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2021-02-13 02:00 28561792 Anonymous (icedragon_dupyZZSDJb.png 755x426 231kB)
Is Craig Wright isn't Satoshi Nakamoto why is he going to court in 4 days to prove he is?

1 min later 28561917 Anonymous
>>28561792 IM satoshi whats up guys

1 min later 28561946 Anonymous
Jesus christ give it up, he's been doing this shit for ages now. The guy is already filthy rich, he has enough money to fuck around pulling bullshit like this it doesn't mean anything.

9 min later 28562432 Anonymous (Macus Aurelius.jpg 800x628 138kB)
>>28561792 You may not like Craig Wright, but he signed with Satoshi’s keys to Gavin Andresen with a freshly unboxed laptop and did similar signings for Jon Matonis, Ian Grigg, Stefan Matthews and Calvin Ayre - none of which would be easy to fool, and none of which have retracted their claims.

9 min later 28562493 Anonymous
>>28561917 Bullshit, I'm Satoshi.

10 min later 28562599 Anonymous
>>28562432 This exactly what that one Indian guy said

11 min later 28562660 Anonymous (MyGod.png 1226x1649 3197kB)
this nigga satoshi.

12 min later 28562720 Anonymous
If anti-BSV people don't believe Craig is Satoshi why aren't they excited that he is about to perjure himself in court?

12 min later 28562741 Anonymous
>>28561792 Because he keeps saying he is even though he isn't, is why he's going to court. https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Craig_Wr ight https://privacypros.io/stop-craig-w right/

13 min later 28562798 black star
>>28561792 we are in the craig wright is satoshi part of the cycle sell everything

15 min later 28562926 Anonymous
>>28561792 and if the real satoshi was alive why hasnt he come forward to shame Craig? I think him and Hal were in on it together and he knows with him gone he can take full credit.

15 min later 28562985 Anonymous (1609694853565.jpg 519x544 37kB)
>>28562432 >blindly follow

18 min later 28563161 Anonymous (Hal is not Satoshi.jpg 1199x951 118kB)
>>28562926 Hal wasn't Satoshi. He helped Satoshi along with Phil Wilson and Dave Kleiman but years after Craig Started writing the paper, according to Phil Wilson.

18 min later 28563203 Anonymous
>>28562985 If Craig is a scammer why does he have 200 employees and over 1000 bitcoin patents?

19 min later 28563234 Anonymous
>>28562432 deboonked to death.

19 min later 28563262 Anonymous
Kokichi Mikimoto

20 min later 28563350 Anonymous (Gavin Andersen.jpg 1280x591 46kB)
>>28563234 Wrong 100% incorrect. The direct successor of Satoshi Nakamoto as lead developer on the Bitcoin project was Gavin Andresen. Gavin Andersen explicitly said that Craig Wright signed a message using the private key from Block #1 of Bitcoin. Time was spent on a careful cryptographic verification of messages signed with keys that only Satoshi should possess. So who do we trust? You or the lead developer of Bitcoin ? https://youtu.be/gTPcm4zCJIg?t=6

21 min later 28563408 Anonymous (ErIkchhW4AAK-uc.jpg 638x359 35kB)
>>28563203 >patents

22 min later 28563510 Anonymous
>>28561792 you retards still waiting for a judge to crown faketoshi?

23 min later 28563536 Anonymous
>>28563350 So how come everything is anecdotal? It would be absolutely trivial to sign a message proving ownership and publicly post it. Why won't he?

23 min later 28563561 Anonymous (Bitcoin BSV.jpg 2000x1127 223kB)
>>28563408 What is N-Chain nChain, which holds over 1,000 patent applications, https://finance.yahoo.com/news/ncha in-acquires-leading-development-out fit-190000644.html

23 min later 28563565 Anonymous (1612927149784.png 815x454 342kB)
>>28562985 I read the whitepaper, then compared the protocol to the Bitcoin protocol. Imagine my shock when I learned that BSV is actually Bitcoin. I follow the code. I'm 100% in BSV, the fake versions can fuck off and die, and they will.

24 min later 28563614 Anonymous
>>28562926 >and if the real satoshi was alive why hasnt he come forward because he never intended to? from day 0 he kept his identity a secret.

24 min later 28563643 Anonymous (file.png 792x767 841kB)
>>28561792 we are all satoshi

24 min later 28563653 Anonymous
>>28561792 Remember his last lawsuit where he claimed to own 150 wallets that then signed a message calling him a fraud? Because I do This guy is a massive faggot

25 min later 28563675 Anonymous
why doesnt he just move one fucking bitcoin with the message i am craig wright? instead he pulls a huge show over years

25 min later 28563677 Anonymous
>>28563565 the amount of bullshit make-believe mixed with pure cope... amazing.

26 min later 28563726 Anonymous
>>28563536 He has signed to certain people, and he also notes that it doesn't show ownership. His coins related to the court case are also in a trust, it would be bad to tamper with them.

26 min later 28563732 Anonymous
>2021 still pretending he is satoshi

27 min later 28563836 Anonymous (signiture.png 711x585 89kB)
>>28563536 because he can't. he used a bogus script to fool gavin. but he can't pull that off publicly.

27 min later 28563844 Anonymous
>>28563653 LOL, good times. NGL, been pretty cozy not hearing about Satoshi Stiffamoto all the fucking time on /biz/.

27 min later 28563845 Anonymous
>>28563677 If you can't read, I can't help you.

28 min later 28563882 Anonymous
>>28561792 Have you ever heard him speak? Mental illness

29 min later 28563968 Anonymous (Craig Wright 2006.jpg 712x852 139kB)
>>28563536 Because holding the keys does not prove ownership. If I have your car keys, it does not prove I own you car. On top of that many people can hold the same keys. He does not want to set a precedent that keys = ownership because then all you have to do is steal someones keys and they are yours. Let's say he did sign for the general public. They would just say that he stole the keys or cracked the password. It wouldn't prove anything. So first he needs to prove that he is Satoshi and then he can sign. On top of that if he did sign, that automatically would bankrupt thousands of people and make him the richest man on planet earth. It would put his life and the lives of his children in danger. he has to be strategic about it. He has to prove in a court of law that he is who he says he is. He owned 17% (that we know about) of all Bitcoin in June of 2011. https://youtu.be/IUjoeQmfjRw?t=138 Time will tell. I for one believe he is Satoshi.

29 min later 28564000 Anonymous
how is everyone not tired of this shit. Fuck bcash. fuck bsv. Christ.

30 min later 28564022 Anonymous
>>28563653 >Remember his last lawsuit where he claimed to own 150 wallets that then signed a message calling him a fraud? >Because I do He didn't claim those addresses. Shadders made the list for the court with an algorithm to simplify things.

