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2021-02-14 06:15 28665690 Anonymous Thanks to whoever shilled MUSE at .70, I am now in 6 figure hell because of you (muse_logo.png 250x250 8kB)
It was a random comment in a "whats the next 100x" post at like 3am est, Someone said "MUSE but no one will listen" Well i listened and got a small bag. Then when it made its run up to 6ish i took a look in the discord and realized what a gem it was. First ever NFT DEX, and they are going to implement dividends for holders? Sign me up. I didn't sell everything, but i sold a huge chunk of my portfolio for MUSE. Then it crabbed for a bit, but i believed in the project and held on. First NFT DEX ever, what a no brainer. Iit had to moon. Well it did and its still going. Im not selling till we hit 100 and even then ill take some profits and try to buy the dip. Cant wait till dividends kick in. Anyways thanks Biz, feels good to enter 6 figure hell. Looking forward to making it to 7,

2 min later 28665804 Anonymous (3525.png 512x512 269kB)
>>28665690 I'm happy for you anon

8 min later 28666138 Anonymous
>>28665804 ty feels pretty surreal. Never thought i would have this much money in my life

18 min later 28666736 Anonymous
congrats dude wish I got in on this too put some profits into DOKI, the whole NFT market is going nuts

23 min later 28667026 Anonymous (984984984845.png 334x506 110kB)
>>28665690 >>28666138 Same story Musebro I got in around $3 and I'm loving the project and the gains. I tip my hat to that legendary anon who shilled it here last week 2-3 times a day usually with 0 replies. I'm about to buy this dip too...

27 min later 28667259 Anonymous (1611894448694.png 1000x1288 305kB)
>>28667026 >>28665690 Incredibly based. I've made $30,000 with this coin. Got in @ $4.11. /biz/ fucking hates money. So of course the shilling wasn't receptive.

51 min later 28668652 Anonymous
No idea what this thing does but I still brought a bag at $4.5. Thank you anons.

1 hours later 28669161 Anonymous
>>28667026 Yeah the 0 reply muse shill is a hero. Bought 350 coins at $4.70. It's my first crypto as well. Had NFI what NFTs where, but after reading about them and being heavy invested in trading card games, it seemed retarded not to buy in.

1 hours later 28669379 Anonymous (muse1.jpg 913x940 98kB)
you MUSE or you lose

1 hours later 28669982 Anonymous
Thanks to whoever told /biz/ about this gem. Bought a 5k stack at 4.5$ and 3$ and I'm going to make it. Thanks anon

1 hours later 28670076 Anonymous
>>28665690 >Someone said "MUSE but no one will listen" I was there and bought MUSE based on that same post. Incredible. Some of the best shit happens on /biz/ between 3-4 am, this is also the first time the pennystock anon shilled GRST and DGTW which made me twice my monthly salary in just a few days

1 hours later 28670127 Anonymous
>>28665690 I was calling the guy aggressively shilling this a retard when it was at 0.23...now it's $18...bros...

1 hours later 28670218 Anonymous (1613231459365.gif 320x400 2376kB)
>>28666736 based. DOKI & MUSE is the NFT chadfolio

1 hours later 28670396 Anonymous (dokidoki3.gif 998x512 2227kB)
>>28670218 wagmi

1 hours later 28670594 Anonymous
What do you guys think about Shadows (DOWS) and Polkamarkets (POLK)?

1 hours later 28670723 Anonymous
I can't believe I sold at $2, congratulations those who held

1 hours later 28670725 Anonymous
>>28665690 Well I'm sick to my stomach. Saw those threads. Didn't buy. What a faggot I am.

1 hours later 28671022 Anonymous
>>28670725 if that makes you sick look at this crap https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/ pepemon-pepeballs

1 hours later 28671109 Anonymous
Can that anon shill me the next 100x?

1 hours later 28671322 Anonymous
>>28671022 NFTs are the future. The people who still doubt that are never gonna make it.

1 hours later 28671403 Anonymous
>>28670725 feeling like shit on hindsight is a delusion. people don't know what they don't know. just learn from this like looking out for NFTs

1 hours later 28671552 Anonymous
>>28671109 AMP Not that you’ll listen

1 hours later 28671613 Anonymous (FB_IMG_1613102521064.jpg 828x984 49kB)
>>28665690 You're welcome. I'm trying to get biz to realiyits about the NFTs RIGHT. NOW. Your next buys are WAIFU and LOOT. You're welcome again

1 hours later 28671886 Anonymous
>>28671613 WAIFU and LOOT look like pretty gimmicky ways to use an NFT though, any low NFT mcaps with a better use case?

1 hours later 28671931 Anonymous
>>28671886 check out NDR

1 hours later 28672121 Anonymous
Redpill me on NFTs. They sound like a new type of internet.

