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2021-02-16 02:03 28857397 Anonymous HBAR General (comfy place) (NWO.jpg 1000x1108 811kB)
Comfy thread to wait for the new ATH. Yesterday we got up to 15 cents, what's gonna be today? Bumping a bit with some of the newer pictures for you guys to share in future threads Cheers

1 min later 28857449 Anonymous (PLATINUMCONTENT1.jpg 1695x1227 1689kB)

2 min later 28857530 Anonymous (train.jpg 1200x1200 288kB)

13 min later 28858099 Anonymous (hbar.jpg 1460x900 805kB)
very comfy

14 min later 28858157 Anonymous (pepe HBAR.jpg 800x1051 373kB)
>>28858099 Our precious coin does pretty good isn't it

15 min later 28858181 Anonymous (hbar.png 1280x1280 1295kB)

16 min later 28858281 Anonymous (globohomo-coin.jpg 1679x1265 235kB)

20 min later 28858498 Anonymous
>>28858281 ewwwww

22 min later 28858559 Anonymous (Screenshot 2021-02-16 at 13.23.49.png 2288x1070 194kB)
The shilling is working

35 min later 28859253 Anonymous
>>28857397 Thank you boss, was waiting for the comfy HBAR threads

35 min later 28859259 Anonymous
When new council member?

42 min later 28859663 Anonymous (1613479633156.jpg 720x720 25kB)
>>28859259 right NOW. amazon, ebay and microsoft just signed up

44 min later 28859759 Anonymous (FAC848E6-7D67-42DD-954E-10D251673764.png 2000x841 975kB)
>>28857397 >daily reminder that the teams treasury consists of 27.5b tokens which they continue to dump on the market, also the saft1 round which was at .001c continue getting tokens for years to come. They’re at a 130x here

44 min later 28859778 Anonymous
Join us on February 18th at 9am PT for our next Community Town Hall with Hedera co-founders, @ManceHarmon , and @leemonbaird . They will be joining us live to answer some of the community’s most frequently asked questions. Check out their twitter for more info!

45 min later 28859825 Anonymous
>>28859663 dont forget facebook, tesla and gorilla glue

49 min later 28860070 Anonymous
>>28859759 >bitcoin will never go above $5 because the original investors could buy 10k btc for like $100 based >the creators own most hbar based, so its like most other coins

49 min later 28860091 Anonymous
When calculating the fee for a given transaction, nodes use the fee schedule to determine the fee in USD, then the current exchange rate to convert to tinybars. As the price of HBARs varies, the amount of tinybars charged for a transactions using the same amount of network resources will vary accordingly such that the equivalent USD fee stays the same. As the USD price of HBAR goes up, the number of hbars charged as a fee for a given transaction decreases accordingly, ensuring a stable fee. Well this is cool, no fee inflation sounds neat

51 min later 28860170 Anonymous (hbar_chad.png 1000x1053 1368kB)

52 min later 28860266 Anonymous
i'll be giving hbar a shot next paycheck

53 min later 28860326 Anonymous
When we do we dump our bags? Before the conference tomorrow?

58 min later 28860630 Anonymous
I just bought like 800 of this out of boredom. Explain to me like the retard that I am what this is

1 hours later 28860975 Anonymous (425-4255641_sad-pepe-the-frog-meme-png-file-scared.jpg 280x280 45kB)

1 hours later 28861045 Anonymous
is today the last day to buy in bros? i literally cannot onramp my fiat to crypto, i am so fucking frustrated

1 hours later 28861098 Anonymous
>>28857530 Based as fuck we’ve been needing a fren train

1 hours later 28861115 Anonymous
>>28861045 No worries, no one knows what'll happen tomorrow but my guess is that it'll dump tomorrow either before or after the conference, so it might be even better to buy tomorrow.

