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2021-02-10 12:35 28242385 Anonymous $100,000 isn’t a lot of money (3AD9520F-1630-4049-967C-2DA5DE9427FF.jpg 653x564 50kB)
Is it? At what point should we feel proud of ourselves? Is having 100k at 25 years of age poorfag tier?

0 min later 28242455 Anonymous
>>28242385 You need to have a mili. You need to. Keep working hard until you get there then the real fun can begin.

1 min later 28242518 Anonymous
>>28242455 I only have 53k and I’m 25. At what age should I have a million by to be considered not a loser?

1 min later 28242525 Anonymous
>>28242385 >Is having 100k at 25 years of age poorfag tier? I'm 23yo and I have 125k. It's good irl but for /biz/ is shit tier

2 min later 28242661 Anonymous
>>28242385 in my 24 years, I've only met one person in my age group with more than 10k. i think i need new friends >t. 15k

3 min later 28242691 Anonymous
>>28242385 20 years old with 238k (thank you Sergey) but I still feel like a total loser.

3 min later 28242726 Anonymous
>>28242525 How’d you do it? >>28242661 Are you guys college educated? What background do you come from? Are you from the US?

4 min later 28242811 Anonymous
>>28242518 I just turned 25 and I have about 50k cash, but net worth probably around $250k when I count my businesses and assets As long as your not in debt, you’re fine bro. I know people our age that are negative.

4 min later 28242813 Anonymous
>>28242455 >7 figure hell >real fun kek, I'm a third worlder with 2.77mm$ in link and I feel poor

4 min later 28242826 Anonymous
>>28242385 that's at least 50,000 mcchickens

6 min later 28242937 Anonymous
>>28242525 >for /biz/ is shit tier Says who? Most people on this board are 4 to 5 figure poorfags.

7 min later 28243011 Anonymous
>>28242385 if you have 100k in crypto now you can come out with a couple mill by the end of the bull not a bad start if you are smart with your money

10 min later 28243284 Anonymous
>>28242385 Feel proud of every achievement, celebrate the milestones. Set yourself goals and rewards. Don't forget to pay your taxes.

10 min later 28243356 Anonymous
>>28242726 Chainlink, kek >>28242937 Most of the people on net worth and portofolio threads have high 6 figures

13 min later 28243693 Anonymous
>>28242811 This, I hit 30 debt free having spent my 20s in a job that pays 100k+. I didn't save and I got a car loan I didn't need. Then got a mortgage and lost my job. If you have no debt your gonna make it. Don't do what I did.

14 min later 28243734 Anonymous
$100,000 isn't a lot of money Try telling that to starving kids in Ethiopia. Jesus Fucking Christ Almighty the greediness of Westerners knows no bounds.

14 min later 28243749 Anonymous
Absolutely everyone I know is just swimming in debt and getting in even more debt. Even the ones that have more than decent salaries. If you have 100K and no debt, you are better than 99.99% of people

15 min later 28243834 Anonymous
>>28242385 Yep there’s plenty of wagies your age making over 100k a year

15 min later 28243848 Anonymous
>>28243734 Cost of living is so much higher here. 100k is enough to live comfortably for 1 year.

15 min later 28243849 Anonymous
>>28243734 >dude le think of the africans xD

16 min later 28243915 Anonymous
>>28242726 I'm 25 w 145k. Chainlink just like everyone else. I'm from a poor working class background

16 min later 28243925 Anonymous (1593655894204.png 480x480 46kB)
>>28242385 25 100k/yr 150k net worth

17 min later 28243997 Anonymous (94aa8fP.jpg 600x315 32kB)
How do I reach 100k with 50k (can only invest 10k tho)? How do I escape wageslavery?

17 min later 28244004 Anonymous
>>28242518 Dude I'm not telling you to get complacent but most peeps your age are hundreds of thousands in debt with no skills or plan

17 min later 28244040 Anonymous
>>28242661 24 is arguably too young to be a good measurement. Most people are barely out of school at that age and are at least partially in debt for student loans/first cars/etc.

17 min later 28244054 Anonymous
>>28242385 $600K in my opinion.

17 min later 28244058 Anonymous
>>28242385 It isn't due to the incoming hyperinflation you need 9% apr to compete with inflation. There will be loads of millionaires very soon but will spend it all on bullshit and then we will crash. Do not ever think you made it until their is legitimate fear and you have no worries, then you will have generational wealth if you time the bottom properly.

18 min later 28244115 Anonymous
>>28242385 I honestly can't tell if it's poorfag tier. I'm 25 too with 100k most of it in crypto. I can't imagine that most of the people in our age bracket have this but at the same time i feel like a loser.

22 min later 28244451 Anonymous
It's pretty simply dude. 100,000 net worth isn't rich. 100,000 annual return is rich (well not really, but by normal people standards it is).

