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2021-02-17 04:53 28919941 Anonymous (140055102_3210914982468358_3949283394948643222_n.jpg 680x669 70kB)
It's over. Time to sell. Bitcoin has hit its peak. Eth is an official shitcoin with its gas fees (it's always been a shitcoin really). The Cardano faggot with glasses isn't going to save us from gas fees and just pump his profits into crypto whores. Meanwhile I am so emotionally attached to these collections of 1s and 0s I can't bear to sell them even though I know the bull run is over and all momentum has CEASED. I don't have a family, no girlfriend, no fucking dog, just my hand and my crypto. God grant me the strength to either off myself or sell my coins, but in the end it's all the same shit anyway.

7 min later 28920296 Anonymous
Send me ur coins

9 min later 28920388 Anonymous
>>28919941 > we're at the peak if BTC goes to 10K i'll buy more if it doesn't I'm also happy literally can't lose

13 min later 28920580 Anonymous
>>28920296 They're the closest things I have to children.

13 min later 28920622 Anonymous
>>28919941 what does this gesture mean

14 min later 28920683 Anonymous
>>28920622 Putting her hair up to suck you off.

15 min later 28920696 Anonymous
>>28920622 shes about to beat you up

15 min later 28920707 Anonymous
>>28919941 Do women actual do this? And how does it feel...I only gotten handjobs from mormon girls. I prefer it but Im I missing out?

16 min later 28920756 Anonymous
>>28920388 When did you buy in?

17 min later 28920840 Anonymous
>>28920622 She's going to suck off her boyfriend while we jack off to the thought of being rich enough to get her to fuck us, when even if we had the money she always thinks our dicks are too small to satisfy her or stimulate the back of her throat.

20 min later 28920957 Anonymous
>>28920696 based.

20 min later 28920992 Anonymous
>>28920707 It feels pretty fucking good. For me, life, depression, and drugs has numbed my cock skin a bit so the girl has to actually be skilled at it to make me coom. But for the average dickman even if she is physically terrible at it, the psychological knowledge you have a girl with a pretty face slobbering the cock you previously fapped to her with is pretty hot. I encourage you to take some crypto gains and go to either eastern/central europe for white whores or latin america for latina whores. Desperation and sex positivity makes for skilled cocksuckers.

21 min later 28921040 Anonymous
>>28919941 Telling your wife about crypto ngmi

24 min later 28921190 Anonymous
Like this guy is probably without foreskin, he can enjoy the blowjobs. >>28920992 On the other hand, I had phimosis so my penis under foreskin is super sensitive. It hurts Everytime my girlfriend tries to give me blow jobs. I cured my phimosis last month though so hoping for the sensitivity to go away.

26 min later 28921295 Anonymous
>>28920992 Thank you anon. How do I avoid STDs from whores? Im a virgin and I dont want to get aids my first time

27 min later 28921344 Anonymous
>>28920388 this guy get it

27 min later 28921345 Anonymous
>>28920707 pleasant and relaxing

28 min later 28921383 Anonymous (EBD5177E-A876-4878-AEDE-19AD787C648F.jpg 1080x1065 196kB)
>>28919941 Tfw my girlfriend actually topped me up after winning big on Wynaut today because virgins pumped it overnight WAGMI

28 min later 28921389 Anonymous
>>28921190 Its still too sensitive even with condoms over it? Shit man, what did you cure it with? Even being drunk didn't numb the shit well enough?

29 min later 28921393 Anonymous (tardation.jpg 490x427 73kB)
>>28920840 >stimulate the back of her throat

29 min later 28921401 Anonymous
>>28921295 Only go bareback and only anal

30 min later 28921466 Anonymous
>>28920622 definitely NGMI

30 min later 28921481 Anonymous
>>28921393 >he doesn't know about blowpigs You haven't lived

35 min later 28921717 Anonymous
>>28921393 I naturally have a small penis, but there exists numbing spray that makes this shit possible. It's a very....niche thing but money talks and money numbs.