1 hours later 28861273 Anonymous
>>28861045 There will be a dump tomorrow after google conference

1 hours later 28861440 Anonymous
>>28860630 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cje 1vuVKhwY.&feature=youtu.be

1 hours later 28861504 Anonymous
>>28861045 Fact is: anyone who says "THIS IS LAST DAY OMGGGG MOONH INCOOOMING AHHH OWWWHH" is just a retard. Nobody knows for sure what is going to happen. I don't think we'll see the immediate moonshot after that conference, probably even the opposite: people who thought that it will be a post-17th moonshot will dump their bags because no x2 happens, BUT.. ..you never know who watches and attends those conferences. There might be some big ass tech managers there who will decide to use the Hedera Consensus after that, so HBAR is defo a pretty safe long term investment that might pay off largely Cheers

1 hours later 28861687 Anonymous
>>28857397 >hbar Stable coin

1 hours later 28861779 Anonymous
what’s a good entry for a 900$ purchase ? thanks bros

1 hours later 28862004 Anonymous
>>28861779 Wait until it drops in price to 0.12-0.13, and grab a few, but don't go all-in if 900$ is everything you have We, hashmarines, are comfy and love safety

1 hours later 28862032 Anonymous
>>28857449 god damn his face is disgusting

1 hours later 28863539 Anonymous
At what time does it dump? I am waiting for sub 0.11$

1 hours later 28863610 Anonymous
I am so excited for HBAR to take off you have no idea. I know it might be a slow process but I am a true believer

1 hours later 28863705 Anonymous
>>28860630 It’s like a blockchain but it’s not a blockchain. It’s a Distributed Ledger. It has massive globohomo corporate backing and already does more transactions per day than ethereum

1 hours later 28863743 Anonymous
>>28860326 Dump? Before the conference? maybe if you want to rope

1 hours later 28863983 Anonymous
>>28863705 >already does more transactions per day than ethereum and this is mostly just due do AdsDax, it climb to #1 easily this year as more things are deployed

1 hours later 28864797 Anonymous
>>28860326 only people that will watch that are people already invested. This is a long term hold.

1 hours later 28864850 Anonymous
Is this thing mineable? Watched a video with the founder and I think I heard all transactions happen on their network. Why would it appreciate when they don't attract new miners? How do I trust it will not be heavily manipulated as this article implies: https://www.coindesk.com/crypto-tok en-hbar-is-tanking-and-hedera-hashg raph-is-looking-for-a-fix >The blockchain-like network’s CEO now says he will re-evaluate the token’s economic model and potentially change HBAR’s distribution schedule re-evaliate, lol

2 hours later 28865990 Anonymous
>>28863539 Buy at 13 and sell on 14c like true swingie.

2 hours later 28866773 Anonymous
>>28865990 I am not a swingie. I just want to buy at the least it can possible get.

2 hours later 28867067 Anonymous (scams.png 884x272 92kB)

2 hours later 28867629 Anonymous (1610786810901.png 732x465 28kB)
>>28866773 Bro, I don't see how you can buy below 12 from now on.

2 hours later 28867858 Anonymous
MJR here, I wanna talk to you guys about some crypto HiDdEn GeMs.

2 hours later 28867918 Anonymous
>>28863610 Me too fellow hashchad

2 hours later 28868133 Anonymous (1612136097661.png 860x1242 260kB)
It will grow extremely slowly over February and early March, shaking out all the ADHD faggots. I can't fucking WAIT.

2 hours later 28868149 Anonymous
>>28864850 > Is this thing mineable? No. It's a POS model, but not open to regular people staking just yet. > Why would it appreciate when they don't attract new miners? As of now, speculation will attract. More TPS, more use cases going online, more council members, etc. then once this is a gigachad of a DLT, then staking is opened up, and it becomes a real staking network, where fees are from actual txns, just from the treasury like other blockchain projects do it. Also that article is old as fuck > How do I trust it will not be heavily manipulated as this article implies: Because the idea of getting fortune 500's to run nodes is to prevent collusion. Google, IBM, LG, are not going to collude. They have reputations. If somebody thinks Google and IBM are going to collude on some upcoming DLT and risk their reputations, then they are shortsighted and lack real world experience. On the other hand, it is way more likely unknown entities on other blockchains will collude (see EOS)

2 hours later 28868452 Anonymous
I am bullish like fucking ox right now about this coin. No crypto ever presented so much partnerships with leading companies. Just imagine, this fucking coin is going to be bigger and bigger over the time and it is already having an adoption. We only need normies here to make this bullrun golden.

