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2021-02-11 02:11 28395019 Anonymous MasterCard to support select coins this year (7144CDD5-61DF-4527-B26E-E24785FC7670.png 200x155 7kB)
Question is - which coins?

0 min later 28395046 Anonymous
Btc ltc eth

1 min later 28395098 Anonymous
>>28395019 BSV

1 min later 28395115 Anonymous
>>28395019 ADA, Nano

1 min later 28395116 Anonymous
>>28395019 hopefully only BTC. it's time any and all distractions fucking die. BTC would be at 100k right this moment if it weren't for thousands of dilating shitcoins.

2 min later 28395147 Anonymous
>>28395019 BTC and CBDCs. That’s your lot.

2 min later 28395151 Anonymous (1515424066661.jpg 1080x1920 162kB)
>>28395019 XRP

3 min later 28395216 Anonymous
>>28395019 All that Grayscale offers

3 min later 28395240 Anonymous
>"To be completely clear, not all of today’s cryptocurrencies will be supported on our network. While stablecoins are more regulated and reliable than in the recent past, many of the hundreds of digital assets in circulation still need to tighten their compliance measures, so they won’t meet our requirements. We expect consumers and the ecosystem as a whole will start to rally around the crypto assets that offer reliability and security. It’s those very same stablecoins that we expect to bring into our network."

4 min later 28395266 Anonymous
>>28395046 This. Also, why does Litecoin always get dragged in with the rest? It's so shit. Replace it with something else

4 min later 28395298 Anonymous
>>28395019 btc eth

4 min later 28395303 Anonymous
>>28395240 https://www.mastercard.com/news/per spectives/2021/why-mastercard-is-br inging-crypto-onto-our-network/

4 min later 28395304 Anonymous
>>28395019 it has the power to trade niggers

5 min later 28395370 Anonymous (patrick_questioning.jpg 450x338 47kB)
>>28395019 question is, will mastercard be sending 1099-Ks to the IRS? Because technically buying things directly with crypto is a taxable event.

6 min later 28395385 Anonymous
How hard are nocoiners seething rn?

6 min later 28395426 Anonymous
>>28395240 >>28395303 >Lastly, people will want to use these digital assets for payments, so that is one of our criteria too. To reach our network, crypto assets will need to offer the stability people need in a vehicle for spending, not investment. >"vehicle for spending, not investment"

6 min later 28395447 Anonymous
>>28395019 Definitely XLM and XLM only

7 min later 28395520 Anonymous
If they follow in visas footsteps it will be XRP

8 min later 28395551 Anonymous
>>28395426 yes goy, you need to spend! dont invest!

9 min later 28395629 Anonymous
>>28395046 so literally no reason to use it Got it. Will keep using my other Crypo debits Kek fuck mastercard, haven't used one for the last 4 years. Go woke, go broke

11 min later 28395786 Anonymous
Eth, LTC, BTC and CBDC. They will use LINK and GRT for infrastructure.

11 min later 28395827 Anonymous
XLM for sure not saying it will pump as they keep airdropping to niggers

13 min later 28395943 Anonymous
>>28395551 You fail to understand. They say they will use stablecoins instead of store of value.

14 min later 28396025 Anonymous
>>28395426 >>28395943 They will use Doge Screencap now

15 min later 28396095 Anonymous
>>28395151 I’m inclined to go with XRP but XLM would be a nice treat too. They emphasise not using coins that are storing value but surely any coin they choose will pump like mad, and won’t be a good choice for a stable coin? Does such a coin even exist? XLM would hit £20+

16 min later 28396148 Anonymous
>>28395019 100% sure it will be XLM. It makes zero sense to use BTC or these other slow shitcoins in a credit card.

16 min later 28396186 Anonymous
>>28395370 Lol this would be such bullshit, it's like paying tax on USD when you earn it, and then also paying tax when you use it to buy something. C'mon anon, there's no way the government would do it.

18 min later 28396279 Anonymous
>>28395046 Probably this, everything else is a meme coin to the mainstream, I’d argue that even LTC is

18 min later 28396287 Anonymous
>>28396148 Using any coin won’t be conducive to what MasterCard are wanting because literally every coin right now is a store of value and even though XLM is as stable as they come - it would skyrocket to £20-£100+. This would make me retire at the age of 30 but I’m skeptical about what they will choose.

19 min later 28396331 Anonymous
>>28395019 ADA is going to be on this list

19 min later 28396355 Anonymous
>>28396186 >it's like paying tax on USD when you earn it, and then also paying tax when you use it to buy something But that's literally how it works?

19 min later 28396374 Anonymous
>>28395943 Yes goy, you need stability!

