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2021-02-15 10:55 28763862 Anonymous (1532257597056.jpg 399x400 16kB)
>dad beginning to show signs of nocoiner rage I should have never told people

3 min later 28764010 Anonymous
>>28763862 I had to beat the shit out of my dad because his nocoiner bullshit got so intense If your dad is bigger than you, consider getting some kind of non-lethal weapon like pepper spray or a beanbag shotgun

7 min later 28764194 Anonymous
>>28764010 fucking based bro. I feel like the situation between me and my dad is getting to the point of physical violence too

9 min later 28764256 Anonymous
>>28763862 >>28764194 I don't understand. My dad was really proud that i made 400€ into 2k in a year

10 min later 28764301 Anonymous
My parents are proud of me and impressed that I found the "next thing"

11 min later 28764370 Anonymous
>>28764256 my dad gets jealous when things go good for me

12 min later 28764407 Anonymous
>>28763862 Just stay away from his woman. He feels threatened

13 min later 28764436 Anonymous
My dad is a Tesla fuccboi thanks to my programming but he is a seething nocoiner. I confronted him on now he has bitcoin exposure through his Tesla shares and he said Elon is just pretending to support Bitcoin to get Bitcoiners to buy his cars and he will quickly turn it to cash. The denial never stops and manifests differently in every household.

15 min later 28764506 Anonymous (1611737377449.png 557x589 46kB)
>>28764010 Last week my dad asked me for rent to help pay for food. I tell him straight to his stupid fat fucking face that it is MY RIGHT to eat their food and how fucking dare he ask such a thing from me. The nerve of this boomer, you will not fucking belive the next thing that came out of his sniveling little dildo catcher he calls a mouth. >a-a-anon w-we were W-wondering if..if you wouln't mind paying a little towards rent. You see I-i lost my job and we are not able to keep up with the morgage pay- At this moment I lost it bro. Fucking lost it. I got my self out of my chair, Fucking bastard is taking valuable time I could have used to refresh my DOGE stack. I fucking leaned against him bro, I pushed him on the ground and sat on him. Began taking his hands and making him hit himself. Fucking faggot tries to give me the "muh arthritis please anon it hurts" bullshit again. I spit in his face call him a greeedy cunt for even daring to approach me in the first place. I told him if he does not get me something to eat in 10 minutes ill fuck him up just like I did his wife. This is what no coiners deserve, goddamn wageslave faggots deserve death.

15 min later 28764534 Anonymous
>>28764370 im sorry about that bro. my dad is the same way, he'll chirp about how any company paying me is gonna get fucked by lawsuits blah blah blah

17 min later 28764626 Anonymous (1608732336845.jpg 385x390 95kB)
>>28764506 i kekd

18 min later 28764642 Anonymous
My father has serious ego problems. He doesn’t realize that the world works differently now. He doesn’t realize how lucky boomers got and how shit conditions have become nowadays. He always thinks that his way of doing it is right. He actually told me that I need to kiss peoples asses to get somewhere in life. He would honestly be more happy with me doing a shitty 9-5 and making shit money than me making way more money moving funny numbers on the internet. His inferiority complex grows bigger the bigger my stacks grows and the harder I prove that he is full of shit and that maybe he is the one who did everything wrong. He should have just believed in me and helped me instead of calling me a failure after I failed out of university, because I couldn’t motivate myself and fell into depression. The bigger my stack grows, the bigger the dump that I will take on this old fools grave

19 min later 28764677 Anonymous
>>28764506 way to ruin 35th birthday, huh?

19 min later 28764697 Anonymous
My dad is dead and I’m not on speaking terms with my mom, as for all my other relatives I’ve never told any of them I own crypto or even mentioned the topic in passing so no clue if they’re angry nocoiners

20 min later 28764715 Anonymous
>>28764642 based

21 min later 28764773 Anonymous
>>28764256 because it's only 2k, it's cute to him when it becomes 200k he will start getting pissed

22 min later 28764801 Anonymous
>>28763862 Funny how my parents are proud of me for actually making money and not just being a lazy piece of shit.

23 min later 28764870 Anonymous (Gud-Boy.png 657x527 90kB)
>>28763862 my dad was just impressed when he saw how mine was doing

24 min later 28764900 Anonymous
>>28764256 by 2m he will start searching for your keys, not even looking to steal the money but to destroy them. He will lurk around with a hammer looking for USBs, and with a match to set papers with seed phrases on fire that's why you must strike first

24 min later 28764923 Anonymous
>>28764697 That's the best option, just say nothing and keep your wealth to yourself

24 min later 28764929 Anonymous
>tfw will never share money with parents because mother will just buy booze with it Sucks having an alcoholic mother

25 min later 28764952 Anonymous
never ever tell anyone, not your gf not your mom you're holding. I always talked about crypto but when they ask me if I bought I say something like >haha I sold $1000 a few years ago, unlucky me haha >nah I wish man I'd be rich!

28 min later 28765086 Anonymous (topkekpepe.jpg 251x242 10kB)
>>28764506 did you write this or this pasta? fucking amazing. saved

29 min later 28765114 Anonymous
>>28764952 My wife knows because we both got into it together at the same time in early 2017, she got annihilated trying to flip shitcoins while I made a mint buying a little bit of BTC/ETH and just holding it and never trading it. I’d say yeah don’t even tell your wife if that’s even possible

30 min later 28765158 Anonymous
I tell my friends and have a nice discussion about it on the regular desu.

30 min later 28765179 Anonymous
>>28763862 My dad is convinced he was handed 50 free bitcoins 10years ago when he downloaded a wallet. He's been searching everyday and telling everyone he is rich but doesn't know the password.

31 min later 28765223 Anonymous
>>28764773 this right here, I don't even have shit parents but they have been weird with my coin gains. I got lucky with some early bitcoin gains and they we're like "haha wow anon that's so cool! beware of losing it all tho :)" but that quickly turned into weird speeches about how coins aren't providing real values to society and that I'm abusing some kind of pyramid scheme when I actually made a lot of money. It honestly sucks and has strained our relationship

31 min later 28765227 Anonymous
>>28765086 >>28764626 Original material lads. Also buy Radix.

33 min later 28765289 Anonymous
>>28764773 I haven't told him its 10k yet

33 min later 28765312 Anonymous
I told my accountant because I wanted to figure out how to approach the tax thing; and he absolutely blew up with rage. Told me I was gonna lose 200% of all my crypto money, that all the banks were going to blacklist me immediately, etc. etc. It was pretty insane. My accountant works for my dad as well, and I'm pretty sure my stepmom (and thus my dad) will find out from him that I made money from crypto. When I was a kid my dad always told me to invent something to gain passive income of some sort, so I think he'll be proud. In the end it makes no difference to my gains. And if he does resent me for it, I guess that's on him.

35 min later 28765412 Anonymous
>>28765312 is this a larp? why the fuck would your accountant of all people care

36 min later 28765468 Anonymous
>>28764301 welcome to the 1% anon

38 min later 28765568 Anonymous (frog post.jpg 450x405 70kB)
>>28764506 based

38 min later 28765571 Anonymous
>>28765412 his boomer stock is dying

39 min later 28765612 Anonymous
>>28765227 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radix _(gastropod)

40 min later 28765623 Anonymous
>>28765312 just tell them you lost everything. And find a new accountant

40 min later 28765634 Anonymous
>>28764010 kys white trash behavior

41 min later 28765669 Anonymous (1608730320898.png 600x580 368kB)
>>28764506 based teach that faggot boomer a lesson

41 min later 28765679 Anonymous
I got my dad to buy a small amount of btc at 10k and some chainlink. He thinks it’s neat. I told him my chainlink stack is now worth 50k and he busts out laughing and thinks it’s great.

43 min later 28765749 Anonymous
>>28765412 I have no idea. He obviously works for people who are much wealthier than me. As soon as he heard the word "crypto" he sighed deeply, and then he said "I'm sorry for you, anon" lol. He also said "I don't get involved in crypto", but I never asked so it came across as him defensively rationalizing how he's missing out or something. I've known this guy for over a decade, it was pretty shocking to be honest.

44 min later 28765788 Anonymous
>>28765634 Shut up, pajeet. You should feel proud and encourage this practice, after all it is your culture to kill your older ones and inherit their riches. Stupid pajeeto.

45 min later 28765820 Anonymous
>>28765749 Wait so earlier you said he was filled with rage and now you said he sounded sad? Why are you a nigger?