2 hours later 28868994 Anonymous
>There are people who haven't bought HBAR

2 hours later 28869140 Anonymous
>>28863705 >It has massive globohomo corporate backing proof? social media posts don't mean shit

2 hours later 28869231 Anonymous
>>28857397 When is this crabcoin going ti do something? It's been days since I bought it and it either stayed the same price or dumped the entire time.

3 hours later 28869518 Anonymous (1613252286782.png 748x766 171kB)
>>28869140 >>28869231

3 hours later 28869852 Anonymous (1366866782702.jpg 251x245 9kB)
>>28857397 >Yesterday we got up to 15 cents, what's gonna be today? Getting up to 14 cents.

3 hours later 28869925 Anonymous
in this crab period it seems to be unusually fixed to eth's movements when means when eth does the next leg up...

3 hours later 28870727 Anonymous
>>28868149 >Because the idea of getting fortune 500's to run nodes is to prevent collusion. Google, IBM, LG, are not going to collude. They have reputations. If somebody thinks Google and IBM are going to collude on some upcoming DLT and risk their reputations, then they are shortsighted and lack real world experience. What is the level of involvement of these corporations? Do they have any statements, roadmaps etc.?

3 hours later 28870847 Anonymous
Parastate- A platform where you can write an eth compatible smart contracts using multiple programming languages

3 hours later 28871132 Anonymous
Uniswap and Secondstate are some of parastate's partners

3 hours later 28872156 Anonymous
t dot me/HBARanons join us hbar chads

3 hours later 28872622 Anonymous
>>28859663 sauce?

3 hours later 28872730 Anonymous
are we financially ruined?

3 hours later 28872769 Anonymous
i dont like anything that gets support from the globohomo but realistically this will be what replaces visa and mastercard, not btc or eth

4 hours later 28874121 Anonymous
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND WE ARE BACK >tfw bought at the absolute dip feels fucking good after all the shitty desitions I've been making lately

4 hours later 28874418 Anonymous
uuuuuuuuuh bros? please hold me and tell me it will go up

4 hours later 28874567 Anonymous (1607826063091.png 1868x511 98kB)
> mfw lines I drew for 4h graph is now confirmed on 15m We are heading to 16c, bros.

4 hours later 28874608 Anonymous
Just bought 7k more hashies

4 hours later 28874800 Anonymous (1613146040801.jpg 182x276 11kB)
>>28874567 meme lines confirm 16c

4 hours later 28874886 Anonymous (1476939867479.png 430x201 9kB)
>>28874800 RSI and digits too.

4 hours later 28875268 Anonymous
This damn .135 support line.

4 hours later 28875362 Anonymous
>>28858281 This real or photo-shop?

4 hours later 28875858 Anonymous
>>28858281 Based faggot coin.

4 hours later 28875935 Anonymous
>>28859759 the council owns the treasury (not that you didnt know this) https://help.hedera.com/hc/en-us/ar ticles/360001241637-Who-owns-the-co ins-in-the-treasury-

4 hours later 28876599 Anonymous
>>28861504 You know I was one of the suckers that stupidly bought at 14.1 cents US. I bought it because I read on this board, and it says on their website, that they are partnered with Google, IBM and Boeing. Someone said there will be a pump during the conference and I bought. But the pump has already happened and now it is crabbing and dumping. I think that the real pump that happens is the one before the event takes place in anticipation of there being a pump during the event. But when the event itself happens nothing will happen because nobody ever actually watches these conferences because in reality like 0% of people care about this boring nerd shit. The people that care about making money found out there is a conference and assumed there would be a pump because someone will watch the conference and want to buy this shitcoin. But no one watches the conference. That was a false predicate.

4 hours later 28877122 Anonymous
>>28876599 it's been steadily rising for the last month... "0% people care about this boring nerd shit" listening to the nerds that made it, is the best way to know if something is shit or not and if it's worth getting in early. Unless you are waiting for Lebron James to promote it?