28 min later 28245070 Anonymous
21 and have 15k. How to make it? Long blue chip holds or a bunch of 2-3x in shit coins?

38 min later 28245896 Anonymous
>>28244115 >but at the same time i feel like a loser. thats what being on biz 24/7 does to you

39 min later 28245993 Anonymous
>>28242385 holy shit nearly broke my monitor trying to get that fly

45 min later 28246488 Anonymous
100k is nothing if you don't own a house, car, or hold a job making you at least 40k a year. Not trying to be a debby downer but your 100k means nothing if you're just a /biz/ NEET.

45 min later 28246527 Anonymous
>>28243848 Nah don't be a dumbass American we don't all have $1000 car payments every month. Most normal westerners 1st worlds have sub $30k USD salaries. That's 3+ years of the same standard of living then.

47 min later 28246693 Anonymous
>>28242518 Sorry, bro. If you didn't hit your first million by 16, you're basically retarded.

48 min later 28246746 Anonymous
If you're more powerful than Jacob Rothschild you have the right to feel pride, otherwise shut the fuck up goy. If you can't dial a number and within SECONDS the president of a major country falls over dead from a heart attack, you're nothing.

49 min later 28246872 Anonymous
>>28243734 Ethiopia isn't that bad, pretty sure they have Doordash over there. Now Mali, that's somewhere people struggle. Can't grow okra in sand

50 min later 28246940 Anonymous
>>28246693 This. Have fun working at McDs into old age OP.

51 min later 28247023 Anonymous
>>28242811 I'm 35 and only finally positive. All of my 20s wasted in debt, paying for an ex-fianceé who didn't appreciate shit. Never get into debt. It's terrible.

51 min later 28247041 Anonymous
>>28242385 Whenever you feel comfortable. My immediate goal is to wipe out my immediate families debts. About 80k. Then I want to buy a nice car, a property, some cool toys and just invest whatever else I make in life. I’ve got about 60k in assets and about 10k in the cash. I’ve got a ways to go but I just put most of my money in investments now. Cryptos are going to be worth everything soon. Doesn’t matter if it’s a shit coin. Eventually it’ll hit a big number.

53 min later 28247178 Anonymous
>>28243356 Because those people HAVE something to brag about lmao.

58 min later 28247638 Anonymous
Most people are hundreds of thousand of dollars deep in student loan debt. Don’t forget the credit card debt, paying off car loans along with renting shitty apartments living paycheck to paycheck. 100k to 99% of people in the U.S would be a literal dream to them. Most celebrate when they get away with $100 after a paycheck. I’m 19 with 67K in eth after that Shiba pump and I feel rich af cuz I don’t have anything I want to buy, nor do I owe anyone anything. Just dropped out of college and I’m debt free. I’m also gonna live with my mom till I’m 30 just accoomulating crypto cash. gonna hit 10 million by 25 and I’ll just be a NEET after that bro.

1 hours later 28247798 Anonymous
>>28242385 Ye

1 hours later 28248010 Anonymous
>>28247638 good luck young friend, wish you the best t 27 yrs old w/ 300k in crypto

1 hours later 28248151 Anonymous
Something like 50% of Americans 30 and under have $500 or less in their bank account and most probably have debt. You spend too much time around us Biz Chads.

1 hours later 28248464 Anonymous
>>28242385 You're doing fine.

1 hours later 28248651 Anonymous
>>28248010 Thanks bro. I’ve gotten pretty good at timing all these shitcoins honestly. They usually come out, do a pump, crash, then they slowly get you atleast a 2x. It’s like a money printer bro. I’m glad I got into crypto before the govt comes in and rapes it. Once I hit 100K which should take maybe a month. I’ll dump all of that into legitimately stable coins like link, Bitcoin, and eth. By 25 I should be at atleast 1 million.

1 hours later 28249293 Anonymous
>>28243284 How do amerisharts even pay taxes on crypto these days? Only when we cash out or what the fuck

1 hours later 28249721 Anonymous
>>28246488 this is true

1 hours later 28249802 Anonymous
>>28242385 Pretty solid for a 25yr old that didn't inherit it. You're on the right path.

1 hours later 28249837 Anonymous
>>28247638 >Just dropped out of college why? get a fucking education you retard.

1 hours later 28249944 Anonymous
>>28249837 >college >education >not developing a marketable skill

1 hours later 28250132 Anonymous
>>28249944 >developing a marketable skill being a useless tendy eating NEET isn't a marketable skill

1 hours later 28250284 Anonymous
I just got out of school and paid off 27k in student loans and now have 15k in crypto and 8k in the bank. i'm 25. i feel like i've made good progress and i am not in debt anymore. i hope that by eoy i have at least 100k in crypto

1 hours later 28250371 Anonymous
>>28250132 i'm talking about skilled trades you projecting faggot

1 hours later 28250454 Anonymous
>>28242385 You guys are fags. I just want $200-300k so I can move into the Romanian country side and grow my own food and play videogames all day in my tiny house.