46 min later 28765864 Anonymous
>>28765412 anon, for the last 10 years there's been an entire community of people dedicated to seething at crypto (r/buttcoin) it's hard to overestimate just how much envy dominates normalfag thoughts. the more they pretend to be egalitarian, the more they subconsciously believe in classes, too. this is why they get upset about the neighbor's car but don't really think about hedge funds making billions ruining people's lives whenever you interact with a normalfag, they lock you in a tiny mental box. the average normalfag likely intuitively feels he's inherently higher than the average anon in the social ladder. picture then how utterly insane the normalfag becomes when it's revealed anon has money. the normalfag can accept modern nobility having money (celebrities, politicians) and can ignore people remote enough they become abstractions (bankers, CEOs), but the mere existence of anon causes a complete breakdown of their mental model. unbridled rage is the most likely answer to that level of cognitive dissonance

48 min later 28765954 Anonymous
>>28765820 He was filled with rage. He spent like 5 minutes practically yelling at me, repeating the same two talking points (200% fine + blacklisted by banks) over and over.

48 min later 28765955 Anonymous (1607890820207.jpg 1079x1070 390kB)
>>28763862 Why didn't you just get your dad to invest a little bit? My dad has a 100 link that he bought for nothing, so atleast he'll blame himself for not buying more and not be seething at me getting rich.

49 min later 28766017 Anonymous
>>28763862 My wife said she had a dream about putting $1000 into crypto. I asked which one, and she replied, "there's more than one?" Just share your blessings with loved ones, but don't involve them in the actual mechanics. The pain and hard work are our responsibility.

50 min later 28766033 Anonymous
>>28765679 Same here

51 min later 28766095 Anonymous
>>28763862 >I should have never told people yes

51 min later 28766101 Anonymous
>>28766017 >Just share your blessings with loved ones, but don't involve them in the actual mechanics. The pain and hard work are our responsibility. This. Back in 2016 I told my wife, but she just couldn't handle it even though it was the start of a bullrun. Couldn't imagine how she'd handle the 2018-2019 bear hell. I told her I pulled out everything in late 2016.

52 min later 28766113 Anonymous
My dad was a used car salesman and he's proud

53 min later 28766166 Anonymous (286955.png 416x486 230kB)

53 min later 28766185 Anonymous
>>28763862 LOOL >>28764010 Super kek

54 min later 28766210 Anonymous
My parents are into crypto and own more than I do.

54 min later 28766213 Anonymous
>>28766113 I wish I had a leg up with a dad who knew how to win friends and influence people. If be way ahead of where I am having to learn persuasion on my own.

55 min later 28766254 Anonymous
My dad is annoying in the other way. Hes trying to shill me to his wealthy hedgefund friend and says that we need to talk about finance. Then i tell him i dont know even close as much about finance as he thinks lol. I know he means well but fuck i just went all in on some magic token its not complicated

56 min later 28766276 Anonymous
>>28764506 The sad thing is this is basically me Hahahaha fuck

56 min later 28766284 Anonymous
>>28766017 Nothing is a sure thing. Even the best tech has a chance of being killed by volatility/market irrationality. What saves a person from being absolutely livid/roping when their shit tanks is the realization that they did their own research and it's on them. If they didn't do any research and bought based on your recommendation it's fucking over for your relationship

57 min later 28766321 Anonymous
>>28766101 >I told her I pulled out everything in late 2016. Honestly for the best of imagine. Most women seem to be very conservative, even the savvy ones. Boat rocking doesn't sit well. Anything high risk/ reward dries them out... until you make it; then, they believed in you all along.

57 min later 28766340 Anonymous
>>28763862 seething niggers who hit their parents should be quartered to death. disgusting failures, if we were a good society I would dedicate my life to torture and hunt you down

58 min later 28766373 Anonymous
>>28766254 >>28766254 Lmao i gave $30,000 of my savings to my dads hedge fund guy, i'm not entirely happy with it but atleast i'll get %2-%3 a year right guys?

58 min later 28766381 Anonymous
>>28763862 My dad will shit talk crypto and btc when it comes up but he has no noncoiner rage. He has a decent business and multiple properties. He busted ass his whole life and gave me a better life, since I didn't have to work nearly as hard as him. Thanks to him I even get the opportunities I do, can never repay that sort of thing. Anyways he isn't an angry nocoiner.

59 min later 28766398 Anonymous
>>28765289 larp

59 min later 28766404 Anonymous
>>28766340 If we were a good society, most of the oligarch baby boomers would be shot in the head

1 hours later 28766433 Anonymous
>>28764900 Do not listen to this anon, it's mister Zoil. He's a known psychopath around these parts.

1 hours later 28766442 Anonymous
>>28766284 My wife would buy the cutest logo with the friendliest community. The uniswap liquidity pool autists making 1000%apy calling her a retarded roastie would probably scare her right out of the field.

1 hours later 28766446 Anonymous
>>28766340 Lol fag

1 hours later 28766491 Anonymous
>>28766442 post feet

1 hours later 28766493 Anonymous
>>28764010 >>28764506 never gonna make it

1 hours later 28766509 Anonymous
>>28766373 Some hedgefunds can be extremely profitable. However i think 9/10 of them fails to beat index over time if i dont relember wrong.

1 hours later 28766554 Anonymous
>>28766509 Remember* fck i hate phoneposting

1 hours later 28766566 Anonymous
>>28766254 When I first wanted to learn about investing I tried talking to my parents financial advisor, then I tried talking to the investing manager at my bank. I believed them and instead of just trusting them I decided to read a fuck ton of books about self investing and how to start off. Started with the "potato investment strategy" that cuts out the middleman. Did that for a year and got 20% gains, was fucking easy to set up as well. They make it sound so complicated that it is a fucking joke that they are giving people advice.

1 hours later 28766567 Anonymous
>>28765158 this, my family and gf dont know about my coins

1 hours later 28766603 Anonymous
>>28766509 He manages $1.7billion so i think he does pretty good on average and he's made my dad a lot but desu i like having 90-95% of my assets in a conservative portfolio and then i can play with the rest in crypto and not feel guilty. I'm not ready for the big leagues yet.

1 hours later 28766612 Anonymous
>>28765788 you are accusing him of doing it while doing it yourself. Dude what.

1 hours later 28766614 Anonymous
>>28765623 Seriously. What a fucked up thing for an accountant to say.

1 hours later 28766621 Anonymous
>>28766446 don't reply to my post disgustin nigger. your irrationality and your weakness disgusts me, and even the vile actions against the parents. in my country such actions are unconceivable, maybe in non-european countries this is different

1 hours later 28766668 Anonymous
>>28765788 do not lie, the only effemminate nigger full of rage here is you

1 hours later 28766687 Anonymous
>parents getting jealous of their sons’ success >parents bitching and moaning about money, asking for rent or giving you “loans” you have to pay back when ultimately all their wealth is going to you I can’t thank my fortune enough that I wasn’t born to a life with retarded parents like that.

1 hours later 28766695 Anonymous
>>28766621 Lapot time for dad, europoor

1 hours later 28766724 Anonymous (1552719755608.gif 1920x1080 707kB)
just give your dad $100 in bitcoin and you both will become happy coiners with lively coin discussions at dinners.

1 hours later 28766746 Anonymous
>>28766566 Yeah i think thats their plan. Make it sound insanely hard (complicated words) then make you invest in their occupation so they get paid by their boss. Also some of these so called ”advisors” literally trick boomer grandmas into insane fees. Fuck them

1 hours later 28766787 Anonymous
>>28766695 switzerland will always be richer and greater than your disgusting country wherever you are

1 hours later 28766809 Anonymous
>>28765179 i think its a thing with narcassistic dads to make up some uncertain lie of some huge wealth/relationship with some powerful celeb/business person i think its just coping with failure

1 hours later 28766828 Anonymous
>>28766687 My boomer father-in-law left his foldable reclining chair at my place half a year ago, and as soon as he heard that I used it a few times he wanted it back immediately even though he's never going to use it anymore (certainly not this winter). He's also pretty literally dying of cancer. Some of these boomers, man.

1 hours later 28766847 Anonymous
>>28766603 Seems comfy anon. Yeah i agree im 100% crypto rn though but after this bullrun im gonna chill i think my dopamine receptors are fried from this clownfiesta

1 hours later 28766853 Anonymous
My dad told me I should find a single mother because they want to keep up with the joneses on facebook. Pretty much on the lowest of the lowest levels of what a parent can think of their son. Dont get caught up in the mind of a narcissist, its a losing game. Good luck op.

1 hours later 28766862 Anonymous
>>28766566 Financial advisors have a vested interest in making shit sound complicated so that you have a reason to deal with it through them. They also likely barely understand it themselves because if they were actually good at making money they'd probably be spending time doing that instead of selling other people their advice.

1 hours later 28766872 Anonymous
>>28766746 It made sense like 15 years ago or whenever we did not have webbrokers. But now it's just wayyyy too convenient and idiot proof to not do your own investing. Can't blame them, but I will correct them if they think they know better. You got to adapt to everything, economy is no acceptation.

