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2021-02-15 03:12 28740119 Anonymous (1585929179987.png 1875x980 678kB)
>GRT will never go below $2.50 again >GRT will never go below $2.30 again >GRT will never go below $2.10 again YOU ARE HERE >GRT will never go below $2.00 again >GRT will never go below $1.80 again >GRT will never go below $1.50 again >GRT will never go below $1.00 again >GRT will never go below $0.50 again >GRT will never go below $0.30 again

1 min later 28740211 Anonymous
>>28740119 its at 1.97 now

3 min later 28740358 Anonymous
>>28740211 1.92 my bad

3 min later 28740361 Anonymous
>>28740119 Whenever i see this it means its time to buy.

4 min later 28740426 Anonymous
>>28740361 wait till it hits under a $1

5 min later 28740454 Anonymous (1613244966127.png 853x480 219kB)
>>28740119 If it goes below 0.30 I will cream my pants with how much I will buy.

6 min later 28740513 Anonymous
Bollocks, tried to warn them.

6 min later 28740514 Anonymous

6 min later 28740572 Anonymous
>>28740534 stop being reasonable

7 min later 28740609 Anonymous
>>28740426 Idk im thinking i want Algo instead at the bottom, the passive income looks nice and no jew indexers to deal with.

8 min later 28740642 Anonymous
>sell earlier today at 2.02 >buy back in cus it started to stabilize >dumps again later on WTF I THOUGHT WE FLATLINED???

8 min later 28740655 Kayla
What the fuck Stop fucking selling. Can't we all agree to not fucking sell so it will go up. You men are so fucking into out jewing eachother

9 min later 28740715 Anonymous (dumbnewfagsGRT02132021.png 827x479 45kB)

9 min later 28740716 Anonymous
>>28740609 why Algo ?

9 min later 28740738 Anonymous
>>28740534 It's a clear scam und a rugpull. It is never going back up. Mr Bones' wild ride is over.

10 min later 28740818 Anonymous
>>28740715 oof

10 min later 28740843 Anonymous
Fuck everyone who says WOW GUYS UAHAHA LMAO CANT WAIT FOR IT TO DROP To $1 SO I CAN BUY MORE. FUCK OFFFFF. I bought in at $1.20 and lost almost all my gains! FUCK THIS SHIT!! TAKE GAINS WHEN YOU CAN!!! Market crashed. This isn't the next bitcoin it took bitcoin 10 years to become bitcoin, WAH

11 min later 28740952 Anonymous
>>28740716 No effort staking and no jew delegators. Just park your cash and come back in a few years. At the bottom of course. Shits cratering and i coildnt be happier.

11 min later 28740954 Anonymous
Holy shit how low is it gonna go? I need to know when to buy.

12 min later 28741020 Anonymous
>>28740952 when did u buy in ?

14 min later 28741190 Anonymous
Should I buy now or wait 8 hours? Going to sleep. It's 1.7 now

14 min later 28741195 Anonymous
>>28740716 Also looksblike 1.20 was the bottom. Nothing but buy orders coming through now

14 min later 28741215 Anonymous
>>28740954 buy now bro youRe gonna make it BIG

15 min later 28741292 Anonymous
>>28741020 I originally bought at like .3, nothing but buy orders at 1.20 so guess thats the new bottom

17 min later 28741483 Anonymous

17 min later 28741514 Anonymous

18 min later 28741521 Anonymous
>>28741292 just bought some for the hell of it

18 min later 28741571 Anonymous
I am going to destroy my girlfriends vag out of anger at GRT in 15 minutes

19 min later 28741639 Anonymous
>>28741514 i didn't think it'd be real, how could we know the whole market would crash this hard today, it's just beginning too.

19 min later 28741685 Anonymous
>>28740454 same.

19 min later 28741693 Anonymous
>the february 15th chink was right based

20 min later 28741742 Anonymous
>>28741693 kek

20 min later 28741754 Anonymous
>>28740609 this I’m eyeballing algo hard rn

22 min later 28741931 Anonymous
>>28741754 same

22 min later 28741932 Anonymous
>>28740715 Take a breath, anon lol everything is crashing, not only grt

23 min later 28741997 Anonymous (Unx0jBLbK4Jj9KuxRBe614EH_small.jpg 263x263 17kB)
Never fucking selling

23 min later 28742012 Anonymous (690C6DE7-365B-42A1-A122-77D1B43359F9.jpg 2518x1592 1111kB)
Told you GRT guys. Incidentally because it hit exactly-this could be a turn aroun -if it is still long. If it breaks down again...don”t buy for a bit. TA isn’t a meme if you know how to do it.

23 min later 28742051 Anonymous
>limit buy for 1.55 is in place Should I bump it up to 1.60? or is 1.55 achievable

24 min later 28742093 Anonymous (1613097325601.png 774x850 233kB)
>>28740119 this is the bottom check the dubs we only go up from here bois

25 min later 28742149 Anonymous
>>28742012 What? Plz elaborate

26 min later 28742253 Anonymous
If you are one of those "i bought at .30 so i'm going to hodl!" retards, now is the time to get out before it actually gets back to .30 you only profit when you sell you absolute donkeys

26 min later 28742301 Anonymous
>>28742051 it's not going below 1.60. I just missed the 1.68 dip like a fucking idiot. Don't be greedy.