40 min later 28921977 Anonymous
>>28921295 OP here, licensed places in countries with legalized hookery are substantially safer than unregulated countries/hookers. The downside is that they are less likely (not impossible though) to do the disgusting freaky shit with you. Good legal prostitution is in Germany and Czech Republic. Germany is a huge destination for whores and britfags on their henparties (or whatever teadrinking fucks like them call it). Lots of gorgeous white whores from eastern europe who suck cock like communists lost the cold war. If you want ludicrously cheap shit, then I recommend Filis street in Athens where whores will suck and fuck you for the price of a sandwich if you negotiate alpha enough. Blowjobs are safer than any raw fucking in pussy or ass. I for one like double blowjobs more than fucking because I get to have more than one woman on my manhood so to speak. If it wasn't for the chink flu I'd have gone to Greece and implanted my seed in the hearts and throats of democracy already.

54 min later 28922720 Anonymous
>>28921383 Unironically baste.

1 hours later 28923050 Anonymous
>>28921977 Checked and thank you anon. But wouldnt it be sleazy if I show up to the brothel multiple times a day for multiple days of the week (I have a high libido and my record load is 14ml).

1 hours later 28923112 Anonymous
>>28921393 My girl cums from sucking me off. Yeah it’s wierd but real

1 hours later 28923646 Anonymous
>>28921190 How did you cure it? I’ve tried stretching but it just comes back.

1 hours later 28923766 Anonymous (1118full-ai-shinozaki.jpg 1118x1575 140kB)

1 hours later 28923823 Anonymous (20190424sex-hot-girls-30.jpg 1590x2826 471kB)

1 hours later 28923898 Anonymous
>>28920622 She’s getting ready to eat soup

1 hours later 28923903 Anonymous
>>28919941 Ive been sensing the top for a while now I still won't sell. I'll just buy more during the bear market, knowing with more conviction that it will moon again one day.

1 hours later 28924077 Anonymous (images.jpg 274x184 8kB)
>>28923050 Not at all. It's just business for them. If anything they would appreciate you coming back and helping them make more money. Be sure to give a little extra before the service to improve cocksuckery. Then if you want to see the same whore on your cock later give an extra tip so she knows you are the kind of guy who rewards skill. Still research prevailing rates though, so as a tourist you don;t get ripped off because you are a wealthy first worlder. Also use streetsmarts and have a front pack (yeah it looks gay but the money you have in it will get you hotter women than most men will have in their lives) to dissuade pick pocketing.

1 hours later 28924095 Anonymous
>>28921190 Bruh I have phimosis I hate it. How did you cure it? Just stretch it out? What was your routine?

1 hours later 28924251 Anonymous
>>28919941 I want to kiss AOC

1 hours later 28924292 Anonymous
>>28923903 Yeah if you genuinely have the finances and mental health to accommodate depreciations then hodl that shit into the long term

1 hours later 28924324 Anonymous (download (3).jpg 229x220 7kB)
>>28923766 BOOBAA

1 hours later 28924708 Anonymous
>>28921389 >>28923646 >>28924095 I tried manual stretching and ended up masturbating everyday without any progress. Came across these phimocure rings that (((they))) sell on Amazon. Now it feels nasty but it really helps. All you need to do is after shower, put the ring inside your foreskin and leave it there for an hour. Start from the smallest ring and start doing larger ones as your skins starts to stretch out. It feels painful at first but then the head gets used to it. Once you can go down to retraction-while-not-erect stage then keep your skin retracted and the air will desensitize the skin somehow. There is probably lots of smegma under your skin so start washing it every day to get rid of it

1 hours later 28925252 Anonymous
>>28924708 Thank you so much anon. How long did it take?

1 hours later 28925527 Anonymous
>>28924708 OP here, am circumcised/cut/mutilated by religion. What is it like to have smegma? Do you ever feel it accumulate especially with your personal sensitivity?

2 hours later 28926466 Anonymous
>>28925252 I started in October, tried NoFap with stretching simultaneously. Failed both and gave up. Started phimocure with 8mm ring mid Jan. Now in one month I am up to 20mm-22mm ring. Kinda got flatlined but when flacid I can retract the foreskin without panicking about getting it stuck behind the head. >>28925527 It is like earwax if you didn't clean it for years. It isn't painful or anything but have to scratch the head with something to get rid of it particle by particle. Most of the smegma was on the bottom edge of the head which probably never saw the light in 25 years lol

2 hours later 28926537 Anonymous
I’m uncut. Never had smegma in my life.

