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2021-02-09 01:46 28146359 Anonymous (1596583009231.jpg 720x724 29kB)
>29 >$1.18 million net worth >started with less than $1000 in 2013 >anarchist communist >antifa >help organize marches, community garden, narcan distribution, various other autonomous services out of a building that promotes anarchist philosophy and organizing >software engineer making over $90k in low cost of living area >bitcoin chainlink ethereum reserve rights, and some coins biz doesn't know about >dont forget where I came from and do what I can to help my community >when Im not hanging with my biz bros or my anarcho real bros Im reading, working out, spending time with the gf, or working on some software dev personal project >anarchist and communist friends still love me even tho Im rich now, understand that communism is a criticism of class structures, not individuals >told them all about bitcoin back in 2013, not all of them bought it and none are doing as well as me but some made some decent cash >quarantine has been a mixed bag as I dont get to see my anarcho bros much at all but working from home is nice >plan to quit my job and spend my time reading, working out, and doing anarchist/communist/anti-racist organizing once I break $3MM net worth, will probably happen before 2022 feels pretty good bros

1 min later 28146473 Anonymous
>>28146359 It's time to wake up, OP.

2 min later 28146546 Anonymous (23616346143.png 303x335 182kB)
>>28146359 will fully automated gay space communism ever be a thing anon?

2 min later 28146604 Anonymous

3 min later 28146629 Anonymous
>>28146359 based

3 min later 28146648 Anonymous
>>28146546 impossible with current + predicted future population. sink Africa and India into the ocean and it might be possible within the next 500 years

4 min later 28146766 Anonymous
>>28146546 no. the future is sorta doomed but we can grow beautiful things in the cracks. read invisible committee, the coming insurrection

5 min later 28146845 Anonymous
>>28146359 niceee

5 min later 28146883 Anonymous
>>28146359 So when are you going to distribute your networth between your anarcho/communist bros, OP?

6 min later 28146900 Anonymous
extremely cringe

6 min later 28146971 Anonymous
>>28146359 And still never be a woman

7 min later 28146994 Anonymous
what a fucking faggot lmfao

7 min later 28147003 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210208-195041_Chrome.jpg 1080x1400 256kB)
Buy $CLF

7 min later 28147026 Anonymous
I hope you purchased weapons for the upcoming revolution, comrade.

7 min later 28147048 Anonymous
>>28146359 you been in the space since 2013 and only have 1 million? kek

7 min later 28147086 Anonymous
>>28146883 never, thats not mutual aid its charity. but I kick in for things as friends do

8 min later 28147114 Anonymous
this is the best link fud i've read in a minute

10 min later 28147300 Anonymous
>>28147086 Ah. I see. Surely you are okay with being taxed 90%+ past your 1mm networth then, right?

10 min later 28147309 Anonymous
>>28147048 made some bad trades and some good ones, but all in all >100000% ROI in less than 8 years aint so bad. Ive out preformed bitcoin at least

12 min later 28147422 Anonymous
>>28146359 >antifa You’re a fed?

12 min later 28147426 Anonymous
>>28146359 Based, incels seething. I'm a trans woman who made it mostly from LINK.

15 min later 28147676 Anonymous
Communism will be realized through capitalism anon. Communism wants to make the means of production public, but the solution is giving the government means of production, a centralized version of power. Blockchain has the ability to competively make the means of production public. Capitalism is self correcting and will decentralize over time because people will be incentivized to self correct central power and corruption. Forced communism will fail every time because central power in business and government corrupts. Luckily you can whatever your government is. Capitalism can never be destroyed, because people are always incentivized to improve their own situation no matter what form of government takes place. That’s why communism will always end in revolution and failure and capitalism will bring to fruition the ideals of communism.

