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2021-02-16 02:08 28857663 Anonymous (1611698516185.png 1024x920 171kB)
What will be your sell signal this bullrun?

11 min later 28858228 Anonymous
>>28857663 It all ready happened. >celebrities endorsing crypto for weeks >people talking about dogecoin in regular situations >shit-tier reddit groups for new shitcoins encouraging each other to hodl >aggressive ath at a psychological milestone (50,000) My fingers itch and I want back in, but I don't want to lose all my gains just for the chance of another 2-3x.

12 min later 28858303 Anonymous
>>28857663 which one is it???half of you guys are saying this is the end and half say the altseason didnt start yet

13 min later 28858353 Anonymous
>>28857663 Sell signal? Who's selling? Maybe in 2025

13 min later 28858369 Anonymous
>>28857663 GME style euphoria

14 min later 28858413 Anonymous
btc hitting 50k

14 min later 28858436 Anonymous
>>28857663 When bitcoin is somewhere between $100k-$300k

16 min later 28858499 Anonymous
>>28858228 This. I'm sitting on Binance short tokens now - been cashing in with those weird nightly dnps - are they system tests for a bigger dump maybe?

16 min later 28858530 Anonymous
>>28858228 Ah, yes. The "bullrun" where ETH doesnt pull a 2x off its previous ATH.

18 min later 28858599 Anonymous
>>28858369 This. But it has to be basically about every coin at the same time.

19 min later 28858664 Anonymous
already sold I placed some staggered buy orders for coins I actually care about but they range from -15% to -50% stll got some small holdings to play around with but most of it is in stablecoins or fiat

19 min later 28858688 Anonymous
>>28858228 >>28858413 >>28858499 how new are you

20 min later 28858739 Anonymous
>>28857663 your op

21 min later 28858783 Anonymous
>>28857663 You don't need a sell signal for at least 6 months The actual sell signal is still far.

22 min later 28858814 Anonymous
don't forget fed money printing. adjusted for usd supply were only barely above 2017 peak, we could have another 10x left. not taking profit until BTC hits $400k ETH hits $10k but I think most other alts are in a bubble, especially all the fucking no name shitcoins with hundred million mcaps. I am predicting something similar to the late 2017 BTC run.

22 min later 28858834 Anonymous
>selling BTC >ever

22 min later 28858842 Anonymous
>>28858664 Enjoy staying poor r*dditnigger

35 min later 28859563 Anonymous
>>28858228 >bitcoin dominance at 61% >it "all ready" happened Found the newfag

43 min later 28860020 Anonymous
Maybe after the next stimulus check comes in. Week or so after for the waggies to cash check and buy my bags

44 min later 28860023 Anonymous
>>28858783 and said signal is ?

45 min later 28860112 Anonymous
>>28859563 >"this time it's different"

46 min later 28860185 Anonymous
dunno but I got itchy fingers

51 min later 28860494 Anonymous
>>28860020 >>28860185 yes and yes

53 min later 28860635 Anonymous
Just selling in june no matter what.

54 min later 28860704 Anonymous
>>28858530 Give it two more weeks m8. Buttcoin didn't hit 2x until a month after passing its previous ATH and it's only been two weeks since ETH's.

56 min later 28860818 Anonymous
Saylor borrowing money to buy BTC. Shows that the market is out of capital and literally needs to borrow to go on U N S U S T A I N A B L E

56 min later 28860827 Anonymous
>>28860704 wasn't bitcoins previous ath like $1000 at that time?

57 min later 28860887 Anonymous
>>28857663 I no longer need to sell into government money

57 min later 28860926 Anonymous
>>28860827 I hope you mean ETH and no, it was 1.4k in like 2017.

58 min later 28860968 Anonymous
>>28858228 When this retard FOMOs back in

1 hours later 28861068 Anonymous
>>28857663 When bitcoins at 5k again

1 hours later 28861121 Anonymous
>>28860926 no in december 1st of 2013 it was roughly $1000 Bitcoin went up from mid 2016 all the way to december 2017 roughly We got a long ways to go if it follows the same pattern But I'm selling on june just to be safe.

