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2021-02-16 06:01 28836262 Anonymous WHO IN THE FUCK IS BUYING BTC AT 49,600???? (191825.jpg 846x1100 282kB)
why would you buy crypto at such ridiculous prices, what the fuck? bitcoin shouldn't be valued this high. this is so fucking dumb. fucking pyramid scam. Yeah I see you posting reddit threads. You are fucking retards, it's a pyramid scheme that is going to collapse LMAO just wait.

0 min later 28836301 Anonymous
Bitcoin is inherently worthless. Educate yourself before it's too late. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulip _mania

3 min later 28836463 Anonymous
>One satoshi is $0.0005. Who would buy at such ridiculous prices?

4 min later 28836519 Anonymous
>>28836463 I'm talking about bitcoin not satoshi

5 min later 28836543 Anonymous
>>28836301 There are infinite tulips, but bitcoin is deflationary

5 min later 28836562 Anonymous
>>28836301 Imagine unironically posting the tulip mania fud. You must be new here bud. Did you just learn that in your cocksucking liberal arts econ class today buddy?

5 min later 28836581 Anonymous
>>28836262 It's going to be 200k at the end of this year why not

6 min later 28836602 Anonymous
>>28836519 talk about these nuts faggot.. rofl goteem

7 min later 28836656 Anonymous
>>28836602 Top kek.

7 min later 28836670 Anonymous
>>28836262 Yooo wtf. Thanks man just everything

8 min later 28836714 Anonymous
>>28836262 You had 12 years

8 min later 28836720 Anonymous
>>28836262 Me. I dump every paycheck into it and gradually accumulate.

8 min later 28836735 Anonymous
Buy high sell low

8 min later 28836738 Anonymous
>>28836543 There are 21 million bitcoin. That's a lot of coins. As if tether isn't just being printed off more and more. I'm aware of what makes the ponzi scheme work. tether is being printed to hoist up the price of bitcoin.

8 min later 28836773 Anonymous
>>28836262 sir this is a wendy's

10 min later 28836836 Anonymous
>>28836562 There is no reason to attack liberal arts. That is textboock "classism". Liberal arts is important to our society, way more important than some finance class.

11 min later 28836897 Anonymous
>>28836519 >I'm talking about 1 dollar not 100 cents

12 min later 28836972 Anonymous
>>28836738 There are 2.04 trillion USD in circulation. That's a lot of dollars. As if the Fed isn't just printing off more and more. I'm aware of what makes the ponzi scheme work. USD is being printed to hoist up the economy.

12 min later 28837011 Anonymous (1606866331405.jpg 800x531 258kB)
>>28836262 one could speculate if given the math and time that according to several models both published and the sort of round table discussion that happens with the post grads after hours give new info. Given that the understanding of these several new incentive topics are a new challenging dynamic then its understandable to understand that the understanding of these topics may not be well understood; However, we seem to reach a defining and uncharacteristically definitive measurement given the tools and modem given the model in operation that would suggest several defined and vague key measurements that would require the experts to report of the expert material given over and being looked at, at this time.

14 min later 28837063 Anonymous
>>28836972 1 dollar = 1 dollar. 1 BTC is equal to 45,000 in the morning 49,000 in the evening and 38,000 after a bad day.

19 min later 28837372 Anonymous
>>28837063 1 dollar is only as valuable as what you can buy with it, which is less and less as time goes by due to endless money printing. 1 dollar = 1 dollar doesn't mean shit when you have to use a wheelbarrow full of it to buy a loaf of bread.

21 min later 28837440 Anonymous
>>28836738 There are 2.04 trillion bucks in circulation. That's a lot of dollars. As if the Fed isn't just printing off more and more. I'm aware of what makes the ponzi scheme work. Dollars is being printed to hoist up the economy.

21 min later 28837455 Anonymous
>>28836301 >>28836543 >There are infinite tulips, but bitcoin is deflationary >>28836562 how can you compare the two though? i have never understood the tulip mania. how could such a bubble have even occurred to begin with? >infinite tulips >perishable >literally no real world application besides "pretty"

22 min later 28837513 Anonymous
>>28837063 1 dollar = 1 dollar 1 btc = 1 btc

23 min later 28837581 Anonymous
>>28837513 >1 btc = 1 btc No one says this. BTC is measured in dollars, which is why the dollar is more valuable. >>28837455 Tulipmania describes BTC mania to the tea. it's an asset that is worthless, once everyone realizes it, it will go to zero.

