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2021-02-10 12:57 28244378 Anonymous (EGfM0dDXoAM_p5Y.png 645x773 386kB)
>tfw missed the crypto train

1 min later 28244470 Anonymous
Habibi..... Do you know.... how trains work? A train will always return to wherever it came from ;)

7 min later 28245050 Anonymous (tenor (57).gif 220x165 686kB)
>>28244470 Not this crypto train ayri feek

8 min later 28245166 Anonymous
>>28244378 There's still a 60-100x left in bitcoin if you got patience.

17 min later 28245951 Anonymous
Still got a few years lad, if you're a yank though you've probably only got 12 months

18 min later 28246004 Anonymous
>>28244378 ARE YOU DUMB HOGE IS GONNA 1000x

20 min later 28246211 Anonymous
>>28244378 not at all

22 min later 28246415 Anonymous
You can buy in now before BTC hits 400k. We can all make it frens

24 min later 28246554 Anonymous
>>28246415 Cash app is still processing from yesterday, and my betting agency is still processing my test bitcoin transaction. Shit is backed up big time.

24 min later 28246567 Anonymous
>>28244378 This post is from 5 years in the future

25 min later 28246594 Anonymous
>>28245166 More than that, it's literally completely relative to how many dollars the type into existence and we all know that number HAS to keep going up.

26 min later 28246692 Anonymous
i don't even know how to buy crypto. i looked at a ledger device but don't get it.

27 min later 28246777 Anonymous (1540474669575.jpg 1024x898 296kB)
>>28244378 It's not too late you just need to beliEVE https://medium.com/devery-io/devery js-web-of-trust-integration-nonce-m anager-e6b2aa0f988c

27 min later 28246790 Anonymous (IMG_2001.jpg 1074x2803 195kB)
>>28244378 The 0xBitcoin train hasn't left the station.

27 min later 28246846 Anonymous
>>28244378 new crypto coins will be coming out for many years, if not decades. It's never too late, but the earlier the market the easier the money to make.

29 min later 28246934 Anonymous
>>28246790 What is this token shit I don’t get it

29 min later 28246967 Anonymous
Get on the HOGE train ffs. This is going to 100x soon. It's potential is astronomical.

32 min later 28247203 Anonymous
>>28246777 http://godshoot.com/ --> Powered by Devery

32 min later 28247206 Anonymous
>>28245166 what happen when tx fees are $970?

32 min later 28247239 Anonymous (IMG_2002.jpg 1010x1422 443kB)
>>28246934 It's the first mineable token built on Ethereum. Vitalik asked for this in a now deleted tweet. >0xBitcoin

33 min later 28247351 Anonymous
>>28246934 It's just as dumb as it looks. hashpower that does nothing for security, only for distribution.

34 min later 28247418 Anonymous (brainlet wojack.jpg 645x773 56kB)
i am trying learning about crypto and want to dollar cost average with bitcoin for a few months. what wallet should I use? i hate my phone and pretty much only use my desktop, is this a bad idea? I have an old laptop, should I use it as a node?

36 min later 28247581 Anonymous
>>28247351 It's secure by Ethereum. Can't get better than that. It can't be 51% attacked. Try it. Mining for distribution is the fair approach. No ico, no air drop. And if it's so dumb create your own.

37 min later 28247644 Anonymous
>>28247239 >identity Sirs? It is time.

38 min later 28247803 Anonymous
>>28244378 >BTC 100k this year >tfw (you) missed the crypto train again kek

39 min later 28247862 Anonymous
>>28244378 Chainlink bro

39 min later 28247882 Anonymous (TheRubic.png 1453x2000 3367kB)
>>28246934 It's bitcoin on the Ethereum network. Very cheap right now and hasn't been doing good for a while, This is when you want to buy even 20$ or whatever. I never buy during pumps or bull markets and my blockfolio just broke 100k, I make 60k a year working overtime and got scammed into buying a house by an ex-gf so 100k is a lot too me. I also hold BTC, ETHER, LINK, GRT, and RUBIC on top of 0xBitcoin, BTC is the number one must though, I cost averaged it through the last bear market by putting 300 in a month on top of my initial investment in early 2017.

39 min later 28247883 Anonymous
>>28247418 Node? I don't even know what that means and I have mid 6 figures in crypto. Just buy a hardware wallet and buy the established cryptos from Coinbase or whatever and send them to Hardware wallet every once in a while. Literally all you have to do. You can keep small amounts on Coinbase or other exchanges but remember that they could fuck something up and then you lose your shit.

41 min later 28248042 Anonymous
its not too late! buy this promising new crypto that will go from nothing to 3 dollars at the end of the week! you just have to pay 6 billion eth on gas fees.

43 min later 28248198 Anonymous
>>28244378 GRT is calling

43 min later 28248261 Anonymous
>>28247418 Coinbase or rh

44 min later 28248316 Anonymous
>>28248042 Not knowing about all the layer 2 tech already out.

44 min later 28248332 Anonymous (screenshot.png 1210x732 140kB)
>>28244378 But anon, you're just in time for the big short.

46 min later 28248498 Anonymous (defi layers.png 768x400 34kB)
>>28244378 defi is just getting started. it's 1993 and you're saying you missed the internet train. shit hasn't even begun.

46 min later 28248517 Anonymous
>>28247883 >>28248261 So coinbase in an online wallet you interact with through the browser? And what do you mean transfer to your hard wallet? I don't understand this if the bitcoin is on the block chain what are you sending to your hard wallet?