1 hours later 28861128 Anonymous
>>28857663 I’m not selling and I hold bags from the 2017 pump

1 hours later 28861548 Anonymous
>>28861121 >We got a long ways to go if it follows the same pattern >every pattern is always the same

1 hours later 28861622 Anonymous
>>28861548 Its also following the rainbow chart

1 hours later 28861702 Anonymous
>>28860968 Based and smart money pilled.

1 hours later 28861804 Anonymous
>>28860968 How will we track this new metric?

1 hours later 28861876 Anonymous
>>28857663 Three days after Reddit shills the coin I like

1 hours later 28862064 Anonymous (1612247380469.gif 395x520 1776kB)

1 hours later 28862155 Anonymous
>>28857663 Collective crypto market cap of $40 trillion or more. Not joking.

1 hours later 28862179 Anonymous
>>28857663 i have a retard friend litmus test cuz whenever he hits me up to explain money thing X the hour is approaching to sell the top

1 hours later 28862201 Anonymous
>>28861622 rainbow chart?

1 hours later 28862388 Anonymous
Price is steady for now, that makes me think that there is enough accumulation to keep this going for quite some time. It's not a quick pump and dump.

1 hours later 28862446 Anonymous
the charts

1 hours later 28862645 Anonymous
>>28862179 do people actually do this? everyone basing their exit signals on anecdotal evidence is beyond retarded

1 hours later 28863006 Anonymous
Since Tezos is the definition of perfection, I will never sell my entire stack. NEVER

1 hours later 28863049 Anonymous
>>28862645 This is /biz/ lol These people don't trade, they gamble on 1000x shitcoins when they could make consistent gains with technical anaylsis

1 hours later 28863079 Anonymous
>>28860023 It'll be time to sell once the obvious scams start 3xing overnight I unironically cashed out in 2017 after I 3x'd on TRX cause I knew it was the tippy top when everyone FOMO'd the latest shticoin with sub $1 value cause they don't understand market caps.

1 hours later 28863096 Anonymous
>>28857663 When it breaks the 20 week MA.

1 hours later 28863210 Anonymous
My signal is my mother telling me to buy a coin for her. She wanted to buy XRP at the peak of the 2017 bullrun. Recently, she asked about buying Amazon shares, so if you are holding that, I'd be nervous.

1 hours later 28863238 Anonymous
>>28860818 It literally show that the entire financial system is rigged and you can make money for free thx to risk free credit, bailouts and negative interest rates It’s central banks fault and Saylor is just exploiting the system

1 hours later 28863297 Anonymous (1607109564342.jpg 570x718 128kB)
>>28863049 >consistent gains >technical anaylsis

1 hours later 28863389 Anonymous
>>28863297 I swear that blind belief in TA is the easiest way to spot newfaggots its incredible

1 hours later 28863525 Anonymous
>>28860968 basically this, that fear of being priced out of BTC will be delicious, kek

1 hours later 28863619 Anonymous
>>28860968 kek based

1 hours later 28863642 Anonymous
>>28863389 Opposite. The amount of times I’ve seen people chase shitcoins pumps and me telling them to sell cause it’s overbought only for them to reply TA is bullshit then seeing them get dumped on the next day is amazing.

1 hours later 28863740 Anonymous
>selling before people even got their stimbucks >implying there won’t be more when everyone is on the verge of being homeless This is the perfect time to hold

1 hours later 28863887 Anonymous
>>28863642 confirmed newfag you don't need TA for this, just see the spike on the chart and threads on biz reeking of curry is enough of an indicator

1 hours later 28863893 Anonymous
>>28863389 TA works, it's not my fault that you're a brainlet, kek

1 hours later 28863976 Anonymous
>>28863887 >what are BTC spikes during a bullrun? brainlet, kek

1 hours later 28864090 Anonymous
>>28863887 Been here since /biz/ started. Bet you’ll be the one holding everyone’s bags when this run ends.

1 hours later 28864129 Anonymous
>>28863976 literally nothing as it get back to normal 1 day later. and the reply was about shitcoins

1 hours later 28864230 Anonymous
>>28864090 sure you were newfag

1 hours later 28864245 Anonymous
>>28863893 You know what TA tells you? Something might go up or it might go down. When a TA prediction fails, all TA analysts just start making new useless predictions. Fundamentals are far more important.