26 min later 28837747 Anonymous
>>28837581 >warosu /biz/ >archive >ctrl-f 1 btc = 1 btc ????

32 min later 28838071 Anonymous (190DCD7D-E005-4324-9CA0-A862051537E0.jpg 381x410 121kB)
>>28836738 There are 1 quadrillion logs circulating in Andy Six’s mouth. That’s a lot of logs. As if my gut isn’t churning out more and more. I’m aware of what makes the ponzi scheme work. Logs are being produced to fill Andy Sixx’s reeking maw.

33 min later 28838104 Anonymous
>>28837581 BTC is also measured against euros and every other currency. It's just like Forex dude. The fact that BTC has an exchange rate with the dollar doesn't make the dollar more "valuable". The value of BTC, besides the fact that nobody can print it beyond a certain amount, is that value can be sent quickly and securely anywhere in the world without having to rely on the centralized banking system. It's a transaction network like Visa and the intrinsic value will correspond to both its usage and security (hash rate).

34 min later 28838164 Anonymous
>>28836519 fucktard detected

38 min later 28838349 Anonymous
>>28837581 >"to the tea" >giving financial advice lol

39 min later 28838409 Anonymous
>>28837513 1 dollar now = 85 cents in a decade 60 cents in 2 decades 30 cents in 3 decades 5 cents in 4 decades

40 min later 28838456 Anonymous
>>28837581 still, no one has answered my question regardless of how "worthless" you think BTC is, tulips literally ARE worthless. how could such a bubble have taken place? seriously

40 min later 28838469 Anonymous
>>28836519 >>28836262 Everytime I see these threads , I assume its a stupid zoomer that plays fortnite and knows nothing about bitcoin

42 min later 28838566 Anonymous
>>28838469 yeah, thats a solid guess 9/10 times

43 min later 28838645 Anonymous
This bitch ain’t got no btc. Stay poor.

55 min later 28839263 Anonymous
>>28838409 1 dollar is still 1 dollar. WOW >>28838456 >tulips literally ARE worthless. How so? Just like with Tulips you can mine your own BTC.

55 min later 28839272 Anonymous (poor little billionaires.jpg 714x1432 170kB)
>>28836262 >>DCA have fun staying poor, just like the jew wants it. you don't even know what a pyramid scheme is, you fucking dunce

55 min later 28839276 Anonymous
fuck off kike. i'll never sell

57 min later 28839390 Anonymous
>>28838469 There is nothing wrong with fortnite. Why do you attack the character instead of the argument? Retarded bitcoiners. https://twitter.com/hausofkiIls/sta tus/1359616601188757504

59 min later 28839438 Anonymous
>>28837011 am i having a fucking stroke?

1 hours later 28839517 Anonymous (money printer go brrrr.jpg 853x609 106kB)
>>28839263 You don't understand debasing and Fiat deflation, fucking retard

1 hours later 28839575 Anonymous
>>28839517 The money is backed by debt. Tether is backed by...... ?

1 hours later 28840065 Anonymous
>>28836519 you have to go back

1 hours later 28840114 Anonymous
>>28836262 The same faggots who bought GME at $300. People are fucking stupid.

1 hours later 28840222 Anonymous
>>28838469 i assume you're an idiot moron that falls for low IQ bait

1 hours later 28840291 Anonymous
>>28836262 t. peter schiff

1 hours later 28840415 Anonymous
>>28837455 It literally didn't occur. It's not a real event

1 hours later 28840453 Anonymous (1613103971954.jpg 620x450 41kB)
>>28836262 >>28836301 >>28836519 >>28836738 >>28836836 >>28837063 >>28837581 >>28839263 >>28839390 >>28839575 Absolutely seething, because everyone in this thread has more wealth than he does. Holy shit. Don't use BTC, see if we care faggot. Hahaha!

1 hours later 28840734 Anonymous
>>28840453 You don't use bitcoin. Go ahead and try to pay your bills in it.

1 hours later 28840893 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210211-205025_Chrome.jpg 963x1505 444kB)

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