2 hours later 28927171 Anonymous
>>28923898 kek

2 hours later 28927463 Anonymous
>>28924708 I can still retract it when I’m not hard so I can keep it clean at least but it stays over my glans during sex and really reduces the sensation. Thanks for the info, everything online just says that you have to get circumcised and there’s no cure.

2 hours later 28927678 Anonymous
>>28926466 Is it actually unhealthy if you or a bish accidentally swallows it? Earwax is antibacterial for instance and just looks nasty, is that true for smegma?

2 hours later 28927689 Anonymous
I'm attached to my bitcoin, but not to my ethereum. Its hard to sell bitcoin, after so many years holding. But ethereum... what a piece of trash, I'm selling every month this faggot coin. It wont move, its gas fees are absurdly high, and DeFI is just ICO2.0, just buzzwords for the ignorant. I also dont have family and friends, so this might be a explanation for it.

2 hours later 28927854 Anonymous (1611024525067.jpg 402x423 74kB)
>>28924251 I want to cum in her huge eye sockets and also kiss her feet just to say I did it. The cooming in the eye sockets is something she absolutely deserves though. Millions of years of evolutionary biology has led to bitcoin yes, but also women developing larger and larger eyes to arouse us and demonstrate reproductive fitness. Just look at Anna Taylor Joy and Gulag Mommy AOC. Maybe one of the reasons I should sell my digital children is to find a bish with huge eyesockets like Joy or AOC to put my semen into and fertilize with my ball tadpoles. I have came on bishes with big eyes but never like them before.

2 hours later 28928000 Anonymous
>>28926466 Do you use any lube/cream when using the rings?

2 hours later 28928182 Anonymous
>>28927689 Yeah I have used bitcoin ever since the dark net markets days of yore. Too bad I was too much of an addict faggot to actually realize in the MDMA and entheogenic daze that hodling this shit would cause legendary wealth. Bitcoin also has genuine potential as a store of value as shit round the world hits the fan. But eth's gas fees are a crippling downside and I see no evidence Vladimir Putin will put up updates to fix it soon. But if ETH and Defi hits the shitter it may make the rest of crypto look bad. Idk though, dogecoin being retarded hasn't sunk bitcoin as we have seen with it hitting 50000. Also fucking ridiculously hot hookers takes the pain away for a bit.

2 hours later 28928295 Anonymous (1612834484.jpg 575x1024 59kB)
>>28924095 When I was getting a physical in middle school the doc asked me if I ever had any trouble retracting the foreskin and I immediately said no. Truth was I didn't even know it was supposed to do that, but I knew if I said yes it was gonna involve some bullshit and more appointments so for the next few weeks I pulled it back gradually each time I went to the bathroom. In retrospect I actually have no idea if it was even phimosis, but I eventually got it all the way. Like >>28924708 says, the smegma was pretty nuts. Sorry for foreskin blogging but I wanted to get that out.

2 hours later 28928416 Anonymous
jesus christ im cut and even i know you're supposed to pull it back and clean in there every day anons wtf

3 hours later 28928577 Anonymous
>>28928416 the smeg I mentioned was only because it was the first time that part of me had seen the light of day in my entire life. don't even remember the time I saw any since it's as easy to avoid as maintaining basic hygiene.

3 hours later 28928687 Anonymous
>>28928577 checked. idk anon best of luck

3 hours later 28929335 Anonymous
>>28926466 >which probably never saw the light in 25 years lol for me it was like 22 years first time i had the courage to pull it all the way back, there was some calcified cheese, and some fucking hair stuck underneath yup. oh and it stunk like hell

3 hours later 28929665 Anonymous
>>28929335 Jesus, I take it from the bacteria that built up? Did any girls or traps that gave you head ever comment on your smelly dick anon? Or did the foreskin shut in the smell?

3 hours later 28929727 Anonymous
>>28920622 when women don't tie their hair back like that it gets in their face while they're giving a blowjob

3 hours later 28930316 Anonymous
>>28921190 I had the same issue. Most of the sensitivity goes away. For me, it took a few months. Now, shit is so cash.

3 hours later 28930503 Anonymous
>>28925527 Other uncut here. Never really had the smegma issue, but I'd wash the tip of my dick pretty frequently.

3 hours later 28930842 Anonymous
>I'll never have smegma >I'll have my hairy ball skin pulled halfway up my shaft every time I get an erection, making my dick hairy, and balls scrunch up fuck this jewish earth

3 hours later 28930906 Anonymous
>>28930842 GAS THE KIKES.

