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2021-02-14 07:06 28707928 Anonymous (1613286992922.jpg 325x537 35kB)
>bitcoin will never EVER be below $40000 again who here priced out?

0 min later 28708000 Anonymous
>>28707928 That dude really became his dad didn't he?

1 min later 28708022 Anonymous
>>28707928 How can you be priced out when you can buy like .000001? If it's never going to be below $40,000 why not just start investing what you can?

1 min later 28708040 Anonymous
The gold rush is over. It's the time of the oil boom now.

1 min later 28708064 Anonymous
>>28708000 witnessed and yes

3 min later 28708177 Anonymous
>>28707928 >that fucking nose ring Top kek

3 min later 28708205 Anonymous
>>28708022 but I want to hold one entire bitcoin even if all I really care about at the end of the hold is a percent increase on my holding

3 min later 28708234 Anonymous
>>28707928 >he is 42 Dont do alcohol kids

4 min later 28708253 Anonymous
>>28708000 He's got the Vito wandering eye too. I remember seeing footage of Don Vito and Phil back in the day and thinking "how the fuck can Bam ever turn out like these fat fucks?" Then he did

5 min later 28708389 Anonymous (093BF6BC-D452-4715-8BA2-83AA9828705E.png 500x514 180kB)
>there are people here who STILL don’t own ONE (1) Bitcoin What are you doing with your life

7 min later 28708515 Anonymous
>>28708389 Waiting for the day it drops back sub 20k

7 min later 28708520 Anonymous
>>28708000 That dude lost his best friend in a car accident in his prime The accident litteraly killed Jackass If that happened to me, I would be destroyed

8 min later 28708568 Anonymous
>>28707928 .00000001 BTC is less than 1 cent USD. You uniformed loser.

8 min later 28708575 Anonymous
>>28708000 I don't think his dad was a useless alcoholic

8 min later 28708580 Anonymous
>>28708205 there's only 1 million bitcoin wallets in the world that have more than 1 btc, i feel like people don't get just how hard it is to get there. buy some rather than getting caught up in the whole numbers

9 min later 28708643 Anonymous (IMG_20210214_095956_077.jpg 1280x720 77kB)
Next moonshot is the privacy economy. There is still time

9 min later 28708706 Anonymous
>>28708520 excuses

10 min later 28708722 Anonymous (general.jpg 1280x720 144kB)
you may be priced out of bitcoin, but not TRDL fren https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79g d1MCcNV0&feature=youtu.be

10 min later 28708730 Anonymous
>>28708520 my best friend got killed in an accident too but I didnt let myself go like this

11 min later 28708798 Anonymous
>>28708520 10 years ago

12 min later 28708901 Anonymous
>>28707928 I fell for the Tether FUD pls laugh at me /biz/

14 min later 28708989 Anonymous (Steve.jpg 600x600 26kB)
>>28707928 kinda ironic how Steve-o turned out to be the most well adjusted of the bunch

14 min later 28709047 Anonymous
>>28708520 dude drove drunk little different than just “an accident”

14 min later 28709049 Anonymous (EsH5rvSVgAANl7Q.jpg 1594x2048 455kB)
>tfw too underage for every moonshot worth a fuck missed btc, eth, then link. at least i have a decent amount of all 3 now.

15 min later 28709079 Anonymous (Screenshot_2021-02-14-10-20-31~2.png 1080x806 207kB)
>>28708022 Fuckin retards will never understand this. Maybe when btc breaks 1 million USD in 2025, normies will be ok with aiming for 10 million sats cus it'll be $100k

15 min later 28709084 Anonymous
>>28708234 I quit last year and images like this reaffirm it's for the best

16 min later 28709120 Anonymous
>>28707928 Is that Sam Hyde!?

16 min later 28709131 Anonymous
>>28707928 is that fucking bam margera

16 min later 28709145 Anonymous
>>28707928 >41 >He looks 55 Alcohol fucking destroyed him.

17 min later 28709179 Anonymous
>>28709049 Not too late for ADA

17 min later 28709187 Anonymous
>>28708000 he became Don Vito

17 min later 28709205 Anonymous
>>28709120 no >>28709131 yes

17 min later 28709228 Anonymous
>>28709145 Alcohol does not age you. It's coke and meth.

17 min later 28709242 Anonymous
>>28707928 It'll be back in the 20s by eoy. Then most of you faggots will forget about it for another three years and the rest of us will accumulate to dump on you during the next run.

18 min later 28709254 Anonymous

18 min later 28709280 Anonymous
>>28707928 Buy satoshis?

19 min later 28709347 Anonymous
>>28707928 Bitcoin will be below $40,000 THIS WEEK. Screencap this.

19 min later 28709354 Anonymous
>>28709049 what's wrong with her eyes? They are leaking

19 min later 28709364 Anonymous
>>28709228 >Alcohol does not age you. Oh boy, someone's in for a rude awakening in a few years.

19 min later 28709375 Anonymous (16433779_Bezuymyannuyytt.jpg 358x500 28kB)
>>28708000 >That dude really became his dad didn't he? Nah, his dad looked 10 times better at his age. He's becoming Don Vito.

20 min later 28709414 Anonymous
>>28709049 IOTA and ADA

20 min later 28709436 Anonymous

21 min later 28709455 Anonymous
>>28709375 he has a brother?