1 hours later 28250472 Anonymous
>>28250190 lol good one

1 hours later 28250575 Anonymous
>>28242385 shut the fuck up, i have 517$ at 19yo

1 hours later 28250621 Anonymous
>>28242385 Anon, by making 50K a year at 30+ I am making more money then 80% of people my age. I imagine its even worse for younger people. You are not rich with 100k, but you have already beat out like 90% of people around you. reinvest the money, or if your investments are already solid for long term, keep holding. Do not blow this money on stupid fucking shit like a car.

1 hours later 28250649 Anonymous
>>28242385 I thinked there was a fly on my screen

1 hours later 28250734 Anonymous
>>28242813 Hey you can emigrate to the US now and actually live ok here. Come party with us bro.

1 hours later 28250742 Anonymous
>>28250371 kek, one day ill be hiring your retarded dropout ass to do my handywork for me. only a retard drops out of university either because they got bamboozled into some shitty useless woman tiered program or they are too retarded to do well in a good program

1 hours later 28250806 Anonymous
>>28243749 No debt gang

1 hours later 28250808 Anonymous
>>28244004 seriously underrated take. Whenever I start to feel like a loser I think of the debt nearly all of my friends are in and I feel better.

1 hours later 28250824 Anonymous
>>28250742 wtf. i'm graduated and working.

1 hours later 28250846 Anonymous
>>28250742 I love hearing you faggots cry about your 800 dollar bill for 3 hours of service

1 hours later 28250891 Anonymous
>>28242518 >At what age should I have a million by to be considered not a loser? if you wonder this, you'll be a loser as a millionaire at any age. money doesn't dictate whether you're a loser or not. only betas, jews, pajeets, and retards think otherwise.

1 hours later 28250996 Anonymous
>>28244004 >most peeps your age are hundreds of thousands in debt Kek, no. What, you think most 25 year olds have $100k+ of student loan debt or something?

1 hours later 28251009 Anonymous
>>28250824 are you just a screeching attention seeking faggot then? >>28249944 >calls me out for saying stay in school >>28250284 >i just got out of school with the above context implying you dropped out. wtf was even your original point faggot?

1 hours later 28251103 Anonymous
>>28247638 >Most people are hundreds of thousand of dollars deep in student loan debt. wut

1 hours later 28251175 Anonymous
>like $100 >25 It's over for me isn't it?

1 hours later 28251298 Anonymous
>>28251009 go to trade school not college

1 hours later 28251599 Anonymous
>>28250996 >college in the US >housing in the US yes

1 hours later 28251668 Anonymous
>>28242385 Depends. Are you looking to make it or be drinking dom in a jet with $100k hookers? 100k in bank or liquid is very good at 25. Most adults in the US don’t even have $10k of liquid cash and are one paycheck away from homelessness.

1 hours later 28251755 Anonymous
>>28251104 No one cares about pesos, jose

1 hours later 28251868 Anonymous
>>28251599 mMost Americans who have student loan debt have a lot less than $100k of it. And most 25 year old Americans probably wouldn't be able to take out tens of thousands of dollars in loans for housing expenses even if they wanted to.

1 hours later 28251880 Anonymous
>>28242385 I could buy a fucking house with 100k where I live, instead I'm 30 and only have 20k after years of saving. I want to die.

1 hours later 28251892 Anonymous (flag-of-england-saint-george.jpg 236x156 8kB)
>>28251755 Don't be Jelly. That's pounds pleb

1 hours later 28251948 Anonymous
>>28247041 >wipe out my immediate families debts Do not do this. It will ruin your life

1 hours later 28252098 Anonymous (1612915809674.gif 220x165 39kB)
That's 100kx more than I had at that age. Don't spend it all in one place anon.

1 hours later 28252146 Anonymous
>>28251948 Why anon?

1 hours later 28252268 Anonymous
>>28250734 are you serious? I'm from a shithole, but I have 12.7mm fixed and about 1.4 in crypto, you won't hate me because I'm a foreigner from a shithole country?

1 hours later 28252338 Anonymous
Most Americans aged 25-30 are worth negative dollars.