19 min later 28396383 Anonymous
>>28395426 So, LTC

20 min later 28396420 Anonymous
Doge obviously

21 min later 28396522 Anonymous
>>28395240 Gotta be XLM then, NOTHING is as stable as XLM

22 min later 28396557 Anonymous
>>28395266 It was the Bitcoin with Segwit before Bitcoin implemented it too. They took 4 years to do it because nothing every happens with Bitcoin. From there on it's just a popularity contest and they are earlier. Ethereum is basically also just a better Bitcoin, except more willing to experiment (and too lazy to even implement Base58Checksum casts for keys)

22 min later 28396575 Anonymous (.jpg 1080x3943 279kB)
>MasterCard partners with Wirex >Wirex has a hard-on for Nano I'd say the chances are low, but the potential is there.

22 min later 28396590 Anonymous
Reminder that MC got patent for IOTA. https://cryptobriefing.com/masterca rd-files-patent-iota-tangle-based-b illing-system/?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__= 57d1fd45a6bf5aa10838ba2f5d77d80ed26 cb4e5-1613050417-0-AZxbpqqjySY0OMJH 682JQwxxGvCYw8ndNXCYISjcbZDCwBVjRhl L-A3x9-M-hbbDJZwJVoy5dRIl9VQgdU04XG 88JIG4zCDWaEzH5tHu_WffastNoCFTKsjkr ZSm0LGSbzvhlOP-glRwLHpwzWL3SDmgy9Z2 geFABRWSLdpGMJ5lfxna_KwanQuVC9Q25Wh M2DU3nq71pZtPxY1-pNPcA1m0Xbqsq7riPU ecChSnOMjEYNQlBwaX9ypSm9CU4H7c2Bv1X 5uqzZ_u61WEkgYqnQVhvzEagE1huJoRhdCl eNZf7ArNemXw5bG8jaGWCvTEpKItgxrtdGZ 41wtx5btpJYC1Q3oQOhEg0PKdPdYH1-xq7J pj8gNBCIRdCANgYBs8vw

22 min later 28396592 Anonymous
>>28396374 At this point you have to be baiting. No, you can do whatever you want. But they need stability and not volatility for transactions for obvious reasons. Paying with BTC and waiting 15 minutes while the price changes 5% up or down is obviously not what they want

23 min later 28396623 Anonymous

24 min later 28396670 Anonymous
>>28395019 How does mastercardano sound

25 min later 28396754 Anonymous

25 min later 28396769 Anonymous
>>28395019 If you're asking this question you have no clue how any of this tech works and you're in over your head. If you know the answer to this question then you already have XRP and XLM

28 min later 28396955 Anonymous
>>28396592 Just do the needful and buy Everest unless you want to eat the bugs sirs.

29 min later 28397027 Anonymous
>>28396769 OP here, XRP and XLM would actually be my first picks but I was wanting to see if anyone had any other thoughts. I’m still skeptical about even stablecoins such as XLM because this announcement would cause huge volatility to even XLM

32 min later 28397202 Anonymous
>>28396557 oof it was a pre whale token and niggers that missed the boat, trapped in Gen 1 shitcoins don't want to give up on selling it o retards. ltc, btc, ppc, nmc, xmr.... if it was on btc-e/wex, its shit.

32 min later 28397213 Anonymous
XLM is a backbone infrastructure for cross border payments. That's not what they mean by this press release. They are talking about normie shot like BTC ETH LINK

33 min later 28397322 Anonymous
>>28396670 I kind of like the sound of that.

34 min later 28397359 Anonymous
>>28397027 >stablecoins such as XLM So you have no clue how any of this tech works. Gotcha.

36 min later 28397482 Anonymous
>>28396355 I'm only pretending to be retarded, redditor.

37 min later 28397580 Anonymous
>>28395240 >We expect consumers and the ecosystem as a whole will start to rally around the crypto assets that offer reliability and security >consumers and the ecosystem It will be DOGE, PU$$YCOIN and the TROLLY MCTROLLFACE TOKEN.

37 min later 28397592 Anonymous
>>28396025 >Doge Yep. The only way this works is if they choose the inflationary currencies. They want you all to spend. To get as many people spending as possible, the printers need to keep spinning. Combine that with meme power and we have a winner.

38 min later 28397637 Anonymous
>>28396590 This. /thread

39 min later 28397709 Anonymous
>>28395019 NANO is going to be supported, it's almost a fact right now. We all know this plebbit coin is going back to its ATH bros

39 min later 28397726 Anonymous
>>28397359 I literally just agreed with what you said about XLM and XRP you dumb cunt. You’re just here looking to argue with people lmfao never going to make it you weak incel bitch

40 min later 28397816 Anonymous
>>28395240 Oh fuck its XRP isnt it?

41 min later 28397821 Anonymous
>>28397709 godspeed

42 min later 28397902 Anonymous
You shouldnt answer if you dont know. The article I read said Stable Coins.

42 min later 28397943 Anonymous
>>28397902 Oh shit, LINK confirmed

49 min later 28398445 Anonymous
>>28395046 Probably bch. God knows why but it usually gets a pass as well.

51 min later 28398537 Anonymous (Eov4rRrWEAE0lhR.png 800x419 417kB)

52 min later 28398651 Anonymous
>>28395019 stable coins

53 min later 28398705 Anonymous
>>28395385 This will make it easier to get in for them.

