to high?

1 hours later 16582454 Eponymous
I was going to say that I am going to ask my parents if they can get me Adistars, but then I realised this thread is about weed

1 hours later 16582462 Anonymous
>>16582454 OP here. Didn't mean to derail my own thread, sorry. Tell us more about your Adistars

1 hours later 16582472 Anonymous
>>16582450 there is no...what? anyway i buy myself way too much shit over the course of the year anyway, i gotta be smarter with my money

1 hours later 16582479 Eponymous
>>16582462 just need some shoes if I want to squat ATG because of knee issues and a badly sprained ankle a few months ago. Plus it's impossible to snatch/clean correctly and smoothly without heel

1 hours later 16582488 Anonymous
>>16582450 Then you're just combusting it, and smoking. Not vaping. Besides, the MFLB doesn't have a dial.

1 hours later 16582511 Anonymous
>>16582419 Id like to, better than teflon n all these other pans that are non stick and leave residue all over your food. notice they wear down over time, wonder who consumes those heavy metals. I have a glass pan n its actually really nice, no joke, it cleans easy. i usually cook from cast iron. like my eggs, etc or veggies. >>16582448 theyve most likely been contaminated by pesticides if u decided to pollute your crop. Would you pollute a plant you smoke, let alone eat? the rest just washes off

1 hours later 16582531 Anonymous
>>16581685 I vaporize the ez way. I put a clean, empty sauce pan with lid on a burner, put the lid on and turn to 7. While I'm waiting I use scissors and cut the bud up into little pieces (a grinder would be ideal). I put the pieces into a metal 1 cup measuring cup. After about 3 minutes the saucepan is hot as fuark. I open the lid to let off a little residual steam (metal gets hot but does not melt or give off poison vapors. lol) Interior temp of the saucepan after 5 minutes should be around 385 degrees F. I use a clothespin to grasp measuring cup and place cup in pan and replace lid. I count to 10, and then open the lid and inhale all the vapors as fast as you can. Close the lid, count to 10, repeat. It gives about 2-3 good hits, before burning begins (bud becomes brown). Then, remove measuring cup with clothespin, and repeat. Watch out, metal cup is hot when removed. If you spill any material inside the saucepan it will burn if not brushed out. Do not contact the hot saucepan with your face during inhalation step. This method is easy and quick vaporization. It does deliver the huge hits and no-smoke experience. Downsides are that you have to pay attention as you continue hitting because if you are doing something else you will forget and burn the weed.

1 hours later 16582532 Anonymous
>>16582479 Fair nuff. I just lift in Volleys. But I've never had any sort of joint issues, and have been able to go completely ATG since I first tried. I think it's from squatting down for hours building Lego when I was younger (now I have a table for it :3)

1 hours later 16582587 Anonymous
>>16582488 I know, i said smoking. My vapolution has a dial, not with a remote like those fancy digital dials. just a regular dial that goes from low, to optimal vaping then way too hot n smoking. I prefer the middles settings, it vapes just right i just vaped n the high is incredible. The bud taste so pure n the high is so clear. It feels knowing u just consumed cannabis through the best method available. glass on glass vaping +organic bud = best highs ever it feels so good to be free no paranoia or anything just pure consciousness and thought

1 hours later 16582636 Anonymous
>>16582587 i wasnt used to vaping the first time cause its like breathing tasty sweet air, (depending on bud). Anyways, i turned it up too high n it almost combusted i got some monster hits, but it was all smoke. it reminded me why i quit smoking and was rather nostalgic.

1 hours later 16582638 Anonymous
>>16582531 I'd say "ghetto" way rather than "easy", just because it seems a bit more complicated than dumping some in a bowl and going for it. But props to you for coming up with alternatives. Some would even say you're "hacking" your kitchenware. How does it feel to be a hacker.

1 hours later 16582671 Anonymous
>>16582638 Nice add. Mods really keep things going huh?

1 hours later 16582712 Anonymous
>>16582671 Hmm?

1 hours later 16582750 Anonymous
>>16581685 no counting calories / protein today, eat what i want when i want >tfw still automatically count them

1 hours later 16582788 Anonymous
>>16582712 not my job, how u lower ur prices.

1 hours later 16582828 Anonymous
>>16582788 I have no idea what you're going on about.

1 hours later 16582844 Anonymous
>>16582828 nvm i was ranting about the specials r weak.

1 hours later 16582856 Anonymous
>>16581685 relatively high-quality headphones for dat lifting motivation

1 hours later 16582868 Anonymous
>>16582153 You can eat abv weed as is without putting it anything. Although, the taste isn't that great and your shit will wreak of weed, but that's what happens when you eat weed.

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