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2021-02-08 04:57 28099016 Anonymous Why isn’t this shitcoin pumping? (C42B1C83-4D2F-4F9C-AABE-771ACCBCCA62.jpg 678x954 148kB)
Are people stupid? The government is tyrannical and they are going to track down your every trade. Everyone is running around not keeping track of their trades, using tokens that could be deemed securities any day, doing so much illegal shit! Why are people not buying up every last satoshi of Monero? It seems like a no brainer and yet the market appears to have no brains. These bags are getting heavy anon when will people finally realize they need Monero to transact??

1 min later 28099139 Anonymous
>>28099016 >Are people stupid? Yes.

2 min later 28099230 Anonymous
>>28099016 why is monero so fucking stable ? i have one and it's not doing anything

8 min later 28099783 Anonymous (chart.jpg 1197x689 53kB)
Looks to me it's trading on a discount. I am no financial advisor, I eat eggs with beer sauce for breakfast.

9 min later 28099851 Anonymous
>>28099016 It doesn't have to. XMR is literally the only shitcoin with a use aside from rampant speculation.

10 min later 28099941 Anonymous
Us normies cant get

11 min later 28100040 Anonymous
>>28099851 exactly, the only reason i have XMR is when i'm buying drugs so it's not a) tracked and b) doesn't have exorbitant fees like BTC

11 min later 28100058 Anonymous
Since monero is so stable, is it a good coin to cash out my btc in on instead of usdc and hopefully avoid the taxman?

11 min later 28100081 Anonymous
>>28099016 Normies love government, especially eurocucks.

12 min later 28100099 Anonymous
>>28099016 Big conference on privacycoins coming end of March with a certain universally-recognized speaker. XMR will float along with the rising tide. DYOR and figure out who’s hosting it, and what privacy-adjacent coins to buy.

15 min later 28100372 Anonymous
>>28100099 Elaborate please. Is it Antonopoulos ?

16 min later 28100453 Anonymous
>>28099016 It isn’t pumping because smart money is accumulating and because of price suppression. Consider yourself lucky and keep stacking anon.

18 min later 28100641 Anonymous
Oh, it's Snowden. https://cryptoevents.global/priv8-d igital-privacy-summit-2021/

19 min later 28100713 Anonymous
>>28099230 Extremly low inflation.

19 min later 28100791 Anonymous (D1E281A8-B599-4EE0-8C35-A0A86078F815.jpg 523x523 55kB)
>>28100372 Literally first result on Google if you know what to search

21 min later 28100867 Anonymous
>>28100641 Attaboy Look at who they’ve invited on podcasts recently to discuss the privacy space and you’ll see the bigger picture

24 min later 28101147 Anonymous
>>28100099 Good news. A person like Snowden must have done his researches and know Monero is the only really based privacy coin.

26 min later 28101334 Anonymous
>>28099230 It’s not listed on as many exchanges

27 min later 28101363 Anonymous (1602373151608.png 837x822 1015kB)
>>28099230 its not on normie exchanges and people are worried it will be made illegal

27 min later 28101394 Anonymous
>>28101334 It’s on Kraken

27 min later 28101419 Anonymous
>>28101147 I can think of at least 4 that are going absolutely nuts in the lead-up to the conference, XMR is certainly not alone nor the headliner, but it’s bullish all the same

28 min later 28101449 Anonymous
>>28099139 fpbp /thread

29 min later 28101539 Anonymous
>>28100058 yes, great strategy

30 min later 28101668 Anonymous
Canadabros, where to buy Monegro

31 min later 28101744 Anonymous
>>28101147 Snowden has actually never mentioned Monero. He shilled zcash previously, and in that conference fucking zooko is speaking so it might be more of the same. It’d be great if he shills Monero though.

32 min later 28101790 Anonymous
>>28101419 What do you like besides XMR? I have only ever looked at XMR honestly.

41 min later 28102595 Anonymous
>>28099016 We’ve been living in clown world for awhile my dude, logic and reason in markets went out the door a long time ago

43 min later 28102815 Anonymous
Litecoin is a better store of value and I can swap it for XMR in like one minute if I need to

43 min later 28102817 Anonymous
>>28101744 Snowden has fudded Monero and shilled Zcash because he is and always has been a CIAnigger.