1 hours later 28252462 Anonymous
>>28242385 4fig SCUMFUCK POORFAG 5fig POORFAG 6fig WELL OFF FAG 7fig MADE IT

2 hours later 28252759 Anonymous
>>28243849 this unironically

2 hours later 28252776 Anonymous
>>28252146 Not him, but it will often have unintended consequences. To you, you are allieviating uneeded debt which isnt terrible, but your family may respond to it in a variety of ways; most of them negatively. Either they become dependent on your new riches and will ask you for money to bail them out of save them again if they go down the hole. Both strip you of your ability to accrue capital and will slow you down even more. If your folks are headstrong , they can also see it as shameful to rely on a family member to pay off their dues. The feeling of obligation/servitude will make them feel guilty and more frustrated over time and will cause unneccesary strains in your relationship

2 hours later 28252790 Anonymous
>>28251868 You underestimate how poorly educated on money most Americans are. Really, poorly educated is an upgrade, most know NOTHING about money, as schools intentionally don’t teach about it to get people in debt traps the moment they graduate. Sure John might only have $40k in school debt at 22, but when will he pay that off making the minimum payment every month? Oh wait, he never will. But he doesn’t know better

2 hours later 28252859 Anonymous
100k with no debt is actually more than most people will ever see. That doesn't mean get complacent though.

2 hours later 28252873 Anonymous
>>28242385 bro having 6 figures in your 20s at the start of the golden bull run is just straight up ngmi tier

2 hours later 28252923 Anonymous
>>28252790 sure, my point is that the two posts in this thread claiming that most 25 year old Americans have >100k$ in debt are total bullshit

2 hours later 28252941 Anonymous
>>28250996 anon, i...

2 hours later 28253007 Anonymous
My right eyelid twitches a bit when I read Threads like these. You absolute greedy motherfuckers. I hope you all lose all your money and start over with 1k€

2 hours later 28253024 Anonymous
>>28250996 commonly known as normies also niggers have a lot of debt, even niggers that go to college and are out of it for some years

2 hours later 28253311 Anonymous
>>28252146 Letting your family know you have money is a huge mistake. It’s weird how this works, you could roll up to family dinner in a Lambo and there won’t be an issue. But once you start actually letting them have some money, it’s going to start causing you problems. Next time they get in debt (and they will), guess who will be expected to make that all better? If it’s your mom and dad, that’s fair. Do ask them first though. I wouldn’t branch out any further

2 hours later 28253484 Anonymous
100000 is life changing amount to a good chunk of the population. thats enough to move anywhere you want, start fresh, pay off car payments and put a down payment on a home. not many people get that kind of chance all at once.

2 hours later 28253515 Anonymous
>>28242385 $100k at 25 is better than 99% of 25 year Olds. Good job you should.be proud. I didn't make my first $100k till I was 30. I wasted the majority of my 20s smoking weed and being lazy.

2 hours later 28253544 Anonymous (9BC5863E-22D0-49D7-A4FD-1543C84E2B95.jpg 1536x1229 103kB)
OP here, I did a little digging. I’m college educated and under 35 so I’m actually far, far behind people my age with a net worth of 53k.

2 hours later 28253606 Anonymous
>>28252923 “Most” is a little misleading, but don’t sell short how many Americans at age 25 have already reached 6 figures in debt. Those with 5 figures is absolutely at “most” tier. It affects people of all backgrounds >college kids with their student loans >anyone with a credit card >military kids who dump their sign up bonus into a sports car for 27% APR Debt builds up fast, and a lot of people don’t realize that till they swim in it

2 hours later 28253607 Anonymous
>>28242661 Youre falling for obvious larps dude

2 hours later 28253667 Anonymous
>>28253007 And they'll make it all over again in a couple of years

2 hours later 28253772 Anonymous
>>28253544 Wtf is this

2 hours later 28253776 Anonymous
>>28253544 >that huge 55-64 dip What went wrong there?

2 hours later 28253880 Anonymous
>>28253776 Divorce

2 hours later 28253928 Anonymous
>>28253007 I wish I had 1k euros to invest.

2 hours later 28254333 Anonymous
being born into a poor family your a fucking idiot op. your insanely lucky and smart to be at that age and any worth over 10k.

2 hours later 28254386 Anonymous
I'm 25 and have €80k in crypto so in USD I'd be in 6 figure hell. Funny how when I was younger if I seen someone win that amount of money on a gameshow I'd think it's a mindblowing amount of money. I don't feel much different now than I did a year ago when my net worth was €20k other than having the comfort of knowing that I wont need to worry about working for the forseeable future since my living expenses would not exceed €10k per year. I just base my life around my fitness goals now and making some youtube videos for fun

2 hours later 28254474 Anonymous
>>28243734 >Try telling that to starving kids in Ethiopia I don't think that niglets can comprehend human speech

2 hours later 28254517 Anonymous
>>28242661 Late 20's. Most my early 20's I did not have much to my name. Generally keep doing what you are doing, make sure you money is keeping up with the rising costs.