27 min later 28742333 Anonymous
>>28741932 that thread was filled with faggots telling me I an idiot to predict the sell off friendo. I posted that yesterday when GRT was around $2.30. Let me gloat a little

27 min later 28742364 Anonymous
>>28740119 I hope it goes to .30 so I can drop ten grand on it.

30 min later 28742635 Anonymous
>>28742333 What would you think is a good buy? This feels like a normal healthy correction. I sold at 2.17 once it broke 2.18 yesterday and got my OG investment back. Thinking of going back in to DCA and ride it up again.

32 min later 28742797 Anonymous

33 min later 28742893 Anonymous
>>28742093 so comfy grtbros, it's stabilizing like shit

33 min later 28742899 Anonymous (1610595544706.png 520x512 44kB)

34 min later 28743003 Anonymous
It's pretty solidly following BTC at the moment Should stabilize

35 min later 28743112 Anonymous
Phoenix out of the ashes.

36 min later 28743141 Kayla
>>28742253 I believe in the project and want it to reach 1000k a coin so I can buy a lambo. You idiots are fucking me over

36 min later 28743155 Anonymous
>>28743003 all altcoins seem to be correcting at this point , some holding better then others, grt is actually holding great, uniswap coin going got a big drop compared

37 min later 28743215 Anonymous
Autistic chinks can stop freaking out now

37 min later 28743245 Anonymous
>>28742635 I see this having one more panic sell-off to around $1.25 then it should bounce back fairly quickly. Avoid this bull trap right now but then after that a buy would be good.

37 min later 28743250 Anonymous
>3500grt poorfag avg. cost $.83 i'm gonna go make some tea and draw a hot bath :-)

37 min later 28743254 Anonymous

38 min later 28743280 Anonymous
I must admit guys, this is the closest I've come to selling off. That was such a sudden drop it was unbelievable, glad I didn't!

38 min later 28743313 Anonymous
>>28743141 make it 2 lambos order sir THEY WILL NOT DEMORALIZE US

39 min later 28743367 Anonymous
>>28743250 .38 chad here suck my dick fomo paperhanded faggots

39 min later 28743411 Anonymous
>>28740655 Hey kayla

39 min later 28743445 Anonymous
1.95 :) WE BACK

40 min later 28743529 Silver Shepherd (1564989906834.jpg 477x670 22kB)
I had reinvested my original 500 (left profits in from this last boom) earlier today at 2.02. Wishing I had held off a bit later! Could've gotten more GRT!

40 min later 28743530 Anonymous
>>28743280 you must not have been here earlier, it dropped faster than building 7

41 min later 28743532 Anonymous
>>28740655 post tits you dumb bitch

41 min later 28743590 Anonymous
Put 4 btc into graph when it hit 1.69. Fuck Yeah! These newfags are so much fun.

41 min later 28743593 Anonymous
Might go back to bed once it goes above $2

41 min later 28743599 Anonymous
>>28740843 how did you lose your gains if you bought in at 1.20?

42 min later 28743628 Anonymous
I missed the dip :( can you send it back to 1.60 at least?

42 min later 28743667 Anonymous
>>28743593 Good night fren. Usually takes 30min to fall asleep.

42 min later 28743701 Anonymous
Bought at 1.83

43 min later 28743714 Anonymous (1613330957356.png 727x1083 276kB)
>>28743593 enjoy waking up to $0.90

43 min later 28743745 Anonymous
chinese dumpers are going to send it to 1.5 in the US morning hours, so just set a buy for 1.5ish or whatever if you really want into this shitcoin

43 min later 28743769 Anonymous
>>28743628 no shit! :) tasty dip.

44 min later 28743783 Anonymous
>>28742012 I am legitimately hoping to get grt for 1$

44 min later 28743805 Anonymous
>>28743745 Its already like 1pm in chinkland

44 min later 28743811 Anonymous
>>28743590 thatta boi ygmi fren

44 min later 28743824 Anonymous
>>28743745 Unironically this. We're going to slowly drop the next week at least.

45 min later 28743863 Anonymous
>>28743714 My god id be so happy

45 min later 28743891 Anonymous
>>28743805 are they even allowed to track linear time in bugland?

47 min later 28744020 Kayla (71b837b0-twin-turbo-lamborghini-huracan-adv1-wheels-0.jpg 1920x1040 282kB)
I think it looks better without the rear bumper and a twin turbo set up

47 min later 28744079 Anonymous
>>28743811 checked my fren

48 min later 28744117 Anonymous
>>28743530 kek

49 min later 28744177 Anonymous
>>28744020 looks like it's shitting itself terrible taste anon yngmi

49 min later 28744183 Anonymous (GRT.png 999x69 6kB)
>>28740119 Better buy now fudd

49 min later 28744200 Anonymous
>>28740655 shutup cunt and post some tits

50 min later 28744303 Anonymous
>>28744183 Sale price

51 min later 28744336 Anonymous
>>28740119 Get fkn rekted graph fags. Hbar is better. Cope

52 min later 28744387 Anonymous
What has actually happened?

52 min later 28744412 Anonymous
>>28744020 Hi Kayla I put in 300 dollars because I'm extremely poor I just want to have 10k

52 min later 28744435 Anonymous
>>28744336 i bought the dip with btc and i'm in profit. you mad?

