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2021-02-12 10:40 28545585 Anonymous (6645.jpg 235x234 13kB)
Is it possible to make it with only 3000$ in crypto?

1 min later 28545751 Anonymous
yes, you need balls of steel and iron hands

2 min later 28545871 Anonymous
>>28545585 Yeh nigga just hold, why can't you fucks be patient for at least a decade? This shit don't happen overnight

3 min later 28545928 Anonymous
If you're ok with waiting for a few years and DCA during the next bear market. Or just go all in on TRAC before it goes to the top 10.

3 min later 28545960 Anonymous
>>28545585 No Even if bitcoin goes to 1 million and you buy now you won't make it

4 min later 28546050 Anonymous
>>28545585 yes, I started with 200 last year and now I have 32k and I fucked up a lot, anyone with 1/2 brain can make it

4 min later 28546051 Anonymous
>>28545871 Disagree. With 3k you want to keep it moving where you see potential to make it. Not dump it in BTC/ETH.

5 min later 28546090 Anonymous
>>28545585 10x 10x 10x congrats you made $3 mil

6 min later 28546188 Anonymous (poster-780.jpg 780x1170 192kB)
>>28545585 I'm starting over with only $1000 anon. We can do this.

6 min later 28546196 Anonymous
>>28545585 Yeah, it's also "possible" to make billions from gambling $5 at a casino

6 min later 28546199 Anonymous
>>28545585 1/3 into BNT now 1/3 into algorand now 1/3 to play around with pajeet moonshoots

10 min later 28546541 Anonymous
>>28545585 yes, but only in Uniswap

10 min later 28546574 Anonymous
I started with $300 in 2017 and I'm hovering around 100k right now. Could've been well into 7figs if I wasn't a spastic retard and actually paid attention to my bags for more than 1 month at a time. you can do it OP

15 min later 28547023 Anonymous (1612996428978.jpg 276x292 69kB)
>>28546188 >>28545585 WAGMI 9k From 2.4K all from ETH , looking to get into alts now.

17 min later 28547236 Anonymous
idk your definition of "making it" but i saw ppl get real rich with less than that so, yeah!?.

19 min later 28547409 Anonymous
>>28546574 >mfw i was here in 2017 >mfw every single decision i took was the worst possible one >bought 64k ADA >sold at 3c >bought a fucking feathercoin pump >sold at a loss >missed the BCH mega pump >missed the XRP mega pump >missed every single alt pump >heh, at least i sold the btc top >didnt get the memo that bull market was over >btc at 8k, fuck every made it but me im a retard.. what is this bitmex thing? maybe i should just short this shit to compensante >scam wick to 9.5k liquidates me >should've listened to biz and just buy LINK live and learn i guess.. im back in the game now but im already missing all these moonshots again, what the fuck do i buy?

20 min later 28547504 Anonymous
>>28545585 Yep. Started with $1k January 1st. Broke $25k today. A little behind schedule but can’t complain. Goal is $500k by end of the year.

21 min later 28547561 Anonymous
>>28547409 unironically rubic

21 min later 28547564 Anonymous
>>28545585 give it two market cycles. if someone told you you could have 1mill for 3k in 5 years, would you do it?

22 min later 28547708 Anonymous (1611276675355.jpg 1668x870 782kB)
>>28547409 Well I'm an ETH maxi but a honest answer to be frank with you is ETH at the moment its still has breakout left and 2k will be touched so if you want to earn an easy 10% in the next week or so its a safe bet. Other than ETH probably start with DCA ETH/Link and yolo into a alt like GRT after a retrace or Reef but I dont know much about these projects my poorfag fren. its ok man were all gonna make it and were early, at least you have a job and don't live at home . Bidenbux do help tho

23 min later 28547794 Anonymous
>>28545585 Yes, you can do it. Unfortunately you'll have to pick shitcoins for the rest of this bullrun now. Sell the top. Wait till the next bear cycle is done and start again. You could make it in 4 years.

24 min later 28547830 Anonymous
>>28547409 right now I'm in AVAX, ASKO, and ID. strudel also looks like it might be promising, but I need to do more research

25 min later 28547967 Anonymous
>>28545585 yes 3000 is great actually I wish I had that much when I started but I'm a neet

27 min later 28548151 Anonymous
>>28546541 on Uniswap you will make it you will make exactly 3 trades before you have to buy more crypto for gas fees

29 min later 28548310 Anonymous
>>28547561 Lmao

30 min later 28548395 Anonymous
>>28545585 yes. getting in on 3 10x's would put you at 3 Mil, which even after rtaxes is pretty based. The secret is research and patience

30 min later 28548424 Anonymous
>>28547561 is rubic the new LINK fren? i dont wanna get dumped on and miss the great alt bullrun >>28547708 im a poorfag, 10% is nice but not what im after >>28547830 >asko i was close to going all in at 5c but i just cant do it.. much less now. When i see that a coin was like 0.003 a month ago the fear of getting dumped on is just too much. I need to get on the real bottom of something but everything is up 10000000%

30 min later 28548437 Anonymous
>>28545585 ONLY ???

31 min later 28548480 Anonymous
Yes, if you put it in Grt and wait 5 years

31 min later 28548482 Anonymous
maybe if you put it into origin protocol

35 min later 28548884 Anonymous
>>28545585 i invested 4000€ 2 years ago into link. its 350k now you tell me

36 min later 28548993 Anonymous
>>28548395 whats the next 10x? i just need one 10x and im out, please dont say rubic or avax or any other coin that just pumped 10000%

38 min later 28549178 Anonymous
Easily, people will be writing books on the subject like how wallstreet was in the 80s

40 min later 28549347 Anonymous
>>28545585 Fuck yeah. I had 3K in the middle of January and now I'm at 11K.

