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2021-02-14 06:51 28706869 Anonymous who the FUCK is buying bitcoin at these prices (elon-phone.jpg 351x351 27kB)

0 min later 28706929 Anonymous
>>28706869 the rich people so they can be rich if crypto subverts their current establishment

1 min later 28706944 Anonymous
>>28706869 DCAing normies

1 min later 28706974 Anonymous
>>28706869 >what are fractions

1 min later 28706979 Anonymous
>>28706869 >bitcoin is at 1.51 Who is buying at these prices? It just crashed to 90 cents!

2 min later 28706994 Anonymous
People looking for a quick and easy 4x

3 min later 28707068 Anonymous
>>28706929 It's kind of ironic really. They're worried about losing power so they're buying into the very system that will make them lose power, to keep it.

3 min later 28707078 Anonymous
I rolled all my altcoin profits into bitcoin a few hours ago. Felt weird buying multiple BTC at such high prices but I don't care if BTC dumps, at least it won't dump as hard as altcoins. My bitcoin stash will never be sold

3 min later 28707086 Anonymous
>>28706869 jews

3 min later 28707111 Anonymous
>>28706869 >Who the fuck is buying bitcoin at 100 dollars??

3 min later 28707112 Anonymous
unironically me, work at day pay temp agency while homeless last 2 years, I spend 50%-80% (varies based on market dip previous day) of pay on nerdcoin

4 min later 28707156 Anonymous
>literally if you just look at any previous bull market it indicates BTC will hit somewhere between 70k-80k before it crashes

4 min later 28707163 Anonymous
>>28706869 tesla got in around 10k btw after that is Goldman Sachs no idea who keep getting shit at 30k in jan

5 min later 28707211 Anonymous (F455B08F-9E9D-47D2-844D-22F6CEA34269.png 500x514 180kB)
Me. It’s going to 200 - 300k EOY.

5 min later 28707249 Anonymous
>>28706944 >DCAing normies normies don't DCA, they buy high and panic sell, classic newfag biz move DCAing is based

6 min later 28707261 Anonymous (1592153429263.gif 177x150 1823kB)

6 min later 28707295 Anonymous (156489456.jpg 251x201 9kB)

7 min later 28707337 Anonymous
>>28707068 thats how human behavior works fren and also why crypto will succeed

7 min later 28707342 Anonymous
>>28707156 FUD >>28707211 This

7 min later 28707350 Anonymous
>>28706869 me

7 min later 28707381 Anonymous (1336913918921.png 119x211 38kB)
>>28706869 >muh institutions

7 min later 28707383 Anonymous
>>28706869 Swingies and people who realise that once we breach $50k we'll X2

9 min later 28707465 Anonymous
>>28706869 You are aware that just because 1 shitcoin is 3475893849753849 dollars you dont have to spend much to get into it, right? There is nothing wrong with buying 0,1 Bitcoin and holding it instead of the shitty memecoins that get pumped, dumped and dropped.

9 min later 28707479 Anonymous
>>28707068 Its not ironic, its just hedging.

11 min later 28707595 Anonymous (paypal visa mastercard crypto late 2020 early 2021.png 1936x1350 197kB)
>>28706869 bro

11 min later 28707642 Anonymous
>>28706869 genuinely one of the smartest buys

13 min later 28707738 Anonymous
>>28707595 whats the guess on which cryptos itll be?

13 min later 28707748 Anonymous
>>28706869 that smug sonomabich is

14 min later 28707810 Anonymous
It's actually still a good hedge against the stock market going to shit.

14 min later 28707818 Anonymous
>>28707738 It doesn't really matter. Probably Bitcoin and whatever the top 10 was four years ago. The point is crypto is gaining mainstream credibility.

