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2021-02-16 05:58 28873617 Anonymous /LTC/ - Litecoin General: Buy the Dip Edition (Litecoin.png 1200x1200 55kB)
>What is Litecoin? https://litecoin.org/ Litecoin (LTC) is an open source peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. With substantial industry support, trade volume and liquidity, Litecoin is a proven medium of commerce complementary to Bitcoin (BTC) >How is Litecoin different to Bitcoin? https://litecoin.info/index.php/Com parison_between_Litecoin_and_Bitcoi n One way to view Litecoin is as silver to Bitcoin's gold, in that it is a relatively less valuable cryptocurrency that is easier to obtain and transact with Litecoin uses scrypt instead of SHA256 for proof of work Transactions are 4 times faster than with Bitcoin Total amount of LTC is 4 times the total amount of BTC >Why invest in Litecoin? https://litecoin-foundation.org/the -case-for-litecoin/ Litecoin, one of the oldest cryptocurrencies, has proven itself a reliable and secure money with the advantages of name-recognition and high liquidity (available on almost all exchanges), consistently ranking in the top 4 in trading volume. It’s also the second most available coin in cryptocurrency ATM’s. Bitcoin continues to be the ‘gold standard’, but Litecoin has proven itself the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. According to Coinbase’s metrics, Litecoin’s price is 98% correlated to Bitcoin’s >What's new with Litecoin? https://coinjournal.net/news/liteco in-price-touches-3-year-high-as-net work-activity-spikes/ https://bitcoinprbuzz.com/shifting- into-litespeed-defichain-introduces -litecoin-liquidity-mining/ https://beincrypto.com/dogecoin-and -litecoin-mining-chip-combo-capital izes-on-the-craze/ https://cointelegraph.com/news/reco rd-584m-litecoin-futures-open-inter est-signals-institutional-inflow >Support /LTC/ - Litecoin General Thank the baker; LTC address: LfMycuFSaNsRbU16vbGJNawL4q1jVh1T4Q

2 min later 28873830 Anonymous
>>28873617 Why is this piece of shit dipping so hard, I’m selling when it’s back up to 220.

3 min later 28873862 Anonymous (the dip.png 1387x913 130kB)
now testing the accumulation band we observed yesterday

3 min later 28873879 Anonymous (1613312907301.jpg 350x600 258kB)
>>28873617 >/LTC/ - Litecoin General: Buy the Dip Edition I just wanted to make a thread with that name

3 min later 28873905 Anonymous (devilish.gif 425x481 1580kB)
>>28873830 I'm selling at 218, anticipating someone to sell at 219

4 min later 28873998 Anonymous
Soon frens soon

7 min later 28874249 Anonymous
>>28873862 explain anon

8 min later 28874270 Anonymous
>>28873830 >>28873905 >short the fudders >>28873879 >>28873998 >long the frens

8 min later 28874303 Anonymous (pepe coffee.png 402x344 55kB)
just want ATH I've been watching the ticker nonstop

10 min later 28874468 Anonymous
>>28874270 I want mimblewimble to come out

15 min later 28874872 Anonymous
>>28874249 so the dip observed yesterday (C to D on chart) was turned around 180 degrees with buying pressure at D, which proceeded to drive price above C. this was strong hand buying the dip we're now nearing levels where that strong buying pressure yesterday (at $201) engaged, so it's reasonable to expect that price level will today be bought--or frontrun--assuming demand hasn't dried up. look for an accumulation today and the beginning of a recovery from just above $200 >>28874468 soon, merely weeks away if all goes as planned

23 min later 28875398 Anonymous
Why didn't I sell the top dam

26 min later 28875620 Anonymous

26 min later 28875651 Anonymous (juncture.png 1387x913 137kB)
>>28873862 fluffed my lines a little on previous chart after adjustment, interesting juncture ahead, where triangle's trend line overtakes parallel channel. worth noting if later today one of these becomes support

34 min later 28876223 Anonymous (btc wedge.png 1387x913 73kB)
in other news, Bitcoin looks set for a big move

42 min later 28876807 Anonymous
https://decrypt.co/57876/why-liteco ins-charlie-lee-hates-to-be-compare d-to-elon-musk?amp=1 Interview just came out, lee says fungi upgrade is immident