41 min later 28549355 Anonymous
>>28548993 I think BANCOR is a potential 10x from here, but again, the key is to do your own research. Don't just use /biz/ as a dartboard, check out crypto news sites, pay attention to the actual market to know when crypto turns risky, find out whats trending on social media, look at the team behind a coin etc, etc,.

42 min later 28549469 Anonymous
>>28545585 Yeah, you can. I started with $1k a month ago and have $8k now.

42 min later 28549481 Anonymous
>>28547504 Post wallet larper.

42 min later 28549532 Anonymous
>>28545585 Buy link

43 min later 28549539 Anonymous
>>28546051 What the fuck is wrong with you? If you only have 3k, you're poor, so doing this is retarded. BTC/ETH go up like 30% a month conssitently unless a major crash happens, and in which case, will probably eventually fall back in line eventually anyway unless crypto dies off. You put that shit in BTC ETH 50-50 right fucking now and gain 30% interest steady and keep it going and then diversify

43 min later 28549599 Anonymous (1%_day_365days_3kstart.png 595x953 91kB)

43 min later 28549612 Anonymous
>>28545585 Apparently you can but you need to remember the most important part of this crypto venture. Safety!! Remember to invest in a hardware wallet or if you’re savvy enough, create a paper wallet!

44 min later 28549630 Anonymous
>>28546574 Do you have any advice? I'm about 100k in debt from my heroin addict mom but have 10k~ to play with safetly.

44 min later 28549689 Anonymous
>>28545585 yes. But it'll be very hard and you'll be doing a lot of reading and shitposting.

47 min later 28549902 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210212-232355_Blockfolio.jpg 1080x1420 363kB)
I also invested 3k$ last week. I'm up already but I didnt know what I was doing and I spread myself too thin and now because of gas fee I cant even take back most of my shit. Thank god I lucked out with asko

47 min later 28549919 Anonymous
>>28549355 >fundamentals then why do the most clown coins pump the hardest.. what is even dyor on this market when its all fucking erc20s with lots of promises, it is a fucking dartboard

47 min later 28549985 Anonymous
>>28547409 All in YAX if you wanna make it Remember this, because you won't buy anyway. But remember to look back in a few months once it hits $1000 and you as k yourself why you bought another useless scam

48 min later 28549991 Anonymous (1609445070631.jpg 514x639 114kB)
>>28545585 I started with 3k in August and now have 20k. Stay strong, OP. You'll make it as long as youre not a retarded racist.

48 min later 28550029 Anonymous
I know of too people who made more than 1 milion starting from 500 and 1500 in 2018. I myself 80xed. Yes it is absolutely possible, times haven't changed that much. Either all in the absolute best project (need knowledge) and eventually repeat, or diversify in best available crypto, or flip for 1.5-2x-3x repeatedly, learn to trade crypto perpetual swaps/futures... It's possible.

48 min later 28550046 Anonymous

49 min later 28550110 Anonymous
>>28549919 clown coins might pump 2x or 3x, and if you want to play the clown coin game go ahead. Times like this is the best time to do so, but you can't predict whats going to pump and what's not

50 min later 28550225 Anonymous
>>28545585 not as impressive as some but I turned 5k into 130k, I think we can probably do it

51 min later 28550263 Anonymous
>>28547504 Kys

52 min later 28550345 Anonymous
>>28549919 Bro, those anons who are making gains from GRT and other various shitcoins are typically the people who lose 80% of their bitcoin gambling on shitcoins. Only to return to half of what they originally had with their blue-moon moon-shots...

53 min later 28550494 Anonymous
>>28545585 4 figures is just three 10x pumps away from being millionaire. Don't let the elitists here discourage you, they are either larping or just got lucky before you.

55 min later 28550667 Anonymous
>>28549991 I'm a racist and I have made 200k from 10k, you kike loving cunt.

55 min later 28550681 Anonymous
>>28545585 >3,000 How does somebody achieve this amount of money? I've only just started looking for a job and all the minimum wage stuff I see around here would see me take months to save that much. Do people really go to work and just save? Where else does money come from?

57 min later 28550807 Anonymous
>>28548993 LINA linear finance is a solid 10x this year.

58 min later 28550885 Anonymous
>>28545585 Yes. I started with about that much. I'm mostly in GRT right now. Gonna keep that a long-term hold and save paycheque to paycheque for other prospects. I'm nowhere near making it right now, but the progress I've made is what matters. You're gonna make it of you do it right.

58 min later 28550935 Anonymous (1612825729722s.jpg 121x125 2kB)
Is district0x a good buy right now?

58 min later 28550938 Anonymous
>>28550494 how the fuck do you ape in 5 figures into shitcoins i cant even.. are you all making 6 figures wages so you can afford to gamble like this? damn i hate living in thirld world

1 hours later 28551022 Anonymous
>>28545585 Yes but not this late in the bull cycle

1 hours later 28551044 Anonymous (crawl031_B.jpg 648x501 204kB)
>>28550681 Working or investing I've already doubled my 250

1 hours later 28551161 Anonymous
>>28550938 Lurk Moar and DYOR, soon you’ll be able to do it too.

1 hours later 28551243 Anonymous
>>28551022 It has barely begun

1 hours later 28551288 Anonymous
>>28551243 This alt season might be ending in a few weeks.

1 hours later 28551289 Anonymous
>>28547409 ngmi

1 hours later 28551299 Anonymous
>>28545585 I've put $3.5k last year and now I have $40k.