53 min later 28744472 Anonymous
>>28740642 Same, then I panic sold at 1.85

55 min later 28744607 Anonymous
>>28744336 sneed

57 min later 28744797 Anonymous
Impressed with that recovery.

59 min later 28744898 Anonymous
>>28744797 1.97 RIGHT NOW we holding strong the 2 dolla line

1 hours later 28744968 Anonymous
>>28744607 impressed with that ID

1 hours later 28744979 Anonymous
>>28744435 Youll be mad when its at 1.50 about 9 hours from now. I am getting my grt for a dollar whether you like it or not.

1 hours later 28745012 Anonymous
>>28744020 You will never be a woman faggot. Kill yourself.

1 hours later 28745059 Anonymous
>bought at 1.93 >dumps to 1.67 >sold at 1.97 >dumps to 1.8x Thanks for the $10 bucks graphies.

1 hours later 28745086 Anonymous
>>28744979 greedy bastard , the ride is over for you, 2 dollars stable coin for now swingie

1 hours later 28745119 Anonymous
>>28744797 "$2 is the new floor!" he says after he already said 2.5 2.4 2.3 2.2 2.1 were the new floors earlier

1 hours later 28745168 Anonymous
It’s crazy how short lived my happiness about how my grt bag was doing numbers, is this how crypto is supposed to feel like

1 hours later 28745184 Anonymous
>>28744979 what makes you say it will reach 1.50?

1 hours later 28745273 Kayla
>>28744412 Um ok

1 hours later 28745300 Anonymous
>>28745168 If it wasn't stressful then everybody would do it.

1 hours later 28745333 Anonymous
>>28745184 Because i and my bobo army will relentlessly fud until it does.

1 hours later 28745350 Anonymous
>>28745119 that's not news floor, thats correction the price around the 2$ line, it got 170% in 7 days climb at 2.40$ we are now at 103.89% at 1.97 , soon will go again 160% pump

1 hours later 28745358 Anonymous
>>28745184 chinese whale group telegram was leaked where they pretty much said 1.50 was the dump target for EOD Monday

1 hours later 28745393 Anonymous (1611285445715.jpg 1004x1080 189kB)
get ready to buy, boys

1 hours later 28745402 Anonymous
>>28745273 I've known u for years on mtfg :)

1 hours later 28745419 Anonymous (1612574739177.jpg 756x457 26kB)
>>28745333 >triple 3s I buy in at 1.50 my friend

1 hours later 28745433 Anonymous
>>28745333 not this one buddy , we going 100$ at least this year mark my post , screencap this

1 hours later 28745477 Anonymous
>>28745358 Can we see the leak now? Please post it

1 hours later 28745536 Anonymous
>>28745358 If the chinaman is there on grt , just follow the money Im all in now

1 hours later 28745556 Anonymous
If I want to get into GRT how much should I buy to make a decent profit?

1 hours later 28745693 Anonymous (8C66FBCB-6DBA-470C-AD9F-0B6A57D692E8.jpg 828x741 151kB)
Cost basis of 0.38 feels really fucking good bros.

1 hours later 28745750 Anonymous
>>28745693 show current stack or larping. that's from december what's your stack at now?

1 hours later 28745835 Anonymous (1491636494247.png 512x382 320kB)
>Bobo has to spend days getting it to dump so he can buy in at what would still be nearly a 5x for me Feels good to finally be early once

1 hours later 28745886 Anonymous
>>28745556 If you buy now and assume $10 EOY it's whatever you put in x5.

1 hours later 28745902 Anonymous
>>28743367 not sure who you're yelling at i didn't sell. and i bought in initially at .5

1 hours later 28745935 Anonymous
>>28745693 I'm just curious how did you find out about GRT so early?

1 hours later 28746113 Anonymous
>>28740119 Everything is dumping right now

1 hours later 28746134 Anonymous
>>28745935 probably when coinbase announced the adoption dah i got the airdrop , like 3 dollars in grt from coinbase ahaha fucking misery sold it straight away to help buy more uni

1 hours later 28746179 Anonymous
>>28740119 Who bought the dip to 1.7 I called yesterday?

1 hours later 28746189 Anonymous
>>28746113 our grt is steady in the 2$ line , its correcting mark my words

1 hours later 28746325 Anonymous
>>28746179 pfff great dip lol i would never risk a bag over 30 cents change , this shitcoin is gonna moon so hard that logo solo is worth 10$ each coin

1 hours later 28746372 Anonymous
will it go to 1.5

1 hours later 28746490 Anonymous
>>28743529 Sad! many such cases!

1 hours later 28746495 Anonymous
>>28746372 Personally, I'm playing it safe and put a buy order at 1.7.

1 hours later 28746510 Anonymous
5.169 GRT, am I gonna make it?

1 hours later 28746522 Anonymous
>>28740715 >still above the price most people on this board bought at >Lol get rekt niggers xDDDD Grow up swingie

1 hours later 28746529 Anonymous
I have no idea why this coin is so volatile. It's been volatile since launch. With the mkt cap it has reached, that hasn't changed. What gives?

1 hours later 28746602 Anonymous

1 hours later 28746610 Anonymous
>>28746529 It’s an important coin and big players are messing with it.. It used to be the comfy coin until someone started pumping it

1 hours later 28746690 Anonymous
>>28745358 Why did no one ever post it?

