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2021-02-11 02:18 28353889 Anonymous Manipulators are based (308F7EDC-6C68-48CE-AC47-D3F3F433550C.jpg 1080x892 224kB)
>normies FLOOD INTO crypto >all end up buying shit like DOGE, ADA, AVAX, GRT >manipulators crab LINK so they ignore it >normies dont get cheap LINK and benefit from making it at $1000

0 min later 28353908 Anonymous
Its beautiful. Their shit will crash and they lose it all, meanwhile LINK will be 100$ by the time they start noticing it which is way too late for them to make it. WTF i love the manipulation now

1 min later 28353977 Anonymous
>>28353908 oh my ..

2 min later 28354100 Anonymous
>>28353889 Everything uses link now. What do newlinkies expect to drive the price at this point aside from crypto beginning increasingly normie?

5 min later 28354318 Anonymous
>>28354100 Link doesn’t and never has needed normies. Thanks for your concern but minimum equity to post in this thread is 1000 link which we tolerate and 10,000 Link to be a peer

5 min later 28354356 Anonymous
>>28353908 based hopefully the government keeps churning out gibs so i can buy more stinkers

6 min later 28354426 Anonymous
>>28353889 I too thank our benevolent whales for teaching us the true meaning of patience. What would we do without them, aside from being able to drive a lambo right now...

6 min later 28354435 Anonymous
I have 37k link and I approve this message.

7 min later 28354481 Anonymous
>>28353889 take your meds

8 min later 28354549 Anonymous
>>28354318 I only have 213 LINKies.

9 min later 28354625 Anonymous (1597301595087.jpg 471x388 13kB)
>>28353889 So basically what you're saying is.. linkies are winning by losing? this is fucking ADVANCED COPE AHAHAHAHAHA

9 min later 28354629 Anonymous
>>28354318 I sold 25k at $2. Bought a house with a workshop and quit my shit office job. Don't even care about your rules, fag who bought link this month.

9 min later 28354640 Anonymous
>>28354549 Respected faggot nothing more. You can post

14 min later 28355036 Anonymous
>>28354629 You bought more this month after selling 25k at 2 bucks? Jesus. That cuckshed cost you 600k in link.

16 min later 28355173 Anonymous
Stop making people aware of LINK performance in a BTC bear market. Stop please.

16 min later 28355217 Anonymous (1604159499359.jpg 999x827 45kB)
>>28354629 >sold 25k at $2 Lmao

18 min later 28355359 Anonymous
>>28355036 You're the fag who bought this month. Og linkies either hit their goals and moved on, or they're out their talking about where they can get the best yield on their now fully diversified stacks. Not a single one who bought at .42 gives a shit about current price. You're new.

25 min later 28355912 Anonymous
>>28355359 Seething nolinker don't be stupid all the og linker knows 1000eoy

27 min later 28356031 Anonymous
>>28353908 so who are these manipulators again?

28 min later 28356127 Anonymous
>>28353908 Also this piece of shit will never break $100 let alone $1000, it would require an insane marketcap to do. Also since smart contracts will never be used mainstream it ain't gonna happen

32 min later 28356370 Anonymous
>>28355359 og linkers know chainlink 1k eoy. 82k eoe

32 min later 28356420 Anonymous (495FE12A-F8C9-4CF1-91E1-86048E397508.jpg 719x45 7kB)
>>28355359 Nice try faggot. Bought way below 1$. You are the salty on who sold 25k at $2 like a retard lmao. I posted my proof. Now show me your tiny dick cope stack

33 min later 28356488 Anonymous
>>28355359 lmao newfag retard. OG linkers haven't diversified shit we're all 100% link and still accumulating. nolinker unbeliever

36 min later 28356675 Anonymous
>>28356488 >>28356420 I know you guys are trying to get new guys to /biz/ to lose their money on another shitcoin, but at least choose a shitcoin that has mooned to be believable. LINK has and always will be dogshit

36 min later 28356714 Anonymous
>>28356488 >88 Same here, and we're still hitting ath's every week. I'm comfy.