44 min later 28876931 Anonymous
>>28873617 >To remedy this kind of situation, the project is introducing experimental new privacy features, based on privacy technology MimbleWimble (which takes its unusual name from Harry Potter). >To introduce the new code, the blockchain will need a soft fork—and how fast that happens depends on how fast the miners are ready for it, said Lee. "It could be a month. It could take up to a year.". NIGGERWIMBLE may take a year. We won't make it, lads! Sauce: https://decrypt.co/57876/why-liteco ins-charlie-lee-hates-to-be-compare d-to-elon-musk?amp=1

45 min later 28877038 Anonymous

45 min later 28877068 Anonymous
>>28875651 This shitcoin moves like a snail, anon

50 min later 28877447 Anonymous
>>28877068 ADHD riddled zoomer go watch tic-tacs or whatever you call it

51 min later 28877510 Anonymous
>>28876807 thanks anon, will update the copypasta with this >>28876931 we always knew that would be the case

52 min later 28877635 Anonymous
>>28873617 holy fucking 5 year throw back. jesus fuck man. this made me feel. wasn't this the exact copy pasta from when it was like $5 just after release? fuck man. right in the nostalgia right there. so fucking weird to see ltc is still a 'thing'.. but at least people are making money from it.

53 min later 28877679 Anonymous

53 min later 28877700 Anonymous
>>28876223 What kind of move anon

53 min later 28877722 Anonymous (liteknights.jpg 988x741 636kB)

56 min later 28877921 Anonymous
>>28877635 wrote this up yesterday! still a thing, still doing its thing >>28877700 remains to be seen. I'm personally wary of rising wedges, though the trend has been BTC's fren. not certain, truthfully >>28877722 >that image >those numerals ch-checked

1 hours later 28879077 Anonymous
Bumping this bread

1 hours later 28879441 Anonymous (dumpit.png 494x319 297kB)

1 hours later 28879442 Anonymous
Post meme energy so that we don't fall below 200

1 hours later 28879510 Anonymous (1613246684480.gif 220x200 114kB)
>>28879442 Here from another anon. https://vocaroo.com/1jRbg0imAHz4

1 hours later 28879534 Anonymous
>>28879442 Shhh, opportunity waits

1 hours later 28879604 Anonymous
>>28879534 I'm already all in.

1 hours later 28880374 Anonymous
anons, this will moon, but it will moon at the last minute. once litecoin moons it means the normies are here and fomoing.

1 hours later 28880891 Anonymous (ltcmoon.png 700x490 303kB)

1 hours later 28880962 Anonymous (andthewinneris.png 540x500 253kB)
>>28880891 .

1 hours later 28881016 Anonymous (hold the line at 200.png 1387x913 136kB)
>>28879442 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA STRONK accumulation above $200 >>28880891 >>28880962 >long tortoise >short hare

1 hours later 28881017 Anonymous
hello my fellow homosexuals WHY THE FUCK DOES MY TRANSFER TAKE 30 MINUTES

1 hours later 28881169 Anonymous
>>28881016 Anon tell us if it will rise or what. No riddles

1 hours later 28881301 Anonymous (burning_money-1200x747.png 1200x747 1123kB)
>>28881017 nevermind only 25 minutes

1 hours later 28881338 Anonymous (1613316063427.png 710x805 610kB)
>>28881169 >Anon tell us if it will rise or what. I bet he can look into the future anon.

1 hours later 28881413 Anonymous
>>28881169 instead, I'll encourage you to read Matthew 24:36 >No man knows ... though I will say the accumulation off dips to $200 is mighty encouraging >>28881338 >peering into my crystal ball >what's that I seEeeEeEE??? IT's LITECOIN

1 hours later 28881480 Anonymous
>>28881169 It could go up or it could go down. Seriously. That is what you are looking at.

1 hours later 28881537 Anonymous
>>28873617 I officially in LTC bros. Feels good to finally have BTC and LTC. To the fucking moon we go. We are the masters of our destinies, no one can stop us

1 hours later 28881562 Anonymous
>>28881480 >It could go up or it could go down Chance is 50/50

1 hours later 28882150 Anonymous
>>28877635 These are exciting times anon. 1 TRILLION btc market cap and huge public interest from institutional investors (dumbass yoloing 1.5bn gubmint money into btc). This is going to cause change in perspectives from the leading minds in the crypto space (us). There will be a renewed interest in store of value, which will lead to the eminent mooning of litecoin as it returns to reclaim its rightful mantel as silver 2.0 or digital silver. There will only ever be 21 million btc and there will only ever be 84 million ltc.