2 hours later 28254566 Anonymous
>>28242385 Just to let everyone know that everyone starts off differently. If you're 25 with $100k and you came from a wealthy family you aren't trying. If you're 25 with $100k and you came from a middle class family then you got a good life ahead of you If you're 25 with $100k and you came from a poor family, you're based. This also implies no debt

2 hours later 28254972 Anonymous
>>28254566 >24 yrs >raised and still living in government housing >100k in crypto >thank u kind sir

2 hours later 28255032 Anonymous
The richest man is he who is happiest with the least. All those people you know drowning in debt aren't happy even eth the material prosperity a good income can afford. The purpose of money is security, not possessions. Continue to pursue maximizing your net worth because that security matters to you.

2 hours later 28255080 Anonymous
>>28242385 21 with 500k and still feel like a failure

2 hours later 28255126 Anonymous
>>28242385 It is and it isn't. If you save it and invest wisely even that much will be worth a lot in a few years. If you blow it all on stupid shit it will be gone in a minute.

2 hours later 28255139 Anonymous
>>28245070 Algorand, all in. Enjoy steady 7.25% APY and if you forget you bought in, In 5 years you will never have to work a day in your life again.

2 hours later 28255450 Anonymous
>>28242455 >tfw 850k net worth god this is so true, so close i can taste it

2 hours later 28255464 Anonymous
>>28253544 considering I don't have rich parents and got no inheritance from my dead grandparents I feel decent about being worth >100k at 27. it's obvious the mean is dragged up by spoiled rich kids

2 hours later 28255961 Anonymous
>>28242385 2.5 million than you can be proud

2 hours later 28256037 Anonymous (1612764714030.gif 496x276 2466kB)
>>28247638 >college dropout living with his mother >not a NEET

2 hours later 28256182 Anonymous (1594566284576.jpg 333x500 34kB)
>>28252268 He's a faggot. We will ABSOLUTELY hate you. Never come here.

2 hours later 28256279 Anonymous
>>28256182 ok im packing bags and going to texas

2 hours later 28256415 Anonymous
>will be 20 in one month >quarter milli net worth >family poor as fuck, couldn't even afford to pay our own rent for several years feels good to be soon to make it brehs. thirsty for that milli.

2 hours later 28256475 Anonymous
>>28242385 Its nice seed money to srat investing.

2 hours later 28256574 Anonymous
Well our grandparents were supporting kids and had what are now million dollar homes paid off mid to late 20s so... Literally millionaire before 30 maybbee

2 hours later 28256587 Anonymous
>>28242518 Probably 30 or 35. By that point you should be finished with school and well established in your career.

2 hours later 28256717 Anonymous
>>28256574 anon you know things were not the same then

2 hours later 28256718 Anonymous
You realize that there exist multiple areas between "poorfag" and "set for life" right

2 hours later 28256882 Anonymous
>>28243693 Based wisdom

2 hours later 28257086 Anonymous
>>28251868 >student loans >new iphones >crazy car payments >shitty liberal arts degree >making 40k in a big city. >someone goes out every week to bars just described your average 25 year old.

2 hours later 28257098 Anonymous
25 >80k crypto >35k cash >25k roth 401k >20k in records/shoes/collectibles >0 debt ive never typed this out before. maybe i am doing okay. maybe i am going to make it. thank you friends

3 hours later 28257357 Anonymous
Stop comparing. Like how many of these rich guys come from rich families? Like 95 procent or something. Just earn enough to get as comfortable as possible.

3 hours later 28257470 Anonymous
>>28243848 I could live at my current lifestyle which is lower mid level cozy for three years on 100k. Not overextending yourself makes all the difference.

3 hours later 28258195 Anonymous
>>28257357 Seriously, if there's anything i've learned on my 30+ years on this planet it's this. 99% of rich people have just had things handed to them or been lucky enough to be in a very specific set of circumstances that most people never had the chance of being in.

3 hours later 28258300 Anonymous
>>28257098 >shoes Gross brown found.

3 hours later 28258381 Anonymous
>>28242385 it isn't alot of money. life is pain. when steaking

3 hours later 28258450 Anonymous
>>28257357 Over 95% of “generational wealth” is gone by the third generation. The muhhh rich parents is a meme. People go in and out of upper class all the time. There are VERY few select families that have maintained generational wealth longer than 5 generations.

3 hours later 28258467 Anonymous
>>28242385 If you are a survivalist, 100K is fine. You just have to learn to grow food, buy some solar panle and stuff, being autonomous as much as possible

3 hours later 28258576 Anonymous
>>28258195 I never understood why poor people don’t just inherit money

3 hours later 28258760 Anonymous
>>28250190 Lol they wont give you it cause no one likes a fucking beggar.

3 hours later 28259084 Anonymous
>>28253484 tfw when living in sydney and median house price is 1m+

3 hours later 28259241 Anonymous
>>28253007 poors aren't welcome on biz. go drink your malt liquor somewhere else.

3 hours later 28259301 Anonymous
>>28258450 why is this? Does inheritance dilute family wealth?

