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2021-02-08 03:52 28093169 Anonymous BNT (5CEA524F-1EB0-4F5F-86C7-A119B1DFE74A.jpg 638x359 42kB)
Is this a dead 2018 shitcoin or is it actually going to moon again? Been seeing a lot of bluff and bluster about it here

2 min later 28093447 Anonymous
>>28093169 ngmi

3 min later 28093516 Anonymous
>>28093169 Easy x20

5 min later 28093675 Anonymous
>>28093169 Yeah guess what, 0x_b1 just aped into Bancor with a $1.8M ETH stake. Proof: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xd02970f64 11d8cbc32fd8196b3ce9522a648d192f3d1 8d5e934bf07e71c79ca6

7 min later 28093886 Anonymous
>>28093675 Ok I’m dumping my shitcoins and putting them into BNT

7 min later 28093910 Anonymous
It's on the launching pad right now.

10 min later 28094119 Anonymous
>>28093169 IYKYK

11 min later 28094209 Anonymous
>>28093169 Bought in earlier this week. Looks like it has potential on the btc pair. We'll see.

12 min later 28094265 Anonymous
I don't think I can do anything with this but buy and hold the token is that enough?

14 min later 28094429 Anonymous
>>28094265 No! Stake it on their platform on a pool that has high BNT rewards like some of the stablecoin pools. You will get massive APY.

15 min later 28094545 Anonymous
>>28094429 I only have like 60 of them and they are on Coinbase

18 min later 28094764 Anonymous
>>28094545 Yeah well that's a good start, but you need more for staking. Otherwise you won't be able to offset gas fees.

19 min later 28094885 Anonymous
>>28094545 I only have 24 on coinbase. Have no idea how staking works or how to do it.

20 min later 28094980 Anonymous
>>28094764 Do you have to pay gas fees if you just hold coins like bnt or uniswap on coinbase

21 min later 28095034 Anonymous
>>28094885 Don't worry about staking with that few - just hold on to them.

23 min later 28095248 Anonymous
>>28094980 No. How new are you? Spend some time learning about how CEX's and DEX's work.

23 min later 28095256 Anonymous
>>28093675 Holy fuck, should I just get more BNT? I have 4k right now staked

23 min later 28095257 Anonymous
>>28093169 I like bnt

24 min later 28095324 Anonymous
>>28093675 holy shit

24 min later 28095357 Anonymous
unless this shit hits 5 usd in the next week im disappointed, seems way too undervalued rn

25 min later 28095409 Anonymous
>>28095256 The fundamentals of this thing are going to bring it to uniswap levels at a minimum. Unironically consider all in

25 min later 28095446 Anonymous (bnt-0xb1.png 691x787 67kB)
>>28093675 The last time I checked his Bancor stats, he was only in 3 or 4 pools and his investment was worth $5M.

27 min later 28095581 Anonymous
>>28095357 Keep an eye on TVL if we pass YFI and Harvest shit's going to start running.

31 min later 28095917 Anonymous
I have 668 BNT should I stake it or I'm going to get fucked by the gas fees?

36 min later 28096382 Anonymous
>>28095917 That amount feels like it's on the bubble. Maybe be one of the first to stake when Arbitrum goes live?

39 min later 28096682 Anonymous
>>28095917 >>28096382 That sounds reasonable. In the meantime, try to accumulate more BNT. I'm really looking forward to Vortex and Arbitrum going live.

49 min later 28097584 Anonymous
I wanted to stake done chainlink but no more space in the pool. Is the smart play to buy done bnt and then stake both sides ? Don’t know much about this Am retarded Lucked into having a bunch of chainlink Wat do, biz?

50 min later 28097711 Anonymous
>>28095248 New

53 min later 28098011 Anonymous
>>28097584 Yeah, you could free some space by staking BNT first. Or you try your luck and be patient until someone else is providing space for your LINK. When I tried to stake LINK a few days ago, there was also no space left. So I checked the page regularly and after about a day when there was space again, I immediately took the opportunity and staked them.

54 min later 28098068 Anonymous
>>28094980 No, but you risk that your coins get burned to offset the inflation. DYOR.