1 hours later 28882347 Anonymous (1613314405705.png 491x988 492kB)
>>28873617 Hey son, *crack* Bump *sips*

1 hours later 28882530 Anonymous
>>28882150 What about 500 something adresses holding 60% of supply?

1 hours later 28882854 Anonymous (yes.png 652x615 248kB)
>>28881537 >We are the masters of our destinies, no one can stop us >>28882150 Yes >>28882347 cheers *crack* to that *sip*

2 hours later 28883775 Anonymous
Litecoin Cash still exists? and apparently there's now a Litecoin Plus whatever that means https://www.modernreaders.com/news/ 2021/02/15/litecoin-cash-price-up-3 0-3-over-last-week-lcc.html

2 hours later 28883813 Anonymous
>>28877510 >we always knew that would be the case Sure, but too many Litefags shills about niggerwimble here. "One more month", bros

2 hours later 28883985 Anonymous
>>28883775 LCC is no better or worse than doge, Don

2 hours later 28884175 Anonymous
$210 stablecoin

2 hours later 28884536 Anonymous

2 hours later 28884809 Anonymous
>>28883813 >b-b-b-but we're actually exactly one month from when Charlie saaaaaaid will be curious how miner's react, see no reason for them to drag their feet >>28883985 ya know, I actually wouldn't mind dropping all of $20 on Litecoin Plus if it happened to be on a non-North Korean exchange >4million capped supply but I digress, that's beyond the scope of this here /LTC/ - Litecoin General, and in all likelihood hot garbage

2 hours later 28884931 Anonymous
>>28884536 Oooooh

2 hours later 28885373 Anonymous
Grayscale has purchased 228.7k litecoin in the last 30 days. Imagine not accumulating this.

2 hours later 28885827 Anonymous (1613312127726.jpg 675x601 72kB)
>>28885373 *sips* yup

2 hours later 28885910 Anonymous
ltc rare than you think, only about 10-20 millions and in 4 years under 7 million coins that are purchasable.

2 hours later 28886091 Anonymous
>>28885910 soon people will realize friendo

2 hours later 28886403 Anonymous
>>28884809 >"One huge unexpected surprise" Still remember this shit?

2 hours later 28886437 Anonymous
A few more days weeks and we can start having ltc schizo threads

2 hours later 28886771 Anonymous
>>28885373 >>28885827 almost completely under the radar too. note the premiums on their LTC fund shares! their clients are throwing money at it >>28885910 >>28886091 bitcoin is not unlikely to run into a supply unavailability issue, which would be enormously bullish to LTC's already bullish case >>28886403 yeah the non materializing facebook hype? wonder how much of that was due to their waffling on libra >>28886437 >ye best start believing in ltc schizo threads you're in one

2 hours later 28886967 Anonymous
do you think its a good idea to get some ltc? ive been thinking about diversifying some of my eth because when it dumps i think ltc wont dump that hard. also it has quite some room for growth? what do you guys think

2 hours later 28887153 Anonymous
>>28886967 Stupid question , go all in

2 hours later 28887169 Anonymous (Stillstacking.jpg 847x586 114kB)
>>28886967 Do it anon. wagmi

2 hours later 28887315 Anonymous
19 ltc. is it worth holding?

2 hours later 28887374 Anonymous
>>28887153 But you guys are just saying that so he would buy and raise the price. How can he trust you?

2 hours later 28887388 Anonymous (1613226258691.jpg 1380x640 988kB)

3 hours later 28887592 Anonymous (ltchad.jpg 431x431 62kB)
>>28887374 how much do you think one faggot raises the price lol

3 hours later 28887626 Anonymous (1612309180722.png 624x775 996kB)
>>28887374 We are all in this together anon. Why would we shill if we also didnt hope to make it? We are not looking for small increases, but 2-3x FUD. Anyone who can join will make it more certain. The earlier you enter, the better the run will be for you. LTC didnt hit its ATH yet. But its gonna happen, and thats 2x already.

3 hours later 28887949 Anonymous (mooning_incoming.png 1470x675 113kB)

3 hours later 28888071 Anonymous
Market buy LTC and sip on monsters. Life is good.

3 hours later 28888337 Anonymous
>>28887949 nice modern art piece

3 hours later 28888338 Anonymous
>>28887592 There's more than one faggot reading this.

3 hours later 28888549 Anonymous
>>28887592 it eats the sell order, every faggots count

3 hours later 28889346 Anonymous
>>28873617 Gonna bump this thread

3 hours later 28889524 Anonymous (12.jpg 266x189 7kB)
I bought LTC at 212.88USD. Did I just buy the high? I feel like I got memed.

