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2021-02-17 03:41 28950101 Anonymous (graph.png 280x280 42kB)
What is wrong with this piece of shit? Why can't it go back to 2.7?

2 min later 28950287 Anonymous (5TcUUG0.png 400x416 42kB)

2 min later 28950299 Anonymous
Very low volume today. Nucypher is beating it in gains and volume right now. I’m sure if you are patient Ittl turn around , but ffs man I feel you

3 min later 28950376 Anonymous
>>28950101 It’s over for your absolutely worthless shitcoin.

21 min later 28951649 Anonymous
>>28950299 pulled out my NU profits at .82 and put it in Graph since it was down 7%

23 min later 28951784 Anonymous
Crabbing piece of shit I should have sold at 2.8 and in a month when it reaches 1 I'll wish I'd have sold now.

27 min later 28952082 Anonymous
>>28950299 I had this gut feeling to move my grt and algo into Nu. I did the exact fucking opposite. couldve made 30% but oh well. now Im not touching my grt and algo ever again. Will go down with the ship if need be

28 min later 28952204 Anonymous
>>28951649 Yeah it’s just a bad week with the natural correction grt had plus the btc pump. We just got hammered. Ittl gain in time for sure. I have 320 of both seems to be a good hedge

32 min later 28952455 Anonymous (1611136502957.png 830x738 1136kB)
>>28950287 Fuckkkkk

41 min later 28953040 Anonymous
>>28950101 Kek >did u buyed the top?

45 min later 28953353 Anonymous
>>28953040 I bought at 1.80. I'm still upset that I didn't sell at the top. Now I want to take my $$$ out and buy some other top100 coin with bigger short-term potential and I CANT BECAUSE THIS SHIT DOESNT GO UP. I'd drop my bags around 2.50, but it feels bad cashing out at fucking 2.03 when it was 2.3 just yesterday.

49 min later 28953668 Anonymous
Just hold it, it went up unnaturally high bc of nothing, before that it was steadily climbing and it will keep doing that

51 min later 28953785 Anonymous
>>28950101 You said it yourself, it's because it's a piece of shit (an extremely overvalued one at that).

52 min later 28953868 Anonymous
You need to look at the market as a whole, or really just bitcoin. The market got shaken up for about a week because people got paranoid that btc was going to crash (it didn't and won't for months and is now hitting a new ATH)

55 min later 28954019 Anonymous
>nearly went 100x from ICO in 2 months >x27 from when it was listed on CB >what is wrong with this piece of shit kill yourself retard

58 min later 28954232 Anonymous (1613321362642.jpg 1024x658 276kB)
hold on frens, be patient.

1 hours later 28955079 Anonymous
>>28953868 Yeah, I read that many times but it feels like GRT, in particular, is dumping a lot, compared to other top30 coins.

1 hours later 28955590 Anonymous
>>28955079 Yeah for sure. It was definitely undergoing a correction of its own so things just compounded. But GRT recovered faster than any other coin I was paying attention to when btc scares made people dump. GRT is a longterm hold, if you know what it's for you know this shit is going to be grow massively in the future. I guarentee that if you sell GRT you will regret it

1 hours later 28955777 Anonymous
>>28950101 guys does the 28 day lock occur when you undelegate or when you delegate?

1 hours later 28956064 Anonymous (1611666137905.jpg 828x780 780kB)
Still comfy holding my bag that I bought at $0.3

1 hours later 28956307 Anonymous
>>28951649 >god i wish that were me

1 hours later 28956565 Anonymous
Just hodl u weak handed faggots. Set some alerts and stop checking your phone, you are your own worst enemy.

1 hours later 28956658 Anonymous
>>28955777 when you undelegate

1 hours later 28957438 Anonymous
>>28953353 >some other top100 coin with bigger short-term potential like?

1 hours later 28957735 Anonymous
thats it im done with this coin im selling out. ive been watching this crab for days now. ive heard historically GRT is a pump and dump and clearly thats whats happening. time to get out while i can and buy into a non scam coin

1 hours later 28957884 Anonymous
>>28957735 Finally you’ve seen the light. This coin is a SCAM.

1 hours later 28957979 Anonymous (1CA034C5-6655-4CE0-B94B-F14119BB21E5.jpg 500x434 27kB)
>>28950101 We got too cocky grt bros This thing will never pass 2.10 again and is on the steady decline past 1 dollar

1 hours later 28957996 Anonymous
This piece of shit can barely hold two dollars with only a fraction of its fully diluted market cap, yet you really think it can go any higher when you get absolutely dumped on with supply? Fucking sad, honestly.

1 hours later 28958186 Anonymous
I put 10k in @ $2.5. Should I kill myself?

