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2021-02-08 06:04 28104878 Anonymous Poorfolio thread (2F9E06D4-80F5-4F02-BADC-6886C8275861.png 1284x2778 528kB)
I started a month ago and maybe invested 400 of my own cash. It’s not much but I’m really proud of what I achieved so far, and it’s only gonna get better

2 min later 28105140 Anonymous (Screenshot_2021-02-08-18-07-19-183_com.blockfolio.blockfolio.jpg 1080x2400 273kB)
Please I just want to reach 5 figure hell

6 min later 28105464 Anonymous (unnamed.jpg 828x1792 101kB)
bros I just dont want to be poor anymore

10 min later 28105816 Anonymous
>>28105464 Then dont buy GRT @1$. You want something in RLZ, many altcoins are right now. JST is about to break a nice W weekly AND daily. It'll be a much, much better ROI than a coin already at ATH don't you think? Use your brain anon. You don't wanna buy others people bags, you wanna dump yours you bought for nothing when nobody cared about the coin.

10 min later 28105907 Anonymous
Y’all going to need more link and grt

12 min later 28106019 Anonymous
>>28104878 >>28105464 >less than 1000$ >btc/eth you need to get 300$ in 3 potential moonshots and then pull the money to get in Avax/dot/ksm/link/grt/snx/luna/ftm. .. your choice

13 min later 28106160 Anonymous (doge.png 534x155 4kB)
>>28104878 bought doge on uniswap

13 min later 28106165 Anonymous
With which app i can track an Ethereum Address? please no Delta

15 min later 28106316 Anonymous
>>28106019 Yeah I’m trying to just dca into eth, it’s paid back well so far.

15 min later 28106320 Anonymous
>>28106165 Delta

16 min later 28106445 Anonymous
>>28106316 Its going to pay back ofc, im just telling you how to get more money if you want to risk it.

18 min later 28106579 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210208-182142_Blockfolio.jpg 1080x2400 472kB)
Blockfolio won't update, I sold all my stinky LTC, gonna accoomulate some more of the other next dip.

18 min later 28106634 Anonymous
>>28106019 just consolidated everything into GRT. wish me luck

19 min later 28106676 Anonymous
>>28106320 How come Blockfolio still didnt put this feature ffs

21 min later 28106875 Anonymous
>33.33% BTC >33.33% ETH >33.33% GRT Goal is 40-50% GRT

21 min later 28106899 Anonymous (478FEEAD-42F8-4317-B19C-5F845DBCA0E1.png 1125x2436 639kB)
It’s my second week. Got a meager 2x on SHIB and recently sold my LINK and UNI for more ADA. >rate pls

21 min later 28106937 Anonymous
>>28106445 Ahh, yeah I originally started with eth due to lower risk. Thanks for the advice though. I only have Coinbase pro and I’m waiting for fantom.

33 min later 28107948 Anonymous (image.jpg 1125x2436 508kB)
waiting to dump my stinky reefies and buy more avax

36 min later 28108242 Anonymous
>>28107948 Brehh, you have 2k diversified into 4 types of crypto. You aren't going to make it unless you put your pennies into 1 and pray for a moonshot. Diversified at 2k, the absolute state of biz.

38 min later 28108455 Anonymous
>>28108242 Tell your picks for moonshot

48 min later 28109387 Anonymous
>>28104878 what the fuck is the matter with you? don't keep your crypto on an exchange

50 min later 28109617 Anonymous
>>28109387 whats wrong with keeping it on binance?

1 hours later 28110894 Anonymous
>>28109387 How do you keep alts in a wallet? I know about Electrum but it only supports btc

1 hours later 28111322 Anonymous (portfoy.png 1019x718 109kB)
>>28104878 iagmi

1 hours later 28111552 Anonymous
>>28109617 realistically nothing. the days of actual exit scamming exchanges are behind us, at least if we're talking about established names like binance, coinbase, gemini. you're probably more likely to lose your key than get scammed these days.

1 hours later 28111554 Anonymous
>>28107948 >>28104878 >>28105464 >>28106634 >>28106579 >>28107948 Why GRT?

1 hours later 28112364 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210208-102427.jpg 1080x2340 358kB)
How do I not be poor

1 hours later 28112707 Anonymous (doushio.webm 840x660 590kB)
>>28106899 I like it. >Got a meager 2x on SHIB What, you only doubled your investment? How disappointing.

1 hours later 28112919 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210208-202811_Delta.jpg 1440x3040 799kB)
How badly have I fucked up here?