1 hours later 28864317 Anonymous
>>28864129 Well placed longs/shorts with leverage can net you 100% - 500% gains multiple times a day

1 hours later 28864519 Anonymous (1603308416180.webm 576x1024 2504kB)
I sold everything 2 days before the collapse began in jan 2018. I've used the same sell signal to time the end of every single smallish altcoin season since then, and I've hit it within at least 3-4 days every single time. I've found the perfect fucking sell signal and nobody ever mentions it in threads like these, so I'll just keep it to myself and hope to god nobody ever discovers it.

1 hours later 28864550 Chronos
>>28858664 >>28858228 >>28858369 Post short

1 hours later 28864640 Anonymous
>>28864519 alright then

1 hours later 28864742 Anonymous
>>28864317 post your succesful trade history and I'll admit I'm a brainlet

1 hours later 28864907 Anonymous
>>28864519 at least say if the signal was hit as of now

1 hours later 28864915 Anonymous
I'm already getting sell signals. msm reports daily on btc price and normies are asking stupid questions like in 2017 >is it too late to buy btc? >where can I buy btc? >is coinbase safe? >which bank do I contact to buy btc? >is it safe to invest $200 in btc? It's the same shit as always, they read headlines, are desperate to earn some cash fast and fomo in. Happened in 17, happened 3 weeks ago with gme and it will happen again. Normies and media attention is the biggest sell signal there is

1 hours later 28864978 Anonymous
>>28857663 My friend who works for a hedgie says he has entered short positions,

1 hours later 28865003 Anonymous
>>28864519 >Whatever lies you gotta tell yourself to make yourself feel special Kike

1 hours later 28865026 Anonymous
>>28864317 Post networth.

1 hours later 28865155 Anonymous
>>28860704 >Buttcoin Go back.

2 hours later 28865260 Anonymous
>>28864915 There's already stories on reddit of people leveraging literally everything they own to buy bitcoin. But I don't feel compelled to sell yet, even though these were the kind of things which happened before the top in 2018.

2 hours later 28865267 Anonymous
>>28864907 It hasn't been hit yet.

2 hours later 28865292 Anonymous
Also astrology.

2 hours later 28865390 Anonymous
>>28861622 nice meme

2 hours later 28865454 Anonymous
>>28858814 Seems legit

2 hours later 28865588 Anonymous
The top this time around will be during the second wave of major lock downs for covid-21. Retards will fomo in their last stimulus and all savings. All you faggots will be left behind.

2 hours later 28865652 Anonymous
>>28864915 Yup. My normie jock brother called me and said he made 4k off bitcoin on robinhood its fucking over

2 hours later 28865735 Anonymous
Will a collapse in BTC price usher in the alt season? Then the combined recovery of BTC and the alt bullrun will give us the golden bullrun of 2021?

2 hours later 28865843 Anonymous
Won’t be selling so nothing

2 hours later 28865856 Anonymous
>>28865735 No it'll crash hard and everyone will be scared as jews buy it all up. If you guys haven't learned for the past 3000 years that kikes always win I don't know what to tell you.

2 hours later 28866000 Anonymous (1603900874337.jpg 641x523 27kB)
>>28865856 True, they even found a way to win after the holocaust. They're too smart.

2 hours later 28866065 Anonymous (nasdaqbtc.png 918x620 131kB)
>>28858353 this anon gets it

2 hours later 28866186 Anonymous
>>28857663 When my parents ask me about it. Once boomers get into it en masse, it’s time to live. I’d say May or June

2 hours later 28866235 Anonymous
>>28865856 they have been "winning" for less than 1000 years though...

2 hours later 28866312 Anonymous
>>28865588 >>28866000 My dub dubs and your trips tell the truth. You fat lazy faggots should be buying land right now with your gains, not living in some fantasy world where it's 2019 still and your feeding your ego with cars and dumb shit that only mattered in pre-covid world. Sad to see all the corn you goyim have been eating truly has rotted your brains. You guys say you won't eat the bugs but you already do you filthy fucking cattle.

