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2021-02-10 11:11 28338000 Anonymous (06B99201-C150-4660-88A8-CED99DDD90A4.png 828x1792 343kB)
What’s up I’m 19 and I’m a new investor trying to get into crypto. Been browsing biz for years but I’m just now getting started. I’ve got $600. I heard we’re in a bullrun. How do I turn it into 6K? If you want I can make weekly threads updating my gains. I’m feeling bullish so redpill me pls.

1 min later 28338092 Anonymous
>>28338000 GRT, start delegating. take your biden dollars and put it into small market cap coins that are <5$. swingies get the rope don't trust pajeet pnd's

1 min later 28338106 Anonymous
hodl that RBC son

2 min later 28338217 Anonymous (AD008A1E-C7FD-427E-9BDB-E3D59B720AC5.jpg 750x1104 244kB)
>>28338000 With just $600 starting capital, you can't diversify. Go all in one coin and don't listen to biz shills.

2 min later 28338248 Anonymous
What app is this

2 min later 28338261 Anonymous (7C85233E-0D27-4762-8ACC-85E93CA2220B.jpg 700x641 47kB)
>see continuous threads from absolute newfags trying to get rich and actually getting replies just tethered 70% of my portfolio gg everyone

3 min later 28338285 Anonymous
>>28338248 blockfolio

4 min later 28338374 Anonymous
>>28338000 HOGE has massive meme energy now. Can't guarantee 6k, but you will probably 4-5x it

4 min later 28338402 Anonymous (DfoN_FEUEAAtsGE.jpg 1200x794 216kB)
>>28338261 >not wanting newfags to pump your bags

4 min later 28338415 Anonymous
>>28338285 Thanks bro

4 min later 28338422 Anonymous
>>28338000 nice trips DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER LINK. you’re welcum

5 min later 28338454 Anonymous
>>28338261 Ya now it’s really starting to look like 2017. “I bought at the top, how do i 10x my portfolio”

5 min later 28338480 Anonymous
>>28338261 You are outdated old man. Now it is avaxing up. Fuck your infinite supply chain.

5 min later 28338513 Anonymous
>Buy BNB >Buy Pancake coin >F A R M

6 min later 28338571 Anonymous
>>28338000 >I heard we’re in a bullrun. What? Where did you hear that?

6 min later 28338586 Anonymous
>>28338000 >No ALGO >No GRT >No SNX Ngmi

7 min later 28338653 Anonymous
>been browsing biz for years but I'm just now getting started do people really?

13 min later 28339180 Anonymous
>>28338000 Checked, and you're here forever now. Might as well just rope, this is hell.

13 min later 28339218 Anonymous
>>28338454 That's me in 2017, I've lost everything.

15 min later 28339364 Anonymous
>>28338513 Those sound like pump and dumps dude. Like serious pump and dumps. >>28338374 Potential rugpull. Matter of fact it’s dipping right now as we speak.

17 min later 28339585 Anonymous
I’m new as well how does everyone feel about coin base app?

20 min later 28339843 Anonymous
>>28339585 Use pro. I'd use it if it would link to my bank

25 min later 28340273 Anonymous
>>28338000 SNDL weedbro has gone up from 50cent and is 3.5$ in less than 2 weeks. Its not too late.

26 min later 28340374 Anonymous
>>28339843 Thx I think I’m limited to what I can use anyway because of where I live

27 min later 28340456 Anonymous
this thread is a massive sell signal, holy shit.

30 min later 28340771 Anonymous
You already have Rubic in there, mate.

34 min later 28341159 Anonymous
REEF or OPCT, you decide

37 min later 28341424 Anonymous
>>28338000 https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap /pair-explorer/0x7fd1de95fc975fbbd8 be260525758549ec477960 still early, probably the quickest way to make some gains right now check out the HOGE general threads on here for more info

39 min later 28341573 Anonymous
>>28338261 I'm coping by telling myself newfags are drop in the piss bucket and that it's institutions that will continue pumping the price

40 min later 28341677 Anonymous (1612903252000.png 645x716 123kB)
>>28340456 new people getting in is hardly a sell signal. If youre HODLing anything, especially cheap coins theyre guaranteed to 2-5x. New people will buy btc, eth, link, and then whatever is cheapest. I wke up every morning and scoop whatever coin is the cheapest then sell at the daily high. not getting rich but hasnt failed me too bad yet

40 min later 28341694 Anonymous
>>28338000 buy ada and hold for dear life

44 min later 28342028 Anonymous
>>28338217 lmao. damn.. 80% of my coins are .finance.

50 min later 28342584 Anonymous (1612880191382.jpg 1200x798 263kB)
can someone here recommend a good alt trading app? My port is 80% alts and 20% dot-affiliated coins. I keep getting stuck bagholding because I cant sell quickly enough through uniswap and also cant set sell limits, etc.

59 min later 28343280 Anonymous
>>28338000 i'm 19 and worth 200k you're falling behind op

1 hours later 28344259 Anonymous
>>28338000 Nobody knows if its going up down or sideways. We just know we're supposed to jerkoff three times a day.