1 hours later 28766887 Anonymous
>>28764506 green ID riding straight to valhalla

1 hours later 28766920 Anonymous
>>28766614 Some people have to be left over by progress... I guess that if you assume it was true (you'll get fined and black listed for cashing out cryptos) It was mostly some financial advice he gave to his client.

1 hours later 28766986 Anonymous
>>28765864 based and envypilled semi-related: https://youtu.be/1Mxa350YEgI

1 hours later 28767012 Anonymous
The thing is that I don't want to live a lie when I make it, I want to be free without living some secret double life all the time. And I have a great family that supported me in all my endeavours, I'd want to support them too in some capacity, but then again I don't want the wider family and friends to suddenly all call me to pay up everyone's whatever debt or something like that. I guess what I'm asking is how to "make it" without becoming a paranoid truth dodging schizo at the same time?

1 hours later 28767022 Anonymous
>>28766809 He's probably just ignorant anon.

1 hours later 28767026 Anonymous
>>28765158 This t b h. I only have coinfriends in my circle. I enjoy their coins conversation.

1 hours later 28767089 Anonymous
>>28767012 You don't reveal your wealth.

1 hours later 28767124 Anonymous
>>28764506 I keked

1 hours later 28767133 Anonymous (20210215_091744.jpg 624x642 43kB)
>in-laws poor as shit >tell them about bitcoin >"No its a scam, it's all about gold etc" >news talking about how it's almost at 50k >"Its a bubble it'll pop soon!" This is the same motherfucker that basically stands at attention when the news starts talking about vaccinations and shit.

1 hours later 28767143 Anonymous
>>28765179 fucking lol

1 hours later 28767163 Anonymous
>>28767089 I do all the time. It animates people to fomo.

1 hours later 28767168 Anonymous
>>28765749 He has to deal with the government. The government is absolutely horrified by cryptos. Governments are powertripping hard due to income taxation, etc. giving them access to all your data. They are losing the control over you. That is why he is angry. He has to tell government that sheep has gone missing.

1 hours later 28767186 Anonymous
>>28766433 fuck you Frank, the innocent newfags can listen to me if they want

1 hours later 28767195 Anonymous
>having a dad

1 hours later 28767220 Anonymous
>>28766787 Heb de lade du Habasch. Es git lüt mit asoziale Eltere, öppis wo du Muetersohn nie chöntsch verstoh.

1 hours later 28767233 Anonymous (1605177065514.jpg 125x120 3kB)
>>28766321 >Anything high risk/ reward dries them out... until you make it; then, they believed in you all along. so true...

1 hours later 28767235 Anonymous
>>28767168 >He has to deal with the government. The government is absolutely horrified by cryptos. I was on the phone for a full hour with a literal representative of my country's tax authorities, and at worst I was getting taxed 33%. My own fucking accountant is more horrified by crypto than my government. I'm honestly not even sure if his response was even about crypto, but rather about me instead.

1 hours later 28767239 Anonymous
All this money...but at what cost?

1 hours later 28767287 Anonymous (1566842707481.jpg 1200x630 262kB)
>>28766340 get off the internet gramps

1 hours later 28767301 Anonymous (loveu-valen.png 839x768 484kB)
>>28763862 My mom just gave me 500$. Go anon invest it, and have a happy life. Thanks mom I Love you

1 hours later 28767327 Anonymous
>>28764010 Get a pepperball gun

1 hours later 28767328 Anonymous
>>28767168 >Governments are powertripping hard due to income taxation, How much revenue from income tax has every government lossed.

1 hours later 28767352 Anonymous (2ec.png 327x316 212kB)
>>28764506 >the next thing that came out of his sniveling little dildo catcher he calls a mouth. my sides

1 hours later 28767410 Anonymous
>>28767235 i get it now. hes literally seething that a young goy has more net worth after his years of trudging through the mud slaving for his degree than his job

1 hours later 28767441 Anonymous
>>28764010 Kek what the fuck

1 hours later 28767496 Anonymous (pain.png 900x681 143kB)
Imagine making money on crypto instead of losing everything.

1 hours later 28767500 Anonymous
>>28765114 Fucking this, wife knows I'm all in on Link only because she started talking Blockchain and saying it'd be a good long hold. I was so impressed I just told her flat out.

1 hours later 28767583 Anonymous
>>28767235 I mean governments know about this shit and have had years since the last bullrun to make some actual policy. Your accountant is just a faggot and you should get a new one.

1 hours later 28767603 Anonymous
>>28767500 So she found Chainlink on her own? In that case, it's likely acceptable that you divulge your holding.

1 hours later 28767611 Anonymous
>>28764506 yeah whatever you pastafag, go back to kikeddit Gen Z gotta stock living in their dreamworld at youtube twitch discord

1 hours later 28767624 Anonymous (20210211_194757.jpg 1004x970 95kB)
>mom and dad both failed me horrendously as a kid >dad is dead and mom is close >got her to all in on crypto anyways >mfw it's all going to me in the will Even dead weight can have its value.

1 hours later 28767629 Anonymous
>>28764010 BASED

1 hours later 28767631 Anonymous
>>28767500 damn, I wanna fuck your wife into oblivion

1 hours later 28767648 Anonymous
My dad bought the top in 2017 and sold the bottom in 2018. Now he says bitcoin is a scam for suckers while he searches for some idiot to buy his rotting cardboard shitbox in the middle of nowhere for 10x what he put into it.

1 hours later 28767691 Anonymous (20210207_185118.jpg 704x561 42kB)
>>28767603 Yeah I was fucking stunned, she had a better understanding of Blockchain and its potential than I did. She's great, I won everything in the end.

1 hours later 28767692 Anonymous
>>28767648 >while he searches for some idiot to buy his rotting cardboard shitbox in the middle of nowhere for 10x what he put into it. NO LOW BALLERS HE KNOWS WHAT HE GOT

1 hours later 28767761 Anonymous
>>28767603 more chance she actually wanted to talking about her good friend at work >black Shane He heard blockchain, and gave out his net worth right away, thinking she was the one. She then decided she could stay a bit longer with him, and just having this black fellow, Shane, on the side for a while

1 hours later 28767771 Anonymous (based.png 525x888 365kB)

1 hours later 28767872 Anonymous
>>28767761 Mutt's law?

1 hours later 28767898 Anonymous
>>28764929 too real anon, same situation

1 hours later 28767968 Anonymous
>>28766373 If you're going to throw around 30k like that literally just put it all in an index fund like VTI and you'll get average 7%+ a year without having to do anything.

1 hours later 28768053 Anonymous
>>28764506 based pasta Reminder that if you have children its your obligation to care for them for their entire life, and they owe you nothing, as you selfishly brought them into existence without their consent

1 hours later 28768204 Anonymous (1613043594761.jpg 750x458 42kB)
>>28763862 >Dad told me about crypto in 2017 and now we're both getting rich and laughing at nocoiners together Not everyone can have a based dad I guess.

1 hours later 28768252 Anonymous
>>28764506 holy fucking shit, this is the biz I love

1 hours later 28768382 Anonymous
you can hide your identity from them in OXEN messenger called sessions not jess sessions he's gay I'm talking about Session messenger where you can protect your ID and junk It's basically everything you need but didn't know you need but now you know you need it

1 hours later 28768424 Anonymous
>>28764642 Dude your dad sounds ok stop being so hard on yourself and him. For me this thread seems a bit weird since I talked every i care about into link few years ago.

1 hours later 28768442 Anonymous (20210128_094455.jpg 1532x1138 100kB)
>>28768204 Pretty sure my dad would have been a based bitcoin guy, but I'm convinced my mom killed him with her batshit speaking in tongues bullshit. Before he died, I remember she brought people to the house to "deliver him from demons" and bullshit like that. Ironically, his last words to me were "I'm sorry", and now here I am, while my mom lets my brothers waste away into failure. She even got fuckin pissed that I had the AUDACITY to move out and not take in my autistic brother, the same one she should have been taking care of. Now I have a wife and kid, and I'm only interested in gaining as much capital as possible to build an empire for my descendants.

1 hours later 28768486 Anonymous
>>28764370 same anon same. its like he needs to be the alpha all the time and feels threatened if i do well for myself.

1 hours later 28768611 Anonymous
>>28768204 Damn I wish I had one like that Mine is: >But bitcoin isn't real! Why would I pay for that? >Yeah, 1 dollar 10 years ago, 10k 5 years ago... isn't this just a bubble? >You see, I like to make money the good ol' way, selling stocks as your retired ol' pa... Fucking retard, I made more money selling DOGE than he made in a year (he actually lost lol)

1 hours later 28768816 Anonymous
>>28768204 he is scheming how to get your coins anon.