21 min later 28709478 Anonymous
>>28709436 that or your mother's brother

22 min later 28709566 Anonymous (ae4088e45759cde5d6337c3571712f61.png 694x382 418kB)
>>28708253 Literally the most shocking fall I've ever seen. I remember all my friends wanted to be him when Viva La Bam was airing.

23 min later 28709579 Anonymous
>>28709084 any tips? i'm not a fifth-a-day person yet, but i seem to be on the road. been trying to cut back to varying levels of success, but can't seem to kick it completely yet.

23 min later 28709608 Anonymous
>>28709455 Yeah, he's the drummer of CKY.

23 min later 28709619 Anonymous
>>28709228 He has the typical alcohol bloat face

25 min later 28709739 Anonymous (dsi2kn.jpg 640x512 40kB)
>>28707928 > zero images found for this image is it really you?

26 min later 28709764 Anonymous
>>28708520 my best friend died in an accident when we were 18. like every bad thing in life, you get over it and carry on. by now bam can only use it as an excuse.

27 min later 28709843 Anonymous
>>28709579 AA worked for me. And the connections I made at AA is why im a millionaire now. Just go to the meetings in the wealthiest area and its the best business networking ever. A rich jewish guy took me under his wing and taught me the ropes of entrepreneurship.

27 min later 28709870 Anonymous
>>28709179 >>28709414 redpill me on ADA, should I buy?

28 min later 28709911 Anonymous
>>28709145 I'm 31 and I look like Bam. The stress of being in crypto for 6 years has destroyed me. I can't leave though because I just can't pass up the opportunity to pull in 7 figures per year. Make hay while the sun shines. I can rest later, but it certainly has JUSTed my general appearance.

29 min later 28709967 Anonymous
>>28709843 oh I bet there were plenty of ropes alright ropes of semen

29 min later 28709990 Anonymous
>>28709911 just use some of your gains to surgically enhance your appearance

30 min later 28710073 Anonymous
>>28709967 pearl noose

34 min later 28710317 Anonymous
>>28709843 i've been contemplating AA, or SMART. one of those programs. my therapist hasn't been too helpful just because i don't actively want to stop, deep down, despite knowing i need to. i'll keep an eye out. glad you were able to get better anon

34 min later 28710344 Anonymous
Honestly Bam looks like shit but at the end of the day he can still skate better than most people who don't. Probably only 1 other person in this thread will ever experience what it feels like to land a kickflip.

35 min later 28710398 Anonymous (20748210_10212704834869167_3698627239614967298_o.jpg 1440x728 184kB)
>>28709843 this is actually pretty damn smart.. im not an acholic..well technically i guess i am because i drink a couple glasses of wine a day.. how long did it take you to find the right jew? Any tips on how to find the perfect jew? ..stalk them to the parking lot and see what theyre driving? How long did it take you to get rich after colluding with (((him)))

36 min later 28710451 Anonymous
>>28710344 I land kickflips all the time in tony hawk's pro skater

36 min later 28710466 Anonymous
>>28710344 i landed a kickflip once on grass it was ok

37 min later 28710496 Anonymous
>>28710398 a trail of gold shekels leading them into an obvious pitfall trap is the best way to catch one

37 min later 28710514 Anonymous
>>28709436 >>28709455 Dude stop I gotta a full head of hair that I take of everyday, don't do me like this bro

38 min later 28710568 Anonymous
>>28710466 I'm proud of you anon but I have to say it doesn't really fully count until you do it while rolling on pavement. In skateboarding a trick isn't really considered recognized as a land unless you roll away from it.

38 min later 28710581 Anonymous
>>28710398 the trick is your say your mom is jewish but your dad raised you christcuck, gets the old jews feeling fatherly everytime

40 min later 28710726 Anonymous
>>28710344 Right here, dude.

41 min later 28710735 Anonymous
>>28709079 >$100k Why not just have $100k that you can actually spend in the real world instead of having you-can't-cash-out meme money on some market? I bet none of you virgins in here have even made an on-chain transaction even once in your lives

41 min later 28710790 Anonymous (abacus.jpg 320x240 24kB)

41 min later 28710794 Anonymous
>>28709911 lmao you made shit out of crypto stop lyin' and go get a life

43 min later 28710875 Anonymous
>>28710735 not only that , they live a sub-human life and gamble every little money they can scratch on shitcoins

44 min later 28710954 Anonymous
>>28709049 why is qween crying ;-;

44 min later 28710973 Anonymous (235235.jpg 257x320 18kB)
>Bam margera

45 min later 28711007 CLF Chad
>>28709566 What a fall from grace

46 min later 28711113 Anonymous
>>28710794 If you are losing money during the golden bull run, you might be one of the most retarded people on the planet.

47 min later 28711150 Anonymous
>>28711113 yea gl turning it into FIAT

49 min later 28711287 Anonymous
>>28710735 not true.. if you smoke weed you can buy plenty of vape shit legally..I think even jeweg accepts btc..and of course theres the dm's... there are def ways to cash out legally tho..coinbase has debit cards coming soon too..

50 min later 28711379 Anonymous
i've been selling sperm to save up for one btc. i don't think i'll ever stop cooming at this rate : (

52 min later 28711460 Anonymous
>>28708580 >people don't get just how hard it is to get there >have 40k >but them on coinbase >buy a btc Very hard.

52 min later 28711492 Anonymous
>>28709566 Blame his controlling mother

54 min later 28711643 Anonymous
>>28709566 I’m a 30 year old boomer but I recommend watching the CKY series. Was some of the most epic shit I’ve ever seen growing up. We all wanted to be Bam at some point.

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