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2021-02-09 08:47 28173326 Anonymous (9CC28565-69FE-429E-914D-2B23F2BB5FC4.jpg 531x393 35kB)
This doesn’t feel like 2017

1 min later 28173396 Anonymous
>>28173326 That's because it is 2021 you fucking coma patient

3 min later 28173499 Anonymous
>>28173326 Early 2017 retard

3 min later 28173540 Anonymous

4 min later 28173570 Anonymous
>>28173326 yeah it is going down

5 min later 28173588 Anonymous
>>28173499 were you on biz early 2017?

5 min later 28173634 Anonymous
>>28173570 Between now and may definitely, but it may still finish this rally first, before it finally starts the final 3rd wave of this golden mumu run and it will be glorious

6 min later 28173673 Anonymous
>>28173326 thats becouse we are only in the optimistic phase there still a lot of money to be made before it crash

6 min later 28173681 Anonymous
>>28173588 Im late 2017, doesnt matter i still studied the 2016 and 2017 markets even if i missed your retarded sentiment at the time

7 min later 28173705 Anonymous
>>28173396 this desu

8 min later 28173737 Anonymous
>>28173326 it's very possible that major corps may start buying/accepting bitcoin we may be in the adoption phase

8 min later 28173776 Anonymous
>>28173634 mid-may through july will be the slump. we'll be back in August and the real fireworks show isn't until November. Sell by NYE.

9 min later 28173835 Anonymous
>>28173326 if you knew elliot wave you would know that we are in a massive correction since 2018. I still believe we will see 100k, but those organic vibes from 2017 are long gone

9 min later 28173836 Anonymous
>>28173499 More like this desu. In the early days of 2017 bull run, you feel the euphoria, but it's not there yet. One day you will see everything go up vertical everyday. That is when you exit the market. I hope I do it right this time.

11 min later 28173894 Anonymous
>>28173326 It doesn’t feel like late 2017 but it feels a lot like spring 2017

11 min later 28173909 Anonymous (93331880-7416-4CB9-9218-23923FE98FD3.jpg 640x360 49kB)
>>28173776 What if I told you, by the time you want to sell, you won’t have to...

12 min later 28173925 Anonymous
>>28173836 correct. the peak involves like 3x in a week or more. that's when you are reaching unsustainable levels.

12 min later 28173935 Anonymous
>>28173737 You're just delusional. Accepting bitcoin in business has been around for ages, but the problem is nobody is going to use it. Example: Once I went to a coffee shop that accepts BTC (mind you this is mid 2017, euphoria is kicking in this time), but the owner of the shop said they can't accept it because the transaction is slow. Not FUDing but this is when bitcoin meets reality. Now when I go to the same coffee shop, they don't accept it anymore. Wonder why.

12 min later 28173945 Anonymous
>>28173909 Selling is only to swing trade when it bottoms out, so I can 4x my stack.

14 min later 28174017 Anonymous (1612846562850.png 496x499 264kB)
>>28173935 Transactions will be done with boomercoin. Don't be so retarded next time anon

14 min later 28174034 Anonymous
>>28173836 remember to buy back exactly 1 year before next halvining for lowest price

15 min later 28174083 Anonymous
>>28173935 Except Tesla is now accepting it as a payment option so it is now legitimized in the eyes of the masses. This is completely different from your chucklefuck coffee shop lolbertarian dread lock wearing faggot accepting crypto to be a contrarian. This is real adoption by real institutions. The normies will follow. I’m so excited.

17 min later 28174159 Anonymous
>>28173945 Of course I just wanna clarify I meant you won’t have to sell for fiat because you’ll be able to pay for things with crypto currency directly

19 min later 28174270 Anonymous
>>28174083 They are not accepting shit, schizo

20 min later 28174320 Anonymous (1B7E6D9F-5D78-4B09-A282-379C0CBA5A59.jpg 1500x500 193kB)
>>28173326 How bout now?

21 min later 28174353 Anonymous (D708399D-D47F-453F-9A20-CEFDB3D76E0F.jpg 295x640 54kB)
>>28174270 You are such a dumbass top kek

21 min later 28174363 Anonymous
>>28174270 nice id

21 min later 28174397 Anonymous
>>28174083 not only that, but watch how many companies follow suit not that tsla has taken this step...hopefully other automakers will do so too. would be great if they offer some kind of incentivization (% off) for BTC purchases

22 min later 28174414 Anonymous
>>28173935 BTC will not be used for small purchases like coffee etc, another fast transaction coin will be used for that (if not multiple) BTC will be store of value and big things (where the money do not have to be transferred instant, like cars and houses)

22 min later 28174421 Anonymous
>>28174270 Yes they are In addition to buying 1.5b they’re accepting it as payment

22 min later 28174422 Anonymous
When it dumps again, what price do you think it will reach? I think there will be a stock market crash too which will coincide with the crypto crash, my stocks are making so much every day that it feels unreal

22 min later 28174430 Anonymous
>>28174353 Plans to doesn't mean they are accepting it

22 min later 28174436 Anonymous
>>28174083 you have to go back

23 min later 28174491 Anonymous
>>28174421 Guys is this link? Someone tell me. I think this is link but someone just tell me I’m not crazy.

24 min later 28174525 Anonymous
>>28174083 >Except Tesla is now accepting it as a payment option so it is now legitimized in the eyes of the masses. Who's buying a tesla? 4 years ago Lamborghini and Rolls Royce were accepting it. >This is real adoption by real institutions. The normies will follow. Normie transactions will never take place with bitcoin. You wouldn't sell a chunk of bitcoin for a cup of coffee would you? It's not bad for crypto in general but there is a long way to go.