30 min later 28564026 Anonymous
>>28563726 he never signed to anyone. but he did bamboozle a few. fortunately he has been caught forging signatures just as many times. >it would be bad to tamper with them. i have some sad news for you. there have been messages signed and transactions made from addresses craig claimed to belong to the "sacred" "untouchable" ""trust"" multiple times.

30 min later 28564066 Anonymous
>>28563614 right, so why not make a forum post like he did before or post some kind of proof here?

32 min later 28564158 Anonymous
>>28563968 bitcoin is simple. you own what you can spend. legality which is a local concern doesn't matter for a global system.

33 min later 28564242 Anonymous
>>28561792 I can say without a doubt that Sir Craig Wright is not Saroshi!!! How do i know this you might ask? Well, very simply, i am the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

33 min later 28564289 Anonymous
>>28564066 satoshi's email and forum p2pfoundation account was known to be compromised for a very long time. it wouldn't prove shit anyhow as a site admin can do whatever the fuck he wants.

33 min later 28564294 Anonymous
>>28561792 Because he's a mentally ill scammer

35 min later 28564388 Anonymous
>>28564026 >there have been messages signed and transactions made from addresses craig claimed to belong to the "sacred" "untouchable" ""trust"" multiple times. This is incorrect. None of the Tulip trust addresses have been signed. If you're interested in a neutral, balanced view on whether Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto, watch this YouTube video on the subject. It's an hour long and goes through everything with a fine tooth comb. The guy that made it became a BSV proponent after 3 years of trying to debunk that Craig is Satoshi. https://youtu.be/_yuyrxGJ-FU

35 min later 28564420 Anonymous
>>28564026 Fortunately who cares what he does because the protocol is the protocol and BSV is Bitcoin. You are arguing against the very defiintion of Bitcion if you think otherwise. So stay stiffed, jealous bastard.

36 min later 28564454 Anonymous
>>28564158 Not how law works.

36 min later 28564460 Anonymous
>a crazy amount I can't take anyone who talks like an overstimulated reddit tard serious

36 min later 28564497 Anonymous
>>28564388 >None of the Tulip trust addresses have been signed. yep they did. submitted to court by craig.

37 min later 28564578 Anonymous
>>28564454 it is how bitcoin works. state law can't tell a trustless permissionless global system shit. you bootlicker cunts are shit out of luck.

38 min later 28564632 Anonymous
i thought sir gay was satoshu

38 min later 28564640 Anonymous
>>28564497 >yep they did. submitted to court by craig. 100% Incorrect. The court asked for all the addresses of the Bitcoin he currently owned. Shadders made the list for the court with an algorithm to simplify things as it was many 1000s of addresses. The addresses in the tulip trust where not part of those addresses. Only the addresses which the algorithm came back as being currently owned by Craig.

39 min later 28564721 Anonymous
>>28564420 Actually Bitcoin is Bitcoin, retard

40 min later 28564794 Anonymous
>>28564578 Keep thinking that. A court order can compel miners to add a court ordered adjustment to a ledger.

42 min later 28564936 Anonymous
>>28564721 Correct, Bitcoin is Bitcoin, which is a peer to peer cash system implemented under the ticker BSV.

42 min later 28564943 Anonymous
>>28564794 miners all around the world would laugh at your court order of which country exactly? uk? us? rofl.

43 min later 28564996 Anonymous
>>28564794 >A court order can compel miners to add a court ordered adjustment to a ledger. Now this would be a dangerous precedent! Good fucking luck.

43 min later 28565012 Anonymous (1565715566068.png 310x315 391kB)
>>28563565 if you try firing up the original bitcoin core client, it's going to sync up to just one of the multiple blockchains ... and it's not the Sanjay Vishnu one

44 min later 28565030 Anonymous
>>28564794 btw you really have no clue how bitcoin works. miners are completely unable to adjust the ledger once history is made it stays that way. at least on bitcoin.

45 min later 28565110 Anonymous
>>28564996 i would be curious about how sv cucks imagine this would look like from a technical point of view.

45 min later 28565120 Anonymous
wat a sad fuk

45 min later 28565129 Anonymous (1576559744412.jpg 1088x764 111kB)
>>28565012 key word: core get fucked and stay fucked

45 min later 28565134 Anonymous (Wiil the REAL Satoshi please stand up AGAIN.png 668x322 279kB)
>>28564721 BTC is in no way shape or form Bitcoin. Segwit stripped the signatures and lightning gives a third party control over a transaction. "What is needed is an electronic payment system based on cryptographic proof instead of trust, allowing any two willing parties to transact directly with each other without the need for a trusted third party. Transactions that are computationally impractical to reverse would protect sellers from fraud, and routine escrow mechanisms could easily be implemented to protect buyers. In this paper, we propose a solution to the double-spending problem using a peer-to-peer distributed timestamp server to generate computational proof of the chronological order of transactions" --Satoshi Nakamoto (Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System) All this along with not raising the block size all equal it IS not Bitcoin.

45 min later 28565161 Anonymous
>>28565012 Would it even sync up to any of them? They've all made significant changes

46 min later 28565189 Anonymous
>>28565012 Vishnu Vision glow in the dark..

46 min later 28565205 Anonymous
>>28565030 Of course they can. They just add a transaction... Happens all the time with paper ledgers.

46 min later 28565232 Anonymous
>>28563968 >Because holding the keys does not prove ownership. >If I have your car keys, it does not prove I own you car. Do you even know how fucking bitcoin works? You own the keys, you own the coins. That's it.

47 min later 28565323 Anonymous
>>28562432 Craig and Calvin are both pedos.

48 min later 28565382 Anonymous
>>28563968 >They would just say that he stole the keys or cracked the password. No one has ever successfully cracked the private keys of an arbitrary wallet. That would bring down bitcoin as a whole.

49 min later 28565438 Anonymous
Nick Szabo is satoshi.

50 min later 28565474 Anonymous
>>28565205 More than 51% of them would have to agree to add that specific transaction.

50 min later 28565477 Anonymous

50 min later 28565507 Anonymous
>>28565382 I don't disagree. The point is that the community would not take it as proof.

51 min later 28565612 Anonymous
>>28565205 >Of course they can. They just add a transaction... nobody would accept that as a legal block if they either try to move coins without a proper signature or try to spend already spent inputs. the block would be invalid and life would go on without anyone noticing the attempt.

52 min later 28565633 Anonymous
>>28565474 Government and courts in general can alter Bitcoin. A court order can force a transaction to be invalidated. A court order can change the nature of the blockchain and require that the UTXO set is updated. he reality here is that a court action taken in the US with reciprocal enforcement through Chinese courts would result in a requirement for over 80% of the global miners and a larger number of wallets and exchanges to enforce a change. Code is not law. Law is law.

52 min later 28565685 Anonymous
>>28565474 even that is not enough. you can't break the rules with 51% you can only do a denial of service attack. which is the opposite of including transaction.