3 hours later 28889650 Anonymous
>>28889524 >Did I just buy the high? Seems like it, LTC is shitting the bed again.

3 hours later 28889764 Anonymous (951367c657bb3bbdd66f5c5b9a2526ba.jpg 1280x720 60kB)

3 hours later 28890001 Anonymous (gibsltc.png 407x262 93kB)
>>28889524 Hold onto it anon, no paperhands.

3 hours later 28890102 Anonymous (1613421953167.jpg 2527x1440 689kB)
Sometimes it goes up, sometimes it goes down. At least it doesn't always go down like those dollars

3 hours later 28890667 Anonymous
>>28889764 Is not a meme , its prophecy. Now kindly get out

3 hours later 28890752 Anonymous (21559EF6-48D1-4CE0-AE57-C0E6765A6D35.jpg 2048x1001 162kB)
>>28873617 LETS GOOOOO

3 hours later 28890779 Anonymous (1457629995288.png 519x370 98kB)
We're about to hit $200

3 hours later 28890887 Anonymous
>>28889524 Crypto moves fast, you may be happy with that price in but a matter of days >>28890001 >this Don't get in only to be anxious to get out >>28890102 They sure ain't *crack* making money *sip* like they used to *buuurp*

3 hours later 28891076 Anonymous
>>28882530 More info on this anon

3 hours later 28891192 Anonymous (5D32342E-AC40-4B20-AA28-76F33E9E3837.jpg 1920x1080 261kB)
If this doesn’t make your mouth water, nothing will.

3 hours later 28891268 Anonymous
>>28879510 Kek pretty impressive actually

3 hours later 28891325 Anonymous
>>28890752 Shit doesn't just repeat itself like that, anon

3 hours later 28891545 Anonymous
>>28891325 You’re in for a big surprise.

3 hours later 28891567 Anonymous
>>28884536 Damn just sold 100k

3 hours later 28891624 Anonymous (1548994171712.jpg 550x590 16kB)
>>28891545 I don't want "surprises" when it comes to my money

3 hours later 28891938 Anonymous

3 hours later 28892014 Anonymous (LTC_Rocket_recolored.png 500x622 145kB)
>>28891624 >pic related is no surprise anon

4 hours later 28892536 Anonymous
>>28891325 Who guessed DOGE would go back to 150+ sats on a 40k BTC?

4 hours later 28892840 Anonymous
>>28882530 >>28891076 Many of those are exchange wallets, so not really owned by an entity that could unilaterally dump. Situation is healthier than BTC's, unironically because of Charlie Lee selling. No Satoshi Nakamoto sword-of-Damocles like Bitcoin has

4 hours later 28893163 Anonymous
>>28892840 This

4 hours later 28894229 Anonymous
>>28891192 Wondered about this myself, by what structure will this cycle manifest. Would be thrilled if happened as this though

4 hours later 28894374 Anonymous
>>28894229 We aren't even at previous ATH and have major institutional players accumulating. I have a great feeling about where we're going anon.

4 hours later 28894738 Anonymous
$400 waiting room required. I know something.

4 hours later 28894773 Anonymous
>>28894374 >I have a great feeling about where we're going anon. I am undeniably inexcusably absolutely positively no-doubts-about-it giddy as a schoolgirl >>28894738 >he knows

4 hours later 28894828 Anonymous
>>28894738 Tell us what you know my boomer fren.

4 hours later 28895270 Anonymous (m_6029fbfd284e99213c7a96c8.jpg 580x580 206kB)
>>28894738 What do you know? >strapping in for $400

4 hours later 28895543 Anonymous (Apu 2.jpg 700x394 34kB)
>>28873617 I'm about to get paid this friday, why should I buy a few lite instead of stacking more sats? Is it really "digital silver?" Why can't they just assassinate the creator and shut down the project? I'm already a bagholder of 20k doge and almost half a bitcoin, so I'd rather make the safe investments for the next decade instead of FOMOing into moonboi fever dreams...

4 hours later 28895700 Anonymous (42BF3DCE-2B54-4F05-893D-831B1C904651.jpg 615x343 22kB)
>>28895543 >I'd rather make the safe investments >which crypto should I hold bruh

4 hours later 28895819 Anonymous
>>28895543 creator already dumped

4 hours later 28895997 Anonymous (1612918303875.jpg 720x720 33kB)
>>28895700 You don't think bitcoin is a safe investment for the next few decades? Plz explain...