1 hours later 28768921 Anonymous (1613262248896.jpg 340x296 50kB)
>>28763862 my family is loaded but I'm afraid if I tell my dad about my GAINS he'll tell me I'm being irresponsible for gambling on internet money lmao

1 hours later 28768949 Anonymous
>>28764370 same. i didn't know that until he tried to sabotage this >feels bad. feels real bad. turned my world upside down.

2 hours later 28769137 Anonymous
>>28764870 This is the correct reaction for a father, Jesus. All these animals that are MAD that something good happened to the CHILD are a few crayons short of a full box.

2 hours later 28769281 Anonymous (feelsgoodman.png 1480x832 67kB)
>>28763862 >Dad bought 2 BTC and promised not to touch them until at least 2023

2 hours later 28769335 Anonymous
>>28764900 Bro it's dads, not moms aka men, not women

2 hours later 28769358 Anonymous
be me waifu calls me out for implying she is wasting time on $10 a month reduction in home loan (took hours of her time). She says just because you have a bit of money now stack = 6M+ USD (she is worth anout 4M+ USD)

2 hours later 28769400 Anonymous
My dad just tried to get me into some retarded schemes that the banks run here in Germany, so I just stopped telling him about my finances. Broke into 7 figure hell this week. Feels good man. I'd be somewhere around 50k with his approach.

2 hours later 28769438 Anonymous (1602022647451.png 686x776 1216kB)
>>28765312 >When I was a kid my dad always told me to invent something to gain passive income the thing they repeat over and over is the same thing that flares them up when you actually set out to do it. they longed for the will to do that thing, then resent the fuck out of you for showing them up, proving that it was possible all along and they just didn't have the goods. but fucking hell that's been the history of man. imagine if the monkeys beaned a stone into his svelt savanna son's dome. how much longer it would have taken. fuck this thread. and fuck all these shitty dads. jfc. glad to know im not the only one

2 hours later 28769449 Anonymous
>>28767235 33%? What country? Here in RO you pay 10%, but only if you cash it out. Selling it and buying other crypto on exchanges is still catalogued as "unrealized goods". Feels good man.

2 hours later 28769455 Anonymous
>>28763862 yes

2 hours later 28769461 Anonymous
>>28768442 >I had the AUDACITY to move out and not take in my autistic brother Lucky, my brother is high-functioning enough to hate our parents but low-functioning enough to need financial support for life so I wound up stuck with him.

2 hours later 28769593 Anonymous (▄█▀ █▬█ █ █ █ █ █ █ ▀█▀.jpg 720x733 109kB)
honestly dont think my parents really care too be fair, as long as i make money. then again i dont have fuck off amounts like you lot have

2 hours later 28769641 Anonymous
>>28765634 How's WSB these days? Any cool new 2017 memes diamond hands harambe?

2 hours later 28769644 Anonymous
>>28765179 poor guy

2 hours later 28769652 Anonymous
>>28769358 >(she is worth anout 4M+ USD) Is your marriage solid or could I steal that?

2 hours later 28769755 Anonymous
>>28764370 I remember when I got a promotion at my wagecuck job. I called home to tell my parents. My dad instead of congratulating me asked me when I was going to get a gf. When I hang up I got depressed as fuck. I love my dad, he has worked hard all his life to put meat on the table. But I don't remember a single word of congratulations or a simple "well done" from him.

2 hours later 28769799 Anonymous
>>28767012 >"Anon, I want you to pay this for me because whatever." >"No."

2 hours later 28769844 Anonymous (shrugohyou.jpg 1200x1579 215kB)
>>28766340 >https://t dot me/breaking911/744 some people are raised by Goy what are ya gonna do

2 hours later 28769848 Anonymous
>>28764256 If it was 200k the seethe would be real

2 hours later 28769899 Anonymous
>>28767012 Just say that your money is tied up in investments and you don't have anything on you right now.

2 hours later 28769960 Anonymous
>>28769799 Checked and agreed Just grow a spine. I struggle with it too but you have to figure it out somehow.

2 hours later 28769961 Anonymous
>>28769438 This. Boomers get real fuckin mad when they figure out laws of the jungle doesn't specifically apply to using spears out in the brush.

2 hours later 28769962 Anonymous
>>28769461 Is he high functioning enough to do wizard level research on coins or stonks? You both can win win?

2 hours later 28769988 Anonymous
>>28766746 >>28766862 so much of the economy is just make-work nonsense.

2 hours later 28770038 Anonymous
>>28769799 better answer is >what % of returns will I receive and can you give me a good reason I should trust it will be profitable?

2 hours later 28770048 Anonymous
>>28769461 Thing is, he COULD be high functioning. He's not even actually autistic, he was born blind in one eye, so his brain developed slower than most. If she wasn't so fucking retardedly LAZY about his upbringing he could actually be doing something. Instead she feeds him junk food shit every single day, because it's all he eats, and he just sits on the computer all fuckin day. The fact she was willing to let me waste away in the same fashion fills me with rage, and I'll get her to inflate her entire fortube off crypto so when she dies, I can check it as another successful investment.

2 hours later 28770061 Anonymous
>>28769962 Yes actually, economics/finance is his special interest so he turned a few grand into ~$120k a few years ago.

2 hours later 28770064 Anonymous
I got my dad 3 suicide stacks in the beginning of 2020. 1k link 1 btc and 10 eth. Not sure if 10 eth is a suicide stack but I was sure to get one. Its been like 12k to 105k in a year. Not bad. Should have dropped 200 to 300k in for him but he was nervous. Oh well.

2 hours later 28770168 Anonymous
>>28766986 Friends are way over rated. Family you just put up with. That's why a lot of people's make it number is so high. I'll be happy with 500k and no friends.

2 hours later 28770228 Anonymous
>>28770048 Yo anon I work as a disability support worker, pushing him to be more independent is important. I've worked with moms who treat their kids like they are twice as incapable as they are, they literally give up after not even trying. They know they have a safety net to do stuff for them. take that away and they will go through the stages of grief and eventually learn.

2 hours later 28770449 Anonymous
>>28770228 I'm pretty sure she finally fucking figured that out after I moved out of the country and started a family. She also makes these bizarre offhand comments as if repeatedly telling me I was the best son or some shit will forgive the failure she was.

2 hours later 28770459 Anonymous
>>28769844 selfcheck anyone got the webm for this? it's so often relevant.

2 hours later 28770462 Anonymous
>>28769755 It's a sign that he wants you to become more independent.

2 hours later 28770520 Anonymous
>>28770449 She won't do the hard work though. So she has not learned shit. If it was me I would use his disability to get a place of his own and tell her to leave him the fuck be. let him hit rockbottom and ask for help about improving his life.

2 hours later 28770647 Anonymous
>told anyone that would listen about Chainlink right after ICO >my poor sad sack dad was the only one that listened, put his entire meager savings of $500 in at $0.50 >we have a sworn agreement to tell noone about our profits >he has no idea how much I have We are both going to make it

2 hours later 28770674 Anonymous
>>28770061 Very wholesome, Youre a good bro.

2 hours later 28770720 Anonymous
>>28766321 This is the fucking truth. The most glaring non-physical difference between men and women is the capacity for risk taking. Women value status quo over everything. They can't imagine putting even a small amount of money on the line if it means that it might be taken from them. Even if they had a chance at multiplying their worth by an order of magnitude, they wouldn't do it. Men take the risks. Men hunt food. Men explore. Men build and make safe. Women come afterwards once the status quo is in place and make family. There's nothing good or bad about either role, it is just what humans are meant for. Listening to women when you should be acting as a man, however, is a terrible decision. Keep them away from risks - it's not what they're designed for.

2 hours later 28770766 Anonymous
https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap /pair-explorer/0x5a265315520696299f a1ece0701c3a1ba961b888 Tell your dad to be financially rotten! Moonmission started!

2 hours later 28770805 Anonymous
>>28770462 He just got a promotion and called to let his father know? How is that him wanting his son to be more independent?

2 hours later 28770809 Anonymous
>>28764506 Jesus Christ help us all

2 hours later 28770894 Anonymous (1449189494956.jpg 480x360 22kB)
>>28764506 gold

2 hours later 28770899 Anonymous
>>28770720 >There's nothing good or bad about either role, You say that, but I intuitively feel less respect for people not willing to risk their own skin and only try to mooch off the success of others. Maybe women are scared of risks, because our ancestors put up with this bullshit for many generations? Maybe it's time they get over it? If I have daughters one day, I'll play lots of poker with them. Teach them to make bets and evaluate potential risks/gains.