53 min later 28565749 Anonymous
>>28565438 this

53 min later 28565759 Anonymous
>>28565507 That's right. Craig producing signatures would not be absolute proof that the addresses and balances are his. However, Craig failing to produce signatures would be absolute proof that they aren't his.

54 min later 28565761 Anonymous
>>28565129 yes, core, the software that was programmed by Satoshi creg couldn't code his way out of a wet paper bag https://toshitimes.com/craig-wright -proves-he-can-code-by-copy-pasting -hello-world-program/

54 min later 28565810 Anonymous
>>28561792 all he has to do is sign the damn wallet or move some coins. It would take a few minutes and he would undeniably prove it to the world. Instead he decide to go with court cases, bonded couriers, slander, drama, sperging, attacking others, etc etc. Sounds like a narcissistic nutcase to me.

54 min later 28565826 Anonymous
>>28563203 I bet you think Einstein came up with everything he published too right?

55 min later 28565872 Anonymous
>>28565759 and that's why he has to prove it to a court and not to you and me.

56 min later 28565918 Anonymous
>>28565872 The signatures would at least give him a leg to stand on. Currently he has no such leg.

57 min later 28565981 Anonymous
>>28565134 the biggest problem with sv tards is when they try to read the whitepaper they ever get past the first few lines and completely ignore the bulk of the document.

57 min later 28566027 Anonymous
>>28565918 His contention is that he has the keys. The court will decide.

1 hours later 28566244 Anonymous
>>28566027 There is a very easy way for him to prove to the whole world that he has the keys. If he wants to claim SOLE OWNERSHIP of the keys then he can settle that in the courts. What exactly would be the risk to him to produce some signatures?

1 hours later 28566300 Anonymous (what-the-fork-happened-to-bitcoin.jpg 624x317 43kB)
>>28565981 Hand Waving isn't proof. Is lightning a third party ? Is mastercard a third party ? Segwit strips the signature and only a segwit compliant miner can add it back. That means we have to "TRUST" them. Bitcoin is supposed to be trustless.

1 hours later 28566429 Anonymous
You know what's crazy I just realized, BSV isn't traded by any major exchange. Well at least out of what I consider the big ones (Coinbase / Binance) Like... that's weird right? Binance especially, they carry all kinds of shit coins, but for some reason BSV was not legit? Like, BCH is carried by both of them, why would a fork of BCH not be carried.. it's not like they can't. Anyone have a take on this?

1 hours later 28566453 Anonymous
>>28565761 Craig was the architect of the paper, he needed help with the code. So what? The fact remains that BSV is the implementation of Bitcoin as it was written in the whitepaper, and it needed to undo some garbage because after craig offered the word the protocol, parasites molested it and changed it so that they could stifle it and profit off of the name using private side chains like lightning. This is all historical fact, instead of speculating, maybe educate yourself.

1 hours later 28566468 Anonymous
>>28563350 >Gavin Andersen explicitly said that Craig Wright signed a message using the private key from Block #1 of Bitcoin. Time was spent on a careful cryptographic verification of messages signed with keys that only Satoshi should possess. Whole point of using the blockchain is to promote transparency. If Craig really was Satoshi, he'd sign a transaction for everyone to see. Don't be daft.

1 hours later 28566512 Anonymous
Satoshi was a shared account and the "Satoshi" identity comes from the multiple people that shared it. Craig was one of them.

1 hours later 28566524 Anonymous
>>28561792 All that nigger has to do is show he has the genesis block.

1 hours later 28566571 Anonymous
>>28566300 bullshit all of it. >Segwit strips the signature especially that

1 hours later 28566590 Anonymous
>>28566244 >What exactly would be the risk to him to produce some signatures? Here is his reasoning https://craigwright.net/blog/law-re gulation/keys-identity/ He want's the court to decide. He will have to sign for the courts.

1 hours later 28566655 Anonymous
>>28566429 not really profitable for megacorp to own something that will 100% go to zero in the near future. so smaller exchanges make money from fees and convert to btc obvs

1 hours later 28566696 Anonymous
>>28562493 Isnt there like billions of satoshis now?

1 hours later 28566708 Anonymous
>>28566590 >He want's the court to decide. how convenient for someone who can't sign with a known satoshi key but would like to avoid being thrown out of calvins helicopter...

1 hours later 28566867 Anonymous
>>28561792 LOL he's a shill and just wants to be able to sell movie/story rights. The real Nakamoto could prove it very easily by simply moving some original coins around

1 hours later 28566938 Anonymous
>>28561792 Elon is Satoshi

1 hours later 28566959 Anonymous
>>28566655 It's in the top 20 market cap... since 2018. It's a real coin, and it's currently up in value. What would happen to this shitcoin if coinbase was forced to list it? >https://coingeek.com/will-coinbase -list-bsv/ Also, why do you believe it's going to $0? It's been a while since I looked into the BTC vs BCH argument, so I know nothing about BSV basically.

1 hours later 28566972 Anonymous
>>28566571 The blocks looked valid at the time we saw it, TRUST us.

1 hours later 28566975 Anonymous
>>28566590 Look, it's really simple. If Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto, then he has the keys. If he does not have the keys, then he is not Satoshi Nakamoto. Craig is trying to trick people by focusing on the fact that having the keys does not necessarily mean he is Satoshi Nakamoto. This is true, but at this point there is not a shred of evidence to indicate the mere POSSIBILITY that Craig is Satoshi Nakamoto.

1 hours later 28566990 Anonymous
>>28561792 NO I AM SATOSHI

1 hours later 28567046 Anonymous
>>28562432 bitcoin was invented by the United States government DARPA in coordination with the NSA. Of course they will never come out and say it or detail the people or corporate partners that were involved, but they did

1 hours later 28567151 Anonymous
>>28566975 >Look, it's really simple. If Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto, then he has the keys. If he does not have the keys, then he is not Satoshi Nakamoto. If the keys are in trust and take more than one signature then what ? Ever heard of multi-sig ? What if the other person is dead and his estate owns the signatures now ? What if the arrangement between the trustee and Craig is up for debate because the trustee is not there to give his side ? You goto court and the court decides.. See how that works ?

1 hours later 28567163 Anonymous
If anyone is Satoshi, all they have to do is send a transaction from the Satoshi Nakamoto wallet that holds a fuckto btc saying "it's me". Until that happens, everything else is a waste of time.

1 hours later 28567292 Anonymous
>>28567046 I'd believe this. Or craig wright. 100% do not believe that any Japanese person would come up with the name Satoshi nakamoto.

1 hours later 28567301 Anonymous
>>28566959 i honestly feel really bad for craig and i feel hes genuinely going through some mental break. im not trying to be biasd but i cant help but just dislike most forks of bitcoin as i see them as just stalling a marketcap and potential of the devs ability to upgrade a code. anyhow its all really complicated and craig knows that but hes not doing this for anyone's benifit but his own because at the end of the day were all human and selfish as fuck on the inside.