4 hours later 28896197 Anonymous
>>28895543 No Crypto is truly safe, but BTC, GRT, LTC, ADA and ATOM are among the safest - think of Crypto as the solar system; BTC is the golden sun, and every other "Top Ten" are the planets - their rise and fall correlates with BTC's growth, so investing in them means investing in the health of Crypto in general. Shitcoins and Pajeetcoins are meteors and comets - often catastrophe, sometimes treated as a sign of things to come, and hopelessly exciting to newcomers. Ignore them unless you have the economic chops to catch one.

4 hours later 28896323 Anonymous
>>28895819 >creator already dumped Hey, look it's the common fuckwit reply. No shit fuckwit, Charlie was open and upfront about his sale and why he sold. Go push this 4yr old shit somewhere else. He still is on the board and working hard to help it grow. You should go to the Litecoin Foundation website and see all that is in play. But you won't. Tell us again how Charlie sold in the next thread. I am sure you will.

4 hours later 28896336 Anonymous
>>28873617 what innovation does litecoin provide that is not present in say, bitcoin or monero?

4 hours later 28896443 Anonymous
>>28896323 this dude asked why he cant just get rid of the creator and i answered you retard

4 hours later 28896558 Anonymous
>>28896336 mimble fuckin wimble

5 hours later 28897334 Anonymous
>>28896336 Its the best of both worlds with mimble wimble

5 hours later 28897939 Anonymous
>>28895543 if safety is your upmost priority: precious metals is a better bet. litecoin functions as digital silver, as explained in OP copypasta. better yet, if you're familiar with moving bitcoin, buy a lil litecoin yourself and compare the ownership experiences >>28896197 your eloquence is unlimited >>28895819 >this anon knows why that's a good thing message for >>28896323 the point isn't fud if you really study it >>28896336 litecoin improves dramatically upon bitcoin in that it's faster and cheaper to move. litecoin better performs the role bitcoin was meant to fill, store-of-value propositions aside. now, being so early into crypto adoption, outside the hardcores, monero could carry a stigma, which doesn't increase its accessibility to normies. and in case you notice the anons posting mimblewimble, yes litecoin is a leader in implementing cutting edge protocols

5 hours later 28898189 Anonymous
I repeat $400 waiting room required immediately.

5 hours later 28898315 Anonymous
>>28898189 >what does he know?

5 hours later 28898575 Anonymous (200 support.png 1387x913 125kB)
i'll be quite content if we can continue to steady the ship here above $200 awhile longer. that's bullish for me

5 hours later 28898907 Anonymous
>>28894738 >ID says intelligent and kosher I think we can trust him.

5 hours later 28899356 Anonymous
>>28898907 https://vocaroo.com/1cv3hXwcRPAN

5 hours later 28899481 Anonymous
>>28873617 >buy the dip lol

5 hours later 28899535 Anonymous
>>28899481 >just the dip be gentle senpai

5 hours later 28899617 Anonymous
I bought the top. Then aold the bottom today. Blew threw all of my GRT earnings from .86 in a week. Wat do?

5 hours later 28899728 Anonymous (1v0rh5edkp441.jpg 553x553 33kB)
>>28899617 >this is you

5 hours later 28899800 Anonymous
>>28899617 I used to be you but then I stopped swinging and suddenly my life became beautiful

5 hours later 28899900 Anonymous (1610730808029.png 235x215 5kB)
>>28898315 iykyk

5 hours later 28900183 Anonymous (1611864210998.jpg 640x640 43kB)

5 hours later 28900228 Anonymous (166325651212.jpg 750x747 240kB)

5 hours later 28900230 Anonymous (liteknightmeme.jpg 640x584 253kB)
>>28900107 >gambling on shitcoins

5 hours later 28900671 Anonymous
>>28900107 You had me at "mess up this thread". Can I give you 2 ETH?

5 hours later 28900870 Anonymous
>>28900107 You fucking anus licking street shitting motherfucker. How fucking dare you shit up this thread with your shameless shilling. Have you no respect for us older gentlemen? Can you not allow us to discuss this fine coin in peace? Remove him.