1 hours later 28551318 Anonymous
3000 in ALGO yes

1 hours later 28551395 Anonymous
>>28549539 You’re retarded I started with 3000 and I turned it into 10k by swing trading doge coin and now holding grt who tf wants to wait years to make it

1 hours later 28551397 Anonymous
>>28546090 underated post. DYOR and be patient and you can do this within 6 months.

1 hours later 28551401 Anonymous
I started last week with 350 and im already at 700, you got this

1 hours later 28551405 Anonymous (1613080772830.gif 320x240 3025kB)
>>28548424 Rubic is not the same thing as link. Just because the logos are both cubes doesn't mean they are the same thing.

1 hours later 28551561 Anonymous
>>28546050 lol say how you did it.

1 hours later 28551592 Anonymous
motherfucker just put it all on one good coin and wait for a month. do your research for fuck's sake. why can't you faggots wait for the coins to rise?

1 hours later 28551610 Anonymous
>>28549599 what? where can you get this interest?

1 hours later 28551641 Anonymous
>>28551592 we're autistic and or mentally ill. this is 4chan sir.

1 hours later 28551685 Anonymous
>>28551401 what did you put it on?

1 hours later 28551709 Anonymous
>>28545585 I've made $75 with only $375 in two weeks. I'd say it's still possible.

1 hours later 28551731 Anonymous
>>28549630 shouldn't you just leave the country and run away from those debts? they can't chase you forever... this is NOT financial advice lol

1 hours later 28551755 Anonymous
>>28551592 oh and once you break out of 10k you can diversify.

1 hours later 28551792 Anonymous
>>28551044 Nice. Do you have any goals?

1 hours later 28551804 Anonymous
>>28551289 yeah no shit.. very helpful. Try living in a literal shithole with only 4k to your name, a shit 600 bucks per month wage and only one shot at making it before it all comes crashing down again. Lose these savings on the wrong shitcoin and im fucked for the next few years. Everyone is a genius when your govt gives you neetbucks you can throw at random shitcoins and you earn 3k at even the most basic job

1 hours later 28551805 Anonymous
>>28551592 lol every fucking altcoin looks the same for me

1 hours later 28551818 Anonymous
>>28550681 the first 3000 i ever saved was from living with my parents and not spending my income frivilously

1 hours later 28551900 Anonymous
>>28551805 and that's why you are poor

1 hours later 28551969 Anonymous
>>28551805 Rubic and asko Actually wait, don't buy those I need some funds to clear please stay away from those coins for 4 more days thanks

1 hours later 28552248 Anonymous
>>28548424 It's pretty easy to tell the difference between something like ASKO and pump and dump shitcoins. You have to do research on what the project actually is. ASKO is a lending project that wants to compete with AAVE, the current largest lending project. If it can succeed with what it has on paper it will probably moon super hard, in fact if you buy right now before the mainnet launches, you will probably make some money guaranteed (unless the mainnet fails completely, which is a risk you have to take). Compare this to HOGE, the newest shitcoin pump and dump. What is HOGE on paper? A token that gives holders a portion of all fees in transactions and burns some of transaction fees. This is a retarded perpetual motion machine. No-one will ever use HOGE, it's dead on arrival.

1 hours later 28552576 Anonymous
>>28547409 64k ADA.... At 3 cents. I'm crying

1 hours later 28552635 Anonymous
>>28552248 i understand this but my experience is the hype builds up towards mainnet launch, then when the expected event happens it dumps hard, and this one is launching tomorrow? meaning getting in now is extra risky. Yea it could be a success but i really cant risk these savings, im on bluechips now making steady gains but jelly as fuck at all the anons making 10-50x on small caps

1 hours later 28552696 Anonymous
>>28545585 Yes. Buy and hold. We’re worried about 10 years from now, not 10 minutes.

1 hours later 28552707 Anonymous
yup, getting in early is key that's about it lol

1 hours later 28552776 Anonymous
>>28545585 Its still VERY early in the crypto world.

1 hours later 28552844 Anonymous
>>28552576 yea i try not to think about what could've been.. you dont know how it was back then. On Bittrex, ADA crabbing at 300 sats, i bought because the website looked sick and whitepaper looked very advanced. The japs were out and every other coin was mooning i couldnt resist. Then when i looked again it was 20c and i said fuck it i missed it. Fucking pains me to no end

1 hours later 28553006 Anonymous
>>28552576 >>28552844 i think the jan 2018 alts pump took many by surprise nobody but oldfags were really expecting it. Never in my life had i seen such a thing and i was new to markets

1 hours later 28553121 Anonymous
>>28552635 I mean in ASKO's case, if you believe in the project this could be something that brings you huge value in the (upcoming) bear market. In order to reach the market cap of AAVE right now it would have to 650*. I also hold GRT, but I think that's being over speculated. GRT should never be worth over 10$ at maximum. I want GRT because I want to delegate it and earn a tidy monthly income. It needs to be as cheap as possible so that search fees can go through. If it went to 100$ it would be a completely unviable product. One of the fun things about crypto is that each good project behaves differently depending on what it sets out to do.

1 hours later 28553167 Anonymous
>>28549599 app? page?

1 hours later 28553267 Anonymous
>>28547504 Screen shot or fuck off

1 hours later 28553509 Anonymous
>>28553121 is MXC legit? i really dont wanna pay them gas fees.. the volume looks fucked up like its just bots wash trading

1 hours later 28553603 Anonymous
>>28552776 This. Most of the niggers here on biz run from one thing to the next like a bunch of ADHD ridden squirrels but in the grand scheme of history cryptocurrency is a technology that is still new. Blockchains will go on forever, quite a few may not make it but 20 years from now we'll be looking back and the daily pumps dumps fomos and panics will all be nothing.