38 min later 28356806 Anonymous
>>28356127 seethe moar

38 min later 28356808 Anonymous
>>28355359 Wrong. I exist. Elon being a cock, Sirgay's weak ass talk this week, and the sheer amount of normie crazy has me eyeing the ejector button pretty fucking hard.

38 min later 28356827 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210210-185604_Celsius Wallet.png 1080x2034 211kB)
>>28356420 Park that shit in celsius wallet to make a pretty penny. Hell at your worth you dont care about that interest though. 67 link a week is nice though..

39 min later 28356915 Anonymous
any other coin that gets dumped on weekly from the devs like link does would die link lives because it have something else going for it

39 min later 28356918 Anonymous (1610199294608.png 360x270 189kB)
>>28356031 >He doesn't know

39 min later 28356934 Anonymous
you guys shilled chainlink so hard for so long the only use it has now is as a cash out

40 min later 28356965 Anonymous
>>28356031 Sir Gay, king of the Big Macs

41 min later 28357042 Anonymous
>>28356827 Dont trust any of these services. They are too new, not being a ginea pig with my golden ticket. I think its quite silly.

41 min later 28357054 Anonymous
>>28356675 the inability to tell the real deal from pajeet bullshit is why you'll never make it

42 min later 28357139 Anonymous
Is it too late to buy link?

42 min later 28357149 Anonymous
>>28356714 based

44 min later 28357253 Anonymous
>>28356827 >Here Celsius, enjoy my $2m of liquidity >Don't do anything stupid! :) Parking LINK on a centralized custodial platform is so fucking retarded m8

54 min later 28357936 Anonymous
>>28357139 As long as it is below $50, then yeah.

1 hours later 28359154 Anonymous
>>28353889 >people have been trying to unload link bags for almost half a decade now

1 hours later 28359357 Anonymous
>>28356675 >LINK has and always will be dogshit bought link in 2017

1 hours later 28359401 Anonymous (3FE57308-8A92-4492-A6AB-BB5BC0EAEECE.jpg 1371x900 143kB)
Yea they save letting it fly till it hits the 300-330 mark, then crash it a hundred bucks then slowly creep to 400 over a few months and then let it sky rocket to 1k at the end of the bull run.

1 hours later 28359519 Anonymous
>>28356127 God you are new if you think market cap means anything in crypto.

1 hours later 28360214 Anonymous
>>28356127 do you even know what link does? do you even have an idea of the total value of financial instruments globally? >b-b-but link at $1000 would put the market cap at 102 trillion dollars that's all? you realize we're talking about the transformation of the financial system from the old, slow shitty fragmented version we have now right?

1 hours later 28360345 Anonymous
Wtf they shut down binance as soon as we started pumping

1 hours later 28360536 Anonymous
>>28353889 Dude I’m balls deep in link but shut the actual fuck up, being left behind while everything else goes on fucking moon missions is bullshit and your cope only makes it worse. Holding till staking announce and then selling what will probably end up being a sad 30% pump

1 hours later 28360699 Anonymous
>>28356827 never putting my precious linkies in sketchy as fuck celsius. putting them into an official chainlink node for steaking is going to be scary enough.

1 hours later 28360859 Anonymous
>>28353889 >GRT lumped in with those other shitcoins maybe its time to lose faith in LINK...

1 hours later 28360868 Anonymous (5b5cc01b1ecf2e71c151cea30d23d7d52c4d0f56.png 340x292 23kB)
>>28360536 >shut the actual fuck up

1 hours later 28360890 Anonymous
>>28359519 >market cap means anything in crypto 10,906,826,345/405,509,556=26.89 wut? oh your fudding i get it now

1 hours later 28360989 Anonymous
>>28356127 >it would require an insane marketcap to do going thing market caps are allowed to increase

1 hours later 28360994 Anonymous
>>28356031 Binance, Huobi, OKEX, Maltese Huobi. No shit. They run more than 75% of the volume and render the fiat pairs insignificant.

1 hours later 28361083 Anonymous
>>28356965 and heir to coffee cups

1 hours later 28361152 Anonymous (AB8E406A-E73F-4C2A-A75E-E60CFBC95128.jpg 1282x1879 242kB)
Here’s your market that definitely isn’t manipulated, bro.