1 hours later 28746859 Anonymous (1613173504633.jpg 584x475 58kB)

1 hours later 28746932 Anonymous
It's a sale, thanks Bobo

1 hours later 28747078 Anonymous
>>28746510 All depends on whether that’s an American dot or European dot

1 hours later 28747162 Anonymous
>>28745358 Does that mean it's going to go up eventually?

1 hours later 28747185 Anonymous
find me a coin that dumped harder than GRT, i'll wait

1 hours later 28747201 Anonymous
>>28746610 if that's true why didn't just go all-in when it ICOd? makes no sense. The accumulation from 40s to 20s to 50cent range was such a long period too.

1 hours later 28747267 Anonymous
>>28747185 UNI

1 hours later 28747439 Anonymous
>>28747201 Chainlink too a bunch of time at 50 cents Ethereum stayed 1 year in the 200$ range coins are like babys that you need to nurture and feed everyday till they grown up champs

1 hours later 28747493 Anonymous (56B1BBAA-50B8-4DAC-8804-21E24B003510.jpg 474x484 56kB)
The FUD for GRT is so hilariously retarded

1 hours later 28747639 Anonymous
>>28747493 they getting greedy, they know they will never buy cheaper again , imagine thinking you gonna buy this one again a 1$ KEK

1 hours later 28747686 Anonymous
>>28747639 I'm trying to get at least 1.8

1 hours later 28747742 Anonymous
>>28740609 I staked in algo 2 days ago and already rec'd rewards. I am staked in two others. One states i need to wait 30-45 days till first rewards. Algo sent them within 2 days. Def holding algo for awhile.

1 hours later 28747972 Anonymous
>>28747805 >>28740655 YWNBAW

1 hours later 28748000 Anonymous
>>28747805 not very cool anon

1 hours later 28748001 Anonymous
>>28747805 smol

1 hours later 28748017 Anonymous
>>28747805 I'd suck them.

1 hours later 28748110 Anonymous (1613355874708.jpg 560x448 86kB)
>>28747639 I have a limit buy set for just that, fren

1 hours later 28748185 Anonymous
>>28748110 1.45 buy limit chads report in

2 hours later 28748436 Anonymous
>>28748110 thats positive, means that at the end of the day we are all in this together to 100$ here we go

2 hours later 28749138 Anonymous
Will it dip further?

2 hours later 28750278 Anonymous
>>28749138 how does .37 sound?

2 hours later 28750351 Anonymous
>>28747805 id love to take a shit on those and pretend my ass is a steam roller, gotta get the work done today so the boss'll be happy

2 hours later 28750466 Anonymous
I am financially bored.

3 hours later 28751909 Anonymous
>>28747185 >>> > Kayla !!Cuyuaa+OiLE (ID: GwIKEtzI) 02/14/21(Sun)21:20:49 No.28740655▶ >>28743411 >>28743532 >>28744200 >>28747972 >What the fuck >Stop fucking selling. Can't we all agree to not fucking sell so it will go up. You men are so fucking into out jewing each most coins are down between 12-16% faggot

3 hours later 28752794 Anonymous
>>28748110 based, i've set mine for a dollar twentyfive

3 hours later 28752848 Anonymous
All inned at 0.55, sold at 2.50 chur fellas

3 hours later 28752940 Anonymous
>>28747805 Booba

3 hours later 28752970 Anonymous
>>28740715 Fluke

3 hours later 28753107 Anonymous (1516896254404.jpg 325x325 11kB)
>>28745358 >Source: my ass. Seriously please consider to KYS.

3 hours later 28753219 Anonymous
>>28740119 Oh shit it's time to fucking buy! Those btc eth drops gave fomosexuals a fighting chance!

3 hours later 28753620 Kayla
>>28747805 What the fuck dude

3 hours later 28753977 Anonymous (unnamed.jpg 700x840 71kB)
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

3 hours later 28754039 Anonymous (7f5.gif 320x240 1131kB)

3 hours later 28754162 Anonymous
>>28745358 There is no Chinese whale telegram I was in that thread the guy provided no proof and just said search on baidu the Chinese search engine. there is no proof of any Chinese dump or telegram. infact this is the 1st i've even heard of a telegram. you are evolving this fud passed where it originally started.

3 hours later 28754244 Anonymous (1613278838604.jpg 720x720 102kB)

3 hours later 28754288 Anonymous
>>28754162 Chinese investors would be on Wechat, no telegram kekW. Discord is blocked in China too.

3 hours later 28754321 Anonymous
>>28741483 You have to press your bank account, tgen it will let you toggle swutch. It happened to me too.

3 hours later 28754334 Anonymous
drug loot

3 hours later 28754368 Anonymous
>>28741483 Press where it lists your bank account name on coinbase on the Buy page, then it lets you switch. Easy.

3 hours later 28754425 Anonymous (no sell.jpg 840x500 103kB)

3 hours later 28754434 Anonymous (gr.png 1356x552 53kB)
The pump is coming.

3 hours later 28754461 Anonymous
gold tooth

3 hours later 28754506 Anonymous
high till I die

3 hours later 28754557 Anonymous (1613283958812.jpg 639x565 144kB)

3 hours later 28754569 Anonymous
>>28754434 I'm tempted to fomo in but I feel like as soon as it hits $2 the people who got in at 1.7 will dump their bags, especially if eth shits the bed again.

3 hours later 28754584 Anonymous
Gata' whole top diamond n' bottom rows gold.