16 min later 28147747 Anonymous
>>28147300 Id rather not be, but I'd be cool with changes in the tax code that would tax everyone, includng me, at similar income/wealth levels like that. not okay with it going towards bombing people though. If it actually went towards health coverage, public infrastructure, etc... itd be worth waging for a few more years no question

16 min later 28147760 Anonymous (1600703462237.png 760x533 524kB)
>>28147426 >based >incels seething >im a trans woman

17 min later 28147836 Anonymous
>>28146359 pretty based.

18 min later 28147855 Anonymous
>>28146766 fuck, i want to live in the culture books now though. don't you think that self-replicating machinery and manufacturing will help improve people's living standards to the point where a similar thing is possible? this is currently in early stages and could be accelerated with AI

18 min later 28147885 Anonymous
>>28147747 I'm an anarcho-lib but I respect your position. More sane than Qtards anyway. Glad you are among the elite now.

19 min later 28147932 Anonymous
kys libcuck

19 min later 28147946 Anonymous
Do you think bitcoin will help accelerate the end of capitalism?

20 min later 28148024 Anonymous
>>28146359 Larping faggot, kys lol

21 min later 28148104 Anonymous
>>28147086 You are everything you are against if you dont equally distribute to your friends. Fake ass bitch.

21 min later 28148135 Anonymous
>criticism of class structures, not individuals retard alert

21 min later 28148136 Anonymous
If you aren't LARPing prove yourself by depositing me 1 eth. t. 2 digit hell poorfag

22 min later 28148193 Anonymous
>>28147676 based

22 min later 28148200 Anonymous
Just goes to show some people will simply never make it no matter how much money they get

22 min later 28148213 Anonymous
>>28146359 have you figured out how ya gonna pay taxes? any advice?

23 min later 28148279 Anonymous
>>28147855 Machines are going to tell funnier jokes and write more soulful beautiful music than we do. We’ll be entirely replaced and grateful for the opportunity.

24 min later 28148304 Anonymous (1612586362471.png 128x128 30kB)
>>28146359 when are you transitioning?

25 min later 28148387 Anonymous
>>28146546 Crypto isnt political. It gets a stereotypical libright light, but in reality so much new philosophy and theory can be built upon a world with crypto.

25 min later 28148448 Anonymous
>>28147946 depends on what you mean by "end of capitalism". Its easier to envision the end of the world than the end of capitalism, and really, the "end of capitalism" will probably look a lot like the "end of the world". Bitcoin will probably accelerate neoliberalism which will lead to worse conditions for most people and greater income inequality, as small governments will have an even harder time shielding themselves from global speculation. That's the main draw for me of RSR as an investment vehicle >>28148104 nope >>28148136 nope >>28148213 just going to hire a CPA and pay them. no point in running from the tax man all my life >>28148304 not trans but big ups to all my trans comrades

27 min later 28148533 Anonymous
>>28146359 Halt and distribute your wealth to the masses, dirty bourgeoisoid

27 min later 28148570 Anonymous (1608582916510.jpg 905x1024 69kB)
>>28146359 This is a bait thread, but Anarcho Communism is the most Chad political philosophy. Betas hate being on the same level as everyone else because their genes are undesirable and they can't get a mate on a level playing field, so they set up a system to coherce women into mating with them by creating wealth inequality. A self confident alpha male doesn't need to be richer than anyone else and no laws as he has no desire to harm anyone because they are content with life. Capitalism is just petty betamaleness.

28 min later 28148583 Anonymous
>>28148448 You sound like a huge faggot, and I'm sure you live in a crack house with the other antifa losers.

29 min later 28148682 Anonymous
>>28148448 Fuck you

29 min later 28148696 Anonymous (download (9).png 830x963 225kB)
>>28146359 Fellow anarchist here, not necessarily a commie though. I'm still a poorfag, but technically made profit from rippletards/cripples, bitcoin, and ethereum. If I ever break accumulate six or seven figures, I will probably do things that will get me on a blacklist if I state them. Will probably move into a shack in the woods unabomber-style before that point though, but I'm still undecided. Shit, I felt larpy typing that. >>28148104 Retard-tier argument, and I'm not even communist. If you're opposed to y system and want x system, you wouldn't necessarily abide by the rules of x system if that's not what's in power now considering y system will just try to crush you more overtly with its rules instead. >>28148387 ngl, this is probably true- well, it can be politicized, but it will be on new ground. I sometimes imagine that free-market mutualism and the cypherpunk movement would loop back to the developments of crypto somewhat though, but eh.