2 hours later 28866352 Anonymous
>>28857663 october 1, 2021 is the date i liquidate all my holdings. because it seems like a nice date.

2 hours later 28866387 Anonymous
>>28866235 >he doesn't know jews created every religion for silly goyim to follow. Goyim are so stupid they'll even idolize a Jew!

2 hours later 28866398 Anonymous
Once Cardi B mentions crypto

2 hours later 28866440 Anonymous
>>28863049 daily reminder financial analysis is a jew lie

2 hours later 28866453 Anonymous
>>28857663 short term u should sell right now, not even kidding the ammount of normies getting in right now is insane, it's the most obvious sell signal there is long term u can hold until infinity

2 hours later 28866528 Anonymous (bogged2.jpg 1000x581 51kB)
>>28857663 when i get the call

2 hours later 28866569 Anonymous
>>28860704 Go back nigger

2 hours later 28866781 Anonymous
>>28866312 buying land does not work, they will take land from everyone who claims to hold it they invented communism for killing landlords, that route is closed Crypto is the only way.

2 hours later 28866792 Anonymous (1613489290997.jpg 3192x2124 845kB)

2 hours later 28866881 Anonymous
>>28858228 >>aggressive ath at a psychological milestone (50,000) This is the big one for me. If BTC breaks 50k, I'll keep holding. But if it bounces one more time, I'm done. Not going to sit here and watch 2018 all over again.

2 hours later 28866946 Anonymous
>>28857663 A 3 followed by five 0s

2 hours later 28867799 Anonymous
>>28866781 It's called posting up you weak spaghetti armed faggot.

2 hours later 28867903 Anonymous
>>28866781 It can work, always hedge your bets. If we suffer civilization collapse, will you be better off with a self sufficient ranch or crypto?

2 hours later 28868139 Anonymous (cryptogenius.png 1346x684 1562kB)
>>28857663 the last sell signal was normies claiming to be a crypto geniuses coming out of the woodwork shilling "next bitcoin" to boomers on MSM, trying to usurp the network effect.

2 hours later 28868159 Anonymous
>>28867903 This spaghetti armed faggot will be coming to live on my plantation for his shit coin wallet because unlike him, I haven't had mommy take care of me.

2 hours later 28868310 Anonymous
>>28858228 The fact that all the replies to this are denial and mocking prove his point further. Emotional attachment to positions is a major red flag on any investment. Imagine being offended or upset that someone sold their position. What could spur that emotion?

2 hours later 28868351 Anonymous
>>28868159 I'd only accept gold as payment.

2 hours later 28868547 Anonymous
>>28868310 His stance is based on feelings and ignores nearly every indicator with a perfect track record giving us more way to go before the top.

2 hours later 28868575 Anonymous
Frankly I think we have a lot higher to go. So I'm gonna sit tight. We've held up way longer than we did in 2017. So I'm waiting for another face melting pump and then I'm gonna get out. At this point even if it all crashes down I'm just gonna hold for the next bull cycle anyways. I have 180k from 20k and it will not change my life in the slightest.

2 hours later 28868800 Anonymous
>>28867903 Will DC and centralized finance losing their grip lead to full-bore civilizational collapse, or is balkanization more likely? What do you think you need more, a homestead to survive on your own in a potential devastated post-apoc hellscape, or a store of value that's secure enough to never be seized by a government or faction and portable enough to smoothly follow you into life in whatever State emerges that is most congenial to your interests? There are literal niggers in literal nigger Africa right now who are trading day-to-day goods via cryptocurrency, because it's literally *already* the easiest way to have a currency in the absence of stable or reliable central institutions. If they can do it, why wouldn't the Balkan States of America to come do it too?

2 hours later 28868844 Anonymous
>>28868547 Sentiment is the ultimate driver. Fundamentals above all else. TA is just the study of fundamentals on charts. It is a lagging and subservient method of market analysis. Useful, but not better than fundamentals.

2 hours later 28868926 Anonymous
>>28858436 I’m going to set up a creeping stop loss when we pass 100k. Worked great last time.