2 hours later 28770986 Anonymous
>>28764642 Holy shit this must be a larp

2 hours later 28771031 Anonymous
>>28770805 Notice he got depressed after the call with his dad? That clearly shows lack of independence. Parents tend to be aware of this when it comes to sons. If he had casually mentioned it at dinner like 2 weeks later, then his dad would have been a lot happier.

2 hours later 28771074 Anonymous
>>28763862 My dad got on board with me. Last month he realised how stupid he was for missing in bitcoin. He gave me 100k to hodl and said: 50-50 son

2 hours later 28771088 Anonymous
>>28770986 Maybe not. There's something seriously wrong with boomers. I used to browse r/insaneparents or something similar on plebbit. Lots of interesting and eye opening experiences there.

2 hours later 28771097 Anonymous
Got talking to my dad about crypto, stocks and shares. He said he was happy with me after I struck lucky with GME. He will be receiving a mid 5-figure sum soon and wants to be more money wise. He wasn't too sure about crypto but is positive and support about my speculations into it. He is happy to put a 100/month or so in S&P 500.

2 hours later 28771154 Anonymous
>>28763862 bought mom and dad 50 eth in 2016, and a bunch of ltc i don't even know how many. they're happy for me and im happy for them. if your parents are not happy for your winning, then at least take the lesson that this is not good and don't be like that with your kids

2 hours later 28771160 Anonymous
>>28764642 this post gave me an erection.

2 hours later 28771181 Anonymous
>>28769449 Belgium. It's supposed to be 0% if you invested like a "prudent housefather", but they'll try to screw you anyway of course. Romania is magnificent, but I don't wanna get murdered in my home by some gyppo for my money lol.

2 hours later 28771274 Anonymous
>>28764642 Based

2 hours later 28771358 Anonymous
Making a lot of money quickly by being smart and investing early in crypto triggers something in some boomers brain. they suddenly have a vague feeling that what they did all their life was wrong (not saving and not taking time to understand the stock markets to invest). so they try to put you down to remove the strange feeling that maybe there is a chance they were wrong all their life

2 hours later 28771387 Anonymous
>>28765114 That's been my experience. They won't appreciate the gains and will chastise the losses. They will hindsight like crazy and tell you when you should have sold. I have been holding valuable pokemon cards on the premise that any collectible worth more than $250 never drops below. Anyone who can blow their money like that doesn't need to sell, and the market is too illiquid for prices to crater in an instant. I was told to sell my skyridge charizard at 300, 500, 1000, and 2,500 and that it was silly to hold on. Even if I cashed out now it wouldn't be appreciated.

2 hours later 28771482 Anonymous
>>28766809 this. or clearly some other mental illness involving delusional thoughts

2 hours later 28771494 Anonymous
>>28766017 >My wife ngmi

2 hours later 28771496 Anonymous
>>28767500 How big is her penis

3 hours later 28771601 Anonymous
>>28771031 Lol weird way of being empathetic, seems to be more of a narcissist than anything else. Id assume if he got depressed or down its cuz his dad constantly shoots down any accomplishment hes ever had lol.

3 hours later 28771679 Anonymous
>>28766210 same anon, my mother has one eth, 45 links, and 85 cosmos. she outperformed me in everything, she even got a +800% on TSLA. What.

3 hours later 28771752 Anonymous
>>28771031 >That clearly shows lack of independence. no, his father was just a cunt.

3 hours later 28771854 Anonymous
>>28771358 There's no greater dread than feeling like you wasted your life. I wasted a lot of mine being cautious and buying into the conventional wisdom.

3 hours later 28772070 Anonymous
>>28771601 Grateful that my dad knew better. He could never express any kind of pride emotionally, but knew that any achievement worth a phone call deserved celebration. Pick a restaurant and he picks up the tab. I plan to do the same for mine. If your kids are reporting good news and achievement to you that means it's important to them. Recognize the achievement with something tangible.

3 hours later 28772074 Anonymous
>>28770899 You could be right, but I believe its biological. I'd rather have a wife who can devote herself to raising our children rather than putting them into day care and school as soon as possible so she can get back to her career. If it is a learned trait then fuck me I guess.

3 hours later 28772262 Anonymous
>>28772074 If you can afford a good preschool it's worth it two days per week for the socialization. It can't be cheap. It doesn't matter if you like the facility, instructors, or activities. You don't want your kids learning shitty behavior from kids genetically predisposed to being total brats.

3 hours later 28772334 Anonymous
>>28763862 Just start dressing in suits around the house.

3 hours later 28772357 Anonymous
>>28766687 P sure this is just the standard Am*rican parenting model. The average Am*rican citizen is fundamentally broken after a life time of heavy duty propaganda via marketing and social engineering. They can't stand seeing their peers ascend the ladder in any way.

3 hours later 28772359 Anonymous
>>28764506 Deserved. I hate NoCoiners so much. Just start shaking

3 hours later 28772404 Anonymous
>>28764194 same, although in my case it's because i stole his wife

3 hours later 28772442 Anonymous
>>28763862 Just give him some of yours. He probably had to put up with enough of your cunty bullshit over the years.

3 hours later 28772464 Anonymous
>>28770899 Consider teaching them Pokemon tcg. There are age divisions and significant prize support. Poker math tends to be a bit too lofty for kids under 10 and it can reinforce bad habits. Poker creates scenarios where a terrible play pays out, and young children will repeat the action and get blown up. In Pokemon your bad plays get mercilessly punished, and you learn quickly to avoid those mistakes.

3 hours later 28772525 Anonymous
>make dad buy bitcoin at 2k >sells at 41k(to me) >doesnt understand where the price rise came from >now 48k+ >jokingly hear my mom say he wants his bitcoin back old people are funny

3 hours later 28772536 Anonymous
>>28764506 You're lucky he didn't put a pillow over your fucking face as you slept and dropped a cinder block on your melon.

3 hours later 28772665 Anonymous
>>28767761 why are americans like this?

3 hours later 28772680 Anonymous
>>28768053 >brought them into existence without their consent it's like the opposite of murder, but still just as bad

3 hours later 28772700 Anonymous
>mom takes home 3.5k a month and have only $700 left after bills and tries to guilt trip me for this must suck being completely financially retarded

3 hours later 28772796 Anonymous
>>28772357 Shit take. Americans worship the get rich quick gurus and charlatans of our era. We elected Donald Trump off of his charisma and reputation. Humans don't like getting embarrassed, especially if they were outspoken in their opposition. Normally they can brush it off, but that's a lot harder to do when the success is measured in dollars.

3 hours later 28772800 Anonymous
My wife and I have roughly the same bags (about 1.2-1.5 mil USD each), and we're the only ones that know the true extent of our wealth. Do NOT tell anyone, make light of it if they mention it... The only person that should know is you and the person that handles your finances/taxing for you.

3 hours later 28772874 Anonymous
>>28763862 Why do people on this board have such nigger-tier relationship with their family? In my country its common to celebrate the success of your family members not seethe because they did better than you

3 hours later 28772924 Anonymous
>>28772874 such is life in the west, families are strangers

3 hours later 28772950 Anonymous
>>28770899 Its reasonable for women to be more risk averse. Look at sex: the consequence of sex for women, pregnancy, much steeper than for a man.

3 hours later 28772959 Anonymous (1612917544949.png 300x300 74kB)
>>28764506 Based

3 hours later 28772966 Anonymous
it's funny to hear about all of you with retards for parents, my dad made 3 million over the past 6 months with crypto that I showed him, he's planning on retiring this year and is really proud of me.

3 hours later 28772993 Anonymous
My dad told me to buy property and be a landlord or build a hotel at a sking resort close to where I live. He doesnt know I want to leave this second world shithole but I feel bad leaving my family here. Also why do any of these when I can do high apy farming?

3 hours later 28772998 Anonymous
>>28772874 It's either b8 or Americans

3 hours later 28773001 Anonymous
>>28772874 The ones with good relationships take a conventional path in life. They get decent jobs and don't bother with aggressive investing strategies. Unstable homes make unstable investors. It's not a surprise really.

3 hours later 28773068 Anonymous
>>28770899 >Maybe women are scared of risks, because our ancestors put up with this bullshit for many generations? The women who were more risky simply died and didn't have offspring. There is a genetic difference in temperament between genders, and for men it makes sense to engage in more risky behavior.

3 hours later 28773130 Anonymous
>>28763862 I've began conversations with my parents to preserve our entire family's wealth throughout the coming crash. When the great unwashed are hunting cats for their meat, you're going to need people you can trust. Before this show is over we'll need clanmanmode to survive. That means your family, your friends (unreliable), or your link marine peers from the internet (also risky).

3 hours later 28773134 Anonymous
>>28772950 I think that's bogus. If any of that were true then women would be fastidiously conservative with finances. It's more a function of ambition.