24 min later 28174540 Anonymous
>>28174430 You sound like a 15 year old girl anon

25 min later 28174592 Anonymous
>>28174414 >BTC will be store of value I have a problem with this. Who said/dictate that it's gonna be a store of value? Even the whitepaper said electronic cash system. >>28174083 They aren't. They are just gonna convert those BTC back to USD.

26 min later 28174619 Anonymous
>>28174525 I would sell my crypto for a Tesla or similar large purchase. It saves a huge step of having to go through an exchange and send to my bank and have to worry about the tax implications.

26 min later 28174627 Anonymous
>>28173326 It feels more like the 2013 cycle desu.

26 min later 28174648 Anonymous
>>28174270 very white

26 min later 28174654 Anonymous
>>28173935 >Wonder why. no seriously, why? its not like they were actually taking in bitcoin - atleast most places don't do that. if a business is run by a person with a brain they would have set it up so the btc is converted to fiat instantly upon purchase. although you saying >owner of the shop said they can't accept it because the transaction is slow makes me think the owner is simply a retard because the services that do what I mentioned make it so there's no wait times for transactions

28 min later 28174723 Anonymous
>>28174654 And you expect normie merchants going to go full technical on bitcoin?

30 min later 28174812 Anonymous (1612844561344.png 1280x960 354kB)
>>28173326 doesn’t this feel like 2017?

31 min later 28174860 Anonymous
>>28174592 The price dictates that. You cant have a everyday currency where 1 is worth $50k The money in your savings account is electronic cash but you dont use that everyday

33 min later 28174929 Anonymous
>>28174723 its not full technical. There are services - or at least were (I remember Roger Ver talking about setting it up for some businesses in a btc doc) that would make it so you can accept crypto and have it immediately deposited as fiat to remove the volatility risk and transaction time. the fees taken by the companies that did this were far lower than credit card companies

36 min later 28175074 Anonymous
>>28173935 Who the flying fuck buys coffee with Bitcoin?

48 min later 28175738 Anonymous
>>28173836 I'm ready frens, there will be blood.

50 min later 28175834 Anonymous
>>28173836 >I hope I do it right this time ohnonono

50 min later 28175840 Anonymous
>>28173909 explain

53 min later 28176008 Anonymous
>>28174414 this is the logic that makes great sense unironically extremely bullish for Doge

56 min later 28176162 Anonymous
>>28174083 >completely different from your chucklefuck coffee shop lolbertarian dread lock wearing faggot accepting crypto to be a contrarian kek

58 min later 28176269 Anonymous
>>28173935 Btcers don't think adoption will happen on chain they think the existing intermediaries will move btc around as they do fiat today

1 hours later 28176348 Anonymous
>>28174320 that wasn't a fever dream

1 hours later 28176443 Anonymous
>>28173326 >the future is like muh past OP, you are retarded, just because you assumed you can see similarities on some fucking arbitrary chart doesn't mean jack fucking squat.

1 hours later 28176557 Anonymous
>>28176008 Personally i dont think it will be doge because its too unserious.. But again, this is clown world kek

1 hours later 28176608 Anonymous
>>28174430 You are a mongoloid

1 hours later 28176772 Anonymous
Yeah just like playing WoW Classic didnt have the same feels as Vanilla from 2006. Oh well.

1 hours later 28176819 Anonymous
>>28173835 Is this guy really not larping

1 hours later 28177112 Anonymous
>>28174414 >>28173935 you're both wrong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zhl 8Hx8O-Jg >For those who had assumed that it might be a currency, terribly sorry but it's an asset, a highly speculative asset You think Elon is accepting bitcoin because bitcoin is a currency? He's accepting bitcoin because he wants to hoard the next gold They just want to accoooommmoooolate They don't want to move it around, they don't care

1 hours later 28177612 Anonymous

1 hours later 28177774 Anonymous
We're in November 2016.

1 hours later 28177930 Anonymous
I know that nobody really knows but it feels dumb to be buying right now since everything i started accumulating in november went at least 200% up. Are we in for a dump or will it only go higher?

1 hours later 28178889 Anonymous
>>28177930 Idk, zooming out the charts a month ago made it look like everything was going straight vertical, but now those slopes are just a slight ramp. We might have more to go.

1 hours later 28179005 Anonymous
>>28174414 >You'll be forced to get a different crypto for every type of purchase you'll make Future of finance, everyone.

2 hours later 28179283 Anonymous
>>28173326 Zoom out on a log scale, we haven't even mooned yet anon. https://bankingyourself.com/will-bi tcoin-crash-again/

2 hours later 28179586 Anonymous
>>28173326 it's early 2017. unironically. Suterusu is ANS.

2 hours later 28179615 Anonymous
>>28174619 You'd still have to pay taxes on the amount you paid for the car less the amount you paid to acquire the btc you paid for it

2 hours later 28179923 Anonymous
wait until SC pumps then you'll be tastin that pussy u ate in 2017 like it was last night

2 hours later 28179974 Anonymous
color of my ID checked Sia green

2 hours later 28179987 Anonymous
>>28179615 "have to pay" ((taxes)) no I don't have to pay anything

2 hours later 28180263 Anonymous
>>28173326 It's 2021 that's why. And ALEPH is here for your survival

2 hours later 28180338 Anonymous
>>28174270 Rare id

2 hours later 28180343 Anonymous
>>28180263 >>28179974 why are you pajeets shilling shitcoins? this is a maxi thread fuck off back to telegram

2 hours later 28180529 Anonymous
>>28176557 look at the audience for meme consumption over time. >started with deep dive internet autist types >slowly moved to social media types before social media was absolutely huge >now all normies love memes average person is so much like a child that they'd much prefer Doge coin over anything less memeable.

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