30 min later 28148755 Anonymous (1612666166153.jpg 385x390 95kB)
>>28148570 >Anarcho Communism is the most Chad political philosophy.

30 min later 28148777 Anonymous
>>28148448 >Bitcoin will probably accelerate neoliberalism Bitcoin will be sub $100 in the next five years. It's a novelty.

31 min later 28148854 Anonymous
>>28146359 >anarchist organizing i lold enjoy being a professional Democrat op, thats all you are

31 min later 28148869 Anonymous (1612686570849.png 512x448 7kB)
>>28146359 lmao coping kike

31 min later 28148871 Anonymous
>>28146359 dangerously based, OP.

32 min later 28148894 Anonymous
>>28148279 well if you get replaced by a machine who is more productive than you and you have the ability to benefit from its work, then you have time/resources to do whatever you like

33 min later 28148980 Anonymous (1575975120482.png 1250x730 962kB)
>>28148755 If Chad still means what it did a while back, then yeah. Chad.

33 min later 28149020 Anonymous (notonmywatch.png 1024x768 549kB)
>>28146359 I hope you newfags DO realize this is false flag smear attack from faggots to label cryptos as radical movement, this fag glows a mile away

34 min later 28149087 Anonymous
>>28148980 Do we need to post the sex and happiness stats again bro

34 min later 28149090 Anonymous
>>28148279 I'm almost certain the big record industry has some kind of music generating AI after scanning every song ever made

35 min later 28149129 Anonymous
>>28148894 >>28148279 Why would a machine autonomous enough to replace you care about sustaining or pleasing you?

36 min later 28149230 Anonymous (48722_original.jpg 250x400 26kB)
yea transfag back to the chinese twitter you go, the fuck you doing here with Chad frogmen

37 min later 28149308 Anonymous
>>28149129 bc they would ideally be made by us and built to be altruistic/nurturing assuming they are somewhat sentient. why would they design (unless inadvertently) something that doesn't care about humans

37 min later 28149313 Anonymous
>>28148570 Massive cope. It's over for leftcels

38 min later 28149331 Anonymous
>>28148279 siri write IP address and post

38 min later 28149342 Anonymous
>>28148980 >>28149087 I asked my gf which of them I looked like and she said I didnt look like ether but Im a lot closer to the one on the right. He's definitely leaner and less pale than me

39 min later 28149418 Anonymous
>>28146359 >ancom >antifa Cringe larp.

39 min later 28149441 Anonymous
Fucking kill yourself retarded commie faggot. Cancerous cunt.

40 min later 28149517 Anonymous
>>28149230 ive been on /g/ and /v/ since 2005 and biz since 2014 and dont think I'll ever leave my /biz/bros :)

41 min later 28149597 Anonymous
based, keep the good fight anon

42 min later 28149701 Anonymous (004ase0.png 820x993 913kB)
>>28146359 Dangerously Based

47 min later 28150052 Anonymous
>>28147855 were probably going to get fucked by climate change first desu. UN is projecting as many as 1 billion climate refugees by 2045. also, advances in machine learning will mostly be used to further centralize wealth and expand the surveillance state. medical knowledge is going to improve as AI and quantum computing makes chemical software models more robust but accessibility in the age of a collapsing ecosystem is going to be a huge problem. its already a huge problem now. If you're rich enough theses a chance for you, tho. check this out https://inhabit.global/

47 min later 28150062 Anonymous
>>28147747 Ah OK. So all the other anarchists and communists would probably be cool with your wealth then since you stand for such strong principles. You people live in such a fantasy world.