55 min later 28098158 Anonymous (endof the line.jpg 384x332 23kB)
ive got nearly 1000 of these on coinbase and idk whether to stake or just hold them which is gonna get me the best returns in say, a 3-6 month time frame

55 min later 28098176 Anonymous
>>28098068 Huh they will just delete your coins or something

56 min later 28098260 Anonymous
>>28097711 Gas is the cost of sending a transaction over the network. If you are just buying and holding on CB the purchase is covered by their “fees” and holding involves no transactions

58 min later 28098427 Anonymous
>>28098176 Yeah, it's a deflationary coin. In order to discourage people from dumping, random exchange wallets get burned from time to time.

58 min later 28098443 Anonymous
>>28098011 Thanks anon. Are you using meta mask? At first I thought bancor was a wallet (like celsius or whatever ) but it looks like you put you link / bnt / whatever into an eth wallet and then connect the wallet to bancor network — is that right ?

1 hours later 28098610 Anonymous
>>28096382 >>28096682 I'll follow the bancor twitter then.

1 hours later 28098749 Anonymous
>>28098427 wtf are you talking about? at least provide a source

1 hours later 28098837 Anonymous
>>28098427 Imagine buying bnt and it already being burnt by the time you plug your transaction into blockfolio kek

1 hours later 28098947 Anonymous
>>28098749 It's literally in the whitepaper. inb4 you haven't read the whitepaper >>28098837 Risk of centralized exchanges. Buy only through uniswap.

1 hours later 28098975 Anonymous
>>28098427 Lolwut? How is that legal? Who in their right mind would want this shitcoin then?

1 hours later 28099144 Anonymous
>>28098975 Anon, it's literally an Israeli project.

1 hours later 28099296 Anonymous
>>28098947 Stop fudding. Either provide a source or gtfo.

1 hours later 28099533 Anonymous

1 hours later 28099586 Anonymous
>>28093169 It did a giant mega spike from 2 to 3 usd the other day so it might be safe to assume that it will at least go to three usd some time in the near future and likely higher. So it's at least an appreciating hedge against the shitty USD. Pretty much any token on cp pro or regular coinbase is a good hedge against the usd. CB is the largest US exchange and new money from people starting accounts is flowing in at high levels.

1 hours later 28099862 Anonymous (754745.jpg 640x700 41kB)

1 hours later 28100021 Anonymous
>>28099296 Is that fear, uncertainty or doubt I see in your post?

1 hours later 28100037 Anonymous
>>28099862 we pumpin

1 hours later 28100211 Anonymous (bobo, mogged.png 189x266 60kB)
erm wtfwt???????

1 hours later 28100235 Anonymous
>>28100021 No, but i see plenty of shitposting in yours. gtfo

1 hours later 28100266 Anonymous (B3C030E6-124D-4A65-ADCA-CA9C98B3E854.jpg 630x1200 77kB)
Another pump I’m going to miss out on because I have to wait 3 days to deposit ETH into Coinbase to cover my gas fees from converting my shitcoins to BNT Fuck this gay earth

1 hours later 28100503 Anonymous
>>28100235 Rude. I'm just trying to help fellow /biz/raeli.

1 hours later 28100583 Anonymous
Feels so comfy holding this boys, def my best coin, if it dips again I will buy more

1 hours later 28100609 Anonymous
>>28100503 No, you're fudding without providing a source. Time to go.

1 hours later 28100746 Anonymous
>>28100609 Why such hostility? You're not going to make it with this attitude.

1 hours later 28100883 Anonymous
>>28100746 >28100746 Fuck off.

1 hours later 28101144 Anonymous
I Yolo'd $2400 last night to comple a 1k stack I feel nothing

1 hours later 28101202 Anonymous
I unironically was about to throw 10 BTC at this, but I'm having second thoughts now that I see BNT holders are retarded newfags.

1 hours later 28101337 Anonymous
>>28101202 every other person on here is a newfag rn aon

1 hours later 28101437 Anonymous
Seriously thinking about putting 100 eth into this

1 hours later 28101460 Anonymous
>>28101202 >implying you have 10 BTC >implying you're not a soulless shitposter >implying you're not going to continue with your fud

1 hours later 28101534 Anonymous
>>28098427 kek all the people who fell for this

1 hours later 28101558 Anonymous
>>28101202 Sure you were little guy

1 hours later 28101660 Anonymous
What was the event that caused this thing to crash in the first place

1 hours later 28101697 Anonymous
>>28101660 crypto winter

1 hours later 28101768 Anonymous
>>28101660 it may help you if you look at the date of a crash

1 hours later 28101788 Anonymous
>>28101337 Sure, but the "retarded" bit doesn't help. I promise you >>28101460 for example does not have 3 digit IQ.