57 min later 28398951 Anonymous (1.jpg 535x352 71kB)

59 min later 28399103 Anonymous
>>28398951 They are literally preparing ground for the rumored digital Euro.

59 min later 28399156 Anonymous
>>28398951 What good is using stable coins if crypto to crypto trades are taxable? I’d rather hold usd than tether.

1 hours later 28399403 Anonymous
we are literally in the year of XRP ascendency you've been warned

1 hours later 28399532 Anonymous
XLM https://wirexapp.com/en/business/st ellar-partnership https://medium.com/paradigm-fund/st ellar-mastercard-teams-up-with-stel lar-stellarx-acquired-by-coinsquare -satoshipay-grant-249d57d0c9c

1 hours later 28399546 Anonymous (screen-shot-2019-09-27-at-10-55-03-am-1569596118.png 480x469 336kB)
>>28395019 MCDC obviously

1 hours later 28399722 Anonymous
>>28399532 Well fuck.

1 hours later 28400008 Anonymous
glowies know

1 hours later 28400405 Anonymous
IOTA and XLM then?

1 hours later 28400496 Anonymous (19471F1E-A794-4963-A364-0BB8EEB2DD3F.jpg 640x426 135kB)

1 hours later 28400517 Anonymous
>>28395116 This. Shitcoins are basically casino gambling, not a serious coin.

1 hours later 28400615 Anonymous
>>28395426 BCH

1 hours later 28400658 Anonymous
>>28395240 >It’s those very same stablecoins that we expect to bring into our network PRQ CONFIRMED

1 hours later 28400809 Anonymous (ast.jpg 318x159 4kB)
bullish for AIP16 https://github.com/airswap/AIPs/iss ues/16

1 hours later 28400846 Anonymous
No matter which coins they support, the system uses Chainlink. So does the PayPal system and visa is soon to follow.

1 hours later 28400949 Anonymous
>>28395303 It’s genuinely amazing to watch corpos slowly bend the knee to what many have known for a decade

1 hours later 28401055 Anonymous
>>28400517 And BTC isn't? If it were not for Elon Musk it would all come crashing down back to 20k.

1 hours later 28401326 Anonymous
>>28395019 RSR, too many connections

1 hours later 28401337 Anonymous
>>28398537 Only high iq poster in here. Btw fellers head of the SEC is friends with Silvio Micali

1 hours later 28401418 Anonymous
>>28400846 Spoonfeed me pls stinkies, I haven't looked into either company

1 hours later 28401477 Anonymous
>>28395019 LINK 1K EOY

1 hours later 28401595 Anonymous
>>28398537 >>28401337 Bros

1 hours later 28401621 Anonymous
>>28395116 >the steam engine locomotive would reign supreme if it weren’t for all these gas powered SHITS stealing marketshare! Bitcoin absolutely fucking sucks. It is the slowest piece of janky garbage available for purchase, it can’t scale at all and you be livin in dreamland boi

1 hours later 28401679 Anonymous
>>28395116 >>28400517 >BTC would be higher than it is now if it weren’t for altcoins You know how I know when people are poor and retarded?

1 hours later 28402798 Anonymous (4BFA12C0-68C2-41D0-A748-F9E4ABEA641E.png 220x186 5kB)

1 hours later 28402887 Anonymous
>>28395019 stable coin

1 hours later 28402925 Anonymous
>>28402798 See >>28399532 >>28399532 >>28399532

1 hours later 28403537 Anonymous

1 hours later 28403753 Anonymous
>>28397359 https://cointelegraph.com/news/euro -stablecoin-launched-on-stellar-by- one-of-europe-s-oldest-banks The stellar network supports stablecoins. I can’t stand condescension when it comes from someone who is completely fucking wrong.

1 hours later 28403865 Anonymous
>>28398537 Is Mastercard going bankrupt and this is their last attempt to survive? There is no better picture to show this than their executive's face...

1 hours later 28403874 Anonymous
>>28396025 absolutely they know all the normies have doge, it's a logical conclusion

1 hours later 28403905 Anonymous
>>28395151 >2018

1 hours later 28403930 Anonymous
>>28395019 Litecoin will blow past ATH when big daddy MasterCard accepts them.

1 hours later 28403969 Anonymous (D7D93DC5-71E1-4C80-9E6C-4E3F768D8586.png 775x663 333kB)
Huh. I picked up 2k xlm for like $200 just for the fuck if it a while ago. Nice.

1 hours later 28404063 Anonymous
ETH, so we pay $10 for the product and then more $100 for the fees. fuck my life

1 hours later 28404109 Anonymous
>>28395019 Ampl

2 hours later 28404617 Anonymous
they will support Tezos. Just wait and see

2 hours later 28405542 Anonymous
>>28396186 >Lol this would be such bullshit, it's like paying tax on USD when you earn it, and then also paying tax when you use it to buy something. Anon... I...

2 hours later 28405642 Anonymous (1607601012527.jpg 490x676 63kB)
My body is ready

2.941 0.083