5 hours later 28901108 Anonymous (liteknights.jpg 1200x720 129kB)
>>28900230 Imagine

6 hours later 28901871 Anonymous (1613313292286.jpg 550x550 49kB)
Bumping in case you kids are sleeping

6 hours later 28902500 Anonymous (bounce.png 1387x913 125kB)
i'll dare say we have found a local bottom here with strong support at $205

6 hours later 28902600 Anonymous
Litecoin seems to me to have at least as much potential as bitcoin. It has the same properties as bitcoin and way more potential due or its current price point. Assuming the same amount of interest and no increases in it, it should keep increasing in value simply for being finite. Am I missing something here?

6 hours later 28902767 Anonymous
>>28902600 >Am I missing something here? nailed it. simple as

6 hours later 28902931 Anonymous

6 hours later 28902948 Anonymous
Crack open those monsters and take huge gulps. $400 is coming sooner than you think. I know something.

6 hours later 28903035 Anonymous
>>28902948 share anon we are still waiting for you to deliver

6 hours later 28903186 Anonymous
The fact that grayscale is bullish in it makes me more confident in my position. Just need to keep increasing the market cap naturally as investors look for the next bitcoin

6 hours later 28903203 Anonymous
>>28882530 >>28902931 read the following >>28892840

6 hours later 28903231 Anonymous
>>28903035 It reaches 300$ and big dump ensues.

6 hours later 28903250 Anonymous
>>28902948 Not too soon, I hope. I don't like worthless fiat value. I want this coin to be cheap because I like coin not $.

6 hours later 28903276 Anonymous
>>28902931 owner already rugpulled 3 years ago

6 hours later 28903330 Anonymous (1613436579937.png 1242x1122 1395kB)
>>28903231 do you have nothing better to do

6 hours later 28903455 Anonymous
>>28903231 $235 is more significant than $300. But no technical levels will matter when the pump starts. $400 is a conservative certainty. I know something.

6 hours later 28903599 Anonymous
>>28903455 dubs confirm anything below $1000 EOY is fud

6 hours later 28903732 Anonymous
>>28903455 >dubs >>28903599 >d-dubble dubs uhhh guys

6 hours later 28903775 Anonymous (1612991379933.jpg 1154x866 476kB)

6 hours later 28904071 Anonymous
>>28903455 Well say it

6 hours later 28904324 Anonymous
>>28904071 Beg me.

6 hours later 28904686 Anonymous
steady rise starting in around 5 hours and 20 minutes. shilling will increase and fomo will build entering the weekend. next week will blow everyone away.

6 hours later 28905063 Anonymous (mll25v5ad4w51.jpg 1001x823 465kB)

6 hours later 28905669 Anonymous
>>28903775 that fucking whale I member

6 hours later 28905682 Anonymous
>>28905063 Nothing sweeter, but this was revealed to me last night in a dream. Litecoin has been chosen, those who hodl through the trials will make it.

7 hours later 28906744 Anonymous
>>28903455 >>28905682 >trust the plan >I saw it in a dream You lot are as bad as XRP baggies

7 hours later 28906877 Anonymous
>>28903455 You really don’t know something

7 hours later 28907076 Anonymous
>>28906877 The bottom line is someone knows something.. thats for sure but who is it and what do they know? Nobody knows

7 hours later 28907209 Anonymous
>>28906877 >>28907076 I know what it is... heh heh heh.

7 hours later 28907852 Anonymous (4d4da98edb.jpg 696x464 63kB)
>>28907209 What is it liteknight

7 hours later 28908397 Anonymous
>>28907852 The secret is... LITECOIN? MORE LIKE BITECOIN. BITES MY ASS!

7 hours later 28908524 Anonymous
>>28889764 >nearly doubled from its position 15 days ago >not breaking out You're mentally useless

7 hours later 28908660 Anonymous (B1DD9ACC-9638-48A5-B55D-545F4D27ED0D.jpg 1024x1008 220kB)
Who’s comfy here?

7 hours later 28908668 Anonymous
>>28889764 let's talk in 2 weeks

7 hours later 28909003 Anonymous (ceo of comfy.jpg 601x601 71kB)
>>28908660 why yes good sir, i too am rather comfy

7 hours later 28909349 Anonymous (76348643782686.png 700x800 222kB)
>>28908668 TWO MORE WEEKS

7 hours later 28909364 Anonymous (liteknight lego.jpg 327x383 62kB)
>>28908660 pretty comfy

8 hours later 28909747 Anonymous (0578827F-934C-4512-B162-E7AD3C0E24D5.jpg 409x409 45kB)
>>28908660 We comfy

8 hours later 28909852 Anonymous
When is this shit gonna dip under $200 so I can buy more

8 hours later 28909926 Anonymous
>>28909852 maybe 5 mins lol

8 hours later 28910020 Anonymous
>>28904324 just tell us you nigger

8 hours later 28910104 Anonymous
start the timer boyos

8 hours later 28910655 Anonymous
Just stopped in. Not a holder, but this is going to to at least mid 500. . Next 100% locked target (however it gets there -nothing goes straight up always)is 344 9then 402) and there will be turbulence at 255 likely. Hold. Have fun this season lads.