1 hours later 28553639 Anonymous
>>28545585 I have $400 in crypto

1 hours later 28554018 Anonymous
>>28553509 I just ate the gas fees on uniswap lol. I'm up 100%.

1 hours later 28554272 Anonymous
>>28554018 its dumping pretty hard

1 hours later 28554287 Anonymous
>>28551709 made $90 on Ada in the last few days with £360ish in kek

1 hours later 28554377 Anonymous
>>28545585 This is what you have, so why not try?

1 hours later 28554410 Anonymous
>>28549539 That's only a strategy for midwit retards. Actual crypto guys make 200-300% a month at minimum. I started with 200 around Christmas and I'm almost to 5k. I'd be at 10k if it wasn't for fee rape.

1 hours later 28554525 Anonymous
>>28554410 Explain your process for lurking poorfags please

1 hours later 28554984 Anonymous
>>28554525 I don't know about other guys, but I separated my initial investment into 4 parts, 50$ a piece. I found 4 coins launching soon that looked decent, and 2 did 2x, 1 did 1x, and the 4th wiped out entirely. But since I diversified I was still up several hundred dollars. Rinse and repeat several times a week. I aim to 1x my investment amounts every week, building to 1x'ing 20k a week purely on shitcoins. It's rough and I spend several hours a day researching, but I wouldn't want anything else considering I'm almost to 2k a week.

1 hours later 28555018 Anonymous
>>28554410 >actual crypto guys >2x to 3x a month >at a minimum After two years that would be 2^24 = 16777216 times the initial investment After three years that would be 2^36 = 68719476736 times the initial investment AT A MINIMUM >I started around Christmas >but I am an actual crypto guy, believe me bro Post screenshot or fuck off.

1 hours later 28555165 Anonymous
>>28554525 buy low sell high day/swing trading and cfds are the only realistic* and consistent ways for retail investors to make real money in the stock market. *not buying 10k bitcoin on a whim in 2011, forgetting about it until 2016 and "making it" by pure luck. Luck is not replicable, you might aswell play scratch lotto.

1 hours later 28555232 Anonymous (killmenow.png 1474x1093 458kB)
>>28547409 are you me? i was up 60k at one point back in 2017, it wasn't enought bcz i missed probably 20 moonmission (10X) i always sold at 40% or at lost, so i went on bitmex and i lost it all on marging, i have never bought a single coin since then, i just dont care anymore

1 hours later 28555245 Anonymous
>>28555018 Lmao if you put your whole investment in you are going to wipe out, badly. Split what you're willing to invest into 4-8, and then invest in that many shitcoins a week. If you buy presales you'll get at least one 2x a week, usually more. It's really hard to fuck up unless you're retarded.

1 hours later 28555266 Anonymous
>>28555018 He's riding pump and dumps during the peak of altseason in the bull cycle. Everyone thinks they're a genius during a bull run, he just doesn't realize his luck stat is maxed atm.

1 hours later 28555324 Anonymous
i started with $400 about a month ago today its worth about $10,600 made some good plays in GRT & RBC sold todays RBC top now it's in ETH looking for the next low mcap gem to 10x but Ill buy some back my RBC stack again if it dips to where I think it will

1 hours later 28555360 Anonymous
>>28555018 In 2 years I expect to be making at least 20k a week, barring any massive fuckups. It's just a game of probability. If I get a few serious moons I'll get there quicker, but my timeline is based around taking a few serious losses.

1 hours later 28555523 Anonymous
>>28555266 I've been watching the shitcoin market for a year trying to refine my strategy, even in the worst of bear markets, shitcoins launch and do 2x from presales. That's ehat I like about the strat, as long as there are pajeet scam coins being launched, I can make money. Just don't hold for more then 30 minutes after uniswap listing.

1 hours later 28555537 Anonymous
I put 1k in zilliqa a couple months ago and from staking and hodling it’s worth $3600 with tons of potential to go up more. I researched the shit out of it and believe in the fundamentals. I think it will at least 10x by eoy Comfy af.

2 hours later 28555791 Anonymous
>>28555360 The market is going to humble you.

2 hours later 28555798 Anonymous
>>28550667 Post dick tho

2 hours later 28555907 Anonymous
I put in 2k 2 weeks ago and now I'm at around 4k just by hodling alt coins. I never swung once.

2 hours later 28556090 Anonymous (03EE4BBE-39EC-433F-87A7-FDE5248A2D07.jpg 1024x714 211kB)
>>28545585 I started with 1 usd my village put together selling Balut and taho. I did the needful. Now my village can eat jolliebee every day. Thank you, anglos! And if you need young brown pussy, I give you. Just please cum inside so we get half breed actess. Is our village dream, sir please sir.

2 hours later 28556158 Anonymous
>>28555791 The regular market did already. I got shit on before I used this strat because I was trying to time the market/swing trade, and went from a 2k investment down to 200. Lost money on GRT embarrassingly. What I'm doing has nothing to do with the market besides wiping out my reserve portfolio when etc shits the bed. But I'm not really worried because I'll just buy more eth and keep going. If you're intelligent enough AND put in the time, it's more or less impossible to really lose.

2 hours later 28556345 Anonymous
>>28551561 Its not even remotely hard in this market. All you have to be is not a huge fucking retard. i went from ~150 to 2000 in not even a month in this abomination

2 hours later 28556504 Anonymous
>>28556158 >lost money on GRT how sway

2 hours later 28556580 Anonymous (1511632313873 (1).jpg 248x189 18kB)
>>28556090 >I did the needful

2 hours later 28556590 Anonymous
>>28545585 Yes op. Did you know most American adults will never even have 3k in their bank? Did you know by even visiting /biz/ you are putting in more financial work then the rest of the world? Youre going to make it OP

2 hours later 28556697 Anonymous
>>28556504 Bought at .42 as my first entry into crypto. It dumped to .36 or so and I washed my hands of it because I was too green to just hold(and I fell for some fud). Also my first experience with gas fees, which was an unwelcome surprise.