1 hours later 28567411 Anonymous
>jUsT wAiT fOr ThE bOnDeD cOuRiEr

1 hours later 28567541 Anonymous
>>28566959 >>28567301 and to reiterate i do believe criag will be btfo in court and most people will just use bsv less and less. and eventually it will fade out into obscurity in nearly 10 years or so. bsv is still a cryptocurrency and anyone can see value of certain aspects of anything. i dont really mind it much but again to me it feels like a wrong in what crypto tries to be right.

1 hours later 28567564 Anonymous
>>28567301 that answered... none of my questions.

1 hours later 28567585 Anonymous (Satoshi Nakamoto.png 745x481 667kB)
Craig Wright = the nicest guy in BitCoin: •Didn premine •Invented BitCoin •Raised ZERO Money bag to do it •Bootstrapped majority of 1st 2 yrs of mining wen #btc =$0.00 •Saving protocol •Researching fwd every day •Ridding scammers •Nice pleasant conversationalist •Teaches others

1 hours later 28567617 Anonymous (97B94247-7F49-4876-8B34-853434B12154.png 736x466 46kB)
>>28566590 When I see this I will believe cr*ig wr*ght until then he is a bullshitter pure and simple. >>28567151 How convenient that he starts this court case and suddenly now "can't" just push a signature through the chain after years and years of us suffering his shit.

1 hours later 28567678 Anonymous
>>28567292 >https://groups.csail.mit.edu/mac/c lasses/6.805/articles/money/nsamint /nsamint.htm read this paper and then decide whether it's some retard poser or it was a government project that they then abandoned

1 hours later 28567887 Anonymous
The truth about who is behind Blockstream and Segwit. As the saying goes follow the money. https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@adamba lm/the-truth-about-who-is-behind-bl ockstream-and-segwit-as-the-saying- goes-follow-the-money People forgot about this. Everyone changed their tune about Big Blocks in 2017.

1 hours later 28567916 Anonymous
>>28567564 sorry bro ive been smoking crack recently so my brain is fucked and you can disregard my opinion but it is what it is

1 hours later 28567952 Anonymous
>>28567151 The whole point of btc is to own your money. If he gave the keys to whoever, he is entitled to nothing.

1 hours later 28568034 Anonymous
funny how everyones perception about bitcoin changes whenever you spits knowledge. for instance, everyone thought bitcoin was some darknet market/anon money when in fact its the total opposite

1 hours later 28568128 Anonymous
>>28567046 It was actually a random cs engineer in Belgium. He's not selling until he has like a trillion dollars and he'll become a giant philanthropist.

1 hours later 28568162 Anonymous
Satoshi Nakamoto here. How going? If you have any questions ask away.

1 hours later 28568193 Anonymous
>>28567952 If the keys are in a trust and the trustee dies and doesn't name a successor then the courts decide. Happens everyday on planet earth. It's happening in the Kleinman case. If Craig Wright singed with those keys then he would be legally screwed.

1 hours later 28568225 Anonymous
>>28566972 no need to trust on bitcoin >btc: don't trust, verify! >bch: trust, but verify! (weird ideas about preconsensus for 0-conf) >bsv: trust, don't verify! (let the miners handle the blockchain you can ask them about your tx) you got you shit confused some bad

1 hours later 28568257 Anonymous
>>28565749 He literally is. For anons that don't know who he is - learn a bit about him. I truly believe he's Satoshi, there is so much evidence from early on - something funny as well is he read English law for a degree and I've seen him on twitter talking about English idioms. Satoshi used English sayings.

1 hours later 28568262 Anonymous
Keys please.

1 hours later 28568288 Anonymous
>>28568193 you argument is invalid -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.7 (MingW32) mQGiBEkJ+qcRBADKDTcZlYDRtP1Q7/ShuzB JzUh9hoVVowogf2W07U6G9BqKW24r piOxYmErjMFfvNtozNk+33cd/sq3gi05O1I MmZzg2rbF4ne5t3iplXnNuzNh+j+6 VxxA16GPhBRprvnng8r9GYALLUpo9Xk17KE 429YYKFgVvtTPtEGUlpO1EwCg7FmW dBbRp4mn5GfxQNT1hzp9WgkD/3pZ0cB5m4e nzfylOHXmRfJKBMF02ZDnsY1GqeHv /LjkhCusTp2qz4thLycYOFKGmAddpVnMsE/ TYZLgpsxjrJsrEPNSdoXk3IgEStow mXjTfr9xNOrB20Qk0ZOO1mipOWMgse4PmIu 02X24OapWtyhdHsX3oBLcwDdke8aE gAh8A/sHlK7fL1Bi8rFzx6hb+2yIlD/fazM BVZUe0r2uo7ldqEz5+GeEiBFignd5 HHhqjJw8rUJkfeZBoTKYlDKo7XDrTRxfyzN uZZPxBLTj+keY8WgYhQ5MWsSC2MX7 FZHaJddYa0pzUmFZmQh0ydulVUQnLKzRSun sjGOnmxiWBZwb6bQjU2F0b3NoaSBO YWthbW90byA8c2F0b3NoaW5AZ214LmNvbT6 IYAQTEQIAIAUCSQn6pwIbAwYLCQgH AwIEFQIIAwQWAgMBAh4BAheAAAoJEBjAnoZ eyUihXGMAnjiWJ0fvmSgSM3o6Tu3q RME9GN7QAKCGrFw9SUD0e9/YDcqhX1aPMrY ue7kCDQRJCfqnEAgA9OTCjLa6Sj7t dZcQxNufsDSCSB+yznIGzFGXXpJk7GgKmX3 H9Zl4E6zJTQGXL2GAV4klkSfNtvgs SGJKqCnebuZVwutyq1vXRNVFPQFvLVVo2jJ CBHWjb03fmXmavIUtRCHoc8xgVJMQ LrwvS943GgsqSbdoKZWdTnfnEq+UaGo+Qfv 66NpT3Yl0CXUiNBITZOJcJdjHDTBO XRqomX2WSguv+btYdhQGGQiaEx73XMftXNC xbOpqwsODQns7xTcl2ENru9BNIQME I7L9FYBQUiKHm1k6RrBy1as8XElS2jEos7G AmlfF1wShFUX+NF1VOPdbN3ZdFoWq sUjKk+QbrwADBQgA9DiD4+uuRhwk2B1Tmtr XnwwhcdkE7ZbLHjxBfCsLPAZiPh8c ICfV3S418i4H1YCz2ItcnC8KAPoS6mipyS2 8AU1B7zJYPODBn8E7aPSPzHJfudMK MqiCHljVJrE23xsKTC0sIhhSKcr2G+6ARoG 5lwuoqJqEyDrblVQQFpVxBNPHSTqu O5PoLXQc7PKgC5SyQuZbEALEkItl2SL2yBR RGOlVJLnvZ6eaovkAlgsbGdlieOr0 UwWuJCwzZuBDruMYAfyQBvYfXZun3Zm84rW 7Jclp18mXITwGCVHg/P5n7QMbBfZQ A25ymkuj636Nqh+c4zRnSINfyrDcID7AcqE b6IhJBBgRAgAJBQJJCfqnAhsMAAoJ EBjAnoZeyUihPrcAniVWl5M44RuGctJe+IM NX4eVkC08AJ9v7cXsp5uDdQNo8q3R 8RHwN4Gk8w== =3FTe -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----

