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2021-02-11 12:44 28390058 Anonymous ITT: High IQ Portfolios (148050147.jpg 828x1237 84kB)
Post them Does anyone else know about QLC?

14 min later 28390857 Anonymous (purfolio.png 1075x1070 100kB)

15 min later 28390947 Anonymous
What wallet is that?

16 min later 28390988 Anonymous
>>28390058 >4 figure folio >high IQ post when it's 7 figure britfag

16 min later 28391001 Anonymous
>>28390947 Delta my kind sir

18 min later 28391118 Anonymous (28D935CE-CC01-462A-9C47-54B897FE4969.jpg 750x1196 213kB)
Hello anons.

18 min later 28391120 Anonymous (20210211_120229.jpg 648x1337 146kB)

19 min later 28391175 Anonymous (1611265249424.png 633x758 712kB)
>>28390988 I am a modest man with modest ambitions

20 min later 28391201 Anonymous (1508972477591.jpg 456x402 31kB)
>>28390058 >High IQ >>28390857 >>28391118 >>28391120 >High IQ >not a single one over 10k cringe

22 min later 28391321 Anonymous
>>28391201 If the title said "High IQ portfolios >10k" I'm sure we wouldn't have posted, retard >Low IQ portfolio spotted

22 min later 28391347 Anonymous
>>28390058 >ALGO >ADA Patrician projects and holds

23 min later 28391391 Anonymous
>>28391201 post yours fag

24 min later 28391490 Anonymous (20210211_070533.jpg 720x927 102kB)
>>28390857 hello buidl bro will i make it to 6 fig hell this year?

25 min later 28391528 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210211-130745.jpg 1440x3120 378kB)
>>28390058 >>28390857 >>28391120 Low IQ >>28391118 High IQ Either way we are all going to make it anons

26 min later 28391620 Anonymous
>>28390058 how did you get such high gains?

28 min later 28391708 Anonymous
>>28391321 listen newfag just stop. its embarrassing.

29 min later 28391815 Anonymous
>>28391620 I bought into most of these last year during the great crab period for cheapies - I also DCA down on any asset I bought at ATH like ALGO, I should have higher gains there really

30 min later 28391852 Anonymous
>>28391815 ohhh a year, damn bruh you gotta try stocks

31 min later 28391950 Anonymous
>>28391001 Delta isn't a wallet. Its a tracking app. Ffs

34 min later 28392100 Anonymous
Cant be high iq unless you dyor on LTO.

35 min later 28392136 Anonymous
BNT Trustswap Bidao

36 min later 28392203 Anonymous (SmartSelect_20210210-235744_Blockfolio.jpg 1029x465 108kB)

37 min later 28392244 Anonymous (FC17F91F-07F5-4FA3-83A1-013DC055B338.png 1284x2778 1203kB)
Should I buy more GRT?

37 min later 28392278 Anonymous
>>28390058 High IQ portfolios are generally larger than 4 figures

40 min later 28392400 Anonymous (3D0E356B-A7BC-45A7-98D8-F43B21102F8A.jpg 1242x1654 382kB)

41 min later 28392454 Anonymous
> high iq > four figures and overdispersed Kek

41 min later 28392466 Anonymous
>>28390058 Faggot I made 10k profit by investing atital of $600 in EGLD, easiest money ever. And it's bound to go up more, but good for you and your utter shitcoins

42 min later 28392526 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210211-072525_CoinGecko.jpg 1080x2400 477kB)
I'm up 400%. Should I sell everything? How much longer does this bullrun have left you think?

43 min later 28392598 Anonymous
It feels surreal that I'm now one of the richer people on this board. Do richfags just stop posting their bags as often or something? For me at least my portfolio is hard to show because I've got so much weird shit like Liquidity Pool tokens and other stuff not on blockfolio.