3 hours later 28930958 Anonymous
>>28921977 >Filis street tell me more anon

4 hours later 28931688 Anonymous
>>28928000 I had to use some recently. I use some steroid cream to thin up the skin. >>28927678 (((they))) say its good as a lubrication but I don't like it. >>28929335 Calcified cheese makes more sense than ear wax I guess. How did you remove all of it?

4 hours later 28931945 Anonymous
>>28920622 ask your mom

4 hours later 28931995 Anonymous
>>28920840 >we go back to /r9k/ you fucking deadbeat loser /biz/ has always been a chadboard

4 hours later 28932050 Anonymous
>>28920696 this is the truth. all the other anons are lying to you.

4 hours later 28932059 Anonymous
/biz/ - Penis Hygiene

4 hours later 28932060 Anonymous
>>28924708 >>28927463 I used to have this too when I was a kid. They circumcised me but not by taking away all of my foreskin. They just made some cuts so I can take my foreskin back if I want to. I just have a normal dick now. There are more ways for curcumsicion than just the jewish one.

4 hours later 28932098 Anonymous
>>28919941 Go back to r/buttcoin you plebbit spacing nigger faggot

4 hours later 28932142 SAGE (D27D59DA-2DBF-49C8-8851-292514E93C89.jpg 395x650 594kB)
>>28919941 all i see is >bear >fucking dog sage in all fields

4 hours later 28932190 Anonymous
>>28930958 It's a street in Athens, Greece notable for its cheap whores. It's not that far from the Acropolis and its excellent for mongering. For more research on this and other issues pertinent to gentlemen, look up whoremonger blogs and websites. iirc 2 of them are literally called that. But the info is all part of the monger community, which is short for sex tourists and other hedonic degenerates. Sex tourism is not economically efficient but also novel for the acts the locals are willing to engage in. I keep memeing about double and triple blowjobs but seriously, it's real shit in shithole albeit friendly countries like Greece or Bulgaria. It is ideal if you be white or lighter skinned though and don't stick out as a foreigner *that* much. Greece is also cheap as fuck for hostels and good. Get gyros and pussy where democracy was founded. Jizz loads in two white hooker's throats close to where Socrates took the hemlock like a hero.

4 hours later 28932276 Anonymous
>>28931995 When you are enough of a financially decent emotional wreck, femdom is good for making you feel things albeit not as much as the oversensitive foreskins of the uncut anons apparently.

4 hours later 28932378 Anonymous
>>28932059 Yes.

4 hours later 28932753 Anonymous
>>28932190 why do so many people travel from the US all the way to Asia when Greece actually seems to have cheaper whores lmao how is the experience there? mechanical like let's say Amsterdam RLD or more relaxed?

4 hours later 28933074 Anonymous
>>28921977 anon tell us more about ukraine/hungary whoring pls

4 hours later 28933133 Anonymous
>>28919941 This thread aged well.

5 hours later 28934424 Anonymous
>>28932753 Its a matter of racial preference. I like white bishes to unironically get back at racism and get my rocks off that way/ Southeast asia is the way to go for asian whores, but they remind me of my mom so I don't want to go there except for the blowjob bars in Thailand. It's lovely! Definitely less touristy than the Amsterdam RLD. It is an impoverished country given the economy and refugees but it doesn't feel overrun with rude tourists like the rld was when I was on De Wallen. Oh, you must mean the actual fucking. I would say its less mechanical on average but it really depends on your whore. I don't want to say that its uniformly superior cause I haven't fucked every sex worker there (one day perhaps). AIDS is unsarcastically a worry from the street walkers so be mindful. Some of them may want you to fuck their ass so they have more money, but wear a condom doing stuff like that for Christ's sakes. There are also the more regulated licensed brothels which are more expensive than the unlicensed brothels where more depraved shit happens. But naturally the process is healthier licensed than not. Still, the proper brothels are run by enterprising small business people and literal AIDS isn't good for business.