1 hours later 28101857 Anonymous
>>28101768 didnt these guys also propose the first DEX? but got beaten to the punch.

1 hours later 28101955 Anonymous
how high this coin can go, new ath?

1 hours later 28102025 Anonymous
>>28101788 actually 134 on the stanford-binet. also, certified mensa member. kys.

1 hours later 28102032 Anonymous
>>28101697 I thought there was some kind of scandal

1 hours later 28102148 Anonymous (big boy.png 131x225 48kB)

1 hours later 28102282 Anonymous (e9d.jpg 600x600 18kB)
>>28102148 come on anon you can do better than that.

1 hours later 28102446 Anonymous
stay very very far from this coin biz friends lost much just by staking this instead of buying doge or bnb

1 hours later 28102605 Anonymous
>>28102282 Too late to post that, you already took it, hook, line and sinker. >>28098749

1 hours later 28102675 Anonymous
I was verbally assaulted for calling your shitcoin shot cause it had an ugly ass name a few months ago. BANCOR sounds like pajeet shit name. BANCOR. BANCOR. BANCOR. Glad I was right. I don't want to seem vain but names and icon design means alot.

1 hours later 28102685 Anonymous
>>28102446 >Hey guys, if I could tell the future, I could have bought a coin with a higher return t. totally not a retard

1 hours later 28102714 Anonymous
>>28102446 >lost much just by staking this instead of buying doge or bnb how

1 hours later 28102759 Anonymous
>>28102605 wrong. kys.

1 hours later 28102883 Anonymous
smells like reddit in here cursed thread

1 hours later 28103059 Anonymous
>>28098443 Yes

1 hours later 28103187 Anonymous
>>28102883 yeah holy shit lmao if you have to worry about the staking fees you shouldn't even invest in BNT

1 hours later 28103196 Anonymous
>>28099586 $3 is fud. $20 minimum. At Uniswaps market cap $100

1 hours later 28103484 Anonymous
>>28098158 Yeah get in a pool, if all goes well you can get >100% apy on that until November or so

1 hours later 28103595 Anonymous
>>28093169 Making 50 bnt a day feelin comfy af right here Imagine this will be 250 -500 bucks a day in a few months lmao how can you not be staked in bnt right now? Is it because you like being a poorfag?

1 hours later 28103623 Anonymous
>>28097584 You don't have to stake BNT in the same pool. There's stablecoin pools where BNT rewards are > 130%.

1 hours later 28103676 Anonymous
>>28102675 I thought so too but I wished I had bought low now

2 hours later 28104040 Anonymous
>>28103595 What pool are you in? either considering eth or link.

2 hours later 28104243 Anonymous
>>28102675 >he doesn't know what a bancor is

2 hours later 28104610 Anonymous (toydarians-watto02.jpg 450x429 28kB)
>>28104243 Yeah, I cheered at that bit in Return of the Jedi when Luke kills it with the gate.

2 hours later 28104766 Anonymous
>>28103595 I only have a 1k stack and that gas fee is really pissing me off

2 hours later 28104970 Anonymous
>>28102675 then you're fucking retarded because bancor is a sophisticated term and idea introduced by fucking keynes himself

2 hours later 28105131 Anonymous
>>28104970 ^ This lol you got wrekt >>28102759

2 hours later 28105159 Anonymous
>>28104766 if the gas fee is a concern for you just hold on to it fren but consider a stake if you think the price'll be good in 3 months

2 hours later 28105230 Anonymous
>>28105131 Fuck I meant to say >>28102675 got wrekt

2 hours later 28105621 Anonymous
This is probably the easiest x5 - x10 this bullrun.

2 hours later 28105989 Anonymous (19712E15-67D7-426F-BB45-9974E16C418A.jpg 289x300 35kB)

2 hours later 28107048 Anonymous
>>28105159 What kind of apy are you getting for your bancies?

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