44 min later 28392620 Anonymous (PORT1.png 1691x622 60kB)
>>28390058 >>28390058 Several days ago i was told I was an idiot for most of my portfolio, Am I winning now?

44 min later 28392649 Anonymous
if you were actually high IQ you wouldn't be in 4 digits

44 min later 28392663 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210209-182656_Blockfolio.jpg 1440x3040 655kB)
Here's my loq IQ folio. No bully.

45 min later 28392687 Chadfolio thread (696635AC-F503-42EF-A14A-4C506160C4EA.png 750x1334 380kB)
I think ASKO is gonna be my ticket out of poverty

45 min later 28392721 Anonymous
>>28392663 Can't even spell low, I really am an idiot.

46 min later 28392759 Anonymous
Can't wait until the meth-heads burn

46 min later 28392760 Anonymous
>>28392244 >that much in VET jesus. pure reddit

47 min later 28392798 Anonymous
>>28392244 yes

48 min later 28392857 Anonymous
>>28392526 keep grt retard

49 min later 28392904 Anonymous
>>28391528 How does your brain even fit in your skull?

51 min later 28392999 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210211-072543_Blockfolio.jpg 1080x2220 480kB)
>>28390058 I was buying vet and ada when everyone thought they were shitcoins

52 min later 28393068 Anonymous
>>28392598 You have pixels telling you they're worth whatever amount. Come back when you have real money into your account or physical properties, until then, you're just a fag who paid money for muh internet coins Good luck cashing out

53 min later 28393087 Anonymous
>>28391528 Retard

53 min later 28393123 Anonymous
Holding ADA Not holding McDonald's, Rubic or Bao. High IQ confirmed.

54 min later 28393153 Anonymous
>>28392203 dont be left holding the rubic bags

54 min later 28393172 Anonymous

55 min later 28393229 Anonymous
>>28393068 cope, I could liquidate 90% of my portfolio into stablecoins within an hour

55 min later 28393243 Anonymous (ff.jpg 556x277 35kB)
there is only one altcoin i hold for the next months

56 min later 28393255 Anonymous (folio.jpg 1080x2280 326kB)
>>28390058 >mfw I have highest IQ in this thread

56 min later 28393257 Anonymous
>>28392687 Same anon. I’ve been busy and missed the dip to buy more... feels real bad. Hope we get another small one before mainnet

57 min later 28393318 Anonymous
>>28390058 90% BTC 10% ETH 10% MNR

58 min later 28393392 Anonymous (4D4974BE-4E7A-40BC-81BC-0AB29DFA5989.png 1242x2688 741kB)
The DAI is actually 1000 CoinMetro $10 bonds

58 min later 28393396 Anonymous
>>28392999 What are your expectations from XLM? I have 40k XLM and I’m losing hope quickly bro.

58 min later 28393397 Anonymous
>>28390058 all cool but wheres your rubic

1 hours later 28393470 Anonymous
>high IQ >no BTC or XMR Suuuuuure, buddy.

1 hours later 28393520 Anonymous
>>28393396 I take profits in xlm, so it's my stablecoin that also grows in value. Just recently I sold about 10% of my Doge into XLM. You can also put it in Celsius Network or Nexo to earn interest or take out a loan. XLM is honestly the most versatile coin in crypto. It's very fast and cheap and has really high liquidity (can trade on any exchange for other cryptos or cash).

1 hours later 28393580 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210211-074610_Blockfolio.jpg 1080x2220 438kB)
>>28392999 >>28393396 Page 2

1 hours later 28393668 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210211-074622_Blockfolio.jpg 1080x2220 431kB)
>>28393520 >>28393580 Page 3

1 hours later 28393791 Anonymous
>>28390058 NU is also a high IQ project and its mooning right now. Finally, after crabbing for a few days.

1 hours later 28393855 Anonymous
>>28392100 this

1 hours later 28393923 Anonymous
>>28391528 fight me fag how is low amount of money into solid low mcap project is low iq?