3 hours later 28259418 Anonymous
>35 >Blew my 20s on videogames and eating out >All these multi-hundred-K and millionaires in their 20s Please be lies

3 hours later 28259520 Anonymous
26 nearing 600k worth with ~120k income and little to no debt or expenses. I don't know a single person under 30 with even 100k. do NOT tell anyone you have that money

3 hours later 28259751 Anonymous
>>28242518 Who cares? Just make bank and be happy.

3 hours later 28259920 Anonymous
>>28259520 >do NOT tell anyone you have that money This is good advice. Even family can turn against you if they know you have money. What they don't know can't hurt them. Unless your family is also well off, in that case it should be safe to tell them.

3 hours later 28260085 Anonymous
>>28259301 your children grow up differently and may be financial morons. For instance: my gf is one of 3 siblings, and their family owns multiple properties and a large chunk of change. instead of growing the wealth, it has been lived off of. the grandmother is a miser, the mother is a merchant, and the 3 siblings are financial illiterates. Training has not been passed down to manage the estate that will exist, and without proper financial guidance, they will divide the properties and likely sell them all off. None of the relatives that married into the family are "money-men" except for potentially me. Without guidance, that money disappears with my gf's generation. It takes strong traditions and a strong family unit to manage a large estate and keep the assets within the family. That's what I mean to do.

3 hours later 28260627 Anonymous
>>28259920 Exactly. If anyone asks, you're living paycheck to paycheck

3 hours later 28260892 Anonymous
>>28257098 >>20 k in records/shoes/collectibles let's be real here. You're not going to sell those things, you love them too much.

3 hours later 28260895 Anonymous
>>28251668 >Most adults in the US don’t even have $10k of liquid cash and are one paycheck away from homelessness. This is why a diesel truck and tow behind camper are the first things you should buy with your crypto as soon as you have the gains to do so

3 hours later 28260970 Anonymous
>>28259520 How do you know everyone else isn’t lying like you?

3 hours later 28261074 Anonymous
>>28253515 >I wasted the majority of my 20s smoking weed and being lazy. i did this too, but im a millionaire from this current run :) crypto is magic

3 hours later 28261201 Anonymous
>>28257098 >20k in records/shoes/collectibles You mean $20k in BLM looting proceeds D'quarviante

3 hours later 28261265 Anonymous
>>28254386 What country can you live on 10k euros a year anon?

3 hours later 28261316 Anonymous
>>28242385 I have $3,000 cash, 10oz of silver, $100 I. Stocks... I'm 29, you'll be okay

3 hours later 28261340 Anonymous
>>28259920 yeah my family ate me alive for being the executor to my dad's trust

3 hours later 28261365 Anonymous
>>28247178 Or larp about

3 hours later 28261503 Anonymous (1602953983172.png 440x152 3kB)
i just crossed $2m and still depressed. maybe a 5000w electric bike can save me. just ordered one

3 hours later 28261846 Anonymous
>>28261265 Not him but I live in Finland and could live off of 10k eur a year pretty easily. I'd just have to cook more of my own meals instead of buying premade shit. The reason I could do it is because I have cheap hobbies (mostly video games) and don't buy a lot of expensive stuff.

4 hours later 28261928 Anonymous
>>28261846 > but I live in Finland and could live off of 10k eur a year pretty easily bullshit

4 hours later 28261971 Anonymous
>>28242385 I'm 25 and nearing that. It feels like nothing. Can't buy a house, can't buy a car without wiping out a chunk of your life's savings. 100k is nothing, it's fucking chump change. People piss $100k. The grind is just beginning for men like us OP

4 hours later 28262120 Anonymous
>>28261928 Like I said I'm not a normalfag and have no reason to spend a lot. I live in a commieblock in a not too expensive area.

4 hours later 28262157 Anonymous
>>28242691 20's young man. You have the keys to a great future with that cash and age. Keep stacking it and don't lose it. When the time comes you will understand what that money can become and be used for. T. 22 - 65k with a plan.

4 hours later 28262223 Anonymous
>>28251868 >40k tuition >40k dorm/housing >80k debt + interest that's how normies get 100k in debt

4 hours later 28262264 Anonymous
>>28262120 what do you even eat? less than 1k a month on groceries? i aint buying it pekka

4 hours later 28262774 Anonymous
>>28260085 This is why I dislike when people hate on people like Trump or Musk or even Bezos as much as I hate him, because they came from wealthy backgrounds. First of all you don't just turn a million into a billion by being born. There's a reason their parents are wealthy and they became even wealthier, they weren't retards with their money like most of the population is. My parents were low middle class. If I do well for myself in life, my son could have a pretty good start, better than I had. If I raise him correctly, he may end up much better off than me, and maybe a few generations from now my progeny will become a billionaire. That's how life works. It's a multigenerational effort

4 hours later 28262995 Anonymous
>>28262264 Well groceries are a big expense right now because I don't make my own stuff enough. If I made all my meals myself, I'd spend less than 200 eur a month on groceries. Not even kidding, it's way cheaper to cook for yourself than spending 4-6 euros on a single microwave meal, or 10 euros on fast food.