47 min later 28248520 Anonymous
>>28244378 Still time for the Gold Silver train

48 min later 28248629 Anonymous (1543063205541.gif 720x1234 1277kB)
>get into crypto 2 weeks ago >invest 1400 into eth and cardano >up $400 I AM GONNA MAKE IT BOYS

49 min later 28248731 Anonymous (IMG_20210107_194726_515.jpg 638x480 40kB)
Not too late for EVE

51 min later 28248865 Anonymous
>>28247882 Wow that’s impressive, I just bought into btc, put my first $150 yesterday right when it was ATH >:( Been a poorfag my entire life, hoping to change that Thinking of putting 5-10% of my wage on every fortnight

52 min later 28249004 Anonymous
>>28248865 Sounds good anon

53 min later 28249019 Anonymous
>>28244378 op if this aint bait you gutta realize this thread gets posted every year for the past ten plus years

53 min later 28249056 Anonymous
tfw own literally zero in crypto

54 min later 28249157 Anonymous
>>28245166 Yeah, in 100 years.

55 min later 28249206 Anonymous
Uranium is the next boom

57 min later 28249333 Anonymous
>>28248517 Dont use robinhood. You don't own the coins

1 hours later 28249692 Anonymous (f13.jpg 637x476 38kB)
I put $500 into various coins several years ago and lost it all. There's so many damn "This coin does X and Y, this is really useful, it's gonna moon!" threads and I guess I just trusted the wrong ones.

1 hours later 28249809 Anonymous
>>28249692 Bro it sounds like you're just gambling but trying to make it sound really sophisticated.

1 hours later 28249832 Anonymous
>>28244378 It’s just getting started, brother. Saying you’ve missed the crypto train right now is like saying you missed the tech boom in 1995.

1 hours later 28249851 Anonymous
>>28249809 I didn't say anything incorrect.

1 hours later 28249857 Anonymous
>>28248517 Coinbase is an exchange for normies like you. You transfer your money there and buy coins. It also functions as a wallet but you won't be in full control as Coinbase could potentially fuck up. A hardware wallet is a small device that produces keys for a crypto wallet securely, without them ever being on a computer or online. It is a very secure way of managing your keys. The most common hardware wallets are Ledger and Trezor.

1 hours later 28250124 Anonymous
>>28245050 Ksmk

1 hours later 28250245 Anonymous
I have mixed feelings about this topic desu. I just got out of poverty wages and renting into comfy middle wage life with family providing housing and a job. I feel COMPELLED to make as much money as possible off of crypto in this bull run as I’m doing my research but at the same time I want to establish an emergency fund and pay my debts. I am comforted by the fact that there will be an inevitable crash of some sort and will just have to hope I can hop in fully then. Until then I shall DCA into GRT and hope I can make a 5k delegation before it hits $2

1 hours later 28250886 Anonymous
Im so sick of being poor jesus fucking christ. Starting tomorrow i can only afford 1 meal a day and i see all this people cashing in crypto.. This is soul crushing

1 hours later 28250925 Anonymous
>>28245166 Who will pay those btc fees? On the other hand there is monero.

1 hours later 28251083 Anonymous
>>28245050 It is over, kos umak.

1 hours later 28251209 Anonymous
>>28244378 How do you even get bitcoin at this point? Doesn't it cost $37,000 per or some shit?

1 hours later 28251280 Anonymous
>>28251209 Sorry bro, you're not gonna make it

1 hours later 28251510 Anonymous
>>28251280 I have no understanding of crypto, I have literally never once looked into it before. But I want to know now.

1 hours later 28251564 Anonymous
>>28251209 if it was worth $0.37 and guaranteed to be worth $2.30 would you buy in?

1 hours later 28251902 Anonymous
>>28244378 LTC or AVAX?

1 hours later 28252109 Anonymous
>>28244378 >Bitcoin PLUMMETS to just $500,000!

1 hours later 28252162 Anonymous

1 hours later 28252199 Anonymous
>>28246554 >Cash app Oh

1 hours later 28252282 Anonymous
>>28244378 Buddy I had 15k in the bank 6 months ago and thought "I should put this all in btc and eth at least". Instead I bought a car with cash because I didn't want to pay financing fees and shit. I've been kicking myself over and over again.

1 hours later 28252287 Anonymous (14EA7373-8190-4ED0-8100-80D6B40A5F98.jpg 900x1350 327kB)
>>28244378 anon, I felt “late” buying LINK at $2.00. I felt “late” topping off my ETH at $440. I felt “late” getting into AAVE at $280. if you take the time to really learn crypto, and understand the benefits of Bitcoin vs. fiat, smart contracts & decentralized finance... you’ll realize we’re just getting started.

1 hours later 28252527 Anonymous (8dollars.jpg 750x279 34kB)
>>28244378 yeah you missed it, might as well kys

1 hours later 28252568 Anonymous
>>28244378 We've still got another 3-4 months before this bullrun ends. But if you don't want to risk it, stick around and sponge up as much knowledge as you fucking can. So when we reach bottom after the crash, you'll be in a prime position to start trading.

1 hours later 28252693 Anonymous
you missed nothing dude, you're still early

1 hours later 28252851 Anonymous
>>28252109 Who will pay those 50 usd fees per bitcoin transaction moonboy? On the other hand there is monero with adaptive tx fees. Read it up.

1 hours later 28252936 Anonymous
>>28248865 Do it anon and you will make it. You will be shocked at how little you miss that 5-10% because most of us piss that money away without thinking about it and nothing to show for it

1 hours later 28252993 Anonymous (Bitcoin.jpg 1024x1104 102kB)
>>28248629 Congrats dude. Start stacking sats while you're at it as well to get ready for the rocket ride from the Moon to Mars...

1 hours later 28253062 Anonymous
>>28252287 this. i felt like an idiot taking my christmas money and putting it all in ETH at $500, but i was quickly shown what a smart move it was. there is literally no top on crypto now that tesla bought in

1 hours later 28253066 Anonymous
>>28244378 it hasnt even left

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