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2021-02-15 08:26 28757892 Anonymous Drunk /biz/ thread (1565361633542.jpg 1920x1080 1226kB)
It's monday and I am lost and drunk even though I have more money than I've ever had. You can only post on this thread if you are drunk as fuck, come hang out and discuss /biz/ related endeavors. Thread theme: at least I have nothing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40X R-A6-e38

4 min later 28758056 Anonymous
Also, anyone else in Mexico City? I am thinking on buying the biggest announcement on the city and putting pepe or some shit on it for the lols but I want to know if a bizraeli would apreciate it

5 min later 28758099 Anonymous
>>28757892 6 drinks in. Was chilling out with a few friends, but they drank more than me and are now collapsed. I have net worth of negative 50k (bought a house for 120k. I put 20k down and have 50k in investments/ cash)

8 min later 28758242 Anonymous
>>28758099 3 drinks in and I am drunk as fuck, I hadn't drank since this covid shit started and my resistance is in the goddamn basement

12 min later 28758425 Anonymous
>>28758242 Nice. What was on the menu? I had twisted tea original with peach whiskey mixed in. I'm a college student and class got canceled so I'm getting crunk

16 min later 28758565 Anonymous
Greetings drunk anons Had a real nice holiday today. The market shitting itself didn’t cause any real worries and it’s already coming back. Cheers. I’m drinking champagne and wine.

16 min later 28758593 Anonymous
>>28758425 Pizza and whiskey. I am a PhD student and I have to write a fucking book chapter and prepare a class but I am here getting drunk.

18 min later 28758635 Anonymous
>>28757892 Can someone shill me on why margin and future trading isn't the best way to leave four figure hell? I just buy BTC as an investment, stake it as almost free collatorol on Binance, get borrowed USD and buy into dips. Just made 1K off ADD. I put a stop loss on, but I feel like predicting a pump or setting a buy order at a really low price isn't dumb money.

19 min later 28758665 Anonymous
>>28758565 Greetings pal. Yeah, it was a pretty small dump. My portfolio took it specially well, besides with the fees I'd rather hold them to 0

19 min later 28758674 Anonymous
>>28758593 Kek - what's the PHD? I told my girlfriend that I couldn't sleep and had to study and now it's almost 8 in the morning.

21 min later 28758751 Anonymous
>>28758674 It's in the field of neuroengineering, I would rather not be extremely specific about my subject. It's almost 2 am for me.

21 min later 28758758 Anonymous
>>28758056 How much does a billboard even cost in Mexico City?

22 min later 28758801 Anonymous
>>28758751 Kek. /biz/ really does have the most extreme IQ range. What are you drinking?

23 min later 28758854 Anonymous (1612790746766.jpg 2048x1365 948kB)
drinking redbreast 12 cheers everyone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-f 7zsW7EV4

24 min later 28758877 UrGau
What do you study?

25 min later 28758930 Anonymous
>>28758801 I'm a midwit, so I'm studying finance.

26 min later 28758948 Anonymous
>>28758635 I was in your shoes. I started with $250 and my portfolio is now in 6 fig hell. I tried futures and margin trading but comparing my method with buying and holding is just too much of a headache for the increased returns. Now, I'm not talking about buying and holding BTC and ETH, the best strategy for me is to read well about every single top 100 project and know the space like the palm of your hand. That way you can snipe good projects you know will moon. Like this I bought ORAI the day of release at 50 cents and now it's 60 bucks. Like this I also waited for GRT for months and bought for 10 cents. The most important thing is to have a time preference of weeks to months.

26 min later 28758952 UrGay
Hey im in undergrad Physics, and i think that im in the same time zone too

26 min later 28758971 Anonymous (008B8C92-AE9D-4C3E-BF19-453CAF9B8920.gif 404x561 169kB)
I’m 100% sober and posting in this thread. Suck it bro

27 min later 28758996 Anonymous
>>28758801 Whiskey, bud. Cheers.

27 min later 28758997 UrGay
So I take it that you're in school right now?

28 min later 28759042 Anonymous
>>28758758 Like 150 to 600 bucks a month

29 min later 28759074 Anonymous (E2DA01CD-63DB-4415-A542-842A3699C860.png 1000x1000 1745kB)
>>28758948 Whats the next big moon oh masterful anon?

29 min later 28759080 Anonymous
>>28758997 Nah, not right now. Not in the lab either.

30 min later 28759125 Anonymous
>>28758854 Cheers bud, nice taste in music, haven't heard it before so thanks.

31 min later 28759176 Anonymous
>>28759074 I would rather not shill anything right now, that would turn the thread sour. Let's chill and leave the shilling to other threads.

31 min later 28759182 Anonymous
I've done a bunch of ket and am having toruble typing . Can I hang out here?