1 hours later 28568395 Anonymous
>>28568225 total hogwash all of it. BTC=Segwit. Segwit=You have to trust. Once the Tx is verified, the signature is removed from that Tx and is no longer attached to it, so that information is no longer there, but it should be there (its one of the main rules of Bitcoin system, which BTC is no more)

1 hours later 28568432 Anonymous
Craig White is an attention whore, he clearly would have used his own name from the beginning, the person who wrote the whitepaper of bitcoin wanted to keep in the shadows, Craig even made the mistake on video saying he read the bitcoin paper , then said well i wrote it. clearly it wasn't him .............but i do believe he was part of the group that brought it all together .....he's still an attention whore

1 hours later 28568522 Anonymous
>>28561792 No way some socially awkward Australian weaboo computer nerd with diagnosed aspergers could be Satoshi. Satoshi has to be someone cool like my favorite youtube eceleb I watch.

1 hours later 28568570 Anonymous
>>28568395 there is no need to trust anyone in bitcoin. if you run an antiquated pre-segwit client then you can't enforce segwit ruleset. but less than 1% of the nodes fall into the category and nobody is stopping them from updating. basically you only don't fully validate bitcoin transactions if you choose not to.

1 hours later 28568597 Anonymous
>>28568288 No one is arguing that he can't sign publicly if he wants. If he does it is illegal. Think about this.. He signs. BTC drops tremendously. Now the Klienman's can sue him to death because his signing made what they believe they are entitled to drop to nothing. The trust owns the keys. Possession of a copy does not make you the owner. Craig is arguing that the keys are in trust FOR HIM and that Kleinman was only the trustee and not a part owner of the keys.

1 hours later 28568640 Anonymous
>>28562985 if all that can be seen is deceit and illusions, than a blind men will have the clearest vision of them all.

1 hours later 28568643 Anonymous
>>28562798 this, it's over bros

1 hours later 28568668 Anonymous
>>28568395 >Once the Tx is verified, the signature is removed from that Tx and is no longer attached to it who fed you this bullshit btw? segwit sigscripts are in the extension blocks also part of the bitcoin blockchain and fully synced and stored by all nodes by default.

1 hours later 28568680 Anonymous
>>28568570 The signature is removed.. sorry

1 hours later 28568772 Anonymous
>>28568668 FYI, signature "being there" means jack shit, take a receipt you get from the store, imagine it has your digital signature on it, then as the guy on the store exit checks it, rips the signature off, and throws them into a bin, with rest of the signatures ripped off into the same bin... so just because the signatures are still "there" in the bin, they are no longer tied to the receipt, and its exactly the same with SegWit... and if you read the Bitcoin white paper second section... and not listen to clowns/frauds, you would read that the "COIN" is defined as CHAIN OF DIGITAL SIGNATURES, meaning every UTXO (which is what "coin" is, must have this digital signature tied to it, in another words, be part of the Tx...

1 hours later 28568784 Anonymous
>>28568597 >He signs. BTC drops tremendously. oh no the man threatening to destroy bitcoin every week is afraid of destroying bitcoin forget the bullshit trust! if craig doesn't want to sign with a bitcoin address he can still sign with satoshis pgp key. this is why we know he is a fucking fraud.

1 hours later 28568816 Anonymous (DB5471FE-FFBB-495E-9F56-40995328085E.jpg 1200x676 104kB)
>>28568668 Watch the kucoin wash bots faggots we are pushing this bitch up. Once we get it to $400 the short covering should do the rest

1 hours later 28568864 Anonymous
>>28568680 nope. i'm telling you you have no clue about bitcoin and this is showcasing it beautifully. no standard segwit tx is valid without the signature. nor does any cor client accept them without the signature verification.

1 hours later 28568878 Anonymous
>>28568784 >satoshis pgp key this key was never used, at least not publicly known

1 hours later 28568894 Anonymous
>>28561792 because he's a retarded boomer

1 hours later 28568915 Anonymous (jvgnt9t49fe61.png 640x982 381kB)
>>28561792 As Dr Craig S Wright proves himself to be Satoshi Nakamoto in court on Feb 16 2021. The insider group of BSV investors will simultaneously initiate a short squeeze on BSV. With BSV short interest at an all time high, it is projected to go up by 500% within just a few hours. You have been warned.

1 hours later 28568963 Anonymous
>>28568915 1000%*

1 hours later 28568965 Anonymous
>>28568864 you are just talking rubbish... the CONNECTION of digital signature to the Tx was lost, that information is lost, so just keep quiet and move on, you can try to word it any way you want, the narrative you are pushing is simply not correct.

1 hours later 28568984 Anonymous
>>28568597 >He signs. BTC drops tremendously. Why would this happen?

1 hours later 28568995 Anonymous
>>28568772 stop sperging out and accept defeat with some dignity man... this is pathetic. bitcoin was never a chain of digital signatures. bitcoins were utxos since day 0. otxos that were spendable by a sigscript executing to true. that is how bitcoin protocol always worked.

1 hours later 28569012 Anonymous
>>28568193 If the trustee dies without giving the keys, you're fucked. The court can say whatever they want, the bytes won't appear out of thin air. If you have the keys, the money is yours. If you don't, it's not.

1 hours later 28569050 Anonymous
>>28562720 Because no one really cares at this point. Everytime he goes to court he finds a way to stall & delay. Its pointless to keep up with. Nothing ever happens

1 hours later 28569063 Anonymous
>>28568965 >the CONNECTION of digital signature to the Tx was lost, that information is lost no it's not. you are talking some stupid shit.

1 hours later 28569074 Anonymous
>>28563350 I trust the faceless Anon whom I have never met.

1 hours later 28569087 Anonymous
>>28568984 >Why would this happen? Because that would mean he can now sell them all 1.1 million bitcoin in the trust PLUS all the bitcoin that he personally already owns.

1 hours later 28569157 Anonymous
>>28569012 >If the trustee dies without giving the keys, you're fucked. The court can say whatever they want, the bytes won't appear out of thin air. >If you have the keys, the money is yours. If you don't, it's not. That's not what this is about. he has the keys. He can't USE the keys without proving ownership. The ownership is tied up be the Trustee's family claiming that the trustee is also part owner.