48 min later 28150165 Anonymous
>>28146359 imagine supporting a political ideology that unironically calls for your death lmao

49 min later 28150259 Anonymous (deadcommie.jpg 660x430 32kB)
I hope I get the chance to kill some of you Marx-loving scumfuck faggots in my lifetime. I would enjoy the hell out of slaughtering you. I despise you with every fiber of my being.

50 min later 28150306 Anonymous
>>28146359 >words words words

52 min later 28150439 Anonymous
>>28147885 >i'm of a hyphenated political ideology >i'm more sane than people who just want America to be like the 1980s again

52 min later 28150496 Anonymous
>>28150259 Seethe and cope harder nigger Even if you got the chance you wouldn’t do shit

53 min later 28150543 Anonymous
>>28148570 Fringe political ideologies always attract losers and genetic abominations. Most of you look like literal shit just like most of the Nazi wannabes on /pol/. You're the guy sitting by himself in the corner at a party.

54 min later 28150638 Anonymous
>>28146359 You will get wrenched by Jamal.

55 min later 28150668 Anonymous (maxresdefault (1).jpg 1280x720 110kB)
>>28149517 faggot there's no bros of yours here, everyone here is ancap and would literally spit in your acne riddle ugly ass onions face if meet you in person, you're a fucking cancer matter of this nation, a biological waste of fucking brain matter, an unsophisticated product of Chinese infiltrated US educational system, on oxygen fucking thief responsible for violence and death of our people. Karma will catch up to you, enjoy your time while it lasts and hope you have lots of ammo you fucking oxygen thief, this is not your country

55 min later 28150673 Anonymous
8 years in a gold mine and you've only accumulated a million?

55 min later 28150678 Anonymous (43FD784D-447C-4116-8701-8B43354DF545.jpg 1024x888 98kB)
>>28146359 Doesn’t matter you’ll still burn in hell and will lose all your gains

55 min later 28150708 Anonymous
>>28146359 antifa, neck yourself. Or get a sex change so you can't breed.

55 min later 28150710 Anonymous
>>28146359 Nice larp, but if real communism comes you'll be one of the first in front of the firing squad.

57 min later 28150866 Anonymous
>>28146359 based and blackpilled (black is the color of anarchy)

58 min later 28150942 Anonymous (captain-america1.jpg 419x597 87kB)
>>28150710 communism wont come here as long as this generation is still alive

58 min later 28150960 Anonymous
>>28146359 >2013 >antifa >marches Fake and gay. So is your 1.3 mil probably

1 hours later 28151070 Anonymous
>>28150052 >UN is projecting as many as 1 billion climate refugees by 2045. Yeah, and it's all intentionally orchestrated you absolute fucking MONGOLOID fuck. There is no catastrophic 'climate change', the world isn't going to end in 10 or 20 years. It's all Hegelian Dialectic order-out-of-chaos bullshit to manipulate you useful idiot retards. What kind of 'anarchistic' are you to shill for the UN of all things. Jesus Christ. >>28150496 I absolutely would though actually. And I would fucking love it.

1 hours later 28151102 Anonymous (mightwarnotlove1800.jpg 621x414 61kB)
>>28150960 yea he's a broke LARPING fag or a fucking glowie, otherwise, he would post screenshots long time ago

1 hours later 28151128 Anonymous (download (7).jpg 188x268 13kB)
pretty good book if you dont know

1 hours later 28151163 Anonymous
>>28146359 larp

1 hours later 28151252 Anonymous
>>28148448 >Its easier to envision the end of the world than the end of capitalism Hahah is that Jameson or was it zizek, forgot. Anyway, whats your take on left leaning libertarian members of crypto. Like vitalik I really think crypto presents an interesting opportunity to experiment with economic systems. I think he wrote an interesting piece with the author of radical markets a political economist. It's all very interesting and would love leftism to move on from traditional fordist class politics and embrace technology as a means of rewriting the rules of our economic system.