3 hours later 28773223 Anonymous
>>28772525 >>jokingly hear my mom say he wants his bitcoin back haha yeah, "jokingly".

3 hours later 28773310 Anonymous
>>28772800 >The only person that should know is you and the person that handles your finances/taxing for you. You should be very careful even around the person that has handled your finances/taxes for a fucking decade, see >>28765312 My accountant of 10+ years threw a fit when I told him I had crypto.

3 hours later 28773312 Anonymous
>>28772950 It's because they're coddled their entire lives. Why take risk when all you have to do in order to make it is wear a pretty dress and spread your legs now and then. They don't know hardship. Men learn from an early age that everything they have comes at the expense of their resources, body, will, and how they leverage their intelligence and skills with a heavy modifier from luck. We take risks because otherwise very little is gained compared to other men with greater resources, skills, and intelligence operating under that same luck modifier who are taking the same or greater risks.

3 hours later 28773337 Anonymous
How did u guys move out? My parents want me to buy a place close to them but I want independence and to live in a bigger and more lively city. Im too old to be living with them and they make me feel bad if I even bring up moving out. (Im an amazing cook and I cook for everyone so that might be it...)

3 hours later 28773343 Anonymous
> Turn 4k into 35k over the past 12 months. > Friend cracks the shits as its taken her almost 3 years to save 20k on her salary. I never believed no coiner rage existed until now. She was beyond irrational. The way she carried on almost made me feel guilty.

3 hours later 28773431 Anonymous
>>28773310 Damn. Yeah we're going to a special consultant that handles cryptocurrency shit - and is actually clued-in to the more recent tech.

3 hours later 28773449 Anonymous
>>28765864 200iq post

3 hours later 28773482 Anonymous
>>28773337 Bro just do it. Make your own choices in life, it is your life not your parents. How old are you, if you don't mind me asking?

3 hours later 28773618 Anonymous
>>28773068 You're mostly right, but it's also men's fault. If a 7/10 woman took risks and was successful, but a 8/10 was a meek coward, then most men would still rather marry the 8/10, because she's prettier. Our ancestors fucked up like this.

3 hours later 28773728 Anonymous
>>28773618 Women are judged more on physical traits and youth simply because carrying a child for 9 months and giving birth to it are physically so much more demanding.

3 hours later 28773799 Anonymous
>>28773618 Also, it's very much a thing for young, attractive men to pair up with older, uglier, fatter, ... rich women.

3 hours later 28773806 Anonymous
>>28773337 Make your own choices in life. If your parents aren't helping financially or with their effort then they really aren't invested. I moved out in 2010 with a down payment from my grandfather. I stayed close because I love where I grew up and because my parents watch the kids at least once per week. If they are letting you stay for free then I would stick around. They are invested in you and the city isn't worth the capital expense required.

3 hours later 28773818 Anonymous (1613148454534.jpg 900x688 123kB)
>>28767133 >"ITSA BUBBLE!" I love how normies and boomers parrot this line that they read or heard somewhere in the mainstream as of it's something profound when it's actually just an excuse they tell themselves to feel better about having missed out on all the gains in crypto and gives them permission to not research it any further and continue just contributing a little to their 401k and spending the rest on plastic chinese crap that ends up having to be put in storage. Normies are destined to be poor or debt riddle middleclass midwits

3 hours later 28773837 Anonymous
>>28765223 oh, woah, NPCs

3 hours later 28773842 Anonymous (1591144269738.jpg 399x346 26kB)

3 hours later 28773932 Anonymous
>>28763862 My sister messaged me last week asking if she should get into bitcoin. So I helped her set up a blockfi account to invest into 50% ETH 50% BTC. Glad she doesn't have dumb genes. >feels good man

3 hours later 28773941 Anonymous
>>28773728 I actually meant the 7/10 and 8/10 were otherwise pretty much equal. One is just prettier, the other is bolder. Most men would take the prettier one.

3 hours later 28773990 Anonymous
>>28772966 that's the spirit, kek

3 hours later 28774022 Anonymous
>>28771854 >28771854 This is the most likely explanation for their rage. It's like they finally realized they have been lied to their entire lives.

3 hours later 28774071 Anonymous
>>28773818 Honestly, I think they are right - most cryptos are probably a bubble. They still have huge growth potential, but they are bubbles. I really doubt Bitcoin's impressive rollercoaster ride is because the fundamentals have gone back and forth.

3 hours later 28774127 Anonymous
>>28773932 Dangerous. They will blame you for any losses and won't appreciate the gains.

3 hours later 28774140 Anonymous
>>28765954 Should have told him to get lost, what a fucking nerve

3 hours later 28774179 Anonymous
>>28768424 nah sounds like an boomer (with the usual learning-disability) that one should take some distance to. one doesnt have to give up all contact, but find ones own space.

3 hours later 28774193 Anonymous
>>28774022 I think you guys are being harsh. They literally didn't have cryptos back in their youth. Researching and trading stocks was also more difficult.

3 hours later 28774243 Anonymous
>>28765312 Get a different accountant. They are supposed to provide you services, not blow up in autistic boomer rage. After you tell him to fuck off, laugh at his face that you made more money than he did in his entire career by buying meme coins.

3 hours later 28774298 Anonymous
>>28774193 Yes, but they did have a functioning economy back then where you could get a house with a HS diploma. I don't feel bad for them at all.

3 hours later 28774331 Anonymous
>>28767235 leave that country. don't pay these backwards idiots taxes. we shouldn't give those smoothbrains any more money. find a tax haven. look for good weather. stay in paradise. leave hell to burn.

3 hours later 28774349 Anonymous
>>28774071 What I have learned that something being called a bubble means it's guaranteed to grow for at least a bit longer. Why not jump in short term for some guaranteed gains? I have been tracking meme stocks for about a decade. Every single big meme takes at least three months before correcting. It doesn't matter if the bubble will burst if you can be sure it won't burst tomorrow.

3 hours later 28774375 Anonymous
>>28774298 I see. Was very different for my parents. I'm from East EU and when the USSR finally fucked off, there was some serious financial chaos for a while.

3 hours later 28774434 Anonymous
>>28764010 Send me two XMR and I’ll beat the shit out of your dad for you

3 hours later 28774439 Anonymous (884C08EA-C695-44D7-9302-9F6382E49457.jpg 196x257 8kB)
>>28763862 ironically this is me. ive been dca and invested during covid by using my own money . i had money in my savings that i won from a law suit. i asked my dad for 5k from it and he woefully let me use it. i asked for another 5k and he said stop using it on your stupid coins, you’re getting scammed. don’t talk to me about your coins because i don’t care about easy money. easy money easy goes son. ask him again you’re getting greedy just trust me fine turns out he was right anons. rubic tanked and now i only have 100k usd. probably going to go down to 3 cents

3 hours later 28774441 Anonymous
>>28772536 hello newfriend https://www.4chan.org/polls >>28772525 a lot of people will legit kill themselves when bitcoin reaches 300k+ in 2-3 years and they sold in 2021 for double digits gains. >>28772874 >>28772998 all around the world you have shitty parents but yeah maybe it's something more prevalent in the west. glad you were born in a functioning family >>28772966 a healthy dad doesn't feel threatened by his children and is genuinely happy for their success. >>28773312 >It's because they're coddled their entire lives >They don't know hardship anon that's complete incel bullshit.

3 hours later 28774451 Anonymous
>>28774375 I think if your parents grew up poor they are less likely to get mad if their son makes it big with crypto. If you are a good person you can help your parents out with your gains. However western boomers are some of the most spoilt and arrogant people in existence, so the story is different here.

3 hours later 28774504 Anonymous
>>28774298 >hs diploma Thats the issues with boomers, they doubledown on what worked for them and can't see any other way to succeed. This mentality has left us with a education system that does not actually teach and is instead just hoops to jump through to prove you deserve it more than anyone else. It became a contest one one upping everyone else. Now you need a fucking masters to even get a shot at a shit low wage job.

3 hours later 28774507 Anonymous
>>28771387 never sell your charizard bro. It's going to x 100 in 10 years. Believe me i know collectibles very very well

4 hours later 28774629 Anonymous
It takes a special breed to get into crypto, at least bit use to in the early days. I made the mistake of letting a few friends and family of my success, nobody is happy for you, it's true that the envy will eat at them and they will knock you down any chance they get. It didn't get really bad until I started flexing with cars and boats and a new house. My advice is to have a good cover story. Start a low effort business and have people associate you with that. Give them something they can understand, and say "he worked hard and had a good idea". If makes everything easier , trust me.