1 hours later 28569168 Anonymous (baseddepartamento.jpg 1024x576 54kB)

1 hours later 28569236 Anonymous
reminder that BTC is an NSA psy-op to track criminals on behalf of the DOJ/FBI

1 hours later 28569241 Anonymous
>>28565382 That's not the point. Just because you stole someone's car doesn't mean you not only own their car, but assume their identity to boot.

1 hours later 28569370 Anonymous
>>28569063 uh huh https://coingeek.com/what-the-fork- happened-to-bitcoin/

1 hours later 28569384 Anonymous
>>28561792 I don't get it. Why doesn't Craig Steven Wright just go on Twitter and say I'm Satoshi to prove it I'm going to send all Satoshi's BTC to 19urDWfGeMptnEiubGykRaMuqv87kDspBM which would be pretty sick because I have the private key to that one

1 hours later 28569429 Anonymous
you know now that i think about it even if csq were sato, the LAST thing he would want is to tank btc because it would hurt his pockets and according to his mantra, everything is incentivized

1 hours later 28569530 Anonymous
>>28569087 If I remember correctly, there was an incident where the private keys of 145 addresses holding a tonne of BTC were used to sign a message. The price of BTC went up that day.

1 hours later 28569620 Anonymous
You people can do whatever you like, but I'd get a suicide stack of BSV. You never know how this will go. 1000 patents makes me think it's not gonna go the way most people think. Or side with Blockstream and their 3 patents.... “The Bitcoin Core developers” also named themselves the license holders for the bitcoin protocol" Better hope they are right...

1 hours later 28569743 Anonymous (Rickyvideo.jpg 340x254 21kB)
BREAKING: Photograph of Craig Steven Wright providing evidence that he is Satoshi Nakamoto to the court, 2021 (colourized)

1 hours later 28569751 Anonymous
>>28567916 I can't tell.. is this bullish on bsv?

1 hours later 28569763 Anonymous
>>28569620 what do you think about my thesis? >>28569429

1 hours later 28569787 Anonymous
>>28569530 Yes a court asked Wright to provide the addresses of every Bitcoin he owned. It was a shit ton of addresses. So what happened is Steve Shadders made a list for the court with an algorithm to simplify things. There were addresses in there that Wright didn't own. It was a mistake. Wright obviously owns a lot of Bitcoin. that can not be contested. He also has sold very very little of any of it ever.

1 hours later 28570018 Anonymous
>>28563561 what does the N stand for

1 hours later 28570077 Anonymous
>>28569763 Yes it sounds correct. Look Craig Wright has been portrayed as evil. Nothing could be further from the truth. He doesn't want to see people lose their life savings. At the same time he is hounded day and night and he gets pissed off and says shit. Maybe when he is drunk, I dunno. The fact remains that he is accessible to everyone and spend an inordinate amount of time teaching people about Bitcoin. He obviously knows his shit I always wonder why haters never bring this up https://youtu.be/LdvQTwjVmrE?t=1006 Craig Wright smacked down every developer on planet earth. He told everyone that Bitcoin is Turing Complete at a conference. Look at the reaction. He's nuts, he's a lunatic. This went on for months on Twitter and blogs and forums. Day in and day out. https://chescosteve.blogspot.com/20 16/05/craig-wright-satoshi-and-turi ng.html and yet it turns out he was 100% correct. https://twitter.com/sinoTrinity/sta tus/1355577117619044352 (embed) and people don't understand WHY that is important. People don't understand ALOT about Dr. Wright.

1 hours later 28570234 Anonymous
>>28561917 FPBP >>28562493 FPBP

1 hours later 28570269 Anonymous
>>28569370 >coingeek into the garbage can it goes... just read the bip and check out the github for what actually happens!

2 hours later 28570506 Anonymous
>>28570269 yeah you and everyone else will learn soon https://patents.google.com/patent/E P3257191B1/en

2 hours later 28570510 Anonymous
>>28570077 >He told everyone that Bitcoin is Turing Complete at a conference. it's not tho, all turing machines even the simplest known ones can do loops. bitcoin script can't do loops. also all turing machines by definition provably can emulate all others.

2 hours later 28570526 Anonymous
>>28569787 That's not the point. The point is that 7,250 BTC mined in 2009 "became liquid" when their holder signed the message and BTC didn't drop even a bit. Not only that, but you're saying that Craig does have the keys but just doesn't have the legal right to use them unless he wins the court case. Are you saying that if the judge rules in his favour, BTC will crash to zero? If so, why aren't people selling already when in theory he could rugpull at any time and flee, or just to get out early due to the massive risk associated with a single court decision?

2 hours later 28570568 Anonymous
>>28570077 yea i understand that but all this posturing from him like "im gonna take down btc" and "its goingto zero" he doesnt actually believe or want that.

2 hours later 28570589 Anonymous (1592591991009.jpg 1011x1174 350kB)
Pajeets shiling BSV again....I smell a pump cooming.

2 hours later 28570595 Anonymous
>>28570506 pffeh

2 hours later 28570642 Anonymous
>>28569157 > He can't USE the keys without proving ownership He can, he doesn't want to because due to his own idiocy he doesn't "legally own" the keys apparently, which sounds like an absolutely retarded thing to do for the creator of btc.

2 hours later 28570681 Anonymous
>>28569787 >>28570526 Also, because simply signing a message with the keys doesn't prove legal ownership, if the price of BTC is only what it currently is because people trust Craig not to illegally rugpull, why would that affect the price? Signing the message doesn't mean he can sell, since he doesn't own the coins yet, right?

2 hours later 28570732 Anonymous
>>28570526 >7250 BTC >Crash Lmao.

2 hours later 28570786 Anonymous
>>28570732 I'm not saying the market should have crashed, I'm saying that if less than 1000x that would crash the market to zero then it should have at least dipped.

2 hours later 28570924 Anonymous
>>28570568 yes that is correct. Alot of people he likes own BTC as well.

2 hours later 28570941 Anonymous
>>28563836 Gavin must suck at programming then, huh?

2 hours later 28570989 Anonymous
>>28570526 >why aren't people selling already when in theory he could rugpull at any time and flee, or just to get out early due to the massive risk associated with a single court decision? Because they don't know. They only know number go up

2 hours later 28570991 Anonymous
>>28565232 no you dimwit, you have posession of the keys, you have posession of the coins.....posession is 9/10th of the law, but not 10/10.

2 hours later 28571084 Anonymous
>>28570941 he was conned by a con artist end of story

2 hours later 28571087 Anonymous
>>28570924 ok so what does that mean for bsv?