1 hours later 28361276 Anonymous
>>28356127 Market cap fud. We've come full circle.

1 hours later 28361326 Anonymous
>>28361152 >meme lines that don't fucking matter congratulations, you might be the most retarded person on this board. Did you even read the white paper? or the Mixicles white paper? To me it seems like you get all your fucking knowledge from reading 4channel boards all fucking waiting for dopamine rush of someone posting a potential link price and then multiplying it by your stack. Holy shit all of you stinkers are literally deluded. One day when this shit crashes and burns because Sergey decided not to work with Chainlink just like he did all of his other projects, you will realise. Until then, continue to hold those sorry ass bags.

1 hours later 28361342 Anonymous (pepe-le-peu.png 60x59 8kB)
>>28354549 I have 4

1 hours later 28361419 Anonymous
>>28361326 >literally deluded you misspelled rich

1 hours later 28361654 Anonymous
>>28353889 agreed chainlink isn't a shitcoin, thus does not benefit from degenerate gamblers, normie bubbles, redditor hype or speculation if anything those things can dissuade adoption chainlink derives value from its utility and from its ability to help change the human economy as we know it. DOGEcoin is a great normalfag filter it also makes perfect sense if you think about it: "why would whales waste millions of dollars suppressing LINK for seemingly no reason?"... to safeguard billions of potential gains in the future. better safe than sorry, a few dozen millions is nothing compared to what their net worth will be 5 years from now and the best thing is that nobody even realizes it. nobody but a bunch of autists

1 hours later 28361726 Anonymous

1 hours later 28361861 Anonymous
It feels terrible being 100% Link and seeing ADA perform so well

1 hours later 28361916 Anonymous
>>28357042 I wouldn't trust them with the whole stack but they manage $7.7 billion in assets so you could at least make some change from them. Def don't blame you though

1 hours later 28361961 Anonymous
>>28361326 Eat shit and kys you dumb motherfucker. Imagine spending 3 years of your life fudding and caring about our financial well-being. Whether you’re doing it ironically or unironically it’s still the same.

1 hours later 28361985 Anonymous
>>28357253 I wouldn't give them my $2mm bag but I'm willing to give them a sizeable chunk when they manage $7.7 billion in assets.

1 hours later 28362068 Anonymous (B27A5D75-F9CA-4A73-873A-E1C89929CB57.jpg 1283x1984 224kB)
Is Binance just dead? The chart has literally flatlined and no trading seems to be happening. Is this how far they’re gonna go now?

1 hours later 28362098 Anonymous
>>28361861 i bought both in 2017 one 1 fucked me

1 hours later 28362156 Anonymous (DompEet.jpg 1280x720 104kB)
He bought?

1 hours later 28362161 Anonymous
Considering converting my 12 ETH to LINK before it rises any further. Holding about 2k linkies currently.

1 hours later 28362168 Anonymous
>>28362068 >no trading seems to be happening timelines are changing didnt you feel it a bit ago

1 hours later 28362214 Anonymous
>>28361419 >>28361961 Attacking me for speaking the truth? You guys must be twitter bag holders. Imagine being doped up on hopium spread by anonymous retards that were trying to take your money for 3 years. Congratulations, you have a token that isn't needed. How much is Sergey gonna dump again next week? and the week after that? and the week after that? Ad infinium. You guys are the laughing stock of all of crypto. "Link marines" imagine being part of that fucking deluded group who believes they will be the new world elite and will be welcomed with open arms into their cabalistic societies. Good god, I feel so sorry for you guys.

1 hours later 28362394 Anonymous
>>28362214 >Attacking i was correcting you misspelling >that were trying to take your money for 3 years i bought in 2017 100% a pajeet lmao

2 hours later 28362514 Anonymous
>>28362214 We don't want to be part of that club

2 hours later 28362744 Anonymous

2 hours later 28362824 Anonymous (HAHA7.jpg 586x580 129kB)
>>28355359 >Y-Your new! >Sold his link at $2

2 hours later 28362887 Anonymous (letsgooooooooooo.png 1171x535 508kB)
Let's gooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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