4 hours later 28774719 Anonymous (s-l1600 (56).jpg 580x580 41kB)
>>28773337 I saved up a bit, got an apartment, and made sure I liked the area. After a couple years I was pretty sure and bought a small house for 105k. Paid a little more than I wanted to but it's hard to beat being a mile away from work and less than 3 miles away from the gym and bar. Gym turned out to be less of plus after finishing the home gym but still its interesting to live in town. If I had to do it over I'd probably go for a couple acres for 70-100k and a bigger house. 1.1k square feet is kind of shitty knowing I could have gotten 1.6k for less. But commuting 20 minutes would suck and I bitch about cutting the grass on my postage stamp yard. As electric mower makes easy work of it but you need a riding mower for acres. Anything over 10 acres and I'd say fuck it and bush hog or give anything over 5 acres to the forest. If you want the city life don't bother with suburbs, they are all terrible. Neighbors are within a stones throw, you have to drive so no advantages of city life but no city life either. Get a house within 5 miles of the fun close to midtown or downtown so you can walk or bike, or if you don't mind putting up with bullshit a condo but only if it's right in the middle of fun shit. Once steaking is out I'm probably moving to Nashville or Chattanooga if I'm decide to go full retard big city life. More likely I'm buying some land in bumfuck Mississippi and going hermit mode. Just need internet. Something to keep in mind networth means nothing to mortgage companies even if you are drawing 4% a year of a $10m portfolio in boomer ETFs. Get a loan and wait until a month after closing before you quit your job, otherwise you will have to pay in full for the property. You expect more than 4% in gains so it's stupid as hell not to get a mortgage. Literally free money after the taxes, inflation, and portfolio growth differences.

4 hours later 28774730 Anonymous
>>28772874 this is the future the west chose.

4 hours later 28774758 Anonymous
>>28774193 There have been online trading platforms for ages. If they were ignorant they should have been honest to themselves and others. Instead of acting like they knew better they should have reserved judgement.

4 hours later 28774782 Anonymous (thumb_pol-anyone-got-that-wojak-pepe-meme-of-hillary-shittin-53344810.png 300x220 18kB)
>>28773343 "What?! What do you mean you invested your money, putting it at risk and risk paid off with 600% gains!? You can't do that, it's not fair!!! You're not like contributing to society and stuff! You have to wagecuck and but your rapidly depreciating dollars into a bank savings account earning 0.01% APY!!

4 hours later 28774827 Anonymous
>>28772536 >>28772442 retard nigger

4 hours later 28774876 Anonymous
>>28774629 People don't like show offs. That shouldn't be surprised. Always present your success as half-lucky. It makes you look humble and it makes them feel less shitty about their own situation.

4 hours later 28774879 Anonymous (20201209_173225.jpg 627x575 22kB)
>this entire thread I'm convinced all of these riches we've been given is so we can all leave this world, and establish homeworlds out in the void, which lack nigger emotions and behaviors, while encouraging family and self-improvement above all. Good times created weak men, and we're almost through the bad times anons, let's break the cycle.

4 hours later 28774922 Anonymous
>>28763862 your dads Dave Ramsay?

4 hours later 28775012 Anonymous
>>28764256 Turn $400 into 2k and they'll be proud because 2k is fucking meaningless. If you turn 10k into half a million they'll be threatened by it because they've likely worked their whole lives only to earn less in a decade than you've made in 6 months.

4 hours later 28775089 Anonymous (1598572833319.png 1001x1100 1131kB)
>>28764506 >Began taking his hands and making him hit himself. Fucking faggot tries to give me the "muh arthritis please anon it hurts" bullshit again >again

4 hours later 28775099 Anonymous (.png 612x567 15kB)
My parents were both always happy for me whenever I was doing well in crypto. My dad even got interested and had me buy him 20 BTC for him in 2013. That same Christmas I gave my mom 1 BTC on a paper wallet. I encouraged them to hold it, but they both ended up cashing out in 2014. Unfortunate, but understandable. Since I held for the most part since then, I've become rich and the first thing I did with the money besides paying taxes was to give them a bunch for early retirement and some more. Felt really good to finally be able to give back to them for all the years they tolerated me living with them as useless NEET well into my 20s.

4 hours later 28775225 Anonymous
>>28775099 Fuck you anon

4 hours later 28775235 Anonymous (16133977951602150940762782833038.jpg 4608x3456 4145kB)
>>28774507 No chance it becomes a 2.5 million dollar card. There are too many PSA 10s in circulation. You are right that 25k is not the top. People will eventually realize that skyridge is rarer than first edition base. This bad boy is my pride and joy though. Eventually people will realize how rare this thing is. Only given out at select European tournaments to first place finishers at the absolute lowest point in the game, completely disrespected because it's just a torchic. I knew better than to sleep on this thing, and nearly 20 years later it is finally going to pay off.

4 hours later 28775274 Anonymous
>>28774629 >"he worked hard and had a good idea". If makes everything easier , trust me. this

4 hours later 28775288 Anonymous (7fje2v16ok211.jpg 720x882 70kB)
>>28773818 Yes, of course there are boom bust cycles like in any young market, but even a brainlet like myself can use his few braincells left after years of drug use and engage in something called "pattern recognition" where you see they occur every several years around BTC halving and then plan accordingly. You would also notice with a basic level of research that much higher highs and higher lows are set each cycle. I've used this to explode my net worth in just a few short years. Normies don't do this because they're lazy retarded faggots that think school or university are the only places one can gain knowledge that will help them financially by getting a higher paying job. Rather than learn about finances, the crypto space, and investing in general, they'd rather read a headline like "Bitcoin is a bubble", a meaningless talking point spoonfed to them by some corporation, and dismiss it entirely than take the time to research it and find out what it's all about.

4 hours later 28775309 Anonymous
>>28769755 he sounds pretty based, sounds like you wanna be congratulated on every average thing, celebrating mediocrity will be the fall of the west

4 hours later 28775311 Anonymous
My dad is pretty cool, but I started to rarely take his financial advise because its outdated. Tries to get me to buy life insurance all the time. He was right about buying a house in the GTA. Alot of you sound like you have daddy issues.

4 hours later 28775315 Anonymous
>>28775225 Don't be so cynical, anon.

4 hours later 28775360 Anonymous
>>28775099 cute!

4 hours later 28775372 Anonymous
>>28772874 It's just americans

4 hours later 28775374 Anonymous
>>28775288 Meant to reply to >>28774071

4 hours later 28775625 Anonymous
my dads relationship was very complicated and cold for the whole of my life. I know I haven't been the most best child to grow up but our relationship has gotten better now. I shilled link for him and got him to crypto, he also knows I'm a millionair at this point which is weird. A few years ago it wasn't that long away for me to end up in prison.

4 hours later 28775794 Anonymous
>be me dad lives nearby and has a gunsafe while I’m in a busy apartment so I ask if I can use his safe as storage during rona cause I don’t trust banks. put 42k in it, come back to get it a month or so later and it’s down to 17k. No mention beforehand, then I ask him wtf happened and he tells me oh yeah son thats the money gone to a second car he bought, never trust family with money and never loan them money . They always feel at least a little entitled to your success

4 hours later 28775857 Anonymous
>>28775288 It just looks useless to normies, so they can't believe it will continue to just grow and they are scared of buying at the top. I used to think so too. Then I realized it's use in crime. Now that XMR is replacing Bitcoin in crime, I'm skeptical of Bitcoin again. Seems like a complete gamble. I have no idea how high it will go and have yet to see a convincing explanation for what the top will be.

4 hours later 28776085 Anonymous
>>28774441 Maybe incel comunitty holds a similar view, I don't know but it does not change the truth. Surely you've seen it with your sisterl, cousins, or friends. Female isn't quite the easy mode /r9k/ would have you think. Their manager reprimands them for being late or making a mistake that cost some money to the company. Some of them are unlucky and have fat genes, tattoo genes, and piercings genes so they aren't living life as easily as the younger girl at work who takes care of herself. Some are even cursed with raging bitch genes or not planning to getting married until after 30 genes. Despite this they know in the back of their mind that should worse come to worst they could always marry a guy who is only a couple points higher than them or even their match in smv. If he doesn't want her to be a childless housewife she just has to get pregnant and then she can call the shots. It's easy to make the argument that they are better off financially and socially if she stays at home unless she is pulling 80k+/yr and even then she can still raise the a child needs their parent argument. Even if he makes less he would rather work than be seen as a Mr mom. In stark contrast we have the types of hardship men face. Sink or swim. Getting fucked just because you happened to be in the same building as someone, or accidentally found yourself on someone's shit list after bruising someone's ego unintentionally. Our backup plan is I can join the military if I pass health and psych and have a clean crime record and good credit score and am under 35 and am willing to bite my tongue while some 23 year old piece of shit out ranks me. Officer or enlisted it's not nearly as comfy a backup plan as have a lot of sex and accept gifts from someone you're in a romantic relationship with. Outside of military is just selling drugs >ooga booga you're a cop oh wait you really aren't OK pleasure robbing with you or if you're lucky just getting ripped off on product markup.