5 hours later 28934637 Anonymous
>>28933074 Sure. Even in western europe and parts of the US, many of the white sex workers are eastern european and romani. Because of a lack of border controls between EU states, poor ass yet banging hot white women in eastern europe can now flock to wealthier white countries to suck, fuck, and gurgle cum for economic empowerment. The Czech republic is giving the Californian porn industry a run for its money as a result (along with czech women being based themselves) The average one wants to make you cum for more tips and well....provide a good service. Just be mindful about getting ripped off as a tourist by them increasing rates. Also it helps if you have a trusted local, but in the more cosmopolitan areas (where you'd want to go anywhere I suppose) you have less to worry about if you stick out as an outside. Be careful if you are literally black though. You may not be attacked for simply existing, but if you are a Black guy fucking a lot of whores in a hypothetical rural area the local retards may give you a hard time. Even that is rare though. An American getting lynched overseas in an EU or EU aligned country is bad for the entire nation's economy and standing. For this reason don't go to Russia. Hungary and Ukraine are cheap as fuck to so good for asking about them in particular.

5 hours later 28935162 Anonymous
>>28934424 >>28934637 thanks for actual good info anon maybe I will try if I go to Greece someday, for 20€ it doesn't even matter if the experience is bad >but they remind me of my mom are you asian? or hapa?

5 hours later 28935514 Anonymous
>>28934637 You are aware that it is jews forcing gullible dump slavs into sex slavery and they are not there of their own accord? Germany is the biggest destination of sex trafficking in Europe because tards like you assume its an regulated business tough maybe only 1/10 whores are regulated and those are native Germans and look like potatoes

5 hours later 28935546 Anonymous
>>28920622 You must be 18 to post here

6 hours later 28936372 Anonymous
>>28921295 as the bareback anal poster said, but pay extra for pozzed razor play

6 hours later 28936781 Anonymous
>Bitcoin has hit its peak. Eth is an official shitcoin with its gas fees (it's always been a shitcoin really). Yes buy DOT or related projects like RING

6 hours later 28937600 Anonymous
Last time round when the 2017 crash happened, how badly did it impact alts? I vaguely remember but I wasn't paying as much attention back then. BTC went from 20k to 3k, did *all* alts crash by like 95%?

6 hours later 28937976 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210216-183703.png 720x1520 113kB)
>>28935162 OP here but different ip now, I switched to my phone. I have mixed race ancestry from somewhere in that part of the world but definitely not east asians. People chronically get my race wrong and if anything a plurality of people think I am Mexican (beans amirite?). None the less so many asian bishes behave like my mom which is a turn off. The american azns are mich more attractive to me.

6 hours later 28938149 Anonymous
>>28935514 Enough of it is regulated and there is a meaningful difference between sex workers getting harassed by moralfags like in most of burgerland versus European states that have some sort of regulatory framework in place. Also god bless the kikes for giving mischlings like me access to the eastern european wombs and throata. Oy vey and alakazam bam bam

7 hours later 28938580 Anonymous (1612786434530.jpg 500x1023 78kB)
>>28919941 When she knows you've got GRT suicide stack.

7 hours later 28938756 Anonymous
>>28927463 >Thanks for the info, everything online just says that you have to get circumcised and there’s no cure. (((american))) bullshit, due to the lobbies in place. on the non-english speaking internet you see much more medical literature on the topic proper masturbation technique helps in most cases. if you have phimosis or paraphimosis it's likely you stimulate the middle to the top of your glans to orgasm, whereas you should be working the shaft by jerking your shaft you will naturally retract your glans over time. it's a long process, over months/years, but there's generally a breakthrough at some point that being said, the advice usually applies to teenagers / young men who are virgins. if you're having sex and it didn't help by itself, your condition might be more serious than others. or it could be that you don't have sex often enough / rough enough sex to change things. but there's definitely a gamut of things one should try before surgery

7 hours later 28938811 Anonymous
>>28919941 >that @ rope yourself already

7 hours later 28938823 Anonymous
>>28920622 It means she's going a really complicated math problem and the hair is getting in her way.

7 hours later 28939052 Anonymous
>>28926537 This is normal outside of Islamic countries and Jewish vassal states

7 hours later 28939125 Anonymous
>>28919941 >Bitcoin has hit its peak that's what morons said at $42k (and all the way up) and we are at $52k

7 hours later 28939417 Anonymous
>>28934637 Nothing based about being whores

7 hours later 28939447 Anonymous (1231321546554.png 919x380 86kB)

7 hours later 28939626 Anonymous
>>28932276 >oversensitive foreskins You mean normal. The word you are looking for is normal sensitivity.

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