15 min later 28707881 Anonymous
>>28706869 Traders and fomo normies

19 min later 28708265 Anonymous (tn_spetsialniy_spiker_iz_ssha._analitik_uoll_strit_ton_veys_vis_14763621743668_image.jpg 635x480 69kB)

34 min later 28709310 Anonymous (1610152042347s.png 1418x1089 260kB)
>>28706869 you know elon made this pic just for us

36 min later 28709456 Anonymous
>>28709310 I believe he is also holding a baby or something

37 min later 28709513 Anonymous
its going to blow past 50 here shortly, everybody knows it, its just a matter of time. if i can just grind out a couple thousand profit here and there it adds up fast and if not all it means is i avereged up slightly

39 min later 28709632 Anonymous
>>28706869 It's never going below these prices bro. This is the price it will crash down to a year from now only to keep climbing up. Might as well buy in now

40 min later 28709686 Anonymous
>>28707068 >they're buying into the very system that will make them lose power I hate delusional retards like this, there is nothing about crypto that will make them lose power. Also they have enough money and power to take over if they really want

53 min later 28710554 Anonymous
>>28707738 COTI

55 min later 28710651 Anonymous
alright which one of you fuckers is selling your bitcoins at this price, show yourselves

55 min later 28710673 Anonymous (wtfman.jpg 1024x904 103kB)
>>28709456 That something is a PHONE

56 min later 28710685 Anonymous (porpy.jpg 381x310 11kB)
>>28706869 the big fucking money. >>28706974 exactly. I'm sick of these brain dead newfags that think the know things, but know no things. >>28707381 this >>28707595 but unironically

56 min later 28710710 Anonymous
>>28706869 Plenty of dumb money around.

56 min later 28710724 Anonymous
reminder to you retards that Telsa REPORTED buying bitcoin few weeks ago. They actually BOUGHT it a year ago.

1 hours later 28711014 Anonymous
>>28710724 Doesn't matter in the slightest. All that matters is they are involved and others will chase the leader

1 hours later 28711056 Anonymous (1613078209569.png 421x519 167kB)
the high levels of hopium in this thread shows you just how many newfags there are. the same newfags in 2017 that were thinking "hurrrr line go up forever" got fucking smacked down soon after. shit it's easy to make money in a bull market, huh fellas? well this must be baby's first bull run. Im just sitting here imagining all the pink wojaks you little bitches will be posting once the market starts collapsing. buckle up.

1 hours later 28711493 Anonymous
>>28707738 USDC

1 hours later 28711564 Anonymous
>>28711056 nocoiner cope

1 hours later 28711598 Anonymous
TSLA buys BTC so it can continue to do creative accounting. They've gone thru so many CFOs. Their last shot is to funnel losses into crypto. It's Enron for the zoomer generation.

1 hours later 28711813 Anonymous
Some dumb fucking companies. $NEXCF bought a shit ton of bitcoin and then sold it right away because they didn't understand the double spend meme lmao

1 hours later 28712127 Anonymous
>>28711598 Wouldn't this also be extremely risky in case of a crash?

1 hours later 28712287 Anonymous (ErOCmesW8AYctFE.jpg 810x551 124kB)
Tether printer guys

1 hours later 28712331 Anonymous
>>28706869 People that sold at 49,400.

1 hours later 28712816 Anonymous (1503012595955.jpg 358x358 21kB)
Imagine buying Buttcoin at its $1 ATH.

1 hours later 28712933 Anonymous
>>28707595 >>28707738 >AMP TOKEN Flexa will allow retailers to accept crypto or fiat seamlessly using AMP tokens as collateral. It was designed by UX designer for American Express. Cryptos themselves can be obtained by fraudulent means but having a collateralized token removes risk from retailers. AMP is currently on Gemini and will be announced on Coinbase in March. Flexa is already used by many retailers via the Spedn app.

1 hours later 28713038 Anonymous
>>28707738 Just btc

1 hours later 28713109 Dracula protocol
Your mum with the money she makes from onlyfans

1 hours later 28713184 Anonymous
>>28707163 >$10k avg for tesla? I've looked and all I saw was a yahoo article that said it was >According to Yahoo Finance calculations and data, Tesla’s volume-weighted average price in January was $34,200, I think you mean MSTR's avg buy in is around 10k but I think that's actually closer to 15k now since they were still buying in at January.

1 hours later 28713200 Anonymous
>>28712127 Its non essential cash reserves Im sure a corp can hold its btc reserves a 2 - 3 years (max) and return to its original point. Long term investments are not expected to generate quick returns yet btc does

1 hours later 28713318 Anonymous
>>28707068 not ironic at all, they are just rich

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