2 hours later 28556774 Anonymous
>>28545585 Yes, go all in into Monero and wait 6 years.

2 hours later 28556875 Anonymous
>>28556697 and that's why you HODL

2 hours later 28556876 Anonymous
>>28545585 Yeah, let's just go off of a quick what-if scenario just using a few of the more popular coins in the past few weeks. >Dump 3k into GME back when it was $80 >Sell for $400 >You now have $14,800 >Dump it all into RBC when it was 0.20 >Sell at 0.80 >You now have $59,000 >Dump into DOGE at 0.04 >Sell at 0.07 >You now have 103,250 Of course your chances of getting lucky that many times back to back are slim, but it's absolutely possible.

2 hours later 28557076 Anonymous
>>28556875 Of course, but it's too slow to be your primary source of income. If crypto is your job at least.

2 hours later 28557107 Anonymous
>>28551592 >do your research for fuck's sake Even the "legitimate" ones that aren't scams don't seem any different than the others? Like wtf is this DYOR even about? Most of it is just nonsense and crypto buzzwords.

2 hours later 28557204 Anonymous (1517604441439.jpg 249x302 15kB)
>>28556590 >most American adults will never even have 3k in their bank? It's worse than that. A majority of the human race will never have so much as 1k in their bank. 57% of americans say they don't even have 1k in their bank. Just not being in debt or having a crippling addiction automatically means you are in the top 20% of the human race when it comes to money.

2 hours later 28557267 Anonymous
>>28545585 Should get you 10k link if you buy the dip

2 hours later 28557319 Anonymous
>>28545585 I put 5000 CAD into crypto all in on GRT like one month ago and current value is 30k USD lol

2 hours later 28557419 Anonymous (1527718839584.jpg 400x400 38kB)
>>28545585 >Put $300 into RBC for the lolz >Get 2k I should be upset that I didn't put more in, but I'm just happy I got free money from nothing.

2 hours later 28557481 Anonymous
>>28557204 The crazy thing is I don’t even want money. I want land and the freedom to do whatever I want with that land. Poor farmers in Africa already have that but they just want money. If somehow we could trade

2 hours later 28557526 Anonymous
>>28557319 congrats fuck you >only 500 grt stack fag

2 hours later 28557554 Anonymous
>>28550681 ive been doing instacart and reselling stuff online to make money to throw in crypto. im poorfag still tho

2 hours later 28557557 Anonymous
>>28557481 I share the sentiment, but I wouldn't buy land in Africa.

2 hours later 28557685 Anonymous
>>28547409 https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S2787 2985#p27875815

2 hours later 28557897 Anonymous
>>28555018 this is a bullrun its going to end he's right that that is what you should be doing right now but youre not going to be able to 3x a month for 3 years straight. you are going to get burned sometimes and the bullrun isnt going to last for 3 years like this

2 hours later 28557980 Anonymous
>>28545585 only if you're smart, which you aren't otherwise you wouldn't have 3k. so ironically this means it's impossible

2 hours later 28558077 Anonymous
>>28557481 Then just buy some cheap land in the midwest and hire some beaners to build one of those dumb shelter kits over it. >https://www.shelter-kit.com/our-mo st-popular-house-and-garage-kits.ht ml Here's a list of a bunch of them, go fucking nuts. Between the land, a cheap shelter, and the cost of hiring some beaners to staple it together it should run you about $65,000.

2 hours later 28558169 Anonymous
>>28545585 Yes. Started with $500 at the peak of the last bubble, currently at $33k. You just need to know how to take risks but also know how to avoid getting rekt

2 hours later 28558264 Anonymous
>>28545585 Dont listen to any of these faggots. Unless you are an insider/know dick about crypto/defi, you are straight gambling. Best money is to do a minimum of research and find a project that is under or around 500M USD market cap and also legit i.e. adding something to the defi ecosystem that wasnt there previously. Dump all your $$ into that coin, sit back and check your wallet in 3 months. It will be larger (unless we hit the big bear market b4 then then kekeroni)

2 hours later 28558411 Anonymous
>>28545585 started with 1300 CAD exactly one month ago. I'm at 5500 now. I truly believe I'll make it and be able to retire in some years if I get a fraction of the return I had this month

2 hours later 28558428 Anonymous (39E1DD81-F408-43C6-B727-70FF9AC05AD4.png 828x1792 466kB)
>>28557526 Thanks :)

2 hours later 28558479 Anonymous
>>28545585 Should have put that in $CLF https://stocktwits.com/symbol/CLF

2 hours later 28558520 Anonymous
>>28545585 yes put it all in tezos and wait 4 years.

2 hours later 28558528 Anonymous
>>28557107 Nah bro. There’s actual utility provided to the blockchain. Link and grt solve problems. Nucypher and zilliqa solve problems. Then you have some that take advantage of the blockchain but are solid, like filcoin and BAT. You need to actually read the white papers and not buy McFucking Donald’s coin KEK. Buy solid projects then hold. Period.

2 hours later 28558621 Anonymous
>>28558264 This. 2018 January was tragic for me. Still a ripple chad from back then. Still 2x my money. Get in on something quality at the time though. Make sure it is something useful and if it’s cheap af throw some money at it and forget about it.