4 hours later 28754606 Anonymous (flaw.png 916x1062 181kB)
Someone posted a couple of flaws about grt and i relayed it to reddit. It seems he was talking out his ass.

4 hours later 28754625 Anonymous
>>28754569 it's correlating with bitcoin desu, i think if BTC breaks 47k above it'll moon

4 hours later 28754671 Anonymous
I be on dat CryptoNight

4 hours later 28754720 Anonymous
i be on it all day

4 hours later 28754783 Anonymous
>>28754720 straight up on dat

4 hours later 28754904 Anonymous
>>28740119 >$0.30 god i hope it goes that low again, i'd dump a small percentage of the rest of my portfolio to get my hands on a 12k stack

4 hours later 28755064 Anonymous
>>28754904 You had almost two months to buy it under 40 cents.

4 hours later 28755095 Anonymous
>>28740426 I'll buy in again. Turned my gains into more Algo

4 hours later 28755123 Anonymous
>>28754783 >Picture perfect, you might wanna take a flick, flick, flick, flick, flick

4 hours later 28755127 Anonymous
Buying the dip. This will be the most Joe Rogan of experiences

4 hours later 28755157 Anonymous
>>28740843 No offense but you sound like a whiny nigger

4 hours later 28755173 Anonymous
I bought at 0.17 and cashed out my initial at 0.54 and am therefore immune to all FUD.

4 hours later 28755200 Anonymous (1612722770990.jpg 785x847 61kB)
I sincerely feel bad for you guys. I know a lot of normies fell for the hype too because the coin was listed on coinbase. I'm not saying this isn't a bad project, I bought in because i believed in the project. but this shit got pumped up way too fast by whales and then rug was pulled by a lot on the top (mainly retail buyers and shorters). admittedly i sold at the top, because i knew where this shit was going. I honestly don't know if this shit is over priced, but i do know a lot of retail buyers bought in early and want their profits so they are willing to sell early. This coin destroyed a lot of normies and really doesn't help the crypto space. but, that said, holy shit that was the easiest 15k i've made in 4 days.

4 hours later 28755231 Anonymous (grtdippls.png 961x113 13kB)
ty anon

4 hours later 28755286 Anonymous
>>28755064 I first bought at $0.33, and subsequently $0.8, but my investment strategy/schedule is very conservative. As I've learned more about it, I've become far more interested in obtaining more.

4 hours later 28755318 Anonymous (1611339597608.jpg 565x500 101kB)
>>28755200 >This coin destroyed a lot of normies Good. >really doesn't help the crypto space Idiotic. >but, that said, holy shit that was the easiest 15k i've made in 4 days Congrats. Now see pic related.

4 hours later 28755320 Anonymous
Time to test 2.0 if it clears.... it's going to moon screencap

4 hours later 28755355 Anonymous
>>28747805 Wow those are pathetic

4 hours later 28755392 Anonymous
>>28755320 soooo CLOSE!!

4 hours later 28755420 Anonymous
and rejected... but there's always a second shot i guess

4 hours later 28755434 Anonymous
back down we gooooooooooo

4 hours later 28755498 Anonymous
>>28755434 hey bro do you do anything other than sit and watch the chart?

4 hours later 28755628 Anonymous
2.40 to 4.20 cola

4 hours later 28755634 Anonymous
Cmon Boi go back up to 2.80 and I can get back into 5 figure hell and diversify more.

4 hours later 28755673 Anonymous
>>28755634 >diversifying out of the google of blockchain

4 hours later 28755701 Anonymous
dat sell wall whales taking profits from the dip

4 hours later 28755705 Anonymous
>>28755673 unironically this. but also i hold NU positions they work well together

4 hours later 28755771 Anonymous
>>28755498 nah man. not today, at home sick in bed so watching all my money go away.

4 hours later 28755874 Anonymous
>>28755673 The BTC of ETH

4 hours later 28755899 Anonymous
>>28755874 the horse whip of buggy carriages

4 hours later 28755914 Anonymous
>>28755673 I notice the list hasn't been posted in this thread smdh

4 hours later 28756130 Anonymous
>the nintendo of blockchain >the duckduckgo of kentucky fried chicken >the opposable thumbs of fingers >the uber of mushrooms >the blockchain of google >the double-decker of party favors >the plug of butts >the barloid of the garloid >the askjeeves of bike locks >the yahoo of door handles >the backbone of defi >the google for web3 >the google of crypto >the bitcoin of cryptocurrency >the catholicism of finance >the sausage of hotdog >the garlic bread of money >the API for APY >the sanrio of blockchain >the mahatma ghandi of these cocaine calisthenics. >the zippo of crypto >the lamborghini of ferrari >the doordash of runscape >the uniswap and coingecko >the yoo-hoo of chocolate drinks >the sasha grey of anal porn >the thai ladyboy of trannies >the starbucks of coffee >the katrina of hurricanes >the never of womanhood >the strawberry milk of roofing tiles >the blacked of pornhub >the anal fissure of ass problems >the bag of hodling of bags >the tranny of blockchain >the bing of chainlink >the chai latte of iraq >the chicken of barnyard animals >the kerrygold of butter >the big up to your chest >the pnd of /biz/ >the xenophobe of xenogeny >the squat plug of web search engines >the sneed's of seed and feed >the dyson of vacuums >the fly of stink >the pappy van winkle of bourbon >the grey goose of vodka >the rinnegan of visual prowess >the torn condom of my love >the malena morgan of lesbians >the toyota of cyberspace >the yahoo of sickening losses >the amazon of worker exploitation >the amazon of blockchain >the orange man of the democrat party >the yandex of yolo >the 4chan of reddit >the red robin of APIs >the epstein of pedophiles >the Epstein of kids >the morton's of sea salt >the dd cup of bra sizes >the apocalypse now of war movies >the white person of people >the quadroon of niggers >the white of supremacy >the mcdonalds of blockchain >the webcrawler of rock&roll >the pajeet scam of crypto >the walmart of tokens >the corona of viruses >the chainlink of arby's