8 hours later 28910690 Anonymous
>>28909852 maybe never

8 hours later 28910758 Anonymous
I know there is no monetary benefit to doing it, but I'm thinking about turning one of my Pis into a full node. I have several running as part of a semi-defunct distributed computing project that are online 24/7/365. Worth it as a project?

8 hours later 28910970 Anonymous
Is there a lite coin chan

8 hours later 28911100 Anonymous

8 hours later 28911138 Anonymous (205-2054600_litecoin cryptocurrency anime girl.jpg 840x1003 308kB)

8 hours later 28911225 Anonymous
>>28910655 Checked. Based crypto tourist. Thanks anon >>28910758 Sounds like fun, and admirable. You'll be doing your part to secure the network

8 hours later 28911294 Anonymous
What's the strategy here with this coin? I just put 5k in to get 25 LTC. I don't really have time to check stonks all day, is this a good hodl coin?

8 hours later 28911312 Anonymous
>>28911294 >is this a good hodl coin? unironically the best

8 hours later 28911444 Anonymous
>>28911294 yup

8 hours later 28911512 Anonymous
>>28911444 >>28911312 What are the major downsides to the coin? What are the relative chances of collapse compared to ETH, BTC and how should we expect LTC's trend to follow given a BTC trend?

8 hours later 28911873 Anonymous
>>28911512 >downsides it's not the next eth killer or dapp, it is simply a currency like how btc/bch is >chance of collapse it will probably follow btc's trend as pretty much everything else does

8 hours later 28912114 Anonymous
>>28911444 Checked

8 hours later 28912416 Anonymous (1608066707892s.jpg 250x139 4kB)
bros, i have to go now. will be selling my LTC for CAKE. we don't have much time and i don't see LTC moving anytime soon. i hope i can come back soon and join you all. leaving LTC breaks my heart. goodbye ltc bros.

8 hours later 28912526 Anonymous
>>28911873 >it is simply a currency like how btc Don't you mean asset? Btw, would it be wrong to assume this coin reaches $1k within 5 years?

8 hours later 28912578 Anonymous
>>28911512 if BTC crashes all crypto crashes, don't fool yourself

8 hours later 28912662 Anonymous
>>28912416 Dont do it anon the promised day is just ahead of us. Just hold on for a little while longer with us.

8 hours later 28912721 Anonymous
>>28912578 >>28911873 If LTC follows BTC, do they keep the same multiplicative relationships? Everytime bitcoin booms it goes up what, 20%? Is that percentage much greater for altcoins?

8 hours later 28912769 Anonymous (1610680584458.jpg 868x752 137kB)
>>28912662 I'm sorry anon...I have no choice. I hope to double my stack which would increase my LTC stack in the future. I don't doubt you guys, but LTC just isn't budging. Cheers lads.

8 hours later 28912803 Anonymous
>>28877038 based geologist

8 hours later 28912811 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210216-175139.jpg 1080x167 19kB)
I'm up 2.6x on initial investment, how much should I convert to LTC? I don't want to play obscure altcoins anymore

8 hours later 28912971 Anonymous
>>28912721 alts usually lag behind >>28912811 whatever you feel comfortable, there is no right answer

8 hours later 28913010 Anonymous
>>28912811 The pro gamer strategy is to convert all BTC profit to LTC on the chance that LTC booms from the usual .5% of BTC to 2%

8 hours later 28913049 Anonymous
ALERT >ALERT ALERT >ALERT A message to all fudders: >sell your Litecoins >you don't deserve them A message to all brudders: >hold your Litecoins >we all gonna make it

9 hours later 28913238 Anonymous
Polkadex provides two ways to bring liquidity. Feeless dex that will solve costly gas on uniswap dex.