1 hours later 28151572 Anonymous
>>28148696 >ngl, this is probably true- well, it can be politicized, but it will be on new ground. I sometimes imagine that free-market mutualism and the cypherpunk movement would loop back to the developments of crypto somewhat though, but eh. If your interested in this kind of stuff the book radical markets and/or zero books is a good read.

1 hours later 28151699 Anonymous
>>28146359 I still read theory but I can't hang out with most anarchist/mutual aid/organizing people they're just too fucking stupid.

1 hours later 28151739 Anonymous
>>28150668 >Unironically being an ancap Your either 16, a midwit, or some combination of both.

1 hours later 28151921 Anonymous
>anarchist but has a job. doesn't make money by following the DIY lifestyle which is a core tenet of true anarchy NGMI. enjoy being a faggot democrat

1 hours later 28151934 Anonymous
>>28151252 don't know which said it first, Fisher memed it into popularity tho >Anyway, whats your take on left leaning libertarian members of crypto. Like vitalik I really think crypto presents an interesting opportunity to experiment with economic systems. I think its misguided desu. I don't really see cryptocurrency as a good, but rather for further entrenching existing systems of control. At the end of the day property needs to be enforced at the end of a gun whether its people defending their own home or police enforcing imperial property norms, but systems that abstract financial decisions away from local governments make imperial and globalized liberal property systems the "path of least resistance" so to speak. Its just further neoliberalization. Doesn't mean you shouldn't buy or trade it- make due with the cards you're dealt and go from there. You'll be hardpressed to find a profitable investment that doesn't fuck people

1 hours later 28151964 Anonymous
>>28151739 retard you've been living in ancap for the last 60 years

1 hours later 28152037 Anonymous
>>28151964 what

1 hours later 28152057 Anonymous
>>28151739 sorry didn't realize you were 16

1 hours later 28152241 Anonymous (187px-Carl_Schmitt.jpg 187x248 10kB)
>>28146359 cringe, imagine not being statist

1 hours later 28152401 Anonymous
>>28146359 larp communists hate crypto

1 hours later 28152428 Anonymous
>>28149129 What the fuck else are they gonna do all day? They have no wants or needs of their own, might as well see if parenting a bunch of squishy organics is fulfilling.

1 hours later 28152438 Anonymous
>>28146359 >profits the most from a free market but still insist that communism is the solution >Don't share his wealth, don't actually help the community, just spend his time with his "friends" circle-jerking about a obsolete system without doing any meaningful changes. Now that's a proper anarcho-communist if I ever saw one.

1 hours later 28152528 Anonymous
>>28146359 >Anarcho getting along with autho Be more believable next time

1 hours later 28152726 Anonymous
>>28146359 >try to lead commies >they hate you for being richer than them

1 hours later 28152823 Anonymous
>>28146359 Its good to dream but you'll never be a woman op

1 hours later 28152825 Anonymous
>>28152528 we have an active PSL chapter around here. some of their beliefs are strange, but at the end of the day it doesn't matter since they want to do a lot of the same stuff as us in the day to day. They focus a lot more on daytime marches than us, which I don't think are really that effective, but also participate in a lot of the mutual aid/community building stuff too which actually is important

1 hours later 28152846 Anonymous
>>28147086 kek. when you get super rich and it become obvious your loser friends will begin to resent you. mark my words.

1 hours later 28152859 Anonymous
>>28151934 Perhaps it is a bit too idealistic. Even the internet, which at it's infancy was largely against profit driven behavior, was eventually used as a means to generate more profit. I don't know, i guess I am being too idealistic, but crypto is one of the few interesting developments in my time. I suppose it's only natural I project my political and economic beliefs onto it.

1 hours later 28152868 Anonymous
>>28146359 Based. /Pol/tards be seething and buying the top soon

1 hours later 28152965 Anonymous
>>28146359 4chan, the website for losers who play pretend.

1 hours later 28153133 Anonymous
>>28146359 Did everyone clap as well?

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