2 hours later 28558667 Anonymous (1613150659657.gif 420x314 1600kB)
>>28545585 I started even lower at $200. I have now $700 after roughly a week of doing crypto trading. If I keep up this pace I will unironically make it

2 hours later 28558719 Anonymous
>>28556590 ah yum unironically that is the confirmation bias im looking for

2 hours later 28558723 Anonymous
>>28557076 so how exactly do you manage to do this? i check these new listings from time to time and find that they usually have a straight nose dive into the ground, have 5 or 6 miniscule buys and then sit and do nothing. how can you hold for 30 mins and make money. seems if you put an eth in, you wouldbbe by far the largest buyer on half of them and would likely have to wait too long to make any decent money. most likely all the faggot 0.1 eth buyers would sell immediately.

2 hours later 28558781 Anonymous
>>28556345 yep, 2x in 2 weeks with the most retardedly diversified portfolio for the first couple days. literally just throw a dart at 3 of them @$1k each and never sell for a loss

2 hours later 28558997 Anonymous
>>28548993 rubic

2 hours later 28559078 Anonymous
>>28547409 >here in 2017 >had only about 2000 in but up to 30k at peak before the dump >just held after the dump >2019 >bit of a financial pickle >cash out everything around $3000 so not a loss but still disappointing >still keep blockfolio profile >come 2021 >profile now at ~50k My life is an actual joke

2 hours later 28559161 Anonymous
>>28558667 You're gonna lose it all

2 hours later 28559254 Anonymous (4362722.jpg 600x450 44kB)
>>28559161 >implying

2 hours later 28559304 Anonymous
>>28545585 traded my way from $884,26 to $11,280.06 in 2 weeks some shitcoins gains and some solid coins gains

2 hours later 28559333 Anonymous
Yes just go all in on LTO and hold for 3 years. easy

2 hours later 28559711 Anonymous
>>28551395 You're retarded, I bought 1M RSR that's now 70k. The difference between actively trading and investing, I only need to be right once and wait.

2 hours later 28559785 Anonymous
>>28549991 lol fuck this coalburning pizzafaced bitch. Cunt should be raped

2 hours later 28559878 Anonymous
>>28557319 at what price did you put that in?

2 hours later 28560159 Anonymous
>>28550681 Hahaha what the fuck, are you serious? I have this left over after a single paycheck. Maybe try getting some skills and pursuing an actual career job. Minimum wage shit is for students and women.

2 hours later 28560223 Anonymous
>>28545585 Yes buy garlicoin

2 hours later 28560285 Anonymous
Buy HOGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or maybe McDonalds coin or whatever the pajeets shill here.

3 hours later 28560466 Anonymous
>>28555798 gay

3 hours later 28560589 Anonymous
>>28558723 8 hours of research on telegram most days. It's about feeling mostly once you find them. At some point you're able to see markers. At least 500 people in the tg, and presale. Presales usually at minimum are a 2x profit at launch. If it's low energy in the tg sell at launch while the bots are buying. If it seems a little better run and marketed, hold for a few minutes. Never hold for long, becau4the inevitably dump. Those dumps at launch? Those are me and my presale buddies taking a 2x profit. I did the Bridge Mutual presale and did a 13x.

3 hours later 28560680 Anonymous
>>28560589 ahh fuck, makes sense. thanks

3 hours later 28560847 Anonymous
>>28560680 Best of luck brother. It's not easy, but it's absolutely worth it. Just the beginning is hell, because you need to do a lot better to take a profit after fees. When I was investing 50$ I'd often need a 3x minimum to make profit after fees. Now that I'm investing 1k each time I can take 30% profit and still make some money. It scales excellently.

3 hours later 28560936 Anonymous
>>28545585 Put in $7k. That's how much I made it with.

3 hours later 28561022 Anonymous
>>28560680 Umbrella Network and Evolution Finance also made me some money. It's just about putting in the work and finding the presales.

3 hours later 28561023 Anonymous
>>28560589 actually, sorry for the retard question, how do you find a presale? im on tg uniswap listings, isnt that post sale though?

3 hours later 28561069 Anonymous
>>28549539 If you're investing, it's 3k you can afford to lose. It's also such fucking chump change by any metric that gambling it on a 10x isn't going to bother anyone, ESPECIALLY if you use a stop loss and only risk like 5-10% of it, instead of riding the dump to 0 like a true brainlet.

3 hours later 28561184 Anonymous
>>28561023 I'm in 30 tgs specifically for advertising a launch. Moon hunters, uniswap presale, etc. Join them, then join the ones that are advertised there. Just make sure you don't join too many. I'm frequently at a point where there isn't enough time in a day to go through 50-60k messages looking for gems, so I have to pick some to mute or leave.

3 hours later 28561300 Anonymous
>>28560680 i can afford to do that actually, ive got about 7k gains from 450. could have had 25 on asko tho, if i didnt shit out during the dip. doing the research is no problem, thats all im doing all fay every day anyway, i just dont know where to start. i actually could very easily put 100 hours a week into this, literally cant be fucked with my job anymore, this has taken over.

3 hours later 28561351 Anonymous
yes, if you invest in shitcoins

3 hours later 28561369 Anonymous
>>28561184 gonna add those immediately, thanks, you are the gem here anon

3 hours later 28561470 Anonymous
I literally put 3k in GRT 2 weeks ago and my portfolio multiplied. It’s very possible.

3 hours later 28561473 Anonymous
>>28554984 >I aim to 1x my investment every week I present the human crab, gentlemen.

3 hours later 28561614 Anonymous
Yes a low cap gem like rubic or ashko could speed up the process significantly. You need to be patient & have iron hands

3 hours later 28561618 Anonymous
>>28561473 all in on DAI!