9 hours later 28913404 Anonymous (maxresdefault.jpg 1280x720 104kB)
>>28912416 pamp it

9 hours later 28913542 Anonymous (1613278973290.jpg 933x933 206kB)
>32 getting into crypto >this is meme'd as the boomer crypto >well I guess I should buy in gonna save a can of monster for when this thing starts moving

9 hours later 28913707 Anonymous
>>28912416 sell please so bogs can finally make the call and pump it for the rest of us

9 hours later 28913786 Anonymous (1611971186867.png 387x225 43kB)
>>28911225 A bitcoin node was always an interest, but the blockchain is so damn big. I can fit the LTC chain on a 128gb flash drive easily, seems like a simple fun project desu.

9 hours later 28914506 Anonymous
remember when BTC broke 30k for the first time and LTC was up 25% the day after? yeah I think that's where we're headed after BTC breaks 5k for good soon

9 hours later 28914822 Anonymous
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atu FSv2bLa8 CAN YOU FEEL IT

9 hours later 28914915 Anonymous (BAAEB875-0159-4270-826C-9384184D8D32.png 380x349 79kB)
There is no way to lose buying and holding LTC.

9 hours later 28915211 Anonymous

9 hours later 28915546 Anonymous
>>28915211 this is just btc movement. Our time will come when btc starts crabbing

9 hours later 28915599 Anonymous
I am getting fomo. All these cheap alts dumping while ltc and btc moon. I want to buy those alts.

9 hours later 28915695 Anonymous
>>28915599 >I want to buy those alts. Then do it, buy them! We're not here to hold you back, only advise on what is or is not a good decision. If you see an otherwise good performer dipping right now, go for it!

9 hours later 28915743 Anonymous
Are we gonna touch $190 again?

9 hours later 28915746 Anonymous
>>28915695 Avax and grt?

9 hours later 28915757 Anonymous
>>28915695 Avax and grt?

9 hours later 28915767 Anonymous
>>28915599 why fomo when you're getting a 4x vs. BTC in the upcoming weeks? 0.017 is where I start to scale out.

9 hours later 28915801 Anonymous
>>28915743 if BTC breaks 50k for good? no way

9 hours later 28915879 Anonymous (PEPE.jpg 125x79 2kB)
>>28915746 >>28915757

9 hours later 28915898 Anonymous
>>28915743 I think so. I have a huge buy order around 150. Btc will test 40k again, just you wait.

9 hours later 28915914 Anonymous
>>28915746 >>28915757 Looks like you've got your answer, buy up AVAX and GRT. They'll probably (not a financial advisor) stabilize once BTC does.

9 hours later 28916098 Anonymous
>>28915914 What's a good split? 33%? Or 50, 25, 25? Ot 40, 30, 30?

9 hours later 28916209 Anonymous
>>28916098 50/25/25 sounds good to me, it lets you ease more into AVAX/GRT if they start to outpace LTC.

9 hours later 28916312 Anonymous
>>28915767 Basically there's more gains to be had there. Although I'm not sure since ltc hasn't mooned at all yet. This is just so trustworthy. >>28916209 Alright I'm gonna think about it. Ltc is hedging so well these days. Does it always do this or is it beginning to move?

10 hours later 28917071 Anonymous
A free 4x is enough to ask for, I'll hold my digital silver.

10 hours later 28917506 Anonymous
So is this a legit coin or another doge lottery type coin? Why should i put money into this instead of bitcoin?

10 hours later 28917582 Anonymous
>>28917506 Because we're about to outperform BTC. It's way easier to make a coin go from 10b mcap to 100b than it is to go from 1t to 10t

10 hours later 28917614 Anonymous
>>28917506 doge is a fork of this, this is a fork of bitcoin litecoin has been around for nearly a decade and is accepted pretty much anywhere bitcoin is online

10 hours later 28917965 Anonymous
>>28915898 Okay I think I'll try for $175-$180

10 hours later 28918206 Anonymous
Out for now, be back to bake tomorrow's bread Sleep tight, liteknights

10 hours later 28918892 Anonymous
>>28918206 I love you, anon.

10 hours later 28919565 Anonymous
I really don't feel good holding this coin when I bought in at 220 bros. I was burnt on litecoin in 2017. really feel like I should have DCA'd

10 hours later 28919638 Anonymous
>>28919565 anon you will soon be known as a whole coiner just have patience

10 hours later 28919775 Anonymous
>>28919565 LTC is best flipped for profits. BTC is losing steam at the moment. Your skepticism is well-placed anon.

10 hours later 28919964 Anonymous
>>28873617 I moved 40 LTC to BTC at 30K (LTC was 150) I would have made 2K in LTC I made 3600 in BTC never buy BTC. FOREVER BLUEBALL

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