4 hours later 28776166 Anonymous
>>28775794 your dad is a scumbag

4 hours later 28776214 Anonymous
>>28775794 Just make it look like a suicide anon

4 hours later 28776389 Anonymous
>>28770899 Women are biologically averse to risk because we're a part-tournament species. Women nearly always have children while for men procreation is limited towards a top few. Not to the same extent as lions and gorillas, but more so than ducks or penguins. The purpose of risk taking is for greater rewards. Men can sire a near unlimited number of offspring, and so taking great risks for increased status, power and wealth results in having many more children. A woman with greater status, power and wealth is still limited to the same years of fertility as any other woman. No need to take great risks, just either find a beta provider to provide resources or have so many kids with so many men that some of them are guaranteed to survive.

4 hours later 28776431 Anonymous
>>28764010 What the fuck?

4 hours later 28776487 Anonymous
I turned $10k into $200k and my Dad is beaming with pride every moment Never asked for a penny Hopes I turn it into a $1million Why are your dads such cunts?

4 hours later 28776492 Anonymous
>>28773482 24, finished engineering uni and realized I’d make more just being a neet and buying shitcoins. Made my salary Id make as an engineer in years in just a few months and working seems like a waste of time now.

4 hours later 28776521 Anonymous
>>28764506 This is sad.

4 hours later 28776538 Anonymous (1507158463381.jpg 388x388 20kB)
>>28776487 based dad

4 hours later 28776555 Anonymous
>>28764773 That was when it started getting weird with me and the old man. He was happy for me when it was just a dream to escape the rat race but now that I'm getting closer to the finish line you can sense the weirdness. He'll make "jokes" about me paying off his mortgage and there are alot of awkward silences if I tell him where my stack is at. It's a shame because I tried to get him to buy in for years but he would just blow it off with "It's a racket kid, they're selling blue sky".

4 hours later 28776596 Anonymous
You people grew up in terrible families or were raised by single mums. What's with all the dad rage? Are you female?

4 hours later 28776705 Anonymous
>>28773806 I am staying for free, they want to move to the country in a few years and leave me this place. However I dont like the city, its a nice but boring low pop city where nothing happens. I feel like Im wasting my youth staying here.

4 hours later 28776766 Anonymous
>>28776487 Same man. This thread is making me feel sad. So many anons grew up in shit homes.

4 hours later 28776772 Anonymous
>>28764929 My friend is in that boat. Sucks.

4 hours later 28776802 Anonymous (0b1fad1a357f75158747e04dcb7a36b35f5f7f0e11f42cf322fbaf02beb69419.png 1000x1006 772kB)

4 hours later 28776826 Anonymous
>>28776596 Women like aggressive and narcissistic men. Therefore lots of dads are aggressive and narcissistic.

4 hours later 28776926 Anonymous
>>28764010 >beanbag shotgun Or you know a real shotgun and just cock it, universal sound for fuck off.

4 hours later 28776990 Anonymous (F389945A-5965-4749-A59E-2A4C0549D190.jpg 255x253 9kB)
>>28765223 >tfw exactly the same is slowly happening to me

4 hours later 28777093 Anonymous (048a0f2513b4662441db576869cead72.jpg 642x653 165kB)
>>28775794 You can't leave us hanging like this. What happens next? Did he start sending disgusting messages to his boss's wife and underage doughter on Facebook and Instagram in an attempt at seduction? Did his dog suddenly develop pieces of broken glass in its intestines? Did he post an open invitation for con non-con gay gangbang at his house mentioning he likes it rough and back to back with sloppy fifths but to stop everything with the safeword 'I live my son and he is so smart'? Or maybe it was more subtle and you wore your sister's lipstick to leave a discreet stain under his shirt collar, or left a pair of Victoria's secret panties somewhere in his car where it looks like lost but noticeable by wife when she get in the front seat for date night? So many possibilities, I just have to know which one you took. Maybe you throw subtlety out the window with a red tigh heeled shoe duct taped to a brick and threw it through the living room window.

4 hours later 28777140 Anonymous
>>28775012 fuckin this. my dad copes by saying "you just got lucky!" but i've taken the least risky route with 100% BTC. He also blew 100k on enron when i was 5. So he's extra salty that im not a fucking moron like him

4 hours later 28777142 Anonymous
>>28772874 most normal people with good families dont end up on 4chan

4 hours later 28777182 Anonymous
>>28763862 According to Strauss-Howe generational theory, the negative reputation of the Baby Boomer generation is narcissistic, presumptuous, and ruthless.

4 hours later 28777347 Anonymous
>>28776487 I’ve done the same and I now send my dad 100 bucks in ALGO every week. He is absolutely in heaven. He’s def swinging everything tho and losing, but he’s confident knowing I will refill his account lol

4 hours later 28777357 Anonymous
>>28777140 Shit dude, I hope to teach my kids to be proud of their fuckups. Admitting your retarded is how you ask questions and make the best decisions.

4 hours later 28777366 Anonymous
>>28776990 I'm not gonna tell my parents. It doesn't seem like a good idea to me.

4 hours later 28777416 Anonymous
>>28777182 Don't forget feel entitled to everything, lazy, and greedy.

4 hours later 28777418 Anonymous
>>28776492 No, you need both. You need your eng degree AND crypto.

4 hours later 28777437 Anonymous
>>28765179 This reminds me of the movie Nebraska, lol.

4 hours later 28777500 Anonymous
>>28776555 Similar to my dad. He's kind of happy for me, but also makes passive aggressive jokes out of jealousy. But really I can understand why he does it. He has worked his whole life to put food on the table, and his son turns a small investment into a million buying magic internet tokens. He really instilled the values of hard work into me as a kid, so I have this ingrained feeling that I can't sit back and relax now that I have made it, and I should always be hungry to work for more. It's a positive and negative. Hard work is a value that everyone should have, however your work should be rewarded and that just doesn't happen in current western society. I think all anons here can make their fathers proud if they use their gains to start up companies or invent shit or something.

4 hours later 28777572 Anonymous
>>28776085 >I don't know but it does not change the truth. Surely you've seen it with your sisterl, cousins, or friends. No anon. Plenty of women have grown up in shitty households or were sexually abused. Those who turn up like complete trashbags were almost all treated like trashbags from a very young age. YOU live in a little bubble if you think otherwise.

4 hours later 28777575 Anonymous
>>28765223 This is your fuck up anon, not anyone else’s. You didn’t explain it correctly to them. They should consider the value similar to trading cards. They can understand that. Re-explain it to them, and send them some of your gains, asshole.

4 hours later 28777673 Anonymous
>>28768053 if you don't like existence, just kys manchildren with that kind of mentality should be cast into sea like it was done in ancient Sparta

4 hours later 28777690 Anonymous
my parents are just happy that I make money from investments while having a decent paying engineering job, I can talk about money straight with my dad as his yearly income was in millions before he retired, and is aware of the clown world aspect of it all I think I could say to him that I just made eight figures and he still wouldn't make it a big deal my mom would demand shit for sure though

4 hours later 28777715 Anonymous
>>28777500 Send your dad some crypto you worthless zoomer faggot. He literally Wiped your worthless talentless ass for 18 years. I hate young people these days. All fucking kikes.

4 hours later 28777802 Anonymous
>>28777715 Dumbass I made him buy link in 2018 he owns a small bag of 6000 link.

4 hours later 28777815 Anonymous
>>28763862 Rolling for those 7s, LINK 1000 EOY

4 hours later 28778110 Anonymous
>>28769755 my dad brought up the gf shit too when i was talking about passing on my gains to my future kids. salty fucking gen x faggot

4 hours later 28778148 Anonymous
>>28763862 Just tell everyone you sold months ago

4 hours later 28778162 Anonymous
>>28766398 Nigger i invested my 160 link into rubic at 0.12

4 hours later 28778204 Anonymous
>>28777802 >small bag of 6000 link

4 hours later 28778261 Anonymous
>>28777715 You are narcissistic, which is one of the negative attributes of the Baby Boomer generation. Send your children some bitcoin.

4 hours later 28778288 Anonymous
>>28776766 Growing up in a functional household is one of the greatest privilege and by functional i dont mean wealthy, some wealthy folks are insane. extorting yourself from all the bad habits, retarded beliefs and behaviors that you experienced in your daily life since you were born is a constant uphill battle. a lot of people can't fight this fight and end up just like their parents.

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