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2021-02-15 10:36 28807434 Anonymous (DBD20B76-2135-4C21-8197-9BD2258DA24D.jpg 976x850 63kB)
Have you guys ever met someone who goes on /biz/ in real life?

2 min later 28807619 Anonymous
>>28807434 I don't talk about 4chan and if I catch you talking about 4chan I refuse to engage and I probably would stop being friends with you.

3 min later 28807726 Anonymous
I told a guy who likes /pol/ he should spend more time on /biz/ and be rich instead of blaming jews

4 min later 28807828 Anonymous
>>28807434 Yes and shortly after visiting /biz/ he became a full blown nazi.

5 min later 28807838 Anonymous
>>28807434 Honestly yeah. My fren who shilled me link in 2018

6 min later 28807908 Anonymous
>>28807434 I met few /biz/raelis at a Chainlink conference back in 2018 They were pretty cool guys desu, it wasn't as cringy as you'd think

6 min later 28807951 Anonymous
>>28807434 I don't know anyone from india so no

7 min later 28807985 Anonymous
>>28807434 my childhood friend browses /biz/ more than I do. Fuck you for buying link for cheap faggot.

7 min later 28808004 Anonymous
Every "poster" here is a bot. Proove me wrong.

7 min later 28808020 Anonymous
>>28807619 I never talk about 4chan irl either but I don't understand why you'd ghost someone just because they themselves talk about 4chan? What's the point of that

7 min later 28808058 Anonymous
>>28807434 Never. And I will pretend to not know what they are talking about if they mention it.

8 min later 28808097 Anonymous
>>28808020 take it from someone who can't help but talk about it with friends: it makes you seem insufferable. I hate that I do it but I'm too autistic to catch myself and can tell I'm being off putting

9 min later 28808147 Anonymous
>>28807434 Never, I am groused out of just imagining the smell. I think I am going to puke, or take a bath.

12 min later 28808416 Anonymous
>>28807434 Yup. Me and my dad browse together her all the time. Hi dad!

15 min later 28808560 Anonymous
>>28807434 I met 5 people who posted on /v/ 2 on /pol/

15 min later 28808580 Anonymous
>>28807434 Yeah know multiple people who visit 4chan. And desu there is nothing more cringe then someone talking about 4chan irl.

16 min later 28808699 Anonymous
>>28807908 I remember that shit

23 min later 28809154 Anonymous
>>28808699 yeah it was a memorable experience desu, I remember there was a thread or two about it? Also the pics from Sergey eating skewers is from that conference, actually talking to Sergey there and other LINK team members made me buy into the project also checked

24 min later 28809214 Anonymous (1612722018738.png 1198x972 1365kB)
>>28807434 Yea. Myself.

24 min later 28809265 Anonymous
>>28807619 Seems a little excessive, but ok

25 min later 28809307 Anonymous
Stfu tard is this your first 10% profit ? don’t be a faggot who trashtalks here share what bot u use for it I am smart enough to realize how it’s working Bot Ocean - that what u need

26 min later 28809363 Anonymous
yeah my mate matt got me into crypto and kicks about here >hi matt

26 min later 28809413 Anonymous
>>28807726 This is exactly what I'm in the process of doing. I've realized /pol/ is a sadsack circlejerk of impotent rage that will never amount to anything and made /biz/ my new board of choice. At least listening in on conversations here could make me money IRL, the Day of the Rope, however, is something thats never happening...except to the Far Right. I'd rather sail away on a boat made of money when that comes than get lined up against the wall.

28 min later 28809523 Anonymous
>>28807619 My friends know I browse 4chan. idgaf Even the ones who are deathly afraid of 4chan because of "muh nazis"

30 min later 28809639 Anonymous
>>28809413 emphasis on "could" make you money

33 min later 28809851 Anonymous
>>28809639 Yeah...could It's not a great chance, but its there Better than the absolute zero chance that's on /pol/

39 min later 28810279 Anonymous
I've met plenty of /fit/ anons at the gym and I've met two people who browse /pol/ irl, never /biz/ though.

41 min later 28810441 Anonymous
>>28809413 Legit. I'm exactly the same. Trump not being in the whitehouse helped. Now we're gonna get 4 yrs of boring news and canned political speeches. Not fun. Already made thousands since I made /biz/ my board of choice. Wish I did it earlier! Sad!

48 min later 28810861 Anonymous
>>28807434 Yes, myself

51 min later 28811155 Anonymous
>>28807726 Why not be rich AND still hate the jews?

52 min later 28811185 Anonymous
my employer has an internal site where every employee has their own page and we can create "interests" that can then be displayed on our page. a number of relatively new employees have created an interest called /biz/ and they even went so far as to namedrop 4chan in the interest's description. is this a regular thing anons do nowaday? i thought normal people still thought of 4chan as a haven of pedos, racists, and hackers. i did not add myself to this interest because it seems like a great way to get fired.

52 min later 28811204 Anonymous
>>28807619 this

53 min later 28811253 Anonymous
>>28811155 can't win too much

53 min later 28811296 Anonymous
>>28811185 Sell signal

55 min later 28811385 Anonymous
>>28807434 if you count my friend that told me about this board then yes, ive known him for 10 years except now i use it more than he does.