45 min later 28102969 Anonymous
why would it pump? monero isn't money, it isn't a store of value, it's a technology. they're not bitcoin, they're getting banned or removed from exchanges and websites. who would invest in a transient payment coin like monero instead of the only socially viable store of value in crypto?

48 min later 28103278 Anonymous (based.jpg 640x428 24kB)
>>28102969 Fuck your store-of-value meme, monero is the perfect currency and will be used as such

51 min later 28103526 Anonymous
>>28103278 yeah, its being used today as much as people want to. why would it ever increase in value if it's just another payment coin? no reason to store wealth in it, or invest in it, just use it, which is what people do with it. and it works for that.

52 min later 28103555 Anonymous (magical-crypto-cucks.jpg 1280x720 126kB)
>>28099016 >oh no I bought into the toxic XMR pedo community of wanna-be cypherpunks and my investment isn't increasing in value. Help me Mr. Fluffy Pony!!

54 min later 28103719 Anonymous
>>28102817 This is how you make money Know the truth and bet on how retarded it’s going to be — diversify aggressively for this one

55 min later 28103803 Anonymous
>>28103526 in order to use it you first have to swap something into monero which will drive up the market

1 hours later 28104445 Anonymous
>>28103526 >just another payment coin Name another coin that's used for payments. Monero facilitates thousands of genuine payments for goods and services every day. Other coins can't claim that. Monero is just as good at being something to speculate on though. How can other coins being completely useless be a positive?

1 hours later 28104562 Anonymous
>>28103803 and then you buy something with it and they sell it

1 hours later 28104937 Anonymous
>>28104562 yeah and when selling you will use your privacy which is why it will always come at a premium

1 hours later 28105535 Anonymous
best place to buy monero in EU? i want to buy a few to hold

1 hours later 28105804 Anonymous
>>28100040 imagine buying BTC with your debit card to use on drug markets use those BTC conversion machines, faggot or trade local BTC >muh transaction fees being this much of a poor fag, then you shouldn't even be doing drugs in the first place if you can't afford them

1 hours later 28106111 Anonymous
Chainlink is a stablecoin piece of shit too

1 hours later 28106143 Anonymous (9B766E66-C448-4DAA-89F2-329D9EE2B635.jpg 396x712 48kB)
>>28106111 Checked and based

1 hours later 28106451 Anonymous
>>28099016 how do u buy it ?

1 hours later 28106822 Anonymous (1612804983986.jpg 1077x359 129kB)
>>28103719 What do you mean? I can tell you this event will be pozzed as fuck. Just look at the first three headline speakers listed. >snowden CIA asset >zooko Zioncash >(((Cohn))) Director of the "Electronic Freedom Foundation" who promote every coin but XMR Hate to say it but not a bullish conference for Monero.

1 hours later 28106856 Anonymous
>>28099016 Why are all shitcoin rising now ?

1 hours later 28107077 Anonymous
>>28099016 Because having BTC will land you in the top1% while having Monero will land you in jail.

1 hours later 28107516 Anonymous
>>28100099 Looks like a big ZCash convention

1 hours later 28108361 Anonymous
>>28107516 Exactly. Thinly disguised as a "privacy summit".

1 hours later 28108916 Anonymous
>>28099016 >they are going to track down your every trade. I did my taxes over the weekend and used H&R Block's website to do it, and I've used them for over ten years and this year was the first time that they've asked about Bitcoin and other digital currency. I didn't volunteer any information.

1 hours later 28109008 Anonymous
>>28107077 kek

1 hours later 28109045 Anonymous
>>28107516 It’s literally hosted by OXT, can you anons even read?

1 hours later 28109131 Anonymous
listen here you fucking retards MONERO IS NOT DESIGNED TO PUMP if you are holding it to make money you are going to get rekt. its good for private tx's and that's it. t. old fag

1 hours later 28109184 Anonymous
This topic is going to the dump lol but fucking retards still trying to show their scam coins. WTF wrong with you? I don’t want to take part in your fake 500%1500% profit platforms. I have poolz finance and that’s enough for my wallet. They have NFT - and you still wait for mining rofl

1 hours later 28109284 Anonymous
>>28099016 Because people are sheep and prefer security to liberty.

1 hours later 28109633 Anonymous (Megalo-Box-07-12.jpg 853x480 51kB)
Im in it for the long haul

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