4 hours later 28756213 Anonymous
>wake up >see what the chinks have done >hate chinks even more

4 hours later 28756262 Anonymous (btc_preacher.jpg 1200x1133 88kB)
How many people in here have ever written a SQL query?

4 hours later 28756302 Anonymous
>the albert enstein of modern physics >the yahoo of interwebs >the tumblr of distributed computing >the windows searchbar of llitecoin >the grilled cheese sandwich of ice creams >the sugar of donuts >the moon of crabcoins >the hotmail of email providers. >the coldstone creamery of rock quarries >the google of netscapes >the capitol crusades of crypto >the fewgle of ponzi schemes >the pajeet of mumbai. >the poo of the loo >the poo of ghandi street >the google of efferiumz >the peter north of cumshots >the gamestop of melvin capital >the vape of dbags >the ketchup of hamburgers >the geocities of website templates >the wendys of pharmacies >the google of crypto kitties >the rune scimitar of blockchain >the cat's pajamas of bee's knees >the george floyd of fetanyl overdoses >the McDonald’s of diabetes >The Jonestown of kool-aid drinking >The Zyklon B of delousing agents >The fidget spinner of zoomer >the McDonald’s of diabetes >the Belle Delphine of Onlyfans >the George Floyd of fetanyl overdoses >the JFK of assassinations >the Brits of non-existent oral hygiene >the Kim Kardashian of sex tapes >the Kobe Bryant of helicopter safety >the tire of automobile >the Chai Latte of Iraq >the Tom Brady of football >the Greeks of Antiquity >the Goku of Anime >the single mom of welfare >the corona of virus >the meth of Florida >the Nikado Avacado of mental breakdowns >the CIA of governmental topplings >the heroin of grunge rock >the aids of gay orgies >the Amazon of union busting >the Price Andrew of teen girls >The King of Kings >the Monica Lewinsky of blowjobs >The shamwow of cleaning products >The Auschwitz of leisure centres >the shotgun mouthwash of suicide >the Canada of apologies >the nigress of gorilla glue in your hair >The Pol Pot of Genocide >The Exxon Valdez of Oil spills >The Black Death of Pandemics >the joe rogan of experiences >the Reuben of sandwiches >the MyPillow of head cusions >the McRib of limited time only sandwiches.

4 hours later 28756649 Anonymous
>>28756262 I have, but only for job interviews.

4 hours later 28756720 Anonymous
>>28745935 There were threads in biz for weeks before coinbase

4 hours later 28756872 Anonymous
>>28755318 you mad bro?

4 hours later 28756903 Anonymous (download (3).jpg 268x188 6kB)

4 hours later 28756937 Anonymous (BA05FA35-7509-4F2C-8641-CE2DDEAE22E2.jpg 1030x1158 131kB)
>>28750466 This.

4 hours later 28756959 Anonymous (1611397489793.jpg 840x854 630kB)
>>28756262 Almost every day at work T. Business software programmer

4 hours later 28757005 Anonymous
breakout time boys

4 hours later 28757075 Anonymous
ema lines say bull trend broke at 1.91 take it as you will in it's current state

4 hours later 28757084 Anonymous
hnnnng that buy wall

4 hours later 28757174 Anonymous
and wallah, just like that - grt will never go below 2.00 again

4 hours later 28757224 Anonymous (659C8AA5-CDCC-4EE4-AE55-CCF53387B405.png 750x664 865kB)
>>28757174 10$ by end of hour.

4 hours later 28757238 Anonymous
>>28757174 >* Viola

5 hours later 28757285 Anonymous
>>28757174 wa la*

5 hours later 28757303 Anonymous
>>28756959 As a software Dev how useful do you think GRTs system is?

5 hours later 28757416 Anonymous (1613072033568.jpg 1024x837 885kB)
>held my sub-400 stack thru the dip, didn't even know it was happening am I gonna make it, or should I be swinging with this small of a portfolio?

5 hours later 28757437 Anonymous
>>28757303 Technical Lead for a mid-size tech startup. Data access is an obvious problem. Look up how the web2 analogs are doing. Alooma for example. > A good team could build it themselves A great team would use an off-the-shelf solution and focus on what they're actually trying to accomplish

5 hours later 28757459 Anonymous
How does this thread feel about the almost $20b market cap?

5 hours later 28757536 Anonymous
>>28757437 >A great team would use an off-the-shelf solution and focus on what they're actually trying to accomplish fire fiyah fire fiyah!

5 hours later 28757548 Anonymous
>>28757459 >How does this thread feel about the almost $20b market cap? Comfy

5 hours later 28757593 Anonymous
>>28756262 I have but it's not really a core skill for me. I'm more of a powershell guy (and I kind of suck at that too, lmao).