2 hours later 28869084 Anonymous

2 hours later 28869357 Anonymous
>>28868800 It's unlikely, but with a successful stint in crypto trading, it should be trivial to set yourself up for success for both scenarios you outlined. >>28869084 >tobacco >coffee Why do you want things wagies need to cope?

2 hours later 28869493 Anonymous
>>28865267 Alright I'll bite. What is it?

2 hours later 28869496 Anonymous
>>28869357 because he is a wagie

2 hours later 28869497 Anonymous
>>28869357 It's a form of payment I would accept to flip to normies for double the price. I'd have solar and a node running so crypto payments are possible. No one will use gold is my point.

2 hours later 28869526 Anonymous
>>28857663 January 2021 or 500k BTC

3 hours later 28869836 Anonymous
>>28868310 The fear he's right. I know I'm afraid he is. Too much weird, too much normie, Elon wildcarding BTC with his huge buy. Only thing keeping me in the game is the worry of being priced out if we don't tank enough. We're gonna tank, but will it be far enough to warrant bailing until later in the year...

3 hours later 28870049 Anonymous
>>28869497 I'm taking end of civilization collapse levels of apocalypse. Those third world countries that use crypto for payments are still countries. Let me clarify that gold or silver should not be your mainstay investment in this day and age, buy have a safe full of silver and gold could help yourself considerably if things get bad. Assuming you've already got your food and ammunition supply assured.

3 hours later 28870321 Anonymous
When the fed starts mentioning they're taking a good hard look at stablecoins, particularly stablecoins outside of their regulation purview (FinCen is not a regulatory body) for systematic risks. Oh wait that was last month.

3 hours later 28870349 Anonymous
>>28862201 https://www.blockchaincenter.net/bi tcoin-rainbow-chart/ Also use a fucking search engine next time you gickbag

3 hours later 28870374 Anonymous
>>28870049 Sure, if I have to up and leave for whatever reason I really don't want to lug around rocks. There will be plenty of helpless boomers along the way with these shiny rocks if I need them. I would def grab coins and such while scavenging.

3 hours later 28870579 Anonymous
>>28870374 Yes yes, buy you still want a small supply of silver or gold to entice boomers for actually valuable things such as food or medicine, ect. Then you grow food and the such to trade for more silver or gold or whatever shiny rock is.

3 hours later 28870651 Anonymous
>>28866352 28 days before the blow off top hits its high. Nice

3 hours later 28870663 Anonymous
The general intelligence of my friends, atm its smart/smart/greedy/smart/slightly less smart. Brainlet n1 has been getting pretty curious recently

3 hours later 28870684 Anonymous
>>28870049 But why would a place like the US skip right over looking like places in the Balkans or Africa and sink straight into State of Nature Hell? If the federal government collapsed literally overnight, our State governments would still preside over day-to-day governance in a more or less recognizable and normal-ish way. Bickering over control of regional Utilities-coordinating entities like PJM Interconnection might cause some disruptions, but on the whole? If niggers in nigger Africa can maintain enough infrastructure to bargain with Crypto using cheap cell phones, Balkan America is likely to pull that off trivially.

3 hours later 28870899 Anonymous
>>28870579 Boomers get shot on site they had their chance, they are too old and feeble. Realistically I wont be trading unless I am truly depleted of a resource I cannot find.

3 hours later 28871028 Anonymous
mock me all you want but i just don't see a 60% retracement ever happening again in these global market conditions. I'm happy to hold long term

3 hours later 28871196 Anonymous
>>28869493 he fells it deep inside his anus, clenches it and sells. thats the signal, a big shit

3 hours later 28871364 Anonymous
>>28870684 It's not. He's just a boomer trying to justify holding a bunch of shiny rocks. We'll be like Nigeria at worst.

3 hours later 28871540 Anonymous
>>28871028 This. Crypto bear market 2018-2020 happened because traditional finance boomed and the USD stayed healthy. The only reason to think crypto is going back down is to assume that USD/traditional finance isn't.

3 hours later 28871828 Anonymous
>>28857663 when SNL does a skit about crypto

3 hours later 28872052 Anonymous
>>28867903 If civilization collapses there will be no one (except yourself) to guarantee your property.

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