55 min later 28811395 Anonymous (heil-yes.jpg 396x479 88kB)
>>28807434 Yes but we rarely talk about 4chan. P.s. eventhough we rarely browse pol we all agree hitler was right

56 min later 28811478 Anonymous
>>28807619 this speaking about 4chan irl is asking for trouble you do not talk about fight club

58 min later 28811588 Anonymous
>>28811296 i agree. but why would these people do this? even if they weren't aware of this site's reputation, certainly they would see people casually dropping racial slurs here and think "hmmm maybe i shouldn't associate my work life with this place".

1 hours later 28811762 Anonymous (kekistan_flag[1].jpg 900x722 152kB)
>>28807619 >>28811478 this used to be the golden rule but too many normies are here now and enjoy acting like faggots in public. I blame /pol/

1 hours later 28811896 Anonymous (8040BFFF-C87D-47FB-8692-9FD0FBF862E9.jpg 323x1024 76kB)

1 hours later 28811915 Anonymous
>>28811155 Sure. But one takes priority over the other. Sure, Jews are destroying the United States, but you'll be in no position to stop them being a poorfag who spends his free time seething about them with his internet friends

1 hours later 28812069 Anonymous
>>28807726 This is why the started browsing biz instead of feeling bad reading /pol/ often

1 hours later 28812089 Anonymous
>>28811915 lol i kept trying to explain this concept to a /pol/ tourist in a GME thread and he just kept calling me a jew, you can’t help everyone

1 hours later 28812505 Anonymous
It's literally just you and I on here. You post and I make thousands of posts from different ips for your enjoyment

1 hours later 28812541 Anonymous
just remember: /biz/ during crypto is literally the one time in your life your years of 4chan lurking and shitposting might actually be very valuable >>28809413 Yeah the key to 4chan is to actually just spend time on multiple boards. The biggest boards are filled with the worst miscreants, outside agents, newfags and outright retards. >>28811915 Yes this exactly. The only thing you can do is build yourself up and others around you. All my friends and family understand the future isn't bright. Sounds like you got your head screwed on alright and aren't buying the defeatist bullshit. >>28808416 Extremely based. If I showed my dad 4chan dude would literally just disappear down a pit of conspiracy theories.

1 hours later 28812563 Anonymous
>>28812505 Thanks bro

1 hours later 28812600 Anonymous
I have lots of gay friends.

1 hours later 28812673 Anonymous (1613340181053.jpg 1908x1146 212kB)
Maybe. I was ridibg in an elevator with a guy who had a cardano shirt on. I asked him about it and he said good eye, he really liked the math behind it etc Then I told him charles was a scammer and probably a homosexual too and then it was my floor I wish I was joking

1 hours later 28812680 Anonymous
yeah really threw me off guard seemed like the PC type we talked about LINK and he said he FUDs on reddit

1 hours later 28812730 Anonymous
>>28812673 based.

1 hours later 28812767 Anonymous
>>28808004 Empty internet theory

1 hours later 28812786 Anonymous
>>28812563 Only for you king

1 hours later 28812844 Anonymous
>>28812673 >I told him charles was a scammer and probably a homosexual too and then it was my floor based as fuck

1 hours later 28812883 Anonymous
>>28808004 beep boop beep boop hi nigga

1 hours later 28812964 Anonymous
>do you know people irl *wheeeeeeezes*

1 hours later 28812986 Anonymous
I told my cousin to check biz out for crypto news, Thats bout it. Everyone else I know would call the cops on me if they scrolled biz for 5 minutes. And not even for the nigger jew shit, the pajeet coin term would be enough for msm to create a documentary, especially here in Canada.

1 hours later 28813096 Anonymous
>>28809363 Heya

1 hours later 28813189 Anonymous
>>28812673 Bam is beginning to look like a rare pepe

1 hours later 28813201 Anonymous
The only two people I know who go on 4chan are a professional video editor/media guy and a pothead who has worked the line at mcdonalds for 11 years and is trying to become a standup comedian

1 hours later 28813219 Anonymous
>>28811915 Kek. Yes and I already moved to SEA where crypto tax is 0% in some country, have a qt asian gf and ready to retire on my crypto profits alone. The west is literally a shithole from what I heard after china virus hits. I hope you anon who made it move here.

1 hours later 28813301 Anonymous
>>28807434 Never speak of 4chan IRL

1 hours later 28813344 Anonymous
>>28807619 this

1 hours later 28813352 Anonymous
>>28813219 >SEA Which countries would you recommend?

1 hours later 28813474 Anonymous
>>28807619 This but mostly because people don't understand it since I'm Mexican

1 hours later 28813546 Anonymous
>>28807619 I browse regularly and know some of my friends do from the memes they share but it’s kind of a don’t ask don’t tell thing and I just go “hehe yea sometimes there’s funny stuff on there but it’s mostly basement dwelling incels” and change the subject.

1 hours later 28813675 Anonymous
>>28807726 Also this two of my good friends are hardcore /Pol/ heads that even take it further and go on places like storm front and I’m trying to make them see the light that those groups are mostly loser outcasts that cope with their failures by blaming others even if there’s lots of half truths on those sites.

1 hours later 28813689 Anonymous
>>28811155 Checked. Should be /biz/ slogan.

1 hours later 28813811 Anonymous
>>28807434 Lol whenever my gf sees me scrolling biz she asks me what I’m looking at. “Some forum”. Works every time.

1 hours later 28813893 Anonymous (gigachad.png 859x960 334kB)
>>28813546 this, I have one friend I know for sure browses 4chan but neither I nor he would mention it irl and why would we? He is pretty based too

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