2 hours later 28571226 Anonymous
>>28561792 Daily reminder that Wright, acording to Wright himself is >A wolrd-class level concert pianist >A Michelin-guide level chef >A secret agent for a clandestine gov org >A field agent for an spy agency >Single handedly responsible for the arrest of Paul LeRoux >Injured by two bullets while trying to rescue a woman in venezuela >Personal friend of Assange >Secret founder of Mt. Gox >Pro Gold >Absolute enemy of Assange >Anti gold >The one that broke into Mt. Gox And so on and so on.

2 hours later 28571335 Anonymous
>>28571087 It would mean that BSV would take control of the name Bitcoin. That along with 1000 Bitcoin blockchain patents and a Blockchain that can do ANYTHING that any other chain can do and more, would mean that anyone owning BSV would become instantly part of a very small club.

2 hours later 28571367 Anonymous
>>28571084 A con man.. Guess he conned all these patents too hurr de durr https://patents.google.com/?invento r=craig+steven+WRIGHT&oq=inventor:( craig+steven+WRIGHT)

2 hours later 28571413 Anonymous
>>28571226 Also he has a cluster of dissapering PhDs. >Triple PhD in 2013 >Double PhD in 2016 >Single PhD in 2019 AS of right, now nobody is calling him doctor.

2 hours later 28571439 Anonymous
>>28571335 yea but you say that like it would be a flip of a switch which it absolutely wont be and to add to that if there was some universal ruling that mandated a switch the entire crypto market would tank taking csw's net worth along with it which I KNOW he wont do

2 hours later 28571536 Anonymous
>>28570989 Funny how all these mental gymnastics add up to "everyone is wrong and stupid except me".

2 hours later 28571561 Anonymous
>>28571439 That's right. he has actually talked alot about that. He's not trying to destroy crypto. He is trying to take control of what he invented and was taken over by Blockstream. Read this. It lays out what he believes. https://coingeek.com/what-the-fork- happened-to-bitcoin/

2 hours later 28571563 Anonymous (159432038135222.jpg 1280x720 99kB)
>>28566429 the claim is that csw is so toxic that he has to be a victim of cancel culture...The real reason? They are scared...the claim of bsv is that no other crypto is necessary and binance would be as relevaant as mtgox was before they listed btc to trade and not only magic the gathering cards....all cryptos would implode and binance would stop earning trading fees....BNB would also go to <0.01.

2 hours later 28571579 Anonymous (bitcoin reasons for existing.png 1024x545 19kB)
>>28571084 But if the BTC developer is conned, wouldn't that make him a bad developer and by extension BTC is shit? 7 WHOLE TRANSACTIONS PER SECOND. DIGITAL GOLD (shit)

2 hours later 28571609 Anonymous
>>28571536 and that's why the general public talks about muh bitcoin stocks.

2 hours later 28571649 Anonymous
>>28571413 And amusingly he's also a billionaire. Is this a cautionary tale of how you can bullshit your way into fabulous wealth or what?

2 hours later 28571714 Anonymous
>>28563675 he doesn't have to move any coin. He just has to sign a message with the keys for an early wallet.

2 hours later 28571734 Anonymous
>>28571563 Wait until people understand this https://tdxp.app/market/BSV-BTC

2 hours later 28571766 Anonymous
>>28566429 bsv not being listed on those exchanges can be linked to ONE MAN. Roger ver. He is an investor in most of the big crypto companies and he is very anti-craig.

2 hours later 28571783 Anonymous
>>28571367 >patents They are exactly a dozen patents registered in different continents. Also the oldest one is from 2016, 7 years after the origin block. Also, his co author in all the patents is Stephane Savanah, who holds 736 blockchain patents. 709 more patents than CSW

2 hours later 28571833 Anonymous
>>28561792 I dont understand why the identity of the bitcoin dev is a secret. We know who made everything else. Seems kinda sus to me. Like a really long con.

2 hours later 28571850 Anonymous
>>28571649 Like in a, I don't know, con?

2 hours later 28571899 Anonymous
>>28571714 and the price of BTC drops and the Klienman's win the case because he made the price of bitcoin drop which shows he is not treating the court case with respect and could also be illegal. Shit isn't as simple as just sign.

2 hours later 28572016 Anonymous
>>28571766 redpill me on roger he's the BCH shill isn't he?

2 hours later 28572209 Anonymous
>>28572016 my theory is roger is and always has been a small blocker. i think he knew about craig way before anyone else. hes invested in most of the early crypto businesses and was a major investor in ripple. hes just a slimy fuck. dont like him.

2 hours later 28572244 Anonymous
>>28571783 N-Chain has over 1000 patents. https://patents.google.com/?assigne e=nchain&oq=nchain

2 hours later 28572250 Anonymous
>>28571899 >>28571714 >kleinmans Imagine unironically supporting jews. Now I know BTC is a scam.

2 hours later 28572369 Anonymous
I you believe that craig wright is satoshi then you should put everything you own into bsv. Whatever happens to you, you'll have earned it.

2 hours later 28572371 Anonymous
>>28571579 >wouldn't that make him a bad developer and by extension BTC is shit? well some say gavin was useless merge pusher. i say he did a lot for bitcoin. p2sh is the single most important improvement on the bitcoin protocol (delegated the concern of specifying the unlock script to the receiver) that opened up so many possibilities and later had segwit and taproot built on it. it's gavins big achievement.

2 hours later 28572376 Anonymous
>>28572250 Dude read this please. It is WAY worse than that. https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@adamba lm/the-truth-about-who-is-behind-bl ockstream-and-segwit-as-the-saying- goes-follow-the-money

2 hours later 28572484 Anonymous
>>28571367 patents are bought with money. they prove nothing and not even necessarily viable or enforceable.

2 hours later 28572570 Anonymous
>>28572244 >over 1000 patents. And? GE has millions of patents but that doesn't mean that Edison invented the lightbulb

2 hours later 28572587 Anonymous (1551922491244.gif 311x362 2091kB)
>>28572484 Cool so show us all the Blockstream patents. I mean they are owned by one of the richest companies on planet earth. They should have money to buy muh patents.. LMAO.. GRASPING At STRAWS

2 hours later 28572766 Anonymous
>>28572369 This. Satoshi was very clear on his posts and emails on keeping his identity a secret. Now Craig Wright wants us to believe that he was secretive at first and then started to yell at everyone who would listen that he was the inventor of BTC. Wright is pathetic at best, murderous at worst.

2 hours later 28572805 Anonymous
>>28572587 why bother with patents in open source development and distributed global consensus? come on... you can't be THAT stupid. it's a waste of money unless you plan to patent troll late comer tech companies. which is fine i really don't mind they deserve it, it's just pointless and meaningless.

2 hours later 28573030 Anonymous
>>28563350 Gavin Andresen has been scammed by both Craig Wright AND Blockstream. Sorry, this proves nothing.