1 hours later 28958616 Anonymous (cameo2.jpg 961x650 680kB)
Got in at .46 thanks to lads on here

1 hours later 28958746 Anonymous (97F46CCF-E849-4902-9297-D125281C78E2.jpg 480x407 37kB)
>>28958186 It’s over for you my friend

1 hours later 28958831 Anonymous
>>28958186 How does $200k eoy sound?

2 hours later 28958900 Anonymous
>>28950101 Because theres too much of it and its relatively worthless. I bought sub 0.60 and sold all above 2.60. Used yo come to these threads to laugh but now its sad. Its exactly like GME. You guys are literally holding my shit bags.

2 hours later 28958984 Anonymous
>>28950101 Really it's just the people on this board and their lack of patience

2 hours later 28959214 Anonymous (mary11.jpg 625x910 93kB)
Going to bless and beautify all GRT threads with miles mathis

2 hours later 28959329 Anonymous
>>28950101 Never sell a crabbing coin. It's stable, meaning no whales are in as of now. Wait until the next whale pump then sell. This one has good potential for serious exponential increases. Now is the time to buy in not sell.

2 hours later 28959333 Anonymous (20210217_174703.jpg 938x733 161kB)
Anon, people are still figuring things out. Have patience.

2 hours later 28959462 Anonymous
>>28958984 Paper hands always rage when something they just sold pumps. They expect things to increase instantly, in a day or week. You have to hold longer than that to see exponential increases. Get over the small losses and gains, wait for the big gains.

2 hours later 28959695 Anonymous
Still working my way up to 5k. Just bought again at the 2.00 mark. I miss the vibe before it jumped in price when things were comfier. The fudders aren't getting to me but they sure are annoying.

2 hours later 28959976 Anonymous (tripsk.jpg 537x808 71kB)
>>28959695 GRTiddies are comfy and in good taste

2 hours later 28960010 Anonymous
>>28959695 Its either fudders or the newfag surges lately

2 hours later 28960045 Anonymous
Thinking of taking this off my exchange and just putting it in a wallet. Too much fucking crabbing. Crack it open again in summer, maybe.

2 hours later 28960070 Anonymous
>>28950101 Waiting for everyone to stop edging themselves with 50k BTC and finally blow their load and the top off.

2 hours later 28960197 Anonymous (lady.jpg 425x700 83kB)

2 hours later 28960230 Anonymous
>>28950101 >What is wrong with this piece of shit? literally a pajeetcoin what the fuck do you expect? vertcoin 2.0

2 hours later 28960284 Anonymous
>>28957438 let him be, he wants to FOMO on another coin to again sell at loss for the next FOMO this dude reeks of wagie brain

2 hours later 28960334 Anonymous (blank1.jpg 360x700 58kB)

2 hours later 28960384 Anonymous
>>28959333 Trips tripped. Dey nuh teach theory in CS? >Blockchain 3.0 technologies move beyond cryptocurrency and smart contracts to revolutionize a broader range of social applications including government, health, arts, and culture (Swan, 2015). This represents promise for women in particular, with access to financial services for the 42 percent of global women who do not have bank accounts, secure identification records and land title registries on the blockchain for women in the developing world, and potential financial gain for those who invest in cryptocurrency (Allen, 2018; Thomason, 2017; Lielacher, 2018).

2 hours later 28960555 Anonymous
The market seems to be recovering after the btc action. It’s a little better today, and I’m thinking in around 12 hrs, it’s Going to be a lot better, and we’re gonna see some nice pumps in alts as long as btc remains stable

2 hours later 28960622 Anonymous
>>28960384 >all of this profits me anyways Fine

2 hours later 28960640 Anonymous
>>28960555 Also green id Also check em

2 hours later 28960689 Anonymous (wagmi.png 1000x1000 750kB)
>tfw accumulating swingnigger and papertranny bags at a discount cause they're too weak-willed to just hold this make-it token Let these NGMIfags drop the floor from under themselves, cause my 6K stack is ~$0.60 cost basis and I'd like to add a few more 10K's while it's cheap

2 hours later 28960750 Anonymous
reminder that btc just 4x'd it's market cap ath in a span of like 2.5 months. The institutional investing is the beginning. Even if the coins fail the tech will go parabolic.

2 hours later 28961093 Anonymous
>>28950287 69k to 10k to 5k to 1.5k I would have 120k.....

2 hours later 28961503 Anonymous
>>28950101 Just be patient. Nothing pumps 200% a week every week. It will continue the climb soon enough. I'm just glad it is somewhat stable around 2 - if you told me 4 weeks ago that it would be "crabbing" at 2 right now I would have shit myself (still am). In a few months youll see the same people crying about not selling at 2.8 crying about not buying more at 2. Unless they're here for "SHILL ME THE NEXT 100X BIZ I FUCKING NEED IT THIS WEEK OR MY MOM'S GOING TO KICK ME OUT!!!"