1 hours later 28672149 Anonymous
I sold 1000 at 5 dollars and feel like garbage. Oh god.. fuck...FUCK!!!!!!!! this is my first really huge missed opportunity... i'll get over it but i'm going to have some hard coping to do

2 hours later 28672205 Anonymous
>>28671552 can you shill me on AMP

2 hours later 28672296 Anonymous

2 hours later 28672417 Anonymous
>>28672296 Yes.

2 hours later 28672459 Anonymous
>>28672205 AMP is a collateral coin for a retailers who want to use crypto for payments: GameStop, Nordstrom, Whole Foods, Caribou Coffee, Jamba Juice, Baskin Robbins, Crate and Barrel and more. Links: https://amptoken.org/ https://flexa.network/ Whitepaper: https://amptoken.org/whitepaper.pdf How to buy: >Gemini https://www.gemini.com/prices/amp >Uniswap https://info.uniswap.org/pair/0x086 50bb9dc722c9c8c62e79c2bafa2d3fc5b32 93 Read more: https://www.theverge.com/2019/5/13/ 18617554/flexa-cryptocurrency-bitco in-etherium-whole-foods-gamestop-no rdstrom-flexacoin https://www.coindesk.com/crypto-pay ment-app-flexa-raises-6m-unveils-ne w-backend https://medium.com/amptoken/amp-the -new-digital-collateral-token-524bc 568af92 Why buy AMP? >American team >Founder is a literal MIT rocket scientist for NASA who previously CTO'd a successful e-commerce startup >Working product >Can already use it to make payments in any currency in 44,000 stores in the USA >Winklevoss bros already run Gemini on their tech >Really well VC funded with rapid development >Coinbase custody candidate with nothing holding it back from getting randomly listed there like RSR >Can be staked for a comfy 5.5% APY The flow looks like: >Go to Gamestop >At the POS, the customer spends $10 in ETH, BTC, LINK, USDC etc https://flexa.network/currencies >Flexa locks $10 worth of AMP as collateral to cover the payment >The merchant sees that Flexa has instantly guaranteed the payment so the customer is free to leave the shop >Flexa pays out the merchant as USD on a pre-agreed payment schedule Merchant doesn't have to know anything about crypto and just gets paid.

2 hours later 28672526 Anonymous
So uh... original muse shill? What's the next 100x?

2 hours later 28672608 Anonymous (1612387991390.png 600x600 16kB)
>>28672459 >already mooned

2 hours later 28672611 Anonymous
>>28671109 UMB

2 hours later 28672702 Anonymous
what's the point of an nft exchange when you can wrap nfts and trade them on any dex?

2 hours later 28672825 Anonymous
>>28672149 Same here sold my 300 bag around $4, feelsbadman

2 hours later 28672875 Anonymous
>>28672526 OGN

2 hours later 28672981 Anonymous
>>28672875 also mooned already

2 hours later 28673141 Anonymous
>>28672608 Lol if .05 was moon AMP is in for one hell of a ride once it hits Coinbase

2 hours later 28673164 Anonymous
>>28672981 AGI then. Fuck, I don't know

2 hours later 28673249 Anonymous
>>28673141 give it a rest bro this is a MUSE thread and you're shitting it up

2 hours later 28673751 Anonymous (muse2.jpg 2824x3720 1893kB)
anybody have the sauce of this one?

2 hours later 28673853 Anonymous
Is MUSE able to be staked?

2 hours later 28673950 Anonymous
ok guys... i bought back in with my ASKO profits. I now have 420 MUSE. Is this an okay amount... do we think itll keep pumping?

2 hours later 28673998 Anonymous
>>28673950 yes. It'll correct itself in the next 24 hours and continue pumping.

2 hours later 28674065 Anonymous
>>28673998 Okay, I'm going to stick with my stack for now and if it dips tomorrow you can bet I'm buying more. I want at least half of my original stack I sold.

2 hours later 28674085 Anonymous
What is "6 figure hell?" I've just recently been noticing this term appear on the board. I usually frequent other boards so I'm not too familiar.

2 hours later 28674179 Anonymous
>>28673950 How does $150k sound?

2 hours later 28674483 Anonymous

2 hours later 28674586 Anonymous
>>28674085 yeah its a meme thing. When your portfolio hits 6 digits (100.000) you pretent to be 'stuck in 6 figure hell'

2 hours later 28674917 Anonymous (1597840148500.jpg 3364x3364 2265kB)
>>28672149 >I sold 1000 at 5 dollars and feel like garbage.

3 hours later 28675454 Anonymous
>>28673853 yes https://nft20.io/farm

3 hours later 28675776 Anonymous
>>28675454 Wait, how does this work?

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