4 hours later 28263695 Anonymous
>>28262774 you dont turn a million into a billion by being born but you have a much better chance at doing so than if you're born with $0. fuck justifying these pricks

4 hours later 28263877 Anonymous
>>28262223 >dropped out after one semester >rent free with parents >threw all my student loan money into crypto in 2017 BOOM

4 hours later 28264060 Anonymous
>>28246527 Dumbfuck

4 hours later 28264125 Anonymous
>>28250996 Many 25 year olds have $30k+ in loans AND pay rent out the ass. I could never live like that. I will never, ever pay rent.

4 hours later 28264198 Anonymous
>>28263695 just because you grew up with nothing doesn't mean your children have to. if you somehow make it by force of sheer dumb luck, are you going to hate on your son for having a leg up? life isn't fair. grow up.

4 hours later 28264209 Anonymous
>>28264125 What do you do then? If you buy a home you'll still be paying the loan every month

4 hours later 28264422 Anonymous
Gonna tell you what making it is. Have a seat sonny. Making it has no single monetary number attached to it. Making it is the lack of concern. Not having to look at a bank statement when you want something. Not caring if whatever you do for employment cans you. Now whether making it is a billion or 100k is up to you.

4 hours later 28264602 Anonymous
>>28252776 Based >>28253311 Checked Offer to help your parents in other ways, like going on a holiday with them. DO NOT GIVE YOUR FAMILY MONEY

4 hours later 28264768 Anonymous
>>28259084 20% deposit in Melbourne you are looking at a 170k+ cost for a 750k house in the outer suburbs.

4 hours later 28264803 Anonymous
>>28263695 >>28264198 That's my point. What are you doing to set your decendants on that path? Instead these people just complain they didn't get a good start. My point was no, you realistically can't go from dirt poor to billionaire, but you can set your bloodline on that path. If your son starts with $50k, and his $500k, and his with $1,000,000+ then you'd already reached Trump and Bezos status

4 hours later 28265012 Anonymous
>>28242385 I calculated it at the current prices it's 10.000.000$ at this point anything you spend is meaningless unless your a giant faggot

4 hours later 28265073 Anonymous
>>28246693 kinda hard to break it down to him like this

4 hours later 28265200 Anonymous
>>28261503 Congrats, anon. As someone nearly there I hope your recent humble, fitness-related purchase is as enjoyable as mine was.

4 hours later 28265258 Anonymous
>>28264422 >Not caring if whatever you do for employment cans you. this right here is what it means to me. i just wanna work odd jobs here and there and not worry about my financial safety. being obligated to work potential shitty jobs to reach that goal is terrifying

4 hours later 28265445 Anonymous
>>28242385 At 25 I was paycheck to paycheck. At 40 after a divorce I'm at 20k savings, 5k stocks, and back up to 12k retirement fund after I had to cash that out to get through said divorce. You're doing pretty good, anon.

4 hours later 28265455 Anonymous
>>28264209 I’d much rather make a healthy downpayment and build equity with a 15-year mortgage. Rent will always go up.

4 hours later 28265861 Anonymous
>>28243734 t. Eritrean dog. Ethiopia is the most POWERFUL nation in AFRICA and we will be knocking down the gates of Cairo once the Grand Renaissance Dam opens up. Btw this is the LARGEST and the most TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCEAD dam in the WORLD. By the year 2040, Ethiopia will become a SUPERPOWER in Africa. Starving? I think not.

5 hours later 28266148 Anonymous
>>28242385 i hit a million and I felt nothing for the first 48 hours. after that I shed a legit tear. Started think about how far I have come. Suffering through the bear market, the relentless fud, sometimes doubting my iron hands. But now I am a millionaire and 80% of my folio is staked in different projects generating $17k a month. Standing on first base, not quite home yet.

5 hours later 28266322 Anonymous
>>28243925 incredible stuff

5 hours later 28266362 Anonymous
/biz/ talks a lot of shit but when you look at the portfolio threads they're all 4/5 figure plebs. You're doing great anon t. 21 year old millionaire

5 hours later 28266391 Anonymous
>>28243997 $GRT

5 hours later 28266508 Anonymous
>>28252776 incredibly based take

5 hours later 28266563 Anonymous
>>28242385 Refer to this Credit Suisse report to see what's your standing by age group and country. https://www.credit-suisse.com/media /assets/corporate/docs/about-us/res earch/publications/global-wealth-da tabook-2019.pdf

5 hours later 28266581 Anonymous
>>28255464 yeah, getting college paid for by your parents is an absurd leg up if you're an american

5 hours later 28266739 Anonymous (tomoko.jpg 1024x574 46kB)
I notice most people on 4chan grew up poor as shit and then just googled how to make tons of money to get away from subhumans. Since they all lived as neets and had no friends they were really good at saving money. 4chan will be unironically next ruling class at this rate.