1 hours later 28393967 Anonymous
>>28392999 Impressive shitcoinery, well done. Also checked.

1 hours later 28393982 Anonymous
>>28391490 i think at the top of the run very likely

1 hours later 28394021 Anonymous (10343FF6-ADDB-483E-AFEE-C9F24E4EC22F.jpg 828x1002 106kB)
>>28390058 All i do is win win win win win no matter what

1 hours later 28394126 Anonymous (Screenshot_2021-02-11-08-56-00-538_com.blockfolio.blockfolio.jpg 1080x2340 433kB)
CAKE for passive returns. I bought at 44 cents. The rest are blue chips and one potential moonshot. USDC is profits taken in the way up.

1 hours later 28394134 Anonymous
>>28390058 nucypher I should have said here >>28393791 NU is the the ticker symbol and name of the native tokens used on the nucypher network.

1 hours later 28394157 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210211-075716_Coinbase.jpg 540x2280 318kB)
>>28390058 Am I doing it right?

1 hours later 28394165 Anonymous (IMG_20210210_224837.jpg 1080x1519 252kB)
Here's mine. Am I going to make it?

1 hours later 28394209 Anonymous
>>28391201 >posting coalburning whore cringe

1 hours later 28394329 Anonymous
>>28394157 Yeah. It's easy pickings right now on coinbase. So many new people signing up and dumping money into every supported coin.

1 hours later 28394381 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210211_135939.jpg 1080x1311 290kB)
>>28390058 I only invested 2k€ in total. What's my IQ?

1 hours later 28394909 Anonymous
>>28394381 >ADA At least 180

1 hours later 28395143 Anonymous
>>28391528 Good. Your link allocation is higher than mine but I get the impression that you paid far less for your stack than I did so I think that's fair enough.

1 hours later 28395188 Anonymous (E7B545D0-70D7-40C5-892C-860936BA2390.jpg 717x1284 169kB)
>>28390058 I have legitimately waited for 10 years for this moment. I never once lost the faith. IYKYK

1 hours later 28395458 Anonymous (E7854D36-E6CF-4F6B-A183-A222268647CC.png 750x1334 181kB)
How many months do I have to wait before I reach 6 digit hell? I plan on dropping 4k on Avax and $500 each on the rest.

1 hours later 28395766 Anonymous
>>28395458 Probably a while, just stick with it. Your portfolio might not be as future proof as you wish though so just be willing to make changes as necessary when the time comes

1 hours later 28395998 Anonymous
>>28394909 I'm what you would call a believer.

1 hours later 28396509 Anonymous
>>28393396 As a former XLMfag, it's a very safe bet that it'll go up, its just that you can profit much faster on other coins faster. I myself flipped my XLM for my REEF. I do think XLM will hit .80 in the very near future.

1 hours later 28396648 Anonymous
>>28390058 GEEQ is a fantastic under-the-radar long term hold. No competitors and look at the star-studded team.

1 hours later 28396872 Anonymous (EE0976E2-5FB9-4711-B304-F83A4E1BC7C8.jpg 1125x300 171kB)
>>28390058 damn it feels good to be a gangster

1 hours later 28397004 Anonymous
>>28392244 yes

1 hours later 28397065 Anonymous
>>28393255 how does ZERO DOLLARS sound? lol you missed the GRT pump too, enjoy your shitcoins though

2 hours later 28397565 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210211-144721_Delta.jpg 1080x2164 379kB)
Rate my poorfolio

2 hours later 28398017 Anonymous
>Portfolio LARPING using blockfolio to shill coins. Nigger

2 hours later 28398278 Anonymous
holy fuck none of you are going to make it so many shit coin investments with no actual use

2 hours later 28398367 Anonymous (1611920648050.jpg 640x847 43kB)
>>28396648 Agreed bro, I am honestly surprised /biz/ has no idea about GEEQ and QLC - galaxy brain projects

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