33 min later 28759236 Anonymous
>>28759182 Everyone is welcome bud, I have recently begun experimenting a little with drugs but I'm too much of a bitch to try ketamine

38 min later 28759446 Anonymous
>>28758952 Cool, american? If so, man I really wish I was born in USA, you guys at least have a good ecosystem for entrepeneurship, it's hell here

45 min later 28759695 Anonymous
Does being hungover count ?

46 min later 28759746 Anonymous
>>28759695 Sure, why the hell not. Every lost soul of /biz/ is welcome here

47 min later 28759784 Anonymous (1612230244548.gif 750x750 1964kB)
>>28759125 cool man. how's the weather in mexico city? cold where I am, snow on the ground. I prefer warm weather I'm going to move soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nty -4vUmh-s

48 min later 28759801 Anonymous
>>28757892 damn same fren... <3

50 min later 28759892 Anonymous
>>28759746 What do you do to evaluate which coin/token will moon ? Solely on tech, tokenomics or both ? I'm much or less in your position, started 250ish doubled it in a week. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQE i6HU3E0M

51 min later 28759925 Anonymous
>>28759236 >too much of a bitch to try ketamine try it in small amounts. It literally makes you feel drunk, with zero hangover or side effects and expires in ~1 hour. I've never K-Holed (which is the intended use for people that use it) because I'm too much of a pussy like you, but doing small pumps of it is ironically the best party drug out there (except MDMA, but that has its 1-2 times a year limits). Also LSD. I fucking love lucy, I made a thread while back when I was tripping and at the tail end of it I ended up coming back and having a great time with my bizbros

51 min later 28759937 Anonymous
>>28759784 Compared to most northern places the weather varies from chill to kill myself hot. I kinda want to move someplace colder, but who knows

53 min later 28760020 Anonymous
>>28759892 Literally everything. The most important thing is to truly inmerse yourself in the space and then it will be kinda obvious. The thing is to not be in a hurry and try to find an exceprional project every week, it's like being a tick and waiting patiently for months for that delicious drop of blood. Overtrading is a real danger.

55 min later 28760059 Anonymous
>>28759892 Btw thanks, death cab for cutie and the postal service are my favorite bands

56 min later 28760106 Anonymous
>>28759925 Definitely LSD is next on my bucket list, wil try soon. Also will try ketamine, but in parties I will probably use it in small doses in secret because my friends are academic nerd faggots that get scared by weed

58 min later 28760200 Anonymous
>>28760020 >Overtrading is a real danger. indeed is. my newfag ass just lost an opportunity on cheap avax because of this. Any tips for gathering news.... so I can immerse myself into this so to say. Also opinion on Avax ? >>28760059 lol you're welcome PhD anon. I'll check the postal service out ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGj x9sm1VWk

59 min later 28760240 Anonymous
>>28760106 >Definitely LSD is next on my bucket list, wil try soon make sure to order from a reputable vendor on the darkweb for maximum quality

1 hours later 28760502 Anonymous
>>28760200 Avax is not a bad bet and given enough time I think it will increase but I think there are best options to maximize returns in the same time period. Mostly biz to find early good projects that you will recognize by your previously obtained knowledge of the space. Besided that, mostly tools to know the overall trends and plan according to what the market demands. Just off the top of my head: https://merv.tech/mentions/biz/all https://www.blockchaincenter.net/al tcoin-season-index/ http://coinmarketcal.com https://www.ccowl.com/news https://cryptopanic.com/ https://coinspectator.com/ Ben Gibbard is the vocalist for both bands, I like what he does.

1 hours later 28760547 Anonymous
>>28760240 Will do, I have never ordered from the darkweb so that will be a little adventure in itself

1 hours later 28760727 Anonymous
>>28758635 You can multiply your losses too.

1 hours later 28760789 Anonymous (3D3wgwx.jpg 1024x714 71kB)
>>28760502 Thank you anon ! Cheers to one of the most comfiest threads I've seen in a while. Sadly I have to go now, have a dentist's appointment soon. Also if you want to try out psychedelics I'd suggest salvia divinorum. It's legal (at least in the UK and Bulgaria), trip is between 2-5 min, however you tend to lose track of time. It's a good starter before heavier stuff.

1 hours later 28760834 Anonymous
>>28760502 avax is trash bro gtfo

1 hours later 28760862 Anonymous
>>28760789 You are welcome, thanks for hanging around. Thanks I will read up on it and consider putting it before LSD on my bucket list.

1 hours later 28760916 Anonymous
>>28757892 I'm about a bottle of wine in and still laughing about the last 12 hours of crypto panic

1 hours later 28760980 Anonymous
>>28760916 I know, It's mind bogging to me how people can't seem to stay rational or to look beyond the 15 min chart

1 hours later 28761249 Anonymous
>>28760980 Yep. My portfolio is down 30%. I fucking bought like mad.

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