5 hours later 28266782 Anonymous
>>28253311 >>28252776 jesus christ fucking anglos. You have no sense of family. You kick your sons and daughters at 18 and in return they tuck their old fathers and mothers to nursing homes and don't give a fuck.

5 hours later 28266847 Anonymous
I have 500K of good debt (mortage of investment propertes). 100k cash between me and my wife and about 1M in assets. 32 year old.

5 hours later 28266957 Anonymous
>>28242518 holy fuck this board really is just full of sheltered trust fund kids

5 hours later 28266991 Anonymous
>>28243997 God damn that hits close to home.

5 hours later 28267098 Anonymous
>>28242385 As long as rent is paid, you’re not starving and you have enough left to save/invest you’re doing ok.

5 hours later 28267226 Anonymous
The real 'make it' amount is $10 million. At $1 million you can live indefinitely off of just the dividends/interest/appreciations but doing so prevents it from compounding into even more money. At $10 million you can live it up while your money also keeps growing and compounding.

5 hours later 28267667 Anonymous
I'm 25 and only have ~$12k I'm poor but really don't want to be

5 hours later 28267771 Anonymous
I had like no money at that age. You're doing fine.

5 hours later 28267906 Anonymous
>>28243356 >Most of the people on net worth and portofolio threads have high 6 figures There's always going to be a bias in terms of who actually posts in those. It's like dick size threads where everyone is 8"+. Even if nobody is lying, that's obviously not the average. It's just that nobody with 4" is going to be bragging about it. For every six-figure portfolio you see, there's probably dozens of four-figure lurkers.

5 hours later 28268005 Anonymous (1395209578158.jpg 1280x720 67kB)
>>28266739 Pretty accurate but I think a lot of us just want to make it in order to be free from waging. I don't care about ruling.

5 hours later 28268133 Anonymous
>talking to old school friend >she just moved out of her parents' house at 27 >paid no rent, bills or bought food for her entire life >still took her 6 months to save up for a deposit on a flat because he has never saved a penny in her life >£40,000 of student debt only to work in a supermarket >unexpectedly gets a tax rebate of several thousand and spends it all on a holiday to Portugal >"It was money I never expected to have so it's basically a free holiday, anon" Normies are unironically pants on head retarded with money and will forever be poor.

5 hours later 28268374 Anonymous
>>28264060 Not in the slightest. He's right, you're wrong. Leave california retard

5 hours later 28268498 Anonymous
>>28268374 I don't live in commiefornia. I'm just laughing at how poor dumbfuck europoors are.

5 hours later 28268609 Anonymous
>>28268498 Even in a flyover state you can live quite comfy on 30k a year, especially if you already own a house

5 hours later 28268742 Anonymous
>>28242385 lol when I was that age I already accumulated 7 figures and was finished with law school

5 hours later 28268845 Anonymous (74106541956.jpg 255x247 14kB)
>>28242385 lmaoing at your hyperinflation. Venezuelan tier holy shit

5 hours later 28268931 Anonymous
>>28268609 My point is its not hard to make more than 30k a year

6 hours later 28270074 Anonymous
>>28259084 Gold Coast my boy, the best place in the country

6 hours later 28270135 Anonymous
>>28242385 Yes it's still poorfag tier, but you're on track to be comfy by 40

6 hours later 28270345 Anonymous
>>28242385 >>28242455 >>28242518 Having a lot of money under the age of 30 in /biz/ is the same as having 2/3/4/5@12%bf in /fit/. Really, really fucking impressive by normie standards and it puts you miles ahead of 95% population, but this is 4chan so its meh. T: 1/2/3/4@20%bf and made +744% in crypto during the last 12 months

6 hours later 28270540 Anonymous
Not sure if it's because I have 75k of student debt but I have a 160k folio as of today and feel nothing.

6 hours later 28270567 Anonymous (2880px-Wealth_distribution_by_percentile_in_the_United_States.png 2880x1444 342kB)

6 hours later 28270578 Anonymous
>>28266957 salty faggot, I earned every penny I had and learned to put them to work. while you were jacking off about the holiness of being piss poor, I was learning about money, investing, and crypto. I made $100k+ in the past 12 months. investing my tiny nest egg, and that's starting from unemployed and broke a few years ago. you have no idea what the fuck you're talking about.

6 hours later 28270825 Anonymous
>>28242385 100k is a lot of money in terms of what our governments deem our hourly minimum rate to survive, many people will never be able to put hands near that amount at one given time.

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