2 hours later 28961721 Anonymous (eve2.jpg 472x763 83kB)

2 hours later 28961995 Anonymous
>>28961503 I wish these degenerates would see the light. They see reddit shit gambling success stories that are in like the 99.99999th percentile of shit, and think that's how you make money, ignoring the fact that essentially every single person who's actually made it just held on to an array of good assets over time and didn't papernigger to fuck it up along the way

3 hours later 28963343 Anonymous
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3 hours later 28963799 Anonymous
>>28954019 This holy shit. I put in only $660 back in December and I have 10x my money now

3 hours later 28963853 Anonymous
>>28954232 Holding fren and ready to buy more if it dips.

3 hours later 28964234 Anonymous
>>28950101 It's coming off a 600% pump since it was listed on Coinbase. It's going to cool down, it could go as low as $1 a coin, more likely $1.50 is the floor. It's a long term hold, accooooomulate now.

3 hours later 28964292 Anonymous
>>28961995 this, its a lot of young guys that want to make money quick.. you can make a lot of money, but set your expectations it could take a bit of time.

3 hours later 28964583 Anonymous (1613056913597.png 4106x2048 1267kB)
>>28950101 Rothschild is accumulating. Will pump when he is ready. $100 end of year.

3 hours later 28964815 Anonymous
>>28958186 how does$250 sound?

3 hours later 28965185 Anonymous (1586198016177.png 500x450 141kB)
>tfw bought $2.60 GRT >stop lossed out at $2.20 >tfw bought $0.82 NU >keeps bouncing off $0.84 with no hope in sight You fucking shitters keep making me lose money and it hurts. It fucking hurts.

3 hours later 28965318 Anonymous (1612546630418.jpg 640x480 42kB)
>>28965185 >buy high >sell low never change /biz/

3 hours later 28965690 Anonymous
How TF is anyone complaining about a $2 token that was $0.10 earlier this yeah. Do you retards not understand we simply corrected after a bunch of hype. How new at this are all you permanently poor fags? I've been holding since $0.23 and have no intention on selling.

3 hours later 28966794 Anonymous
>>28957735 >historically >ICO - October 2020 You must be 18 to post here.

3 hours later 28967501 Anonymous

3 hours later 28967762 Anonymous
It seriously seems like this board is half filled by frat kids larping with their daddy's money.

4 hours later 28967920 Anonymous (1606385256653.jpg 1280x720 44kB)
>>28950101 Why can't I find this shit on Bittrex

4 hours later 28968014 Anonymous
>>28950101 >imagine not buying at sub 0.40$ >imagine not delegating 5 digit tokens

4 hours later 28968041 Anonymous
eets poomping

4 hours later 28968169 Anonymous (67818FF8-245C-4770-BBD3-B9D41DC191F1.png 607x608 353kB)
>>28960555 Check’d m8

4 hours later 28968267 Anonymous (1531351583806.gif 230x230 1615kB)
it's time

4 hours later 28968295 Anonymous (file.png 122x223 4kB)
>LTC starts crabbing >GRT goes BRRRRRRRRRRR

4 hours later 28968363 Anonymous (images.jpg 235x214 8kB)

4 hours later 28968433 Anonymous (1612887772047.png 1000x581 734kB)
He sold

4 hours later 28968605 Anonymous (D2B4C02F-4684-4A40-B7A5-76000DAFD6F9.png 219x230 9kB)
Cant wait for all the niggers that sold to off themselves soon >we will never go passed 2.10 again LMAO

4 hours later 28968744 Anonymous
10$ EOD

4 hours later 28968783 Anonymous
>>28957735 The "historically it's a pnd" thing is a line of crap. It's been out for two months and has had only the one pump. If you look at its all time history it had a tiny spike at the beginning (not a pnd), it's steadily risen, had its one pump last week, and has mostly corrected for it. Long term is the win with this one.

4 hours later 28968852 Anonymous
>>28968783 Bro it's a meme how new are you?

4 hours later 28968893 Anonymous
This is just a whale reading the thread and learning it's not too late. We'll be at 2.05 again here soon or 2.25. I could be wrong but lets stay calm people

4 hours later 28968902 Anonymous
Everyone ITT will lose all of their money holding GRT when BTC tanks/pumps. Not fud, same is true for all alts.

4 hours later 28969004 Anonymous
>>28965185 you're the nigger here

4 hours later 28969054 Anonymous
>>28967501 >There are people who think getting into an investment two months before the next wave of buyers makes someone a boomer >There are people who think an investment blows when it goes 10x and then crabs for one (1) week and want to get out of it Major buy signal.

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