3 hours later 28561721 Anonymous
>>28545585 Long eth with 10x now, Sell at 1997

3 hours later 28561722 Anonymous
>>28545585 probably better to yolo options with that little

3 hours later 28561904 Anonymous (1612153323215.jpg 750x750 461kB)
>>28547409 30% btc 30% eth 30% XRP, chainlink and maybe a little other alts that SEEM THEY HAVE POTENTIAL (no retard shit like MCDC that's going to go down in flames) long hold 5 years profit

3 hours later 28561909 Anonymous
>>28548993 Student coin

3 hours later 28562346 Anonymous
I have 50k to dump into crypto. all in on COR, HOGE, MCDC and HOLDefi

3 hours later 28562634 Anonymous
>>28562346 Kek you get what you fucking deserve.

3 hours later 28562831 Anonymous
>>28558667 Which indicators/strategy are you using?

3 hours later 28562843 Anonymous
>>28561904 If you have less than 10k and are investing in top 10 marketcap coins, you have literal brain damage and ngmi

3 hours later 28562992 Anonymous
>>28545585 Yes you just need patience and hands of steel. In fact, put it in 2-4 promising projects, put the coins in a cold storage wallet, put it in a lockbox for 2-3 years, check back then. You are probably a paperhanded bitch.

3 hours later 28563207 Anonymous (indiangf.webm 544x960 2084kB)
>>28556090 based pajeet

3 hours later 28563518 Anonymous
>>28545585 Do you want sincere tip?

3 hours later 28563570 Anonymous
>>28545585 keep in mind OP that the people you see making it this bull run are those that were already invested before 2021. be patient, it might be years before it's like this again but stay in the game and you can make it.

3 hours later 28563590 Anonymous
>>28563518 Yes please share the tips to make big money.

3 hours later 28563710 Anonymous
>>28559785 I don't understand people like you who expect normalfag girls who have been relentlessly assaulted with emotional propaganda since birth (racism is evil, black people are all victims, white people are evil because of the cookie burnings etc) to against all possible odds be le ebin redpilled natsoc gf. Women are more susceptible to this sort of emotional groupthink propaganda, and you can't expect them to be lurking /pol/ looking at FBI crime stats. They have child brains, they aren't meant to lead, you can't be mad at them when they behave like dumb children. I don't get mad at the women, I feel sorry for them and then I am angry at the weak men who allowed this to happen, or the evil scum that forced this shit on our societies.

3 hours later 28563753 Anonymous
I chucked $1000 into gamestop @ $87 and ended up with $3800 after closing my position. I put all of it into cardano @ $0.55 but then pussied out and thought I'd wait for a dip, fomo'd back in @ $0.68 I've put some profit into XLM & XRP - I honestly have no idea what I'm doing but number go up.. I'm currently at $5675 the sad thing is this is the most money I've had before, I chucked my last money into a yolo stock as I was depressed and hopeless anyway.. I'm only making a bit but it's giving me purpose.

3 hours later 28563764 Anonymous
>>28545585 You can do it man. I put all my spare capital into ASKO which was about $3k and it is now about $30k Just need to get lucky and lurk like a mf

3 hours later 28563787 Anonymous
yes. There's opportunity. If you bought LINK when the price of LINK was below $1, having iron hands to hold LINK until you found something like GRT, and sold LINK to buy GRT when GRT was at $0.4, your $3000 will become at least $300,000. Anyone who can do this twice will make it, even he's a poorfag.

3 hours later 28563874 Anonymous
>>28545585 Buy $ROT make quick x2 move to bigger projects like ada, link, grt

3 hours later 28564327 Anonymous (1612385317501.png 166x166 14kB)
>>28562831 What I've been doing is browsing /biz/ and checking the graphs of each shilled coin here to see if there's some bullish patterns to be recognized Once I find some patterns I research the fundamentals behind it as well. If the fundies are good and the chart is looking bullish, I buy. I'm currently holding BTC, BNB, ALGO and XLM. BNB gonna skyrocket according to my analysis. I've held ALGO since I started, which have payed off greatly. I wanted to hold ADA and GRT as well in the beginning but I didn't invest into them because I thought it would just be foolish with so little capital. I also think LINK will moon soon, so if you're holding a stack of linkies then you should be happy. Of course, this is merely an analysis of a noob crypto trader so you can't be too sure.

3 hours later 28564351 Anonymous
>>28563207 meanwhile our own western women are being indoctrinated by j** media to be attracted to non-white barn animals who rape and abuse them, and the media doesn't even report on it and makes the criminal class seem like victims why is every ad I see full of shitskins when I live in a white European country? why is almost every relationship depicted in ads featuring race-mixing, usually white with some sort of 3rd world inferior? why do j**s have a monopoly on online speech and openly censor anything that goes against their SJW (ie anti-whit[spoiler][/spoiler]e) narrative (via Google, Youtube, Facebook etc partnering with the ADL - a group founded by a jewish-only freemason lodge openly being for jewish interests)? /pol/ is fucking right, there is an agenda to eliminate the "aryan" races, it is so obvious at this point.

3 hours later 28564442 Anonymous
>>28545585 yes anon TRDL is looking like it's going to be an easy 4-5x or potentially even more in the longer term put 1k on that & use the other 2k for 2 other buys or yolo it all

3 hours later 28564569 Anonymous
>>28545585 Started with 3k three years ago and closing in on 200k now.

3 hours later 28564668 Anonymous
All of you people 'starting off' with $100 or whatever is what fueld the great pump of 2017. When it goes south, you'll all sell off, I guarantee it, it happened in 2018 and it'll happen again.