1 hours later 28113043 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210208-123223_Blockfolio.jpg 1073x1783 331kB)

1 hours later 28113154 Anonymous (8D641DD7-7034-4B99-AE09-8B4B2307E030.jpg 828x1488 529kB)
If you dont know about the small caps: >BiFi (BiFi Lending) >GOVI (Crypto Volatility Index, sister coin of COTI) >UNN (DeFi Insurance) You’re not gonna make it.

1 hours later 28113234 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210208-103120~2.png 618x1523 211kB)
How does BTC jump 10% instantly?

1 hours later 28113255 Anonymous
>>28112364 Will need money to cover gas, but what I'd do is put all that into a smaller mcap boy where you can have a larger stack of jimmies, so for 200 usd for instance you could have 20,000 [redacted], and then that [redacted] *might* reach [redacted] and then you'd have 1-50k usd over the steady course of geologic time, which is enough to get started in a good run. You're about 1-50 moves from checkmate I reckon.

1 hours later 28113315 Anonymous
>>28113234 elon buys 1.5B$ of it, that's how.

1 hours later 28113327 Anonymous
>>28112707 It was my first “investment” and it got to 6x when I decided to cash out, unfortunately my transaction failed and then I had to mess with the slippage and gas fee and by that time it dumped so I could only 2x it. Felt kind of stupid but you’re right, the 2x was nice nonetheless. I learned a lot too.

1 hours later 28113378 Anonymous (FLL.png 400x400 8kB)
>>28113315 if you are not buying FreeLiquid, you are basically retarded

1 hours later 28113460 Anonymous (Screenshot_2021-02-09-02-31-20-88_eed5b0832b6d3214b2857563e3e4f738.jpg 1080x2340 203kB)
literal wagie poorfag. i bought these at $9.1 and am tempted to sell these right now. hold me bros

1 hours later 28113688 Anonymous
>>28109387 If you read my post it says I’m a month in. How the fuck would I know all the ins and outs of this shit in 30 days?

1 hours later 28113999 Anonymous
>>28109617 >binance >funds safu trust a gook who fucks people over for kicks >>28110894 use the wallet built for the chain >trying hard not tell tell you newfags that you should drink drain-o or that i hope you die while you are taking a shit

1 hours later 28114124 Anonymous
>Poorfags buying all the big coins that already mooned NGMI

1 hours later 28114159 Anonymous
>>28113688 >t.entitled newfaggot ape nigger

1 hours later 28114271 Anonymous
Bitcoin Cash

1 hours later 28114567 Anonymous
>>28113460 Sell 168 and diversify

1 hours later 28115304 Anonymous (601663EB-63F6-41C4-9441-40D6F40C1C39.png 1170x2532 883kB)
I just want to make it bros

1 hours later 28115333 Anonymous
>>28112919 Nice to see a Travala chad, we'll have so many vacations

1 hours later 28115417 Anonymous (Capture+_2021-02-08-13-57-04.png 1374x1480 226kB)
I'm <4wk into crypto, started with $3750. I'm not feeling terrible about it so far.

1 hours later 28115816 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210208-130031_Blockfolio.jpg 1080x1920 385kB)
Started last money, rate fellow goyim >inb4 I bought ATH

1 hours later 28115905 Anonymous
>>28115816 >money Monday* got money on my mind

1 hours later 28115981 Anonymous
>>28115304 >>28115417 >>28115816 I can tell you guys are new. NGMI when you all bought babbies first starter coins with outrageous MC’s.

2 hours later 28116144 Anonymous
>>28113234 >>28113315 He already bought back in January, IIRC, they only just now filed it with the SEC and it became public. The graph is misleading, I watched it live and it was by no means a single jump like this. But it was quick. I guess a lot of big shot investors have business alerts on their phones and computers and immediately reacted when the news broke.

2 hours later 28116639 Anonymous
what app is this >pls no flame

2 hours later 28117029 Anonymous
>>28108455 Crypto Kek (KEK) XCUR DYOR man. See if you think many of these projects have any potential.

2 hours later 28117047 Anonymous
>>28115333 I used to have the 5k AVA. Multiple bad decisions later...

2 hours later 28117244 Anonymous
>>28115981 Gamble on pajeetcoins with limit orders?

2 hours later 28117299 Anonymous
>>28115981 I'll get into PnD's eventually, but for now I'm going to invest in future blue chips while they're under a dollar per coin.

2 hours later 28117346 Anonymous
>>28116639 Probably Blockfolio, but personally, I prefer Delta.

2 hours later 28117498 Anonymous
>>28117244 >>28117299 You don’t have to invest in pajeet pnds. Research low MC projects that have good products.

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