5 hours later 28757602 Anonymous
>>28757548 Dick -> Mash potatoes

5 hours later 28757615 Anonymous
>>28757303 IDK DESU but i do know there is more useless shit worth more. I also know that markets are driven more by sentiment and speculation then utility. "value" is a meme

5 hours later 28757702 Anonymous
>>28757593 I would strongly advise doing an online course on SQL. I am not doing this do be a jerk anon, I really am experienced in the field. Do NOT get stuck doing development for a Windows shop. Find somewhere using AWS/GCloud/Azure and never look back

5 hours later 28757744 Anonymous (file.png 598x69 4kB)
Is .8 a good number? Personally I have my doubts whether it will dip under $1, but with India banning crypto I can see a world in which we're headed towards Beartown

5 hours later 28757756 Anonymous
>>28757702 >Do NOT get stuck doing development for a Windows shop Currently stuck doing development in a Windows shop tell me more pls

5 hours later 28757774 Anonymous
>>28740655 literally. it's fkn spastic. just hold you broke fucks so we can all make it (no wsb style hold till death shit but c'mon anons).

5 hours later 28757799 Anonymous
>>28757615 Value is not a meme. Tell that to Chainlink or ETH. There will always be idiots chasing highs, FOMO, and PnD. I'd rather have assets that weather storms.

5 hours later 28757845 Anonymous
>>28757744 no indication it'll dump that mega hard, try $1.2

5 hours later 28757847 Anonymous
>>28757756 What is your level of experience and where are you located? Fintech is booming given that the fed rate is so low and money is on sale, I'd advise looking into companies that provides mortgages or mortgage re-fi and apply to be one of the absolute hoard of engineers those places are trying to hire

5 hours later 28757919 Anonymous
Some people expect coins just to pump non stop, when the reality is, of course the price will correct itselfs after a 200% increase

5 hours later 28757943 Anonymous (1612664417239.png 273x334 237kB)
I want in. Where's that damn dip?

5 hours later 28757955 Anonymous
>>28757919 Done. Pump.

5 hours later 28758003 Anonymous
>>28757943 i just dipped for hours fren. maybe nex time

5 hours later 28758027 Anonymous
>>28757919 This, wait until Monday at least

5 hours later 28758066 Anonymous
putting all profit into algo am i doing it right bros

5 hours later 28758106 Anonymous
4.20 EOM

5 hours later 28758179 Anonymous (651651.jpg 300x214 34kB)
>>28757702 Thanks anon. I'm currently a system administrator for a mid-size company. We're mostly Windows but increasingly cloud/linux. If I ever pivot outside of my current role I will try beekeeping first and then if that doesn't work out I'll try something that has nothing to do with Windows, and probably something that isn't sysadmin.

5 hours later 28758489 Anonymous
>>28756262 God I fucking hated writing REST APIs and database queries for mobile apps. Glad I left that fucking piece of shit industry.

5 hours later 28758606 Anonymous
>>28756262 Yep, I happen to find SQL incredibly easy (like 99% of the population)

5 hours later 28758614 Anonymous
Coming back up boys 2.12, we'll be back to ATHs 17th-18th, lmao u didnt really fall for the fud and sell did u?

5 hours later 28758627 Anonymous
>>28757303 It is necessary to build stuff. Only insane developers would not use the graph. It would almost be as insane as building an engine from scratch when wanting to develop a 3d game. The Graph is the Unity of Game Engines.

5 hours later 28758716 Anonymous
>>28758106 Fud. EOW

5 hours later 28758740 Anonymous
>>28746189 yeah it'll correct itself to 0 lmao fuckin idiot

5 hours later 28758786 Anonymous
At least volume is up h-haha (I will never financially recover from this shitcoin)

5 hours later 28758793 Anonymous
>>28758614 I enjoy seeing cowards filter themselves

5 hours later 28758839 Anonymous
>>28758786 assuming you bought the absolute top (which in reality is doubtful), you'll be profitable EOD tomorrow faggot

5 hours later 28758847 Anonymous

5 hours later 28758963 Anonymous
>>28756262 I write SQL every single day

5 hours later 28759035 Anonymous
>>28740119 >>GRT will never go below $2.50 again >>GRT will never go below $2.30 again YOU ARE BACK HERE AGAIN >>GRT will never go below $2.10 again >YOU ARE HERE >>GRT will never go below $2.00 again >>GRT will never go below $1.80 again >>GRT will never go below $1.50 again >>GRT will never go below $1.00 again >>GRT will never go below $0.50 again >>GRT will never go below $0.30 again

5 hours later 28759122 Anonymous
>>28756262 don't bother, the majority of retarded zoomers here are wallstreetbet illegal immigrant yoloniggers who bought into the "GOOGLE OF BLOCKCHAIN" hype without knowing what the fuck GRT tokens are for if I'm not going to pay even a single cent for a Google search, what makes you think I'm going to pay 50 cent to look up porn on the blockchain fucking idiot

5 hours later 28759180 Anonymous
>>28759122 > Why would you ever pay ETH to send a transaction on the ETH network when you can just basically do it for free on the binance smart chain?!