4 hours later 28877154 Anonymous
any word on how much you need to run a node?

4 hours later 28877192 Anonymous
>>28861045 You still has time to buy before 20c, fren, it is nothing, actually. At worst google conference will take no effect on price so you still have enough time. It is not even shill company started yet and hashthreads are still comfy.

4 hours later 28877212 Anonymous
>>28876599 Don't panic, it will go up I feel kinda sorry for bringing up that info about conference in one of the earlier threads. Wahted to just bring this as some info, but it got picked up so fast and shilled sp hard I couldn't even imagine Didn't sell tho, i truly believe in our boy Leemon

4 hours later 28877519 Anonymous
Im going to dump this shitcoin so hard... you will carry my bags forever

4 hours later 28877600 Anonymous
>>28876599 >You know I was one of the suckers that stupidly bought at 14.1 cents US. In a year people will wish they could have bought in at 14 cents.

4 hours later 28877810 Anonymous
>>28876599 Maybe you should DYOR instead of complaining that you blindly aped into something, faggot. Hope you lose a shitton of money.

4 hours later 28878481 Anonymous
>>28877519 said someone buy 100 HBAR at 0,14

4 hours later 28878561 Anonymous (The_Windsors_Bow_To_Leemon.png 1429x1800 856kB)

4 hours later 28878575 Anonymous

5 hours later 28878672 Anonymous
What are the chinamen doing

5 hours later 28878762 Anonymous
>>28878672 preventing us from making it

5 hours later 28879136 Anonymous
>>28869852 thurs/friday night est is when crypto peaks, ti's when avax hit 60 before shitting the bed, it's when doge hit .08, just wait and pay attention.

5 hours later 28879517 Anonymous
Why is this shit dumping so much

5 hours later 28879654 Anonymous
>>28879517 Never mind, everything's red

5 hours later 28879698 Anonymous
>>28879517 Everything is dumping, the same shit happened like 3x the past 2 weeks, do you even pay attention?

5 hours later 28879738 Anonymous
>>28879517 Bobo is fucking us. bull bros we got too cocky

5 hours later 28880138 Anonymous
where the fuck do i buy hbar reeeeee

5 hours later 28880235 Anonymous
>>28880138 binance

5 hours later 28880387 Anonymous
>>28870727 They validate the network (aka run nodes) They meet quarterly to discuss roadmap, what new features to build, use cases, customer demand, etc. They have groups called Special Interest Groups, where they may meet and discuss use cases They build on Hashgraph (supposedly they are building atm. DLA piper recently came out with a tokenization platform called TOKO that uses Hashgraph They signed an agreement to join council (so it's not just muh partnership. Also they are required to host their own node, it's not just all in AWS or something like Ethereum. They are also geo distributed (www.hedera.com) you can see where they are They can serve up to 2 3-year terms. Max 6. And I think that's what I know for now. There are docs on the site that go into more detail. The way I look at it, is that if big companies looked under the hood and signed on, then it's gotta be legit

5 hours later 28880431 Anonymous
Bought 666.6 hbar yesterday Will buy 6666.66 more

5 hours later 28880545 Anonymous
>>28876599 Anon the conference is a nothingburger. Just some powerpoint slides. This project has huge long term potential to be big. If you can't hold for 1-2 years and potentially make sick gains, then just sell, and chase other pumps.

5 hours later 28880591 Anonymous
>>28880545 what other pumps?

5 hours later 28880652 Anonymous
>>28880591 I didn't mean anything specific, I just meant in general. There are coins pumping left and right in this bull run.

5 hours later 28880911 Anonymous
Just traded all my shitcoins (BTC) for HBAR. Feels good.

5 hours later 28880912 Anonymous
>>28876599 it's long term it's not a pump and dump coin you retard

5 hours later 28881110 Anonymous
How much is for suicide stack? Now I think that my 65k stack is not that comfy.

5 hours later 28881139 Anonymous
>>28880235 binance doesn't work in my part of US reeee any alternatives, anons? Atomic Wallet is shit and unusable

5 hours later 28881176 Anonymous
>>28881110 i would suicide you for that stack

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