1 hours later 28344439 Anonymous
>>28338261 True, there comes a point when there isn't enough new money buying into the market to sustain the price level. Having said that, in my opinion (not financial advice), we're nowhere near the market cycle top. Google trends shows we're at only 50% of the 2017 levels for search trends. The RHOLD ratio (https://www.lookintobitcoin.com/ch arts/rhodl-ratio/) is significantly lower than it was at any other market cycle top. Ethereum hasn't broken 2x it's ATH yet (most people are expecting this.) Also I believe Tesla buying in changes the landscape of crypto completely, I don't see 50% retracements being possible anymore (could be wrong, just my opinion.) In short, don't tether yet, we have a way to go.

1 hours later 28344581 Anonymous
>>28344259 based and masturpilled

1 hours later 28344584 Anonymous (F11AA3FE-E6E5-457E-94E5-9D4A48982857.jpg 267x189 6kB)
>>28343280 I’m 19 and would have had at least 40K in my second month of crypto if I just held my coin, but I just had to go buy GME. Now I’m down to $2K and starting from scratch

1 hours later 28344591 Anonymous (mybuddyron.jpg 454x322 48kB)
Hello fellow /biz/nessmen, I'm just starting my coin collection by selling some of my low performing stocks in my 401k. How do I buy these coins you are all so excited about? About to retire here soon and it seems a good investment. I already have some dollar Susan B. Anthony coins and a variety of Indian pennies. What is your favorite coin? Funny thing about Indian pennies, there's to major groups of them based on what alloys they are composed of, are there any of these cryptocurrency coins with different alloys? My personal favorite is the early 1859 Indian Penny which was 12% nickel and a whoopping 88% copper! Today's pennies are zinc and as my granddaughter says "weak sauce". I'm looking for really high % composition cryptocurrency for collecting purposes to put next to my Indian Head Pennies. Got a space all picked out in the den. I'm also looking into this new coin currency because of corona. My neighbor Bill says that the corona is going to tank the stock market soon and that's why he sold all his stocks and is buying silver bars now. That Bill is a card, I tell ya. I helped him refinish is boat last fall and we found some reefer cigarettes in the bilge. He claimed they weren't his but I'm pretty sure him and his huzzy wife are smoking the devil's lettuce out there on the lake. Anyway, good luck you young folks in your coin acquistions. Here's a picture of my buddy Ron, he's a straight shooter. -Jim

1 hours later 28344788 Anonymous
>>28338000 Checked, you can look at various coins or stocks that look like crab claws and play on those. Another idea is since a bunch of new people are getting in to crypto suddenly, pick the coin with the best looking logo because a bunch of others will probably do that too. Also be aware of transaction fees to exchange back into USD if you need to, they can be exorbitant.

1 hours later 28344792 Anonymous
>>28338000 >If you want no lurk moar faggot

1 hours later 28344844 Anonymous
>>28344591 >>28344584 >>28344581 >>28344439 >>28342584 >>28342028 >>28341694 >>28341677 >>28341573 >>28341424 >>28341159 Stoo buying crypto you fat retards. Buy actual stocks. Or if youre poor FUCK OFF AND DIE or GET A JOB AND LOSE WEIGHT.

1 hours later 28344918 Anonymous
>>28338000 Buy reef a 3 cents hold and sell at 25 cents >>28338261 No you didn't

1 hours later 28344924 Anonymous
>>28343280 I would’ve been worth 40K when Shiba was up but I got greedy and didn’t sell. So now I’m back at the beginning. >>28344584 Look at this dip as a blessing in disguise. Now you can start from the absolute bottom so there’s nowhere to go but up. Starting from scratch can be a good thing. It’s like a game. It can be fun.

1 hours later 28345069 Anonymous
>>28344844 >real stocks are for the birds >goes to the gym 5 times a week >work as a senior quality and insights analyst go eat a dick

1 hours later 28345319 Anonymous
>>28344924 >It’s like a game. It can be fun. I know. I’m treating as such. It’s like I had leveled up to the max then my character was stripped of all his supplies and weapons.

1 hours later 28345333 Anonymous
>>28338000 Do not fucking buy Rubic it is an Indian scammer coin and they will rugpull you. Buy something in the top 100 with a lot of growth potential in the next week that's tanked for the last few days like ALPHA or HBAR. Good luck little Anon.

1 hours later 28346013 Anonymous
>>28345333 My son you must choose

1 hours later 28346362 Anonymous
>>28338000 >>28346013 >>28345333 buy REEF and thank me later when it goes to $0.50 per reefy

1 hours later 28346979 Anonymous (1609935737228.png 710x675 269kB)
>>28338000 buy kleros, its cheap right now

1 hours later 28347039 Anonymous
>>28338092 GRT was a pajeet pnd

1 hours later 28347862 Anonymous
>>28346979 I’ve Been watching Kleros. Shits been crabbing forever. >>28345319 Just look at this way. We’ve got room for maybe 2 or 3 more meme scam coins. Just get a quick 2x in each and watch as you just got a 32x in maybe a week.

1 hours later 28348148 Anonymous
>>28338000 Buying crypto is not investing, its gambling. Learn the difference.

1 hours later 28348158 Anonymous
>>28338000 You want to make it? Don't apply for any loans, work in 2-3 jobs every day. Do side jobs even if it requires kneepads. Never listen to moralfags, they don't want you to make it. Put all of that into your crypto/stock market account.

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