5 hours later 28759243 Anonymous
>>28759180 paypal isnt free retard

5 hours later 28759363 Anonymous
>>28759180 I wasn't talking about paypal. I'm not sure you understand what The Graph does. Devs have to query the blockchain somehow and if you do it in-house that is a serious point of failure. If you're serious about making a dapp truly serverless, there is no other way to do it than by using The Graph. The entire point of blockchain is that it's decentralized and immutable and gives everyone the freedom to use it. Google is not that way, they can change the algorithm however they want and manipulate the results without anyone knowing what's really happening behind the scenes.

5 hours later 28759700 Anonymous
>>28740119 I hope it keeps dropping.. I'm a newfag waiting for a dip so that I can buy it at like .30 and then 2 or 3x it

6 hours later 28759760 Anonymous
>>28759700 Its not going back to .30 dumbass

6 hours later 28759838 Anonymous
>>28759700 you need professional help for that schizophrenia bud

6 hours later 28759855 Anonymous
>>28759760 Cope. It will dip to sub $1 and then I'll buy it

6 hours later 28759868 Anonymous
Newfag here in the learning process. Is it better to sell and get $ and rebuy later after the dip or is it better to convert it to another crypto in the meantime? Feels the second option is better but again how do you pick the best crypto to convert to? And how do you know when it's time to buy/sell? Is it something that comes naturally after years of trading or do you just copy others people here?

6 hours later 28759879 Anonymous
>>28759700 You'd have a better chance losing your virginity

6 hours later 28759910 Anonymous (B8313954-8CC6-4645-AD9E-429FC585F2E9.jpg 675x450 34kB)
>>28759868 Follow your instincts anon. Close your eyes, clear your mind, and listen to your heart.

6 hours later 28760029 Anonymous
>>28759855 >back up to 2.20 floor ok my goy

6 hours later 28760102 Anonymous
>>28757943 you missed it, it won't be lower than $2 ever again

6 hours later 28760171 Kayla
It's back up! You didn't sell did you?

6 hours later 28760276 Anonymous
>tranny has a stake in my coin if this isn't a sell sign, I don't know what is

6 hours later 28760311 Anonymous (1612250297720.png 750x593 114kB)
>>28759700 >>28759855 Where were you when GRT was crabbing at 30 cents for almost TWO months, you niggerfaggot? Oh right, you were on r*ddit collecting your karma and upvotes. It's not going back to sub $1. Have fun accumulating at $2. Also, GTFO.

6 hours later 28760357 Anonymous
>>28760171 I'm a doge /biz/ newfag I bought at 1.8 and putting profit into algo just blindly following other anons in this thread

6 hours later 28760375 Anonymous
>>28760311 checked, the upswing is just about to start see you at $7 EOD

6 hours later 28760445 Anonymous
>>28759910 Sounds easy, feels like I gonna become a millionaire in no time

6 hours later 28761015 Anonymous
>>28759035 hope you got the rope on sale, swingie

6 hours later 28761362 Anonymous (1612699215506.jpg 768x960 441kB)
You did buy the dip didn't you?

6 hours later 28761536 Anonymous
>>28759122 Google isn't free you fucking idiot, your data is being sold and you are the product making money for google.

7 hours later 28762305 Anonymous
>>28761536 It's a symbiotic relationship

7 hours later 28762611 Anonymous
>>28740715 You sound like a pathetic faggot

7 hours later 28763357 Anonymous
>>28761362 I bought at 2.00 before going to sleep and now I see it was 1.70 fml

7 hours later 28763435 Anonymous
>>28763357 Yes there was a dip, its a pattern. >>28754434

7 hours later 28763575 Anonymous
>>28759122 It isn't about you looking up porn, you mongoloid. Do you have any comprehension about what crypto is becoming? GRT is about being able to access real time economic data from the Blockchain to graph production, profits, manage resources and more. For example: If robots take over bricklaying, and the robots are hooked into the blockchain to be paid through smart contracts and the owner of the construction outfit wants to chart the production and develop a very accurate deadline based on what the data says, they are willing to pay for it. If a gravel company has 16 electronic side dumpers hooked into the block chain and running in unison and the future version of the DOT wants accurate data on it for developing protocols, they aren't going to pay third parties to obtain or test to find this info. They are going to get it from the charts. A grt style function is necessary to developing web 3.0. Get it in heads.

7 hours later 28763610 Anonymous (1586684228777.gif 500x406 548kB)

7 hours later 28763624 Anonymous (image0.jpg 748x739 89kB)
>>28763575 >buzzword >buzzword >buzzword >buzzword

7 hours later 28763686 Anonymous
Quit being fags that focus on the chart. Does the service offered provide necessary use to Web 3.0? Then it's likely NOT a bad buy at this point in time. Buy, shut off the screen and get out. This is a long term investment. 20 years from now, use your holdings as collateral for business loans and start building generational empires and overthrow the judea.

7 hours later 28763699 Anonymous
>>28763575 Chainlink provides the ability to bring real world data and give it to blockchain to make use of it. > GRT provides the real world the ability to access blockchain data to make useful sense of it. <

7 hours later 28763800 Anonymous
>>28763686 The shift is not going to happen in 20 years, that's too long of a timescale even for technology. the financial system is collapsing, websites like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Youtube will not exist and will be replaced by decentralized systems and websites. These companies you have grown accustomed too will fade away like every other 90's website that was massive back then and no one talks about any longer.

7 hours later 28763814 Anonymous
>>28763686 I upvote this post, Jannies, Upvote this post for me. FUCK JUDEA!

3.707 0.205