4 hours later 28564760 Anonymous
Find a low mcap coin shilled here, read about it see if it’s a scam or not (usually obvious), go all in take profit on moonshot. Simple.

4 hours later 28564846 Anonymous
>>28545585 Yes it is. I was there once too, Kimosabe.

4 hours later 28565004 Anonymous
>>28547409 >>should've listened to biz and just buy LINK answered your own question

4 hours later 28565087 Anonymous
>>28545585 If you jumped in hoge before the pump you would have had 30k

4 hours later 28565434 Anonymous
With 1k you only need: 10 2x's or 3 10x's

4 hours later 28565581 Anonymous
>>28561473 Crab people crab people

4 hours later 28565673 Anonymous
>>28564351 Relax fren. We know you're right.

4 hours later 28565720 Anonymous
>>28546199 Checked. Digits confirm at least 1/3 needs to go into bnt

4 hours later 28565873 Anonymous
>>28549355 Holy fuck digits confirm twice bnt is where you put your money OP

4 hours later 28566079 Anonymous
>>28565873 >>28565720 Magical thinking is going to kill you one day.

4 hours later 28566256 Anonymous
>>28564327 what exchanges are you using, and are you mainly doing swaps, buying and selling, or both?

4 hours later 28566492 Anonymous
>>28565434 >10 2x's made my first starting with 1k in 2 days, will I make it?

4 hours later 28566813 Anonymous
>>28563710 truth you get women to think like you by being an influential figure in their life.

4 hours later 28566944 Anonymous
>>28545585 better question can I make it with 100?

4 hours later 28567008 Anonymous (photo_2020-11-14_16-10-33.jpg 1280x726 191kB)
>>28545585 Yeah, stick it into ORBIv2. Dev just released a contract that lets anyone bet on dumps or rugpulls, basically rugpull insurance. Gonna be fucking huge.

4 hours later 28567200 Anonymous
>>28549539 I put 2k into xrp a couple weeks ago, cashed out at 4k, put it in cardano, now worth 8k. 4x in 2 weeks by just following trends which is what OP should be doing.

4 hours later 28567288 Anonymous
i put 2k in xlm at the start of February. i enjoy getting $608 in 24 hours

4 hours later 28567380 Anonymous
>>28555232 Why the fuck are you still on here

4 hours later 28567514 Anonymous
>>28549539 wtf is wrong with you you have to maximize your profit and the only way to do so, is to invest in 1-3 altcoins that moon regularly and wait. obviously get comfortable with charts and learn how to read them

4 hours later 28567536 Anonymous
if you want an actual over-time coin to jump into, AAVE is set to climb hard over the next year since gemini listed them and is using them for the interest on investment program they have going on for this coming fiscal year.

4 hours later 28567643 Anonymous
>>28545585 I put in $250 in LINK back in 2017. I was living paycheck to paycheck. I could've put more but I went with the old adage "don't invest more than you're willing to lose" It's now worth $38k. Not a lot to some of the whales on here maybe but for me, even if I take it out now (not going to) it would be a deposit on a house. Huge for me. One good investment that has some actual potential, plus some patience, is all you need OP. Good luck.

4 hours later 28567819 Anonymous
>>28567643 As a new poorfag, where should I put all my saves on? LINK? I feel its too late for me to go LINK.

4 hours later 28567868 Anonymous
anyone else putting stimulus and tax returns (if you get any) to crypto? cuz i am the second i get it

4 hours later 28567941 Anonymous
>>28567819 xlm and when it hits $1 then sell asap

4 hours later 28568076 Anonymous
>>28545585 Yes but its not easy. Consider this I took one uni airdrop sold at 5000$ just two weeks ago. I have traded it up to 85k$ since then. Its not easy honestly though it already should be half a million but i didnt pull the trigger on some low caps

4 hours later 28568246 Anonymous
>>28545585 absolutely

4 hours later 28568418 Anonymous
>>28567819 I'm not too sure. LINK is worth too much now for poor people like us to get in on the ground floor. Don't get me wrong, it'll still go a lot higher before it's done, but $30 a piece means not a lot to gain without investing a lot. You need to find a project with a similar bright future which is cheap and has a low/medium market cap (or high if you can buy in bulk and swing). That's the golden ticket really that all of biz is looking for. Alternatively day trade anything if you're confident in that stuff. I knew I wasn't and didn't want to put in the time so I just bought and let it sit. Wish I could tell you what that golden ticket coin is but honestly I don't know. There's a lot of scammy shit around but some good investments too.

4 hours later 28568503 Anonymous
>>28568076 Assuming not larp what is your money in now/next move?

4 hours later 28568553 Anonymous
>>28545585 All on APY ~Rob

4 hours later 28568632 Anonymous (1612471582344.jpg 10000x8592 3079kB)
>>28568418 Understandable, I hope I find something otherwise Im fucked due to this being my only real way to make it.

5 hours later 28568953 Anonymous
>>28558528 So weird seeing zil mentioned. I would have thought all the schizos on here would be buying into it since its sub .20 currently.

5 hours later 28568969 Anonymous
>>28568632 I feel the same. This is my only way out of this financial rut. I don't even need much for now. Just enough to buy a property I can own with minimal mortgage payments. When I've accomplished that I'm gonna hop back in and invest larger amounts...only then will I think bigger and again, I'll only put down what I'm willing to lose. Good luck.

5 hours later 28569052 Anonymous
Yea just invest in Asko

5 hours later 28569131 Anonymous
>>28559161 seethe nocoiner

5 hours later 28570268 Anonymous
all you need is two or three x10s

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