2 hours later 28573062 Anonymous
>>28573030 Prove it

2 hours later 28573098 Anonymous
Remember when Satoshi wanted a ridiculous character to be the logo of BTC and he said if it wasn't reported in all media he would disappear forever, then did when no one took him seriously? I cant find these posts or the character any more, was that real? Funny that the guy could have been some true autist that got sour over it

2 hours later 28573153 Anonymous
>>28572766 Wright was outed by Wired and Gizmodo https://www.ecommercetimes.com/stor y/83450.html

2 hours later 28573392 Anonymous
>>28572369 This. Still beta of Craig to prove he's Satoshi. If he truly is then he's a dead man. I don't think Satoshi is one guy though. Remember that American Jap the MSM thought was Satoshi? Who was his neighbor? >>28572376 Developers are the weakest link.

2 hours later 28573439 Anonymous
>>28573062 what's there to prove? is Gavin still in charge?

2 hours later 28573525 Anonymous
>>28573439 Prove that he scammed not only Gavin Andersson but also Ian Grigg, Stefan Matthews and Calvin Ayre - none of which would be easy to fool, and none of which have retracted their claims.

2 hours later 28573828 Anonymous
>>28573525 so, first I have to believe it because Gavin Andresen (Satoshi's appointee) "saw it". Now that I stablished Gavin Andresen got taken for a ride more than once you move the goalpost. GO ALL IN ON BSV FAGGOT! DO IT!

2 hours later 28573957 Anonymous
>>28573828 How is it moving the goalpost? Gavin wasn't the only person he signed for. So let's go down your garden path. the lead developer of Bitcoin - Gavin is an idiot and got trolled according to you. Ok fine.. What about Ian Grigg, Stefan Matthews and Calvin Ayre ? Everyone is an idiot then ? Cause reasons ?

2 hours later 28574298 Anonymous
>>28573098 It looked like an elongated donkey kong with red nose and was orange, does anyone remember this?

3 hours later 28574378 Anonymous
>>28573957 See? This is the thing, you have to constantly appeal to trust in a 3rd party. I bet there's tamper proof cryptographic way to find out for sure :)

3 hours later 28574410 Anonymous
>>28567292 >100% do not believe that any Japanese person would come up with the name Satoshi nakamoto have you not seen a single anime?

3 hours later 28574428 Anonymous
>>28574378 Ira Kleiman’s legal team claims Craig Wright already has access to the encrypted file at the heart of the case. 1.1 MILLION Bitcoin

3 hours later 28574731 Anonymous
>>28574428 >Ira Kleiman’s legal team claims So now we need to trust the claims of the opposing lawyers? This is priceless.

3 hours later 28574848 Anonymous
>>28574731 Yes that is how legal procedure works. Kleinman missed the mediation deadline as well.

3 hours later 28575260 Anonymous
>>28573062 might as well you prove that he hasn't

3 hours later 28575340 Anonymous
Craig doesn't even understand the meaning behind the SN pseudonym. He invented nothing and is an embarrassment to all Australians.

3 hours later 28575460 Anonymous
Ah yes, CSW, the man who claimed to read his own whitepaper.

3 hours later 28575569 Anonymous
>>28575260 Well Gavin never retracted his claim even after the entire crypto world has attacked him for years about it. Every single day. So that's my proof. Let's hear your proof about how the lead developer of Bitcoin was hoodwinked on an unopened laptop with a freshly downloaded and crc checked version of Electrum with a message of his choosing in front of cameras. I'm willing to learn from you. Let's hear it.

3 hours later 28575594 Anonymous
>>28562432 “There are places in the private proving session where I could have been fooled, where soul could have switched out the computer software that was being used or, perhaps, the laptop that was delivered was not a brand-new laptop, and it had been tampered with in some way. I was also jet lagged. And, again, I was not upstairsspace of this is going to prove to the world that Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. I was upstairs space of, you know, this will prove to me beyond a reasonable doubt that Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. And my doubts arise because the proof that was conferred to me is very different from the pseudo proof that was later conferred to the world.” - Gavin Andresen

3 hours later 28575709 Anonymous
>>28575594 Is that a retraction or an appeasing of the relentless badgering and bullying he has gotten every single day for years ? Maybe I don't understand the word retraction. Wanna clear that up for me ?

3 hours later 28575816 Anonymous (1589230863421.png 1400x996 765kB)
>>28571734 I want referral commissions on tdxp....twetch already has it. imagine % of every shit smeone does.... tobin tax jut for me for all the dimwits that I could invite in.....

3 hours later 28576044 Anonymous
>>28575709 Cope more Craig, have fun with losing your court case.

3 hours later 28576237 Anonymous (wired.png 694x1146 119kB)
>>28573153 Wired is fucking cancer. I cancelled my subscription to them in 2013 when they burned all their mined bitcoin: https://www.wired.com/2013/05/butte rfly-live/ https://www.blockchain.com/btc/addr ess/1BYsmmrrfTQ1qm7KcrSLxnX7SaKQREP YFP These motherfuckers were lucky enough to receive a free BFL ASIC miner that thousands of people had paid for 2 years in advance, and the wired (((journalists))) spat in everyone's faces and burned the coins. They're dogshit.

3 hours later 28576515 Anonymous
>>28566453 >trust me anon, he's an amazing driver, he just needs help turning the steering wheel ask me how I know you've never been involved in any form of software design ever

3 hours later 28576766 Anonymous (Protocol.jpg 1097x699 168kB)
>>28576515 2001 calling

3 hours later 28577582 Anonymous
>>28564794 Show tits

3 hours later 28577588 Anonymous
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3 hours later 28577691 Anonymous (tits.jpg 1199x787 202kB)

3 hours later 28577709 Anonymous
>>28571226 LOL, get the FUD right. He hates Assange and DPR.

3 hours later 28577861 Anonymous (Julian Assange.jpg 750x520 57kB)
>>28577709 Yeap

3 hours later 28578097 Anonymous (satoshivision.jpg 289x321 112kB)
>>28561792 craig was a spy. he just stole satoshi's identity after hal finney croaked.

4 hours later 28578500 Anonymous
>>28565129 how the fuck will anyone run a node when the chain grows 2GB every 10 min?

4 hours later 28578614 Anonymous
>>28561792 Buy my fucking bags, creg

4 hours later 28579292 Anonymous (1589307940408.png 1400x1297 2082kB)
>>28578500 you invest a few millions into a data center. d'uh. Nodes are miners. Your little raspy "node" is nothing.

4 hours later 28579359 Anonymous
>>28572016 Roger is a libertarian ancap. He fully believes in only contractual law whereas Craig believes in traditional law. This differing of ideologies is what drove a rift between the two of them.

4 hours later 28579536 Anonymous
>>28579359 >Roger is a libertarian ancap. Based Rodger BTFO statist bootlickers.

4 hours later 28579573 Anonymous
>>28579292 if you think nodes are just for